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Welcome! This is a directory of all my Final Fantasy fanwork (fanfiction, icons, meta), writer's resources, gameplay aids (where's those Al Bhed Primers?) and more! Click the tabs at top to browse, or check out a labor of love:

Auronlu's Final Fantasy X Fanfiction

Below is (almost) all my Final Fantasy fanfiction. Browse the categories at right to jump up and down this index. Browse the tags to search my Livejournal by characters, pairings, etc.

Final Fantasy X Fandom Resources

Here's a random assortment of things for the Final Fantasy fan community: Userpics and icons, fanfiction writers' sources, and thinky thoughts (meta) about the game. Most but not all relate to FFX.

Final Fantasy Game Help, FAQs

These are gamefaqs, cheat sheets, and guides I've created for several Final Fantasy games.

Funny Final Fantasy Humor

Fandom isn't always serious! We need our chocobos. Here's some Final Fantasy humor, plus oddities and silly fanart.

Auronlu in Fandom

I've maintained the Auron/Lulu shrine, an index of Aulu fandom, since 2006. Here's that site and its associated LJ community, plus my user profiles on different websites where I post or browse Final Fantasy fanfiction/fanart.

Love Her and Despair: The Final Fantasy X Anti-Sequel

The Fanfic That Ate My Brain...

For the past few years, I've been entertaining FFX fans with an epic fanfiction serial, "Love Her and Despair." This game-length adventure is a dark alternate future in which Yuna chose a different path, and Auron must stay.

At left is the trailer.

I am grateful for some lovely reader-submitted fanart which illustrates several chapters!

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Auron/Lulu Stories (G or PG)

Auron/Lulu Drabbles (G or PG)

...mostly written for Pyre_flies theme challenge community. Newest are at end of list. They skip all over the timeline; some are end-of-game spoilers.

Auron/Lulu Erotic Stories (R or M)

Auron/Lulu Erotic Drabbles (R or M)

...mostly written for Pyre_flies theme challenge community. Listed newest to oldest. Timeline: all over the place.

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