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Year 8 of Braska's Calm

Day 1:  Choices
Day 20: Lady Ginnem?
Day 25: Chappu's Reaction
Day 26: Ginnem's Arrival
Day 27: Besaid Cloister
Day 29: Chappu's Goodbye
Day 30: To Kilika
Day 32: Kilika Island
Day 33: Concering Sin
Day 34: Luca
Day 35: Mi'hen Highroad
Day 39: Mushroom Rocks
Day 41: Djose Shore
Day 42: Djose Cloister
Day 43: Concerning Magic
Day 44: Bevelle Festival
Day 50: Still in Bevelle
Day 52: Macalania Forest
Day 54: Of Summoners Past
Day 56: Lake Macalania
Day 57: Macalania Temple

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Day 20, 8th Year of Braska's Calm

Success! Kimahri may be hornless, but he has sharp ears. Most people forget that just because he doesn't speak much doesn't mean he can't hear. I am in his debt again.

Temple gossip has it that a Summoner is coming here alone from Djose, where she has served as a nun for many years. She has no Guardians, and asked our priests whether Besaid had anyone available to keep vigil while she was in the Chamber of the Fayth. I prevailed upon Father Turan to send a message letting her know that one was available.

He called me an arrogant little witch with no clue what I'm getting myself into, but he gave in.

There's just one problem. I remember the rumors swirling when Lord Braska and his mismatched Guardians stopped here. Sir Auron was infamous back then, rather than legendary: he had been thrown out of the warrior monks' order a few weeks before after refusing the hand of the High Priest's daughter. Her name? Ginnem. Why would he risk dishonor and disgrace rather than a useful alliance with her? I detest gossip, but I need to know whether I can trust her. Getting myself killed halfway won't help Yuna.

All right, two problems. Chappu complained that I've been acting strangely, that I've been spending too much time practicing and not enough time in his company. Sooner or later he's going to notice the way Father Turan's been avoiding me. In the meantime, he keeps dragging me to the damned beach to get me to watch blitzball practice. How is that any better?! Watching him half-naked in the water makes it bearable, I suppose. But I swear, if Wakka tries one more time to impress me, I'm going to set his tail on fire. And how dare he tell us not to go into the jungle alone? I can protect his little brother better than he can!

Oh, Yevon, but this afternoon in the jungle was glorious. Mmm. I'm still tingling.

We haven't seen much of Yuna this past week; Father Binna has had her cooped up in the scroll room drilling her from morning prayers until nightfall. Poor thing. She was so tired when she came back to our room last night. And the nuns keep whispering outside the door after they think we've fallen asleep. I will have to have a word with them this evening.

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