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Year 8 of Braska's Calm

Day 1:  Choices
Day 20: Lady Ginnem?
Day 25: Chappu's Reaction
Day 26: Ginnem's Arrival
Day 27: Besaid Cloister
Day 29: Chappu's Goodbye
Day 30: To Kilika
Day 32: Kilika Island
Day 33: Concering Sin
Day 34: Luca
Day 35: Mi'hen Highroad
Day 39: Mushroom Rocks
Day 41: Djose Shore
Day 42: Djose Cloister
Day 43: Concerning Magic
Day 44: Bevelle Festival
Day 50: Still in Bevelle
Day 52: Macalania Forest
Day 54: Of Summoners Past
Day 56: Lake Macalania
Day 57: Macalania Temple

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Day 26, 8th Year of Braska's Calm

Lady Ginnem is a remarkable woman. I suppose all Summoners are.

I would never let that bumbling ass know it, but Wakka's right; I think I'm coming down with a slight case of hero worship. Lady Ginnem makes me realize just how arrogant I have been, living on this puny backwater island with a few cheap tricks that set me apart from everyone else. I have so much to learn from her. She is willing to teach me. I am genuinely looking forward to our journey together.

I should try to write something about her. There's so much to say, and bald history really doesn't explain what it is about her that I admire, but it will suffice for now.

Lady Ginnem, daughter of High Priest Corlano, began her Summoner's training nine years ago against her father's command. It was their first falling-out, a few weeks after she learned of his existence. He had left her to be raised in Djose Temple among the orphans, and had no contact with her until she was sixteen. Ginnem was never able to discover her mother's identity, but apparently she was a Bevelle novitiate who died in labor: the scandal was hushed up. So Ginnem was a temple child, like myself, Yuna, Chappu, and Wakka, raised by Yevon.

When Lord Corlano got word of Ginnem's intention to become a Summoner, he sent for her in Bevelle. Her joy at finding one of her parents still alive soured quickly; it seemed that he had no interest in her save as a pawn. She was soon engaged to a warrior monk who had shot up through the ranks, one whom everyone expected to become Maester sooner rather than later: Wen Auron. However, Ginnem had always been a headstrong child, perplexing her teachers at Djose, and she rebelled against her father almost at once. She fell in love with a junior officer of the Crusaders distinguished neither by birth nor the favor of Yevon. Her father was furious when word of their covert liaisons reached him. He forbade that, too.

Lady Ginnem has her own personal reasons for honoring the man who has since become a legend. Wen Auron became Sir Auron, disgraced Guardian of a renegade Summoner, after refusing to play his part in Corlano's charade. Before he left on pilgrimage, Auron entrusted certain information to Ginnem's lover, Turel, giving him the location of a lost Fayth's statue whose recovery might help the young officer earn the accolades of his superiors. Shortly afterwards, the new Wen Kinoc began giving Turel plum assignments, apparently at the request of his disgraced former comrade. Turel's prospects were looking bright when he landed an assignment at the Crusaders' northern training camp on the edge of the Calm Lands.

Lady Ginnem blames her father for Turel's death, but I suspect it truly was an accident. His team was ambushed by Fiends shortly after clearing the cavern entrance of debris.

Ginnem returned to Djose at the first opportunity and undertook the vows of a nun to protest her father's actions. Lord Corlano never spoke to her again, even when she announced her intention to resume her Summoner's training two years ago. Nevertheless, lingering temple gossip has made it difficult for her to find a Guardian.

She says that I remind her of Djose Temple: sternly forbidding on the outside, guarding a fierce bright spark within. I suppose it's mere flattery, but... there is something so refreshingly genuine about this woman. She has profound faith in Yevon, but she's not blind to the fact that priests may have reasons to atone as much as anyone. She says that Teachings can be manipulated or misused like any other tool. But she holds no bitterness in her heart. There is a love in her for the world at large that transcends personal circumstance. In that, she reminds me of Yuna.

I find myself eager to help her achieve redemption for the good of all Spira. If a renegade Summoner brought us the last Calm, how delicious would it be for the estranged High Priest's daughter to win the next one?

We enter the Cloister of Trials tomorrow at dawn. I cannot seem to sleep. Neither can Yuna. She's taken a shine to my new Summoner, and the feeling seems mutual. Ginnem has a mischievous regard for Braska the heretic and his half-breed daughter. The Lady managed to pry her away from Father Binna and had a long talk with her this afternoon about her training. I almost wish that Ginnem would stay here to provide Yuna with a sympathetic role model. But that would bring Yuna a few steps closer to a Summoner's fate.

That's the painful part of this job. No Guardian has ever managed to protect a Summoner from the Final Aeon, and I'm not arrogant enough to think that I can work miracles. Lady Ginnem insists that she does not want me taking foolish risks, since I still have loved ones waiting for me. All I have to do is escort her to Zanarkand, where she can procure the Final Aeon. She is determined to face Sin alone.

I can already see that I'm going to miss her.

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