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Warning: NC-17 or R-rated!

Auron & Lulu Erotica: Featured Stories

  • Periphery by Logistika_Nyx ***** A wonderful collection of drabbles that culminate in a courtly love scene. Elegant and eloquent, like most of this writer's work. (6/08: 5600 words)
  • Moments in Time ~ by Mydnyte_Houre ***** Brief poetic dialogs: great characterizations, sexual tension.(As of 12/08: 5 chapters, 3600 words)
  • Edge of the World ~ by Samantha Label ***** Excellent lemon. Brooding over the uncertainties of jouney's end and past failures, the senior guardians take refuge in a night's liaison. (02: 4189 words)

Auron & Lulu One-Shots and Longer Stories

  • Perspective ~ by pyrefly_sky **** A yummy, sexy Aulu lemon. (3/06: 3750 words) (Mirror on Internet Archive)
  • Night: Lulu ~ by Darkangel98s ***** Steamy Auron/Lulu lemon on the airship. Smut warning. (1/06: 2880 words)
  • Morning Light ~ by Andromache **** Visiting the Farplane after the end of FFX, Lulu lets go of Chappu and seizes a certain Guardian. (8/02: 2960 words)
  • A Moment ~ by Rothalion (2138 words) *** Lulu comforts Auron over a lost love. Angsty and needs a beta reader.
  • Reflections By Candlelight ~ by fairandcold** One night at the Agency: verbal sparring, mixed signals, nekkid Auron, and sexual tension. One thing leads to another. (5/03: 5724 words)

Short Auron/Lulu Drabbles and Fanfiction

  • Then Be Not Coy ~ by lassarina / athyn **** Spending some downtime at Gagazet's hot springs. PG-13, but it's foreplay. (6/09: 900 words)
  • Liars ~ by saharasnow **** Bittersweet intimate moment. (6/07: 281 words)
  • Conquest ~ by riddled **** Short, powerful and sexy drabble. With sake. (2/07: 527 words)
  • Ligaments ~ by storyless/muggy_mountain ***** Auron fighting the madness of pyrflies in her arms. (2/07: 505 words)
  • No Legends ~ by storyless/muggy_mountain ***** Exquisite off-duty moments captured in sharp prose. (10/06: 476 words)
  • Untitled ~ by Wired_lizard **** Mostly Yuna/Lulu, but past Auron/Lulu (9/06: 650 words)
  • Diversion ~ by pyrefly_sky **** Steamy, passionate, tearjerking PWP. Yum. (6/06: 611 words)
  • Compunctions ~ by cupcakemonster ***** Hot, sexy, sad smut. (5/06: 100 words)
  • Remembrance ~ by pyrefly_sky ***** Short, sensual, frustrating Aulu snippet. (5/06: 630 words)
  • Still Half Alive ~ by Dagas Isa *** Auron/Lu quick romantic moment. (10/05: 642 words)
  • Enchantress ~ by maria magdalena **** It's hard to believe one can pack a gripping story, and even a night of passion, into so few words. (6/03: 806 words)

Multi-Chapter Finished Stories

  • Stolen Moment ~ by Trekqueen **** Mostly Wakka/Rikku with some Auron/Lulu. (Finished 8/07: 5 chapters, 6420 words)

Multi-Chapter Unfinished Auron & Lulu Stories

  • Ingenue ~ by saharasnow **** Eerie, erotic, modern-day AU. Auron is haunted by a lady of the night... or something more. (Last update 8/07: 4 chapters, 4013 words)
  • Red and Black ~ by Storyless ***** "A look into Auron's and Lulu's childhoods and how past events bring them together as adults on Yuna's pilgrimage." Mostly not R-rated, there's just a few spots that need the warning. (Last update: 8/07: 7 chapters, 9600 words)
  • Walk With Me Again ~ by saharasnow *** Traces Auron's first pilgrimage and a young mage-in-training crossing his path. EDIT: UPDATE -- Rewrite / different site: chapter 1 * chapter 2(Last update 7/11: 5 chapters, 7100 words)
  • When the Night Fades ~ by GoodGurl *** A multi-chapter epic revolving around Lulu's dark past. Tons of angst, some original characters, and a lot of graphic violence (Warning: one disturbing sex scene). A bit clumsy in patches. (Last update 2/04: 16 chapters, 73,597 words)

Fanfiction That Will Make You Gouge Your Eyes Out With a Spork

For years I refused to add "Auron's Meat" to this website, but it's gained so much notoriety around the Aulu community that I'm giving in. Unfortunately, it seems someone else has joined the "bad porn with food metaphors" community.

Note: This page has been meta-tagged for Safesurf and parental control software; it should be blocked from the kiddies. But just in case, here's a few choice words for nanny filters to choke on: tits, xxx, porn, erotica, adult content, fuck.