Auron/Lulu and FFX Links

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My Main Final Fantasy Hub

Where I Post FFX Fanworks

The Auron/Lulu Shrine's Friends and Affiliations

  • Aulu Community on Livejournal. Discussion group between fellow fans -- come join us!
  • FF_Press on Livejournal is a labor of love by FF fans giving daily updates on ALL FF-related fanwork posted anywhere on Livejournal. Makes it easy to browse and keep track.
  • Final Fantasy Project Forums, where I am intermittently active. I owe much thanks to site-owner Renmiri for various model rips, screencaps, vid captures.
  • Opertum Auron shrine, by the talented artist of the Transitoire website.
  • Auron_x_Lulu Yahoo Discussion Group. Dead, but the files and photo album contain good pictures and stories from the early years of Aulu fandom.
  • Untold: Final Fantasy X: Auron & Lulu fanlisting

Useful Links for Final Fantasy X Fans