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Disclaimer: all FFX footage is the property/creation of Square-Enix, Inc.

Auron and Lulu: "Crash and Burn"

My first Auron/Lulu Fanvid, synched to the Evanescence song "Bring Me to Life." Click link to open the lyrics in a popup window or go here get the mp3.

"Lulu's Sin"

Movie trailer for my epic fanfic, Love Her and Despair. Geeky enough for ya? Also my first fanvid. Hopefully you'll have the same reaction as Wakka at the end! Music is Lacrimosa Dominae.

Final Fantasy X: "Spira Is Just Awesome"

No Auron/Lulu here, just silliness. The Discovery Channel invited people to make a "Boom De Ya Da" mashup. So of course I had to create a Final Fantasy X fanvid to celebrate the world of Spira.

My YouTube Channel...

... is creatively named auronlu, and I've collected playlists and favorites of a lot of good Final Fantasy videos there. Here are my

For further merriment, see my FFX Funny Fansub site,
screencaps of a horribly subtitled Japanese play-through of Final Fantasy X. You'll laugh until you hurt.