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Auron & Lulu Stories

  • Love Her and Despair, the Saga! ~ AU epic in which Yuna dies in the Final Summoning, Lulu wrecks havoc as Sin, and Auron must try once more to free an old friend. My best work.
    (As of 12/08: 20 chapters, 40K words)
  • A Season Too Short ~ Unresolved sexual tension; sad sad. (2/10: 500 words) Spoilers: Auron's secret.
  • Child of Legends ~ AU written for prompt, "What might have been." How would it be for a child to grow up in the shadow of such parents? (9/08: 1300 words)
  • Long Enough ~ End-of-game snippet. Auron's departure through Lulu's eyes; a poignant non-farewell. (5/07: 1300 words)
  • Till Death Do Us Part ~ AU, Spoilers to X-2. Six years into the Eternal Calm, Wakka is dead, and Lulu is abducted by a new foe in an old guise. A/L, also Tidus/Yuna, Rikku. (10/06: 12,800 words)
  • Mi'ihen Sunset ~ In-game snippet: Auron & Lulu's first conversation while Yuna and Tidus watch the sunset. (9/06: 830 words)
  • What Game Is He Playing? ~ In-game snippet: A wary discussion between Auron and Lulu after Yuna's abduction by the Guado. (7/06: 480 words)
  • Memory Uncaged ~ In-game snippet: Picking up the pieces after the tragedy of Operation Mi'ihen, Lulu opens up-- slightly-- to Sir Auron. (6/06: 930 words)
  • Dead Man's Thirst ~ In-game snippet written for promt, "rain in the desert." Lulu's control cracks, and she's not the only one who enjoys it. My favorite. (5/06: 690 words)
  • Love Her And Despair (One-shot) ~ Action scene written for prompt: "AU." Warning: SPOILERS to longer story of same name which spawned from this piece. (4/06: 1060 words)
  • Lulu's List ~ In-game snippet written for prompt, "With All Due Respect." (4/06: 1020 words)
  • Send Off ~ The last battle through Lulu's eyes was both exhilerating and bittersweet. My first FFX fanfic. (3/06 1200 words)

Ficlets and Drabbles

...mostly written for Pyre_flies theme challenge community. Newest are at end of list.

Blog Post on Auron/Lulu

The Million Gil Question: Why Auron & Lulu?

Consider this my Author's Notes. I explore the points of compatibility, the problems with the pairing, the mythical patterns they fall into, and my own particular spin on their relationship.

Other FFX Fanfiction (Non Auron/Lulu):

  • Driving Miss Lulu ~ In-game snippet. I noticed that Rikku shares her snowmobile with Lulu in some playthroughs...so what did they talk about? (6/08: 760 words)
  • Sometimes Venus Orbits the Moon ~ A handful of touching "what if?" Lulu/Yuna one-shots and drabbles. (Last post 6/08: 2400 words total)
  • Old Moon ~ Poem: Lulu's image of Yuna. (4/07: 400 words)
  • Memories of a Guardian ~ (Illustrated!) A reconstruction of Lulu's memoirs of her first pilgrimage with Lady Ginnem, when Yuna was beginning her training and Chappu was still alive. (Last post 3/07: on hold, 12,500 words)
  • Loyalty Only to Me ~ Unfinished serial. Dark AU!Crack inspired by the song "Mordred's Lullaby" with Lulu as Morgan le Fay, Seymour as Mordred, and Tidus as Arthur! (Last post 5/07: mult-chapter, on hold, 6,000 words)
  • Tilting at the Tide ~ The last charge of the Chocobo Knights from Captain Lucil's perspective. Hint of Lucil/Elma. (12/06: 1200 words)
  • Via Purifico ~ In-game snippet: Yuna and Lulu reunited in the dungeons of Bevelle after Yuna's trial. (11/06: 1150 words)
  • Three FFX Haikus on Auron, Yuna, Yojimbo (latter illustrated) (11/06, 51 words.)
  • Dragon of Zanarkand ~ AU revisioning of FFX's storyline, adapted for bardic performance to a medieval group unfamiliar with the game. Check out my audio recording! (10/06: 1400 words)
  • Separate Ways ~ (Spoilers) Post-game snippet. Lulu observes Kimahri's departure following the end of Yuna's pilgrimage. (10/06: 900 words)
  • Prelude to Pilgrimage ~ In-game snippet inspired by Luzzu's quote, "She hit me too." ...And then what happened? (9/06: 940 words)
  • That's How It's Done ~ Pre-game snippet. The end of Lulu's second pilgrimage, and why it ended. (Father Zuke, Lulu, Wakka) (7/06: 900 words)
  • Threshold and One-Eyed Meanie, a couple of Auron and Rikku drabbles exploring their (canonical, not Aurikku) relationship. (5/06: 100, 330 words)
  • After the Game ~ Post-game snippet. Wakka and Rikku find common ground as the pilgrimage draws to a close. (6/06: 870 words)
  • Sword and Lily ~ Very pre-game snippet. Lady Yocun and her guardian. Yuri-ish, un-canon since I'd forgotten Yocun was a Crusader. (6/06: 850 words)
  • Shelinda drabble ~ a tiny request fic. (100 words, 5/06)
  • Reluctant Guardians ~ In-game snippet: Lulu and Rikku bond during the Al Bhed's first evening with the party. (5/06, 760 words)

Other Other...

  • A fanfic of my fanfic! No Regrets, a short one-shot written by Trekqueen, set after X-2, in which Lulu learns that Auron's ghost may still be in the world.

Silent But Deadly

One eye meets one eye unblinking:
Our silence cuts both ways.
You shield your face like I do
Slay sorrow with battle-rage.
I know how few words carry
More weight for the things not said.

And I know your secret, swordsman:

One of us is dead.

...or is it two?

They look to me for counsel
They look to you for a plan
Not knowing what's buried inside us
Can shatter any dream.
We can't avenge the dead
But no regrets can stop us.

We'll make the dying end--

Theirs, at least.

I am like you.

Note: "Helluin" is my older author name; I'm still using it here so you can tell whether I mean me or the ship/website!