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Auron/Lulu Photomanips and Banners

"Farplane Visit"

"Don't Stop" ~ Inspired by the game's ending, this is an illustration for my "Send Off" story.

Fanart: Auron and Lulu


Auron and Lulu Portrait





"All You Need Is Determination"

Auron and Lulu


Auron and Lulu

Random Aulu Signatures

Lulu's Journal

Lulu's Journal

I did quite a few photomanips for Lulu's Journal: Memories of a Guardian, which purports to follow her first pilgrimage with Lady Ginnem. Lulu was a walking travelogue in the game, so if anyone was to write a memoir, it would be Miss Explication. These are inspired by the MYST/RIVEN games, whose gorgeous facsimiles of old hand-illustrated books were something I used to imitate. Below, I'm assuming a monk copied out Lulu's diary and illuminated it. Click links to browse these entries with their English transliteration. (There are other photomanips in the journal, but they aren't as heavily retouched.)

Mushroom Rock Road

Djose Shore

Macalania Forest

Macalania Temple

Other Characters and/or Silly

Banner for "Sometimes Venus Orbits the Moon" and my other Yuri fics.


Banner for the Lolmogz community. Please share your own Lolcat-style FF graphics there!

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Don't Ask...

For the best in-game screencaps of FFX, I use Blue Laguna's FMV Archive.