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Auron/Lulu Erotic Stories

  • One Moment PWP. Auron wakes the morning after their first time, wondering how they got there. Maybe they should do it again.(2/10: 1370 words)
  • Not The First Time (Part One) (Part Two) ~ PWP. Auron and Lulu seize one last night before the final battle. (8/08: 2500 words)
  • If I Die Before You Wake ~ WAFF, PWP. Two old lovers take it one day at a time. (1/08: 1950 words)
  • Resurrection III: Stolen Fayth ~ Story with plot-related sex and violence. N/C warning. When Lulu returns to the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth to repay an old debt, the cost to her -- and Auron -- may be high indeed. (Finished 8/07. 18 chapters, 39,000 words.)
  • FANART for Resurrection III!
    Saharasnow's illustration of "Phoenix Dreams" ~ My sketch of chapter 13
  • Sensory Overload ~ PWP. Dream, flashback, or vivid imagination, Lulu recalls a former lover. Past A/L, present W/L. (2/07: 1800 words)
  • Still Life ~ Intimate description inspired by a beautiful nude portrait of Auron peering at... someone... under a sheet. (5/06: 740 words)
  • Stormy Weather ~ PWP. Enjoying the elements, Lulu coaxes Auron to dance in the rain. (5/06: 2359 words)
  • Resurrection II: Cloister of Trials ~ PWP. Lulu has a wickedly creative streak, to judge by some of her withering remarks in battle. Auron finds out just how dangerous she can be. (3/06: 5 chapters, 10,252 words)
  • Resurrection I: Dead or Alive ~ PWP. My first-ever pr0n. While Yuna and Tidus are cuddling in the water, Lulu asks a provocative question. (2/06: 3 chapters, 6916 words)
  • Wish Fulfillment ~ Lemon. Auron/Lulu/Kimahri crackfic written for the annual "Kimahri finally gets some lovin'" challenge. (6/09: 3600 words)

Auron/Lulu Erotic Ficlets and Drabbles (100-500 words)

...mostly written for Pyre_flies theme challenge community. Listed newest to oldest.

Other FFX Erotica (Non Auron/Lulu):

  • Ourania ~ PWP, L/K. Annual Kimahri!Crackfic. Not as good, but pr0n is pr0n. (6/6/08: 1640 words)
  • Keraunophobia ~ PWP, L/R. Lulu helps Rikku overcome her fear of lightning. (11/06: 4000 words)
  • Lulu Sutra ~ PWP chapter 2. L/R, post-FFX. Unimpressed by Rikku's first boyfriend, Lulu teaches her what sex should feel like. (7/06: two chapters, 8665 words)
  • False Hope ~ N/C Warning, Y/A. The most disturbing 100 words I've ever written. (6/06, 100 words.)
  • No Apologies ~ PWP L/Y. Drabble. (6/06: 100 words)
  • Besaid Blues ~ PWP Crackfic, L/K. The Day Kimahri Finally Got Some Lovin'. (6/6/6: 3987 words)
  • Playing With Fire ~ PWP L/R, drabble giftfic. (5/6: 69 words)

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