AuronxLulu Fanart

Note: do NOT repost these without contacting/asking artists!

Auron/Lulu by Nevar/saharasnow

Auron/Lulu kiss fanart

Artwork By Kitt/The Jack of Spades...

Click thumbnails below for full-sized versions of the rest of Kitt's work. The first is cover art for Moonseeker's fanfic, "From Teardrops to Rain." The second is for Kitt/Jack_of_Spades' "Locking This Away."

Untitled Aulu Fanart by Kitt Untitled AuronxLulu fanart by Kitt Akai Ito: Lulu & Auron Fanart Untitled Auron x Lulu Portrait by Kitt 'Fire' Auron/Lulu Fanart by Kitt

Kitt explained to me: Akai Ito "the red string of fate" is a lovely myth, that two souls who are connected have a red string tying their pinkies together, and when one of them tugs, it pulls the other.

Auron & Lulu Fanart by Laine, Eisu, Aimo and Victoire

These talented pros make me blush to upload any of my clumsy doodles online. There's an old AuLu Fanart Gallery featuring work that many of you will recognize, including Aimo's delightful "SpiraCard" cartoon, the infamous BSDM "Uh..." by Laine, and a beautiful portrait of Auron and Lulu by Eisu (cryptically labelled "Mmm-mm") that inspired the "I trust you" moment in ch. 5 of my fanfic Resurrection III.
Warning: A few are NOT worksafe.

Random Japanese Aulu Fanart

A selection of Auron/Lulu pics found by Saharasnow on Japanese sites.

Fanart by Muggy_Mountain

Other AuronxLulu Fanart on the Web