The Most Comprehensive FFX Transcript on the Web

Welcome to my Final Fantasy X Complete Script, which I originally transcribed in 2007. Version 4.0 remaster, 2015. — Auronlu

Disclaimer: Final Fantasy X is the creation of Square-Enix and belongs to them in every way. If you don’t own the game, buy it, because you’re missing something special.

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Main Story Chapters

Into Spira : Besaid : Kilika : Luca : Mi’ihen, Djose : Moonflow : Guadosalam,Thunder Plains : Macalania : Bikanel : Bevelle : Calm Lands : Mt. Gagazet : Zanarkand : Mika, Baaj, Fayth : Final Showdown with Sin

Key: Optional dialog/hidden cutscenes indicated with gray background.


Sidequests : Recording Spheres : Battle Quotes : NPCs Gallery (WIP) : pmog’s Ultimania Translations

I began this project after realizing just how much of the game is hidden away in hidden cutscenes and missible dialogue, and how many no-name npcs are unique individuals with their own minor arcs and quirks. I’m delighted that so many fans have found this website a useful resource for game discussion, fanfic, fanart and cosplay.