Chapter XIV: Mika, Baaj, Fayth

Note: This section includes the visit with Grand Maester Mika in Bevelle, plus the Chambers of the Fayth speeches and Baaj Temple. It ends with setting course for Sin.

Cid’s Airship


[Yuna’s party gathers, quiet and shellshocked]
Brother: Where to now?
Cid: Aren’t we the happy lookin’ bunch.
Brother: Where? Where?

Rikku: “Where, where?” That all you can say? Why don’t you think of something!?
Auron: Well? Any good ideas?
Tidus: Come on, help us!
Auron: What do we know… Sin is Jecht. Thus, you have a link… a bond with Sin. That may be our key.
Tidus: So what do we do?
Auron: We think, and we wait. (Leaves)
Tidus: Two things I’m bad at.
[Yuna approaches Cid, bows low. His back is turned when she rises, so she doesn’t see he’s fighting tears. She leaves bridge with Kimahri.]

Rikku: Hmm… uuuuhh…Still thinking.

Wakka: So much for the Final Aeon solving everything.

Lulu: We need to sit and think this through. There has to be a way!

Cid: We’ll wait till you think of a plan. Get that noggin working!

Auron: Rush this and we lose everything. We need to plan carefully.

Ramp down to Airship Level Four

Female blitzer (Lakkam): I wonder, where will the airship go from here?

Blitzers’ quarters, Airship Level Four

Blitzer kneeling in middle of floor (Judda): You are a traitor, no? Then you are one with the Al Bhed!

Blitzer running laps (Blappa): That was first time being so close to Sin!

Standing blitzer (Eigaar): I long for the sands of Bikanel. Desert it may be, but there is no place like home! The lord Mika, an unsent? But I saw him in Luca.

Blitzer leaning against wall (Berrik): Yevon found the place of our Home. Perhaps we were followed?

Al Bhed blitzer doing squats (Nimrook): I must train or the airship will rob me of my muscles!

Back on the Bridge

Brother: I have to warn you, thinking is not my forte.
 ¬So if you want a plan, go to someone else.
 ¬I have to fly the airship now. Goodbye.

Corridor, Level Three (Outside Bridge)

[Rin cycles through 5 sales pitches now…he started doing this right before Evrae battle.]
Rin: May I help you?
 ¬Rin’s Aerial Branch office at your service.
 ¬How may I assist you today?

[Store transactions]
Rin: Thank you. Your patronage is very much appreciated.

Cabin on Airship Level Two

Woman in bikini: These things belong to Mister Rin. They are not yours to take!

Man in gas mask: We don’t know how Sin will react.

Man doing squats in back: I finally have figured out how it is that this ship is moved.

Woman in leggings: We left kids on the ground. Safer for them.

Observation Deck, Airship Level One

Man in a gas mask (right side of ship): The Sin I saw in the ruins was calm. Why is this?

Keyakku clone: With this ship, revenge against the followers of Yevon will be ours.

Observation Deck

Yuna: I’m no good at all.
Tidus: What are you talking about?
Yuna: All this time, I’ve been thinking about how to defeat Sin. But I… Beyond the teachings of Yevon, I…I know nothing. I’m sorry.
Kimahri: Yuna, no apologies.
Yuna: Huh?
Kimahri: Apology is running. Yuna never run away.
Yuna: Hm. (nods) Thank you, Kimahri.
Tidus: So, uh, Kimahri… You got any good ideas?
Kimahri: Yevon’s teachings.
Yuna: The teachings won’t help us fight Sin.
Kimahri: No answer in the teachings, answers lie outside. Must know both sides to find answer.
Yuna: Both sides…
Kimahri: Mika knows much. Find him, make him talk.
Tidus: That’s it! Kimahri! You rock!
Kimahri: (Ahem)

Back on the Bridge

When Tidus returns…
Wakka: Hey, guys! I just had a great idea!
Rikku: (Hand over Wakka’s mouth) It was my idea. Let me tell them!
Wakka: (Shoves in front of her) It’s like this, ya?
Rikku: (Shoves in front of him) I just thought!
Lulu: The Hymn is the key.
[Wakka and Rikku groan indignantly]
Tidus: The Hymn?
Lulu: Sir Jecht likes the Hymn of the Fayth, correct?
Tidus: Yeah.
Rikku: That’s why he was listening to it in Macalania!
Lulu: Sin…violence incarnate, listening peacefully.
Wakka: Uh… I know it’s your old man, and I don’t mean no disrespect, but…
Tidus: No, it’s fine. I’ve gotten used to it.
Lulu: Let me say it. If we attack Sin head-on, we’ve little chance of winning. However, if he hears the Hymn of the Fayth, he will become docile.
Wakka: Yeah, and that’s when we make our move! Might be against the rules and all, but who’s keeping track, ya? Ya?
Rikku: Yeah! It could really work!
Tidus: Yeah… Yeah, it’s worth a try!

When Tidus talks to Cid…
Cid: Well, that sounds like a plan to me! My baby here’ll take us anywhere we want! (Map opens) Yee-hah! Here we go!

Wakka: I got a good feeling ’bout this!

Lulu: Well, I guess it’s all or nothing.

Rikku: It really was my idea, you know.

Auron: Let’s see what Mika does now.

Yuna: To Bevelle, then?
Tidus: Through the front door! You worried?
Yuna: I’ll be fine. We can’t stop now.

¬Yuna: Maybe we’ll find answers in Bevelle.

Kimahri: Kimahri doubts Mika welcomes us.
Tidus: He’ll have to run pretty fast to beat this airship!
Kimahri: We cannot chase if we cannot see.

¬Kimahri: We must go to Bevelle.

[Let’s BACKTRACK to see what’s happening in Spira. Or, if you prefer, skip ahead to visit Mika immediately.]

Besaid Island

Docks and Beach

Crusader on dock: Hey, no one’s loafing around here! I’m keeping a lookout for Sin!

Portly sailor on gangplank: We’re getting fewer and fewer passengers–maybe due to all the turmoil in the temples.

Woman in purple: The people of Besaide are friends to Lady Yuna. Come to us if you are ever in need.

Little boy w/green headband: Some mean-looking people were here, looking for Yuna!

Other little boy w/green headband: All I wanna do is join the Crusaders, but they say I’m too young!

Little girl (Yuna’s friend): There’s a ship, flying in the sky! I saw it! Honest!

Besaid Village Overlook

If Luzzu survived Operation Mi’ihen, he’s surveying the village from the Promontory.

Tidus: What are you up to out here?
Luzzu: Watching for fiends! We Crusaders must protect the village. Even if we cannot defeat Sin, we do what we can.
Tidus: Leave Sin to us. We’ll think of something.
Luzzu: Then you should pray before you go. All who leave the island pray for safe passage over there. Gatta always refused, though.
Tidus: Well then, I will too.
Luzzu: Eh?
Tidus: Who needs hokey old superstitions? I won’t pray, and I’ll beat Sin all the same!
Luzzu: (Chuckles) Well, I guess you have the spirit. Good luck.
Tidus: Mm.(Nods)

 ¬Luzzu: Even should the temple forsake us, we will do our duty. We are the shield that guards this land.
 ¬Luzzu: I can’t believe they’re calling Lady Yuna a traitor…

[NOTE: I haven’t played this far in remaster, but Dark Valefor blocks village entrance after Yunalesca’s defeat. See sidequests page. Presumably the villagers’ dialog is unchanged if/when you get past DV. The following is my transcript from the original game. You can see the seeds of the Dark Aeon idea here.]

Village Square

Old Woman: What trick have you pulled on the good Lady Yuna?
 ¬I made up me mind to pray every day till Yuna’s Calm begins.

Old man: We Besaiders all know Lady Yuna’s no traitor. The daughter of Lord Braska turning against Yevon? Hogwash!
 ¬We simple folk ain’t got a clue what them temple elders are thinking.

Fabric seller in purple shirt: Well, if it ain’t the traitors! You got some nerve coming here!
 ¬Hey, hey, just kidding! No need to glare, ya?

Little boy w/green headband: We got letters from the Aurochs! They’re doing great in Luca, ya?

Younger weaver in shorts: There’s a reward being offered for news of the traitors. No one here’d think of saying nothing, but watch out on the road.
 ¬I wonder how things are on the mainland. We don’t get much news down here.

Woman in purple: All these warrior monks were here looking for Lady Yuna.

Girl with doggie: Those monks looking for Lady Yuna said that only traitors harbor traitors! Can you believe it? And they’re the ones guarding the temples?

Little girl (Yuna’s friend): When the Calm comes, Lady Yuna has to come back so we can celebrate!

Sailor w/blue cap: No matter what happens in the temples, it’s life as usual here.

Portly Crusader: The toxin finally wore off. Now to make up for all my downtime, ya?

Priestess: Even here in Besaid we’ve got orders to arrest Lady Yuna. Nobody knows what to do, but we certainly wouldn’t do THAT!
 ¬Those warrior monks that came to the island were just a bunch of crooks, ya?

Woman in white: I can’t believe Lady Yuna would ever turn her back to the teachings! Never!

Daddy the fisherman: The temple’s so busy chasing traitors they’ve left Sin alone. It will be a long time yet before I can feel safe going out to sea.

Woman in green skirt: Operation Mi’ihen was a crushing loss for the Crusaders, but they’re rallying together from every land. Much better than those warrior monks. They’re all holed up in Bevelle, I hear.
 ¬It’s funny that the Crusaders are the ones protecting us, even after being excommunicated.

Tiny nun by door of temple: I came to this island all the way from Bevelle to stop you. But from what everyone here says, I find it hard to believe you’re traitors! Warrior monks are waiting in the temple. Better leave before they notice you.
 ¬Please! The warrior monks will capture you!

If Gatta survived…
Guy in green and white by wrecked hut: Sir Gatta was gloomy as ever after he returned from the operation. Thankfully, his new post as leader of the Besaid Crusaders seems to have lifted his spirits.

If Luzzu survived…
Guy in green and white by wrecked hut: Sir Luzzu won’t admit it, but he’s really down. I think he feels guilty about Gatta dying, you know?

Vilucha’s Hut

Vilucha: I’ve no desire to go against the teachings, but something’s not right with the temple these days.

Daddy the fisherman: I hear you’re traitors now? Who’s responsible for that nonsense?

Little boy w/green headband: Is it true Lady Yuna’s a traitor? No one here believes that at all!

Weavers’ Hut

Fabric seller in purple shirt: I hear things at the temples are a mess. Bad for business, I tell you.

Woman in green skirt: Maybe I should learn Besaid weaving…make a place for myself here.

Old weaver: Who cares who they’re calling traitor. Defeat Sin, and it’ll all be forgotten!

Woman in purple: If Lady Yuna defeats Sin I’m sure those nasty rumors will go away.

Merchant’s Hut

Girl with doggie (merchant’s sister): The Aurochs are still in Luca, ya? You should pay ’em a visit sometime.

Little girl (Yuna’s friend): What’s a trader? I asked a monk, but he won’t tell me.

Crusaders’ Lodge

Sailor w/blue cap: I heard the Guado blew up the Al Bhed’s home! I got no love for the Al Bhed, but that’s going too far.

Man in green and white: I’m no fiend-fighter, so I fix things and help the Crusaders that way.

There’s a Jecht sphere lying near Besaid temple…

Jecht Sphere: Besaid

Recording: View of Besaid Village; Auron shooting.

Jecht: Smallest heap of huts I ever seen!
Braska: Now, that looks like a fine place to live. Hmm… Auron.
[View shifts to Braska standing just inside gate]
Auron: My lord?
Braska: When this is over…could you bring Yuna here? I want her to lead a life far away from this conflict.
[View bobs slightly, evidently a nod]
Auron: You have my word. I will bring her here.
Braska: Thank you, Auron. You are a good friend.
Jecht: (From off-camera) What are you guys doin’? Let’s go!
[View shifts to Jecht in front of Merchant’s Hut]
Jecht: I’m so hungry I could eat a shoopuf whole!
Braska: (Laughter) Sorry. Well, let’s go then.

Crusaders Lodge

If Gatta survived Operation Mi’ihen, he’s in the Lodge addressing five new recruits…
Gatta: Advance toward the shore killing every fiend you see. And don’t let your guard down even when you get there! Report immediately if Sin appears!
Crusaders: Sir! (Salute and move out)
Tidus: Hey!
Gatta: ‘Lo!
Tidus: Whaddya mean, “lo”? What’s going on?
Gatta: What, this? Just training!
Tidus: Aaah.
Gatta: You never know when Sin will come. We have to keep sharp for the village’s sake. But really, my heart’s heavy. It’s not like I can go around crying in front of my men.
Tidus: Luzzu was probably the same way. No matter what happened, he’d never let it show in front of you. Always a fighter, never a complaint, you know?
Gatta: Maybe you’re right.
Gatta: I’d better be going. My men await.
Tidus: Good luck.
Gatta: (Bows head in thanks) You, too.

S. S. Liki, the Besaid-Kilika Ferry

Guy in shorts with the hopper-monkey: Since that strange shadow swept across the sky, my little pet won’t come down anymore.
 ¬Come on down! We don’t bite!

Sailor in white pants (harpooner): I thought the sea breeze would help cure Sin’s toxin, but no luck so far. I keep seeing Sin attacking us again. I…I just can’t seem to get Sin out of my head! Arrgh!
 ¬I can’t call myself a sailor like this. Maybe I should leave the ship and go on a pilgrimage.

[Those two little kids are still running in circles yelling “yay!” and “yippee!”]

Older woman with the kids: Once little kids learn something fun, they just repeat it over and over.
 ¬Hey! Stop that! How long do you think you’ve been doing that? Stop it right now!

Young woman in blue up front: My husband was the best blitzer in the league. Even Bickson of the Luca Goers wouldn’t have stood a chance against him.
 ¬Seems like there was trouble in Bevelle. Oh dear, I wonder what has happened?

Old man who’s her husband: Whatever came of that rumor about the high summoner’s daughter marrying the lord maester? Hmm, so it was called off, huh? Too bad.
 ¬Every story you hear lately is so depressing.

Young woman up front: Did you know that the warrior monks raided Besaid Island? They said they were searching for traitors.
 ¬The people of Besaid refused to tell them anything.

Dog man: It’s been so nice travelling with my dog… I wish we could go on forever.
 ¬I pray that the elders of Yevon will keep peace in Spira.

Sailor in blue: Ever since Sin attacked us, my shipmate has been terrified of the sea. I can’t believe it. I mean, he’s lived by the sea since he was a kid…
 ¬Sin’s toxin turned him into a coward.

S.S. Liki Wheelhouse

Captain of the S.S. Liki: The trouble in the temples has got me worried. Yevon’s support is the only thing keeping this ship running. These are troubled times, I tell you, what with Yevon all shaken up.
 ¬Well, this ship’s survived Sin! She’ll weather this too.

Helmsman: There’s been turmoil on shore, but it’s got nothing to do with us out here.
 ¬Even if Sin appears, I’ll just do my best to follow the captain’s orders.

Forward Deck of S.S. Liki

If you suggested to Clasko that he quit the Chocobo Knights, you find him on the S.S. Liki with chocobo…
Clasko: Nice to see you again!
Tidus: You! You really quit the knights?
Clasko: Yeah, I did. Elma was upset with me, but Captain Lucil understood. Now, I’m working as a chocobo breeder on this ship. I really, really love taking care of chocobos! Being with chocobos all the time…I think I’ve found my calling! And it’s all thanks to you! Thank you!
Tidus: Well, I’m happy for you.
Clasko: Oh, yeah! I found this in one of the chocobo nests the other day. It’s no use to me, so I want you to have it. ~Friend sphere
Chocobo: Kweh.
Clasko: Ah, I have to go now. It’s time for lunch.
Tidus: Hey, I want to talk to you some more. Can’t your stomach wait?
Clasko: I meant I have to feed the chocobos. They get really upset if they’re not fed! See you!

There’s a Jecht sphere in the wheelhouse…

Jecht Sphere: Aboard the S.S. Liki

[Braska and Auron stand in the prow. Jecht’s recording.]

Jecht: After you get that aeon from Besaid… Where’re we going?
Auron: Back the way we came. Then we go north from Bevelle and climb Mt. Gagazet.
Braska: Beyond it lies…Zanarkand.
Jecht: Zanarkand, huh? It’s been in ruins for a thousand years, right?
Auron: So the legends say. No one knows for sure. It still could be your Zanarkand.
Jecht: Thanks for trying, Auron.

[Jecht sitting with back to camera up on the top deck. Braska recording.]

Jecht: I thought if I went with you guys I might find a way to go back. But it’s not that easy.
Braska: I’m sorry.
Jecht: No need to apologize, Braska. It’s not your fault. I should be thinking about fighting Sin now, anyway. Zanarkand can wait. But I will find my way back!
Braska: Be careful, Jecht.
Jecht: Hey, I’ll be all right. You’re the one that should be careful. Wouldn’t want your little girl to cry.
Braska: She’ll be all right. She’s strong, like her mother was.

Kilika Island

On the docks…

Man sitting on crates who lost his family: The warrior monks aren’t here anymore. They returned to Bevelle.
 ¬The warrior monks probably don’t consider Kilika worth protecting.

Vuroja (one-eyed guy swimming off the dock): Even if Sin comes back, I ain’t budging from this spot. I’m going to use Sin’s tidal wave for a crash training course!
 ¬Just you watch, Lord Ohalland! I’ve got enough fighting spirit left in me to put you to shame!

Crusader in red, white, and blue running on the dock: The Crusaders have rallied together to protect Kilika.

Larbeight (Kilika Beast), on main dock: Repairs to the village are finally finished, but you can’t say the place is back to normal yet.

Old woman merchant: Feel free to buy loads of merchandise, but I ain’t giving you a discount. (Shop)

Old man near the Inn: Sin is a punishment upon Yevon’s people, yet I fear that no amount of atonement will end its ravages.

Guy in white pants exercising outside inn: Sin’s been quiet lately, I hear. Probably off somewhere saving all its energy for a big assault.

Woman in white gazing out to sea: You can always fix what’s broken, but you can’t bring back the dead. I have to learn to accept the reality of the situation.

Guy in green and white near Isken’s house: Now that we’ve finally rebuilt the village, I’m just praying that Sin doesn’t attack again.

In Isken’s Hut

Woman in blue: Sin’s been around for a thousand years and will probably be around for a thousand more.

Isken (redheaded blitzer): I’m gonna win lots of money playing blitzball and help rebuild Kilika!

In Kilika Inn…

Innkeeper: We’re still cleaning up.

Little boy: I’m gonna be a blitzball when I grow up!

Old man: The people of Kilika are used to destruction. It’s nothing new.

In Kulukan’s Pub

Slumped Crusader, survivor of Operation Mi’ihen: H-Hey, I ain’t slacking off. I’m just building up strength for my next mission.

Kulukan (Female bitzer): Those warrior monks ate everything in sight, then returned to Bevelle. They basically just ate and ran. What do they take us for?
 ¬We’ll bill the temple for all the food they took.

Little girl: I’m gonna grow up to be a blitzer just like my sister!

Steps leading up to Kilika Temple

Monk: You, there! Your kind is not welcome in this holy place!

Crusader: You shall not pass!

Aboard the S.S. Winno

Sailor in blue by mast: My night shift has been doubled by the captain’s orders. Doubled! There’s no way I can do that! Just hire more hands if you want more work done.
 ¬There’s no use griping, but sometimes that’s the only thing I can do.

Sailor in white pants slumped nearby: I’ve been pulling all-nighters these days. Please let me rest!
 ¬He’s fallen asleep.

Guy with dogs: Youngsters nowadays are so rowdy, I can hardly hear myself think in town.
 ¬I’d rather spend time with my dogs than hang around townsfolk.

Young woman in halter-top at railing: I envy how laid back the Lucans are. They’re always crazy about blitzball, even when something terrible happens.
 ¬I like blitzball too, but even i can’t get that deep into it.

Woman sitting in back: He used to be a hard worker, too. But now, he’s always like this.
 ¬Sometimes I wonder why I even stay with him at all.

Guy with head in her lap: Once Sin comes, everything we worked for will be lost. So why bother to work at all? I’ve got better ways to spend the time I have left.
 ¬Ahh…Basking in the sun is such a great luxury.

Captain of the S.S. Winno: Maester Kinoc has passed away and Maester Kelk Ronso has resigned. Now that Maester Seymour’s disappeared as well, all of Yevon is in chaos.
 ¬I had such high hopes for Maester Seymour. He was truly dedicated to saving Spira.

Helmsman: I’ve heard the Al Bhed attacked Bevelle with a flying ship. Maester Seymour’s wedding got cancelled and everything!
 ¬Those dirty Al Bhed! What’s so fun about ruining a wedding?

Queasy man leaning against main cabin: It’s not that…I like riding ships…but this..urp…is the only way…The waves, winds…and chocobos…cause the ship to rock. But it’s better than the shoopuf…Last time, I…urp…on the shoopuf…and got an earful…from the Hypello…
 ¬Ugh… Just talking about it… gets me sick…Urrp… H-Help!


(Found outside the Aurochs’ locker room.)

Jecht Sphere: Luca

[Recording: Dock of the S.S. Winno. Auron’s PoV]

Jecht: Hey, Auron! Did you get that last match?
Auron: Yeah. But I don’t understand why you wanted me to. Didn’t you say you have blitzball in your Zanarkand?
Jecht: Not a sportsman, are ya?
Braska: Working on your form?
Jecht: My form don’t need no work. I’m the great Jecht. It’s for my kid.
Braska: Your son plays blitzball?
Jecht: Yeah, and he wants to beat his old man bad. Once, I told him to give it up. He didn’t speak to me for a week. Wonder what he’s doing now. I hope he got bigger and put on some muscle.
Jecht: Hey, what’s the big idea! Stop shooting!

Aurochs’ Locker Room

Keepa: Actually, I’m relieved to hear that Yuna’s wedding is called off.

Botta: I-I’ll always be on Yuna’s side.

Datto: No one’s gonna believe that Yuna is a traitor, man.

Jassu: I already knew about Yuna’s lineage. I just kept my mouth shut in front of Wakka.

Letty: The temple has pardoned the Crusaders. It’s a little late for that, ya?

Luca Stadium Stands

Winter-wrapped woman (Svanda?): So many people…Much more than in the Calm Lands.

Man wrapped up in long brown coat: Such a free-spirited city… I do not wish to return to Bevelle.

Crusader: I’m off duty. Let me be.

Al Bhed in khaki: nothing beats watching a blitz game after a long stint at sea.

Female sailor: I’ve seen many things in my time at sea, but nothing like that flying ship at dock number 1.

Lefthand guard in stands: People from all over Spira gather here. The monks of Yevon, the Al Bhed, Crusaders, warrior monks, Ronso, Guado, you name it. People of different cultures and values come together as one to cheer on blitzball. There is no other place in Spira as wonderful as this.

Righthand guard in stands: The warrior monks have left, but the Crusaders are back to help guard the area.

In Front of Stadium

Stadium entrance guard, left (Biggs): The people of Luca will always stand behind blitzer– even one condemned as a traitor.

Stadium entrance guard, right (Wedge): Most of the warrior monks have withdrawn to Bevelle, but some have taken a liking to Luca and remained here.

Crusader sitting on bench (new guy, green and gold): Even through all the hardship, the people of Luca enjoy blitzball and carry on with their lives. Oh, how I admire their strength.

Female Crusader on bench (new, faded blue outfit): The merchants of Luca have raised money to support the Crusaders.

Crusader in dark purple: Once the Crusaders regroup in Luca, they will charge through the Mi’ihen Highroad and lay waste to all the fiends!

Woman in pom-pom hat: Did you know that you’re more popular than ever, now that you’re branded as a traitor?

Luca guard (gray): The warrior monks have left, but the Crusaders have returned to serve as guards. A blessing from Yevon indeed!

Luca guard (blue): The Crusaders will help us with security. We will support them all the way!

Crusader in need of pants: I quit the Crusaders after the operation, but I’m back in again. I think I have Crusader blood running through my veins.

Al Bhed in bright red vest: The flying ship at dock 1 is the legendary airship! So the tales are true!

Al Bhed in brown vest: I think the Crusaders are more suited to Luca than the warrior monks are.

Al Bhed woman in red (Nhadala): Hey, when are you playin’ next? I really want to see you again.

Guy in white and blue: I’ve decided to join the Crusaders. No sense hiding behind their back all the time.

Luca, Dock number 1 (airship docked)

Man wrapped in long brown coat: I ran out of Bevelle as fast as I could, so I didn’t pack any summer clothes.

Crusader patrolling: Th-That flying ship…Have the Al Bhed finally brough out their big guns? I hope they will avenge the fallen Crusaders for me!

Al Bhed in gas mask: I will not ride the airship. I get airsick easily.

Hypello adult: I wonderss what that ship ish? An anshient mashina?

Hypello child: Thish ish a big ribber. You shink shoopuf can make it here okay?

Man in green and white: Is it true that the temple is in chaos? I don’t believe that one bit!

Man in white and blue: I hear Lady Yuna’s wedding was called off.

Luca, dock number 2 (ferry docked)

Little Crusader: Nothing out of the ordinary, sir!

Female Crusader by ferry: With the warrior monks gone, it’s up to us Crusaders to defend Luca.

Female Crusader on opposite side: Whenever guard duty gets boring, I try to remember how much the Crusaders need me right now.

Little boy: Sis once got caught trying to sneak onto that ferry.

Little girl: I want to be a sailor and sail all over Spira when I grow up.

Old woman: I tell her how dangerous it is out on the ocean, but she never listens.

Busy female sailor: Hey, hey, outta my way! I’m tryin’ to work here!

Luca Dock Number 3 (No ship docked)

Bickson: Whether you’re a traitor or not means nothing in the sphere pool.

Abus: Rumor has it that you guys are traitors. Some people sure talk rubbish.

Graav: We’re going to keep on blitzing no matter what becomes of the temple.

Raudy: Both the Ronso and the Al Bhed teams play extra hard to help cheer their fans up.

Balgerda: What in Spira’s name is the temple thinking these days?

Doram: You always seem to be walking around. When do you have time to practice?

Luca, dock number 4 (no ship docked)

Al Bhed woman in red: A flying ship, huh? What will they think of next?

Little Crusader near screen: I may be enjoying the game, but I’m keeping watch, too. Everything’s okay here!

Crusader in purple: Those Ronso players are massive! I feel like they’re here to guard us instead of the other way around.

Gazna Ronso: Maester Kelk Ronso was slain while defending the mountain. For Ronso, no better way to die.

Argai Ronso: If Ronso Fangs win, our brothers on the Farplane will rejoice.

Basik Ronso: Ronso shed no tear when brothers die. Pain and sorrow will never conquer mighty Ronso spirit.

Nuvy Ronso: The Crusaders stand strong once more. We admire their fortitude.

Zamzi Ronso: No longer can temple help us. Must protect Spira on our own.

Irga Ronso: Ronso are pious race. But cannot trust temple now.

Luca, dock number 5

Islander woman in halter top: This dock is so quiet compared to the others.

Short nun: I was lost when I left the temple, not knowing what to believe anymore.

Zev Ronso: Warrior monks run away to Bevelle. They abandon the people. Should hide their faces in shame.

Woman in white and blue: There’s a flying ship at dock number 1! Why don’t you go check it out?

Crusader guard: If guard duty’s taught me anything, it’s the importance of checking every nook and cranny. Trust me, it pays off.

Luca, Causeway to Mainland

Pair of warrior monks near Stadium:
-You! You’re that traitor!
-Let him go. Even the two of us won’t be able to overpower him.
-But, what about our duties to the temple?
-Our duties? We missed the ship to Bevelle! They’re not coming back for us! We’re nothing now!
 ¬You’d probably kick my butt anyway.
 ¬We wear the armor of the temple, but it doesn’t mean a thing.

Little beaky guy in red: The city of Luca keeps on blitzin’, even with all the turmoil goin’ on these days. Even the faltering of the Yevon temple won’t change that.
 ¬Even if Sin were to attack today, the people of Luca would probably be more interested in tomorrow’s match.

Guy in red shorts: I hear the warrior monks invaded Besaid. They were looking for some traitors.

Kilika Beasts fan in white pants: I’m just worried that Sin might attack Kilika again.

Mother in tan and orange: I saw a flying ship at dock number 1. Think that’s gonna beat Sin?

Priest: Some of Luca’s residents are making light of the teachings. What sacrilege.

Priestess: The Macalania temple is losing its faith. I do not wish to live there anymore.

Man in yellow and green: The temple’s probably devising a grand plan. That’s why they’re not doing anything right now.

Woman in blue: Those warrior monks were useless. They didn’t do a thing.

Man in green shirt, brown overalls: The flying ship is a forbidden machina, but we should just get it approved by the temple.

Man on bench: The temple is in a state of chaos, but we must remain strong and keep faith in the teachings as we wait for the Calm.

Man in blue vest: The only thing the people can really do is to pray for the Calm.

Woman in green skirt sitting: I hear the mood in Guadosalam is just as gloomy as the Farplane.

Woman in yellow talking to her: I’m glad the Crusaders are in high spirits, but I’m just worried they’ll come up with another reckless plan.

Reporter (Shaami): Even as faith in the Yevon clergy dwindles, the temple remains silent, choosing not to issue any official statement on the matter. Many are protesting the cold and insensitive manner in which the temple has treated the people. There have even been reports of a mass exodus from Bevelle by dejected temple followers… Wh-What do you think you’re doing!? Can’t you see I’m working here? You sure are a show-off, aren’t you!
 ¬We have unconfirmed reports that Maester Seymour has committed an unspeakable crime… Will you move!?

Cameraman: If you want to be interviewed, show us your most outrageous gag, okay?

Woman on mainland side of causeway: Sin hasn’t attacked lately. That’s making me even more nervous.

Portly man with her (always worried about ferry): Having that airship would make travelling between Luca and Kilika a lot easier…

Side-Bridge to Sphere Theater

Little nun: The monks have been looking stern lately. I wonder what’s gonna happen to the temple?

Ex-sailor (Zalitz): I quit the sailor’s life because I’m terrified of Sin. I’m too ashamed to face my shipmates.

Macho sailor: Those stuck-up warrior monks ran back to Bevelle crying for their mommies. Spineless bastards!

Sphere Theater Front Entrance

Hypello: Thish ishn’t the shtadium…? I shink I’m losht.

Young hypello looking at frog guy: That drummer lookss like ush… Maybe he’s a big relative of Hypello?

Adult Crusader (back by the data console): Gathering data for travellers is an important part of a Crusader’s duties, too.

Little Crusader: A fiend might be attracted to the music! Keep your eyes open and stay alert!

Luca Main Square

Female Crusader in red: Luca is a free city. The fiends could have snuck in from anywhere.

Lucan guard in brown: Maester Kinoc was always concerned for the safety of the people. It’s a shame to have lost him.

Guado girl in purple: I don’t want to go back to Guadosalam because it reminds me of my brother. (one of Seymour’s former guards)

Man in green and white (“spoony bard”): The warrior monk? She’s not around anymore. I missed my chance at her.

Opportunistic woman in green: I can’t do business with the temple the way it is. I hope they get their act together soon.

Woman in pom-pom hat: The defeated Al Bhed are now staying at different travel agencies.

Chunky guy in green outside cafe: Even the temple makes mistakes. The monks are only human, after all.
Woman in gold with brown leggings: I wonder how the wedding was? Haven’t heard anything from the temple yet.
Man in white pants: Where have the Crusaders been hiding? After that battle they just disappeared…
Woman in purple by vendor: What’s wrong with the temple these days? They’re hopeless when we need them most!

Little girl with balloon: There’s a flying ship at the port! That’s a forbidden machina, isn’t it?

Father on bench (Jumal): Not all of the Crusaders are armed well. They seem inferior to the warrior monks.

Mother on bench: My husband likes the warrior monks, but I simply can’t bear them.

Woman in green skirt: I don’t know much about religion, but there’s something weird about the temple.

Man in blue vest: Hurray! With the Crusaders back I feel like we could take on two Sins!

Seated guard: The warrior monks left Luca without a word. Who do they think they are?

Luca Cafe

Beaky guy in purple: I heard that the Guado razed the Al Bhed’s hometown. That’s horrible!

Drunk in khaki on the left: I shouldn’t say this out loud, but the temples are way outta line! Dang it, I said it out loud…

Warrior monk and Crusader at bar:
-The temple is a wreck. I really want to quit the warrior monks.
-Then join the Crusaders! We’d love to have you join our force.

¬Crusader: I’d like to recruit as many as possible and rebuild the Crusaders.
¬Warrior monk: Never expected that the Crusaders would try to recruit me. Not in a million years.

Woman in blue: The high summoner’s daughter would never turn traitor. The temple must be mistaken.

Woman in red (Shuu): Is Lady Yuna a traitor or not? With everyone gabbing, I don’t know what to believe.

Luca guard in gray: We should hold a blitzball tournament to aid Yevon in this time of crisis.

Luca guard in brown: The temple’s in chaos? Really? That’s too bad, but we’ve got other problems to worry about, like blitzball.

Balcony Overlooking Luca

Crusader on steps into Luca: The Crusaders are guarding the stadium. If any fiends appear, we’ll destroy them even if it means our lives.

Crusader patrolling on the balcony: The youth of Luca are flocking to the Crusaders in droves! Lord Mi’ihen would be proud.

Guy with Crusader’s dog and cat: There are so many people fleeing Bevelle. They say it’s utter chaos over there.

Mi’ihen Highroad

Southern End of Highroad

Man in green and purple: Fiends are lurking everywhere. I have to be on my toes constantly.
 ¬They really need to guard the Highroad better. The Crusaders, the warrior monks. I don’t care who handles it, as long as it’s safe.
 ¬I suppose it’s too much to ask to secure a remote area like this one. Out here, it’s every man for himself.

Woman in blue and yellow at railing: I see a large shadow in the sky sometimes. It’s too big to be a bird. What could it be?
 ¬Maybe…Nah, it can’t be.
 ¬I wonder if somebody’s riding that thing.

Man in green and white: There are seven legends about Lord Mi’ihen’s statue… but they’re all so absurd!
 ¬They say that they eyes follow you when you’re not looking, and that it gets up and walks around in the night! Silly, isn’t it?
 ¬There’s a legend that Lord Mi’ihen’s sword still exists somewhere. I think it’s just an ancient myth.

Portly man in white vest: This is a statue of Lord Mi’ihen, who founded the Crusaders several hundred years ago. Lord Mi’ihen passed along this very road on his way to St. Bevelle. Ever since then, this road has been known as the Mi’ihen Highroad.
 ¬Lord Mi’ihen faithfully followed the teachings, unlike the Crusaders these days.

Man standing in ruins of hollow tower: There’s gotta be something here…I can feel it. But no matter how hard I look, I can’t find a thing.
 ¬There should be inscriptions of some sort here. Aw, well… I probably wouldn’t be able to read them anyway.
 ¬Hey! What’s that? Ha! Made you look!

Inside the ruined tower:
There is a valley in a vast plain with a great thorn beside. From the thorn look cross the vale to the other side.

Mi’ihen Highroad — South

Woman in purple apron: I fled Bevelle and came here. I got sick of living there. It was so unsettling, what with the priests’ meddling and the warrior monks’ arrogance.
 ¬Yevon had better start getting its act together.

Little girl in red shorts: I’m not running, I’m practicing with my brother.
 ¬It’s important to train. You never know what’s gonna happen.
 ¬I have to become strong like my brother so that I’ll be able to run away like him if fiends attack us.

Man in green shirt and brown overalls: My sister wanted to play, so we came here. I just didn’t expect to see so many fiends.
 ¬I’ll have no problems outrunning the fiends, but I doubt my sister could. I’m gonna pray we don’t run into any.
 ¬If there were no fiends in Spira, we wouldn’t even have to worry about this.

Mi’ihen Highroad, Central

Spikey-haired Al Bhed: Our home was blown to smithereens. I am trying not to think about it.
 ¬It is good to take a walk like this. Sometimes I catch the rascal who scribbles graffiti in Al Bhed.
 ¬You probably do not know what I am saying. I am sorry to waste your time.

Man in white and blue: The collapse of the Crusaders, the conflict in Bevelle…I fear for Spira’s future.
 ¬All we can do is trust the summoners. I feel so helpless.

Woman in tan and orange: You look awful depressed, and it’s such a beautiful day.
 ¬When I’m feeling down, I come here and take a walk. Nothing like a breath of fresh air to clear your mind.
 ¬There are some things that can’t be helped.

Barechested guy in shorts slumped over by a column: Sorry, I don’ feel like talking anymore.
 ¬Just leave me alone.

Woman near billboard: There are more and more Al Bheds coming here. I don’t know if it’s good or bad.
 ¬I’m still not comfortable being around Al Bhed. Maybe I should get to know them, but I don’t speak the language.

By the Mi’ihen Travel Agency

Al Bhed woman in bikini: We got off the ship with the children under the orders of Elder Cid. The elder probably senses it will be a tough battle.
 ¬I pray for your safety. I do not wish harm on any more people.

Al Bhed child (blue pants): A fiend tried to attack us, but Mom blew it away with machina. Don’t make her angry. You don’t want to see her when she is angry.
 ¬Is this our new Home?

Al Bhed Kid on ocean overlook: That is the biggest puddle I have ever seen!
 ¬There are many unusual plants. I wonder how they taste.

Al Bhed woman in leggings: The children are happy. Everything is so new to them.
 ¬I must watch over the children. It is dangerous here. They could fall off the cliff.

Inside Mi’ihen Travel Agency

Bearded Al Bhed: I told them I could fight, but they said to get off the ship. Cid has become quite the fox treating me like an old man.
 ¬Rin is up there, so he’ll keep an eye on Cid.

Crusader in yellow and rust: I’m sure we’ll see our fellow Crusaders if we wait here. We can’t depend on the temple, so I guess it’s all on us.
 ¬We owe the Al Bhed so much for all their help. I’d like to repay them someday.

Mi’ihen New Road, South End

Monk on bridge: It was time for me to leave the temple and travel the world. Along the way, I hope to spread the teachings to the people I meet.
 ¬Also, I plan to learn Al Bhed. Nothing will be solved unless we begin a dialog.

Female Crusader in blue on bridge: We are receiving many refugees from Bevelle. They have suffered a trying journey here, and it is our duty to protect them from fiends.
 ¬The warrior monks were guarding the Highroad just recently. Now they’re gone. How irresponsible of them.

Mi’ihen New Road, Central

Al Bhed child kneeling: We live in the desert, so I have never seen so many flowers.
 ¬I like the flower here and the flower in the desert. I like them both.

Man in green and purple looking at child: There are some Al Bhed wandering around. What are they up to now?
 ¬The Al Bhed wouldn’t be acting so big if the warrior monks were here.

Mi’ihen Highroad, North end (gates)

Crusader in green and gold: There aren’t many guards beyond here, so watch it.
 ¬Ideally, we’d like to station men at the Mushroom Rock Road, too. But we’re really shorthanded. Please understand.

Crusader in red, white and blue: We’ve been so busy with guard duty, we’ve been using that cage as shelter. Praise be to Yevon that nobody cleared it after the operation.
 ¬The Al Bhed from the travel agency bring us food now and then. I still don’t understand them, but they’re my friends so long as they feed us.

Woman in blue: The warrior monks and the Guado guarding this area have left. Maybe they went after the traitors.
 ¬I guess the Crusaders are the only ones we can really count on.

(Found lying at the end of the Mi’ihen Oldroad, under the chocobo corral)

Jecht Sphere: The Chocobo Eater

[Recording: Braska and Jecht by Travel Agency, Auron’s PoV]

Braska: A giant fiend that attacks chocobos…
Jecht: Hmph. What’s it waiting for? Hey! Come out and fight!
Auron: I told you this was a waste of time.
Jecht: Hey, come on! It’s the right thing to do! Everyone’s depending on us. Besides, it’s good practice.
Braska: (Chuckles)
Auron: I guess you’re right.
Braska: Well, then…
[There’s a roar, and the camera suddenly falls. Auron’s seen running off]
Jecht: There it is! Auron! Let’s get ‘im!
Auron: Right!
[Braska pops into view, shuts it off]

Mushroom Rock Area

At junction of Highroad and Mushroom Rock Road

(Note: In the remaster, the Dark Magus Sisters bar the way to Mushroom Rock Road until defeated.)

Crusader in purple: Fiends are on the rampage! Be on your guard.
 ¬After Operation Mi’ihen, the warrior monks took over the Highroad guard duty. But now they’ve pulled out, saying that they must protect Bevelle. It seems it’s time that we Crusaders resume our duty here.

Mushroom Rock Road

Al Bhed at lift to former Command Center: This machina’s had it. Completely busted. I will try salvaging its parts.
 ¬The sea breeze really rusted away this baby. No point repairing it. It probably won’t work anyway.

Found lying near the lift to Operation Mi’ihen Command Center

Auron’s Sphere: Farewell to Kinoc

[Auron and Kinoc ten years ago]

Auron: Thanks for everything, Kinoc.
Kinoc: I know I don’t need to tell you this, but guard Lord Braska well.
Auron: That, I will. And you’ll be busy, too. I heard they made you second-in-command.
Kinoc: (sigh) You know that promotion was meant for you. You were always the better one, even until the end.
Auron: You make it sound as if I was going to die or something. I will see you again.
Kinoc: Yes.
Auron: Well, then…
Kinoc: Going already?
Auron: (nods)
Kinoc: You will tell me about Zanarkand when you return, won’t you?
Auron: Mm. (Nods) Farewell.

Djose Highroad

Ruins of Operation Mi’ihen

Man in blue vest by Al Bhed wreckage: The warrior monks who were patrolling the Highroad have left. They’ve been ordered to protect the palace in St. Bevelle. Of course Bevelle’s security is important too, but who will look after our safety now?
 ¬I wish they’d attend to our needs, too.

Fork to Moonflow

Crusader in red, white and blue lying beside road: The warrior monks have returned to Bevelle. in other words, they fled.
 ¬Rumor has it that Sin will return to this this place someday.

Bridge to Djose Temple

Two crusaders and a monk chase Tidus away: Stay away from the temple! Leave at once!
 ¬No traitors allowed!
 ¬Try to understand our position. We’d rather not do this, believe me.


Moonflow South Wharf, Pavillion

Man in green and white outside pavillion: With all the traitors and Al Bhed around, not many travellers pass through here anymore.
 ¬The merchants are suffering with so few customers.

(Found beside South Wharf Pavillion)

Jecht Sphere: Moonflow

[Pan across Braska staring out at lilies, Jecht lying under a tree. Later, zooms in on Jecht.]

Jecht: What are you shooting me for?
Auron: So you don’t do anything stupid again. I can’t believe you attacked that shoopuf. Lord Braska had to pay the handler for damages from his own travel money.
Jecht: I said I was sorry. It’s never gonna happen again! I promise!
Auron: Ah, a promise? Which you’ll forget come tomorrow!
Braska: Auron, please. He did apologize. He knows he was wrong.
Jecht: That’s it. Only thing I drink from now on is shoopuf milk!
Braska: You’re sure?
Jecht: We’re on a journey to fight Sin and save Spira, right? If I keep screwin’ up…and…making a fool of myself…my wife and kid are never gonna forgive me.
Auron: That’s on the record.

Around Shoopuf Loading Platform

Woman in purple on left: What are we to do now that the warrior monks are up and gone? I’m sure the temple has a plan, but Yevon works in strange ways, it seems.
 ¬Me? I obey the temple without question. Who would ever shun the sacred temple!

Merchant woman in green smock: Need anything?

Crusader in red, white, blue: Please rest assured, the shoopuf is operating as usual.
 ¬With Yevon in chaos, the Crusaders must be vigilant.

Old man on loading platform: Uh what happened to Maester Seymour and Lady Yuna’s marriage? I heard the maester disappeared from Bevelle, and Yuna is now a traitor! Unbelievable!
 ¬Careful what you believe, especially when such nonsense is floatin’ around.

Moonflow North Wharf, Pavillion

Old woman outside: I told my relatives on the Farplane that I’ll be joining them soon. Now I won’t be afraid if Sin comes for me.
 ¬The Guado all looked so gloomy. I wonder what happened?

Man in purple inside pavillion: The people of Spira are in a state of chaos, but the Hypello are so calm. They’re a fearless bunch. You can only admire them.
 ¬If only Lady Yunalesca were here now, we wouldn’t have to live in fear of Sin.

By Shoopuf Loading Area

Woman in gold and tan: The Al Bhed seem docile nowadays, but it always pays to be cautious.
 ¬I believe that an Al Bhed conspiracy is behind the chaos in the temple.

Man in white and blue: My wife and I ran away from Bevelle. I thought we could forget the terror of Sin if we lived in the heart of Yevon… Boy, was I wrong.
 ¬I’ve expended all my energy coming here and I can’t run any farther.

Wife in green skirt: We’re hoping to return to our hometown of Kilika. First we must cross the Moonflow, pass through Djose, then travel the Mushroom Rock Road and the Mi’ihen Highroad… After that, it’s onto the S.S. Winno…Phew! There’s a long way to go, isn’t there?
 ¬I wonder how long it’ll take to reach our hometown?

Bench outside of Wharf area

Crusader in red (Miyu): Forget about going to Guadosalam. It’s so quiet, you’ll go crazy.
 ¬Rookie Crusaders are training somewhere in the Calm Lands, waiting for us to regroup.

At entrance to Guadosalam

Tromell: Why are you in Guadosalam? What business have you here?
Tidus: You wanna start something?
Tromell: If it would please you to harm a defenseless old man…then burn me, boil me, it matters not.
Tidus: Huh?
Tromell: Lord Seymour is gone. No lord rises to take his place. The Guado merely wait for Sin to come and finish us off. Why should I care what you do to me? If it meant rejoining Lord Jyscal and Lord Seymour…then your taking off my head would be the greatest kindness.

[Tromell walks off, and for once, you can follow him.]

If you talk to him on the way…
Tromell: Come to kill the old man? I welcome it!
 ¬Or are you here to laugh? Laugh at the fallen Guado?

Farplane Viewing Platform

[Tromell comes to a halt staring out at empty space on Farplane]

Tromell: I have prayed and prayed, yet Lord Seymour does not appear. Has he not reached the Farplane? Has he become a fiend?
 ¬Oh, my poor Lord Seymour…Tell me, where do you wander?

[After sending Lady Ginnem in the Cavern of the Fayth, Lulu visits the Farplane and sees her there…]

Lulu: I’m still not the person I wanted to become, not yet. I’ll come back to let you know how things went.
 ¬I hope I’ll bring back…good news.

[A couple appears on the Farplane viewing platform if you leave and come back… which is worth doing, to get an amazing camera angle.]

Man: All your hard work and effort to become a monk has been in vain. Oh, how I was looking forward to that day.
 ¬Rest in peace on the Farplane. We shall join you soon.

Woman: I hope you live your next life in a world without Sin. Do not return to Spira.
 ¬Those who are born into Spira are destined to live a life of sorrow.

Wandering Around Guadosalam

Custodian to the Farplane: We have no intention of fighting you, for we know that we cannot win.
 ¬Many brave Guado have given their lives. Now, only a handful remain.

Flaky girl in green: Everyone will die. Guado, humans, Ronso, and Al Bhed! Only Sin will remain, forever!
 ¬Once everyone in Spira’s dead, it’ll get real stuffy on the Farplane.

Hooded woman on upper level: We lost so many in the recent struggles…
 ¬My best friend walks the Farplane. I…I can’t go on like this.
 ¬I want to go to him…To see him on the Farplane.

Auda Guado talking to her: Lord Seymour’s aeon destroyed the fiends that appeared in Luca Stadium. That display of Lord Seymour’s raw power struck me speechless. But it was all a show. I feel so…
 ¬I’m sorry. I cannot put it into words.

Giera Guado (outside Elders’ House): The Guado are deeply saddened by the loss of so many of our own. If only I could restore their cheer through blitzball.
 ¬No Guado has the strength to weave dark conspiracies any more.

Woman in brown and yellow talking to him: Many a Guado met an untimely death in the name of Lord Seymour. With most of our youth dead now, the future of the Guado appears grim indeed.
 ¬Living with the Farplane as we do, we Guado live with death every day. We are prepared to face our own deaths at Sin’s hand.
 ¬Sin embodies death’s sheer force. After all, no man can stop the inevitable.

Nav Guado (running): Now that Seymour is dead, no one knows who will rise to take his place. That means that I still have a chance.
 ¬Once I lead the Guado Glories to victory, I will become the next lord here. Until then, the Farplane cannot have me! Whatever it takes, I will live to see that day.
 ¬No one will lord over the Guado but me! Mwahahaha.

Guard on Lord Seymour’s Mansion: None may enter this lordless manor.
 ¬It is to remain sealed until a new lord is chosen to lead the Guado.

Guado Glories House

Snooty Guado in brown and gold: Following a half-human was our fatal mistake. Seymour destroyed the Guado single-handedly. Him alone.
 ¬Tromell now spends his days mourning on the Farplane. You won’t get a word out of him.

Redheaded girl in purple: I prayed and prayed on the Farplane, but Lord Seymour did not appear.
 ¬I don’t care who it is, I just want someone to lead the Guado back to greatness.

Zazi Guado (seated): It’s true that many tossed themselves to the Farplane in Lord Seymour’s name. But until recently, I looked up to him so much. So I suppose I’d be a hypocrite to belittle him.
 ¬I might come across as proud, but pride is all I have left.

Pah Guado (standing): Our captain is aiming for bigger goals now. He says he’ll take the helm of the Guado! I wonder if he’s really serious.
 ¬How much Guado life would change with a blitzer in charge…

House of the Fusty Elders

Young woman in blue: What happened to Lord Seymour? I heard the rumors, but I can’t believe it.
 ¬How could Lord Seymour do that to Lord Jyscal?

Yuma Guado (wandering): Some say that it was the Guado who threw Spira into chaos. It pains me to admit it, but they’re right.
 ¬Luca has informed us that the Guado team may continue to compete in tournaments. We were saved by the Lucans’ generosity.
 ¬I want to return the favor by giving them a performance to remember.

Old Woman: Lord Seymour took many lives. It seems he is now revenged on both Guado and human.
 ¬In wedding that human maiden, Lord Jyscal broke ancient tradition. Some rebell’d at Lord Seymour’s birth, desiring the half-breed child driven off. To quell the outcry, Lord Jyscal tearfully exiled his wife and son to Baaj Island.
 ¬Years later, Lord Seymour returned. He said his mother had died. But he was no longer the lost child banish’d so long ago. He had returned a master of the summoner’s art. The half-breed boy once so reviled thus reversed his fortunes and won deep respect.
 ¬They say Lord Seymour discovered his gift for summoning as a mere child.

Old Man: Our youth are all dead. Our future seemeth likewise dead. O that the Guado had remained here, protecting the Farplane instead of populating it!
 ¬With Lord Seymour gone, Tromell hath lost all hope. Belike he will soon follow his master to the Farplane.
 ¬Sin will surely crush the Guado now.

Guadosalam Shop

Shopkeeper: I have nothing special, but I hope I can be of aid. [Buy weapons | Buy items | Leave ] If it please you, do come agian.

Hooded woman by counter: I believe that Lord Seymour will return for us. Bit whether he will save us or destroy us, I know not.

Guadosalam Inn

Redheaded girl in in purple: Soon Sin will come for us all. Human, Guado, it makes no difference. Go on and pray. Yevon will do nothing to stop it.
 ¬I just want to stay here in Guadosalam.

Innkeeper: Oh? You want to rest here?

  • Yeah, thanks!
  • Very well. I know about you, but I’d never turn away a guest.
  • Maybe later.
  • He that is too secure is not safe… Oh! Never mind, I was just rambling.

Noy Guado: Some advice from one blitzer to another: Stay away from Guadosalam.

After following Tromell to the Farplane…
Noy Guado: We Guado have lost our purpose. No one knows what chaos may ensue.


Lake Macalania Travel Agency

Al Bhed woman with leggings: I left the airship on Elder Cid’s orders. I wished to be with my family, but now I am here against my will.
 ¬I too can fight! Yet I am treated like an infant!

Al Bhed child by fire: Outside, I felt the white sand with my hand and it became most cold!
 ¬Could this be the snow? It is my first time seeing it

Al Bhed child running around: He is so weak to the cold, he just sits there and misses all there is to see!
 ¬I was playing at sliding on the ice, and I almost fell into a big hole

Al Bhed sitting down: I had hoped to help Master Rin at his shop. But because I can only speak Al Bhed, he would not hire me. I now learn your language from that kindly shopkeeper.
 ¬Now we must all employ two tongues, as do Master Rin and Rikku.

Macalania Temple

Linna: It’s best that you don’t go.

[Original game: chased off by neverending stream of running Guado as before. Remastered edition: Snooty old Guado sics Dark Shiva on you, and if you survive, the galloping Guado still chase you off.]

Crossroads to Bevelle

Warrior monk: The road to Bevelle is closed. None may pass.
 ¬It’s been several days since I was ordered to guard this road. I haven’t received any new orders since then…they better not have forgotten about me.
 ¬I guess I’ll have to keep watch until I receive new orders.

Woman (Shuu clone) just east of him: There are so many warrior monks passing by lately. Did something happen at the temple?

Campsite, Edge of Macalania Woods

Before talking to the Guado youth…
Grandma Guado: Please, I need my rest. This long trip has tired me.

Guado youth in green robe: Hey, aren’t you one of the Besaid Aurochs?
Grandma Guado: You are a blitzball player? There is something I must tell you.

Youth: Grandma says she has something important to tell you.

Grandma Guado: I’d like to apologize on behalf of the Guado. We are responsible for the fiends that attacked the stadium after the game. We’re sorry for the disturbance and for disrupting such a wonderful game. Please accept our apologies.
 ¬It was Maester Seymour’s plan to release the fiends in Luca Stadium. He thought he could win the trust of the people by defeating the fiends with his aeon. I heard that his plan to marry the high summoner’s daughter was solely to gain the support of the people of Yevon. There seem to have been other reasons as well, but now, we will never know.
 ¬By obeying Maester Seymour, we Guado have committed an inexcusable crime. It’s far too late to try shifting the blame to Maester Seymour. Within time, the Guado will be as despised as the Al Bhed.
 ¬That child’s brother was Maester Seymour’s subordinate. He died while invading the Al Bhed hideout, searching for the lost summoners. He was never sent… I fear he now wanders as a fiend.
 ¬The power of the Guado has greatly deteriorated. They merely await the inevitable, now. That is why I brought that child and moved away from Guadosalam. Perhaps we will find peace in some far away land.
 ¬I still haven’t told that child the truth about the Guado. Perhaps when he grows older and can accept the reality of the situation…only then will I reveal the truth about everything to him.
 ¬I’m tired now after talking so long. I’m not as young as I used to be.

After talking to Grandma…
Guado youth: Guadosalam’s no fun these days. Everyone’s so sad there. That’s why I’m going on a journey with my grandmother.
 ¬We’re going to rest here until grandma feels better.

The Calm Lands

Travel Agency

Blond Spikey-haired Al Bhed around the side: Rumor of the airship is spreading. The Yevon clergy is afraid of it, seems like.
 ¬More and more people are leaving Bevelle. The temple’s finished, I say.

Woman in tan and orange (probably the one who keeps losing track of her son or husband): My husband and I decided to leave Bevelle for our son’s sake. Bevelle is not a safe place for children anymore.
 ¬We had nothing but the clothes on our backs when we fled here, but the people here helped us. Would Yevon forgive us for accepting aid from the Al Bhed, I wonder…
 ¬We have nowhere to turn now. What should we do?

Husband in gold tunic, brown pants, green sleeves: The high priests of St. Bevelle do nothing but squabble over politics these days. They’ve forgotten their duty to us, their people!
 ¬Bevelle is in chaos. Hoodlums walk the streets as openly as any priest! Many have left the city already, and many more will leave, I’m sure.
 ¬We’ve always lived by the teachings, but look at us now.

Little boy in dark red: We left our house in Bevelle. I don’t really understand what’s going on, but Mom said it was dangerous.
 ¬I don’t care where we go, as long as I’m with Mom and Dad!

The Gorge/Scar

Warrior monk: Don’t get me wrong. I used to be a warrior monk, but I’m now a Crusader. Protecting such a corrupt temple simply became ludicrous. So I packed up and left.
 ¬The warrior monks are a pack of cowards hiding within the walls of St. Bevelle.

Crusader in green and gold: Our comrades have gathered from all over, to this place where Lady Yocun once trained. Our numbers are still few, but we can’t expect too much too fast. With patience, we can rebuild the Crusaders.
 ¬Once we complete our training here, we plan to resume fiend hunting.

Crusader in blue armor: I took part in Operation Mi’ihen. I once left the Crusaders because of that terrible loss…But I couldn’t stand just loafing around during a time of crisis.
 ¬My family is against it, but I’ve decided to fight as a Crusader.

Crusader in red,white,blue: There have been recent sightings of a flying ship. Could it be a new Al Bhed weapon? With their help, we could commence a second Operation Mi’ihen!
 ¬The Crusaders are still weak in their present form. We need the aid of the Al Bhed.

Female Crusader in green and gold: This land, where Lady Yocun trained, is sacred to the Crusaders. Lady Yocun was a member of the Crusaders before becoming a summoner.
 ¬It may be Lady Yocun’s divine guidance that has brought our comrades together here.

Mt. Gagazet

Gagazet — Mountain Gate

Maechen: Shall I tell you about the Spira of days long past, eh?

  • Maybe next time.
  • Maechen: Hmph. Suit yourself.
  • I’d love to hear.
  • Maechen: There is a legend, you know. Just before the horrible Sin appeared…a terrible war raged between Bevelle and Zanarkand. When the armies of Bevelle attacked Mount Gagazet, they heard a song echoing across the snowy slopes. “‘Tis a song from an otherworld,” they said. The soldiers panicked and ran. And then, as if to pursue the retreating armies, Sin appeared! Some time later, scouts from Bevelle braved the mountain. On the other side, they witnessed the ruins that had been Zanarkand. The city destroyed. Not a single soul left standing. Gone! In its place, a multitude of the fayth had gathered on Gagazet. They were singing a song. It’s the song we now call the “Hymn of the Fayth.” And that, as they say, is that. Well…maybe not all of it.

¬Maechen: Would you like to hear the rest?

  • Maybe next time.
  • Maechen: Hmph. Suit yourself.
  • Let’s continue.
  • Maechen: Rumors flew in Bevelle about Sin’s sudden appearance. They said that the people of Zanarkand became the fayth, that they had called Sin. And that the man responsible…was none other than the summoner Yevon, ruler of Zanarkand! Yes, the lord father of Lady Yunalesca. On the eve of Zanarkand’s destruction, Lady Yunalesca… had fled to safety with her husband, Zaon. Later, the two used the Final Summoning to defeat Sin. Yet the people of Bevelle still feared Yu Yevon. It was to quell his wrath that they revered him, and first spread his teachings. And so were born the temples of Yevon. I suppose it’s possible Yunalesca had planned it that way from the start! A fair trade, she defeats Sin in exchange for her lord father’s honor. Of course, there’s no proof. No, the facts are lost in the mists of time. And who’d admit Yevon was an enemy of Bevelle? You can bet the temples had a hand in covering that one up! And that, as they say, is that.

¬Maechen: Like to hear more, would you?

  • Maybe next time.
  • Maechen: Hmph. Suit yourself.
  • Continue.
  • Maechen: Let me tell you about the Hymn of the Fayth. It was once a Zanarkand song, sung in defiance of Bevelle! Of course, the Yevon clergy of Bevelle forbade it. Then, as these things often go, those who disliked Yevon began to sing it. The Al Bhed, for instance. The Hymn of the Fayth became the symbol of defiance against Yevon. Yevon could do nothing but capitulate. They lifted the ban on the song, and spread a new story. They said the hymn was a song sung to soothe the souls of the dead. And so saying, they took the song and made it scripture. That’s why today, the hymn is sung all over Spira. You could say that, though Zanarkand is gone from this world, it lives on in the song. Aaaah, but look at the time. I’ve rambled on again. I do love stories, you see. Well, I owe you my gratitude for hearing this old scholar out.

¬Maechen: Like to hear about this place once more? [ Nevermind. | The destruction of Zanarkand. | Yevon and Yunalesca. | The Hymn of the Fayth. ]

Gagazet — Mountain Gate

[Ronso survivors have gathered…]

Ronso boy: Even young Ronso have mighty horns, greater than any fiend! In snow and ice, this Ronso grow big as mountain!
 ¬We Ronso also wait for Calm of Summoner Yuna.

Ronso woman in purple robe: My made died in battle. it was a proud death, fit for Ronso. He marched to Farplane with horn held high!
 ¬Cold are the winds of Gagazet. Tears turn to ice. Ronso must lay tears aside to stand up against sorrow.
 ¬All Ronso are warriors. Ronso will stay with mountain.

Ronso woman (blue hair, yellow tunic): Many Ronso have fallen to hands of the unsent Seymour. It is fate of Ronso to die in battle. But…so few are left.
 ¬Ronso will guard the mountain to the very last.

Merchant Ronso, gold kilt: Ronso always prepared to fight. Always keep weapons and armor in top shape. [ Buy weapons. | Buy items. | Leave. ]

Bikanel Island

[Two Al Bhed stand in a sinkhole barring the way to where Home used to be…]

Blond Spikey-hair: There’s nothing over there…now that Home is gone.
Gas mask: But then, we still have blitz, you see?
Spikey hair: The ball… I think we forgot something.

Airship Corridor, Level Three
Rin: Lady Yuna has become quite the summoner. A gentle nature, yet strong as steel. She reminds me of her parents.
Tidus: Yuna’s old man was a priest of Yevon, but he married an Al Bhed, huh?
Rin: Lord Braska wanted peace between his people and ours. He would occasionally visit the Home of those days.
Tidus: So that’s how he met Cid’s sister?
Rin: They ran off together, into the night.
Tidus: Hmph. Sounds like love. Wow, Cid must’ve been furious!
Rin: Yes. He wouldn’t talk to her after that. But, when Yuna was born, they made up again. His sister took off for Home at once. But then, her ship…
Tidus: Sin?
Rin: That incident turned Lord Braska down the summoner’s path.
Tidus: Everything leads back to Sin.
Rin: But, you’ll put an end to it?
Tidus: With a vengeance.
Rin: I pray for your success.

Once you have full control of the airship, you can also reach…

Sidequests / Backstory

Omega Dungeon

The gang beams down to a random dungeon in the ne corner of the map.]

Tidus: What is this place?
Lulu: Seven hundred years ago… a monk who defied the teachings was sentenced here.
Wakka: Oh, the traitor Omega, ya?
Yuna: Omega’s loathing of Yevon has turned him into a fiend.
Wakka: They say he liked it underground, out of the light.
Tidus: So, he’s here?
Auron: Scared?
Tidus: Not a chance!

[Deep in the dungeon, Ultima Weapon attacks…]
Wakka: You’re kidding me!
[After they’ve dealt with it…]
Auron: That was not Omega. Just a shadow, born from Omega’s wrath.
Wakka: What, so the main man’s still around?
Tidus: (Yelling and punching the air) Come on out, Omega!
Yuna: When we meet, I will send it.

[Even further in, they find a shimmering purple barrier…]
Auron: It seems we rate his personal attention, now.
[Boss fight ensues. Several Ultimas later, Omega is pounded into oblivion. Yuna sends for good measure. As they leave…]
Auron: Find your peace on the Farplane. Leave Spira to the living.

Baaj Island — Underwater Ruins

[Wakka, Rikku and Tidus dive into the water near Baaj Temple]

Wakka: Whassup? Something here?
Tidus: I almost got eaten by a fiend here. Payback time!
Wakka: I get the picture. All right, let’s go! (High 5)
[boss fight, clearing the way to enter temple.]

Baaj Temple, Main Hall

Assuming you’ve used the Destruction Spheres to get goodies in all the Cloisters of Trials, you can enter Baaj Temple’s Chamber of the Fayth…
[Image of a woman appears over statue]

Yuna: You are maester Seymour’s mother?
Seymour’s mother: So you know, yet still you seek my aid. My son…do you not hate him?
[Awkward silence]
Seymour’s mother: It is all right. He is the one who sowed the seeds of hatred. He is to blame.
[She looks to one side, where a ghost-image of young Seymour sobs]
Seymour’s mother: But I am at fault for letting him become what he was.
[A vision: the great hall of Baaj before it was in ruins, with vases of flowers everywhere, lavish furnishings. Young Seymour there.]
Seymour’s mother: He was always alone–half Guado, half man. I wanted to give him the strength to live by himself. And so I became a fayth.
But…because I let him taste power, he began to thirst for more. He was not satisfied with my aeon. He wanted more. More power.

[Vision ends]
Tidus: And he found Sin.
Seymour’s mother: Yes. Come, summoner. I will bestow you with my power: The Dark Aeon, Anima. Destroy Sin, and my son’s obsession with it. Though it is small recompense for what I did to him.

Remiem Temple

[Accessible by chocobo as soon as you reach Calm Lands, but you can’t complete Belgemine’s challenge until Yuna has all secret aeons…]

Belgemine: Welcome, Yuna.
Yuna: What is this place?
Belgemine: Remiem Temple. Once a great religious center in the Calm Lands, lost after the battle with Sin.
Tidus: And this is your home? What? You got something against company?
Belgemine: (Chuckles) It’s a long story. Easier perhaps to show you. (Pyreflies lift from her)
Tidus: You’re dead, too?
Belgemine: Don’t send me just yet. There is still one thing left for me to do here. With the help I can give, a young summoner might just be able to defeat Sin. Well, Yuna?

Each time you visit, she phrases challenge differently:
Belgemine: I challenge you: if you cannot beat me, you’ll never beat Sin.
 ¬If you’ve got what it takes to beat Sin, I should be no more than a bump in your path, right?
 ¬I will be the judge of your aeons’ strength. Are you good enough, I wonder?
 ¬You’ve got quite a name to live up to, daughter of Braska.
 ¬Well, Yuna, shall we see how well your training serves you?

  • I’ll do my best.
  • Belgemine: Very well. But before we begin… (Sparkle) Now, are you ready?
    [After Belgemine summons hers…]
    Belgemine: Choose your aeon well, summoner.
    [If you manage to get Yuna KO’d]
    Belgemine: You have a lot to learn.
    [After defeating each aeon]
    Belgemine: Stop. That is enough.
    Belgemine: Ah, you have made some progress, and for that, I’m glad. Take this. It may come in handy. ~Various items

  • Perhaps later.
  • Belgemine: Hmm…I see.

After defeating all her aeons in a row…

Yuna: Thank you! Perhaps you’ll teach me again someday? (Deep bow)
Belgemine: (Chuckles) That’s not possible. You have already surpassed your father. There is nothing more I can teach you. My work here on Spira is done. Time for me to go.
Auron: Send her.
[If Yuna sends her…]
Yuna: Yes. (Begins sending)
Belgemine: It is in your hands. Destroy Sin and save Spira. (Vanishes)


If you told Dona not to quit her pilgrimage, she’s still at it, emerging from the Cloister of Trials…
Dona: What good is this place? All that trouble getting here, only to find ruins!
Tidus: Well, a lot’s happened. You should know… There’s no more Final Summoning.
Dona: Wh-What do you mean?
Tidus: Hey, we’ve got a plan, okay?
Dona: And this plan’s going to work?
Tidus: It has to!
Dona: So, you’re saying it’s all in your hands now? Fine, you do what you like, however you like. I’ll just wait my turn. Well, it doesn’t matter who does the deed, but are you sure you’re up to it?
Tidus: You just watch. We’ll get Sin!
Dona: Oh, I’m sure you will. Barthello, shall we?

[Enough backtracking and sidequests. Time to bug Mika about Yu Yevon.]


Highbridge, Outside the Palace

[Two warrior monks with rifles bar the palace doors]
Warrior Monk: Infidel!
Wakka: (Facepalm) Man, don’t these guys ever give up?
Warrior Monk: You’ll regret showing your face here! We’ll strike you down in the name of Yevon!
Tidus: Blah, blah, blah. Yeah, so? Guys?
Rikku: If they want a fight, let’s give ’em one!
Warrior Monk: Prepare to charge!
Shelinda: Stop! (Emerges from front gate)
Warrior Monk: Captain?
Shelinda: Lady Yuna is not to be harmed! She’s no traitor! That is an evil rumor spread by the Al Bhed!
Rikku: What?
Shelinda: Maester Mika himself told me.
Warrior Monk: Then…what are we to do?
Rikku: (Credible imitation of Shelinda) Stand down!
Shelinda: As she says!
[The monks step aside]
Rikku: What was that about evil Al Bhed?
Shelinda: I… Truly, I do not understand it myself. All Yevon seems to be in a state of confusion. Why, yesterday they called me out of the blue and made me captain of the guard!
Auron: Short on believers?
Shelinda: Yes, the chaos in the temples is worse than I’d imagined. It’s horrible! And all the priests do is blame each other. I worry what will become of Yevon. But no! I must be the rock that stands against the swirling tides, right? Lady Yuna, I must tell you, your courage has been a great inspiration to me.
Tidus: Yeah, that’s great, but we came here to see Maester Mika. Is he here?
Shelinda: Yes, I shall arrange an audience. Please wait in the courtroom. (Hurries off)
Rikku: Hey, hey, wait! What was all that about the Al Bhed lying and stuff?
Auron: Simple. Yuna has become Mika’s only hope.
Rikku: Oh… Okay.
Lulu: Just what does he think he can get away with?
Tidus: Time to teach him some manners!
Yuna: Yes, let’s.

High Court of Yevon

Mika: Why are you here? You must go and defeat Sin, quickly! You have obtained the Final Aeon from Yunalesca, have you not?
Tidus: Well, we did meet her.
Yuna: We fought and defeated her.
Mika: What!
Auron: Summoners and guardians will be sacrificed for the Final Summoning no more!
Mika: You have profaned and subverted a thousand-year-old tradition? Fools! Infants! Do you realize what you’ve done? You’ve taken away the only means of calming Sin!
Tidus: Hey, maybe that’s not the only way! We think we’ve got another.
Mika: Why… Preposterous! There is no other way!
Auron: The grand maester, running away?
Mika: Spira has lost its only hope. Destruction is inevitable. Yu Yevon’s spiral of death will consume us all. I have no desire to watch Spira die.
Yuna: It won’t die!
Tidus: Who is this Yu Yevon guy?
Lulu: Lady Yunalesca also mentioned him.
Rikku: Wait, gramps! Who’s Yu Yevon?
Mika: He who crafts the souls of the dead into unholy armor. An armor called Sin. Clad in it, Yu Yevon is invincible. And the only thing that could have pierced that armor, you have destroyed! Nothing can stop it now. (Dissolves into pyreflies)
Wakka: Bah! Disappear on us, will ya? Rotten son of a shoopuf!
Shelinda: (Entering) Where…where is the grand maester?
Yuna: He, um…
Auron: He’s not here yet. How long must we wait?
Shelinda: That’s odd… I’ll go look for His Grace. (Leaves)

[Creepy Little Kid ™ appears]
Tidus: It’s you.
Bahamut’s Fayth: Come, to my room.
Yuna: Okay.
[He disappears]
Wakka: Who you talking to?
Tidus: Oh. Uh, no one.
Yuna: I must go see the fayth.
Auron: Hmph. I see.

Bahamut’s Chamber of the Fayth

Creepy Kid: Hello.
Yuna: I must thank you for the aeon. (Deep bow)
Tidus: So, what’s up?
Creepy Kid: So, have you found a way to truly defeat Sin?

  • Not yet.
  • Creepy Kid: Well, come see me when you do. We’ll talk then.
  • I think so.
  • Well?
    • The Hymn of the Fayth!
    • Tidus: We think the Hymn of the Fayth might slow Sin down.
      Creepy Kid: Hmm… Perhaps.
      Yuna: You mean, it won’t work?
      Creepy Kid: A very long time has passed since your father became Sin. He may not be able to hear the hymn anymore.
      Tidus: I know it’s a long shot… But we gotta try it if there’s a chance.
      Creepy Kid: Yes, you must. I’m glad you’re doing this. You have a good spirit, truly.
      Tidus: I’m not just a dream, right?
      Yuna: A dream?
      Tidus: Uh… It’s a long story.
      Creepy Kid: If it works, what’ll you do then? You need more than the hymn.
      Tidus: Well…
      Creepy Kid: Well?
      • The Hymn of the Fayth!
      • Creepy Kid: You’ll need more than that.
      • Defeat Yu Yevon!
      • (Go to next section)
    • Defeat Yu Yevon!
    • (Note: If you choose this option before the Hymn, you bypass the Hymn conversation above)
      Tidus: We fight Yu Yevon.
      Creepy Kid: Yes… If you defeat Yu Yevon, it will end.
      Creepy Kid: Tell me, what do you know about Yu Yevon?
      Tidus: He’s what makes Sin come back!
      Yuna: Sin is his armor. It protects him.
      Creepy Kid: Yu Yevon was once a summoner, long ago. He was peerless. Yet now he lives for one purpose: only to summon. He is neither good, nor evil. He is awake, yet he dreams. But…maybe not forever.
      Tidus: Yeah, that’s right. Because we’re ending it.
      Creepy Kid: Yes. Even if you defeat Sin with the Final Summoning, Yu Yevon will live. Yu Yevon will join with the Final Aeon. He will transform it into a new Sin.
      Yuna: Yu Yevon merges with the aeon…
      Creepy Kid: Then, protected by this new Sin he has created, Yu Yevon continues the summoning.
      Tidus: For eternity…huh?
      Creepy Kid: But you know, there is no such thing as eternity if you end it, is there?
      Tidus: Uh-huh.
      Creepy Kid: Yu Yevon lives inside Sin. Yuna, listen. When you fight Yu Yevon, we will help you. Promise me you’ll summon us. I’m afraid your swords and magic won’t be enough. Please, call us. Promise?
      Yuna: Yes.
      Creepy Kid: But, you know… When it is all over…we will wake, and our dream will end. Our dream will vanish.
      Tidus: Yeah. You’ve been dreaming a long time, haven’t you?
      Creepy Kid: I’m sorry.
      Tidus: I’m grateful.
      Creepy Kid: (Vanishes)
      Yuna: About what?
      Tidus: Oh, nothing. Hey, don’t make that face! Come on! We’re going to beat Sin! Let’s see some cheer, okay?
      Yuna: You’re hiding something.
      Tidus: (Turns his face away) I’m not!
      Yuna: Really? (After he leaves) You’re a bad liar, you know?

Back in the Main Palace

Shelinda: (Running in) I’m afraid the grand maester is nowhere to be found!
Tidus: S’okay, we were just leaving.
Shelinda: Oh…I see.
Rikku: Hey! Maybe you could help us with the hymn.
Tidus: Hey, good idea!
Rikku: It’s like, we need you to tell as many people as you can.
Shelinda: What should I tell them?
Rikku: A ship in the sky will sing the Hymn of the Fayth. When they hear it, we need everyone to sing along!
Wakka: Everyone in Spira!
Shelinda: I’m not sure I understand.
Rikku: You don’t have to! Just tell everyone!
Shelinda: A ship in the sky will sing the Hymn of the Fayth? So when they hear it, everyone should sing along, correct?
Tidus: If they do, we might be able to defeat Sin!
Shelinda: Truly?
Yuna: Yes!
Shelinda: That’s wonderful! You can count on me! I shall tell all of Spira!

Back Aboard Cid’s Airship

Talking to party after visiting Mika…

Auron: I must admit I was worried at the beginning, but you’ve done well.
 ¬One more trial to pass.
 ¬Our stories will end together.
 ¬Don’t keep Jecht waiting. He never was a patient man.

Yuna: All those teachings…what were they for?
 ¬Sorry, I was just thinking.
 ¬We’re…still going forward, right?
 ¬We can think about what will happen after we beat Sin, right?

Lulu: We’ll be bringing a new Calm. One that will last forever.
 ¬This will be a battle unmatched in the thousand years since Sin’s birth.
 ¬Spira without Sin… hmm. Why is it so hard to imagine?
 ¬Afterwards–after we defeat Sin–promise you’ll stay with Yuna.

Rikku: My pop says he’s got a special surprise for Sin.
 ¬Can’t wait till this is over so we can relax for a change!
 ¬Don’t worry, we’ll be fine! Everyone’ll sing for us, I know it!

Wakka: There’s something I want to say before the fight. (Turns to Cid) I…uh…I guess I didn’t know anything about the Al Bhed. Didn’t know anything. Didn’t want to listen to anything. I was a big jerk. So, I…Well, uh… (Half-slumps, half-bows) I’m sorry, ya? Please forgive me.
Cid: Don’t let it bother you. Hey, I’m guilty of hating those durn Yevonites, myself! Well… There’s a lot of folk in this world–some of ’em good, some of ’em bad. That’s all there is to it.

Rikku: Aww…now I’m feeling all warm inside.

¬Wakka: When this is all over, we’ll help you look for your Zanarkand!
 ¬A Spira without Sin…Hard to imagine, ya?

Kimahri: You keep walking path forward. Kimahri watch the rear.
 ¬Because of you, Yuna still smiles. Thank you.
 ¬Friends have saved Kimahri’s life. Kimahri will treasure it.
 ¬Kimahri is ready. Let us fight Sin.

When you talk to Cid…
Cid: The final showdown with Sin! I say let’s get this show on the road! (Map Opens)
Cid: Yee-haw! Here we go!

[After visiting Mika in Bevelle, but before setting course for Sin, a number of new events are triggered.]

Bevelle, Highbridge

Outside Palace Gates

Maroda: Hold there! This bridge is closed. Bevelle is off limits by the temple’s decree. No one may enter.
Tidus: Huh?
Pacce: Everyone’s in mourning since Maester Mika died…And it’s been morning [sic] for days now!
Maroda: (Scolding) Pacce…
Maroda: (To Tidus) At least, that’s what they say. The temple’s falling apart with all four maesters gone. They’re afraid of riots, so they’re turning everyone away. With our brother in the middle…
Tidus: What’s up with Isaaru?
Maroda: They came crying to him to stay in Bevelle, to protect the temple and all that. And you know our brother. It’s not in him to refuse.
Pacce: Oh, I guess our pilgrimage is done, then, huh?
Maroda: Of course not! Geez…
Maroda: (To Tidus) Long story short…You’ll only find trouble in Bevelle. I’d stay out for your own safety.

¬Maroda: That whole bit about Yuna being a traitor’s just some Al Bhed rumor, I hear. I just can’t believe it. I mean, the Al Bhed helped us out!
 ¬Wait all you want. Bevelle’s gates are closed.

Pacce: Isaaru sends his regards to Lady Yuna. And…he says he’s sorry, too.
 ¬I heard something funny the other day. If a flying ship sings, we’re supposed to sing along! And they say that will beat Sin!


Sphere Theater

O’aka: Hello, there!
Tidus: Hey, weren’t you in prison?
O’aka: Nah, those monks are pushovers, I tell ye! I’ll fleece any priest, or my name’s not O’aka!
Tidus: Sorry. It was our fault they locked you up.
O’aka: No problem! Anything for a customer, eh?
O’aka: You know…I had a sister. Wantz’s older sister, you see. A summoner, she was. Went on pilgrimage at a young age. And that was it. Aaah… Me and Wantz, well, neither of us were fighters enough to be guardians. I think about it every day, I do. If we could’ve helped her. Least I can do is try to help another summoner, I figure. And Lady Yuna, she looks so much like… (Sigh)
Tidus: Eh?
O’aka: I-It’s nothing.
Tidus: Say, thanks.

¬O’aka: Wantz has got all the good stuff. O’aka XXIII’s retiring!

Macalania Area

Macalania Woods — Just North of Thunder Plains

Wantz: Welcome! We’ve got some goodies today! (Shop)


There’s one new cutscene with Tromell…

Farplane Viewing Platform

[Lord Jyscal’s image now faces Tromell]

Tromell: When Lord Jyscal was alive, the Guado knew prosperity and honor. But now, we Guado wither and crumble. I, myself, could have done more to stop this. Forgive me, Lord Jyscal! (Deep bow)
 ¬Lord Jyscal! I beg your forgiveness!

After visiting Mika in Bevelle, you are no longer chased out of the temples… except that Besaid Village and Macalania Temple are still off-limits until you defeat the Dark Aeons blocking the way.]


Village, Outside Temple

Little nun: I knew all along you weren’t traitors. Please, go through.
 ¬No one will try to stop you now.

Besaid Temple, Great Hall

Priest: I’ve not told the people yet, but I hear Maester Mika has passed away. What is going on in Bevelle?
 ¬The chaos in the temple only serves to worry the people.

Short monk in side chamber: All word from St. Bevelle has ceased. None of the temples know which way to turn.
 ¬You’ve been a stranger lately to the temples, I hear. Be at peace. Come what may, you are always welcome at our temple.

Daddy the fisherman: When will Lady Yuna’s Calm come to Spira…

Woman in white: How unfortunate that Lady Yuna’s engagement to Maester Seymour was put off.

Portly Crusader: Praying won’t keep fiends away. It takes Crusaders to defend Besaid.

Sailor in blue cap: Seems kind of odd to pray for the temple’s sake, ya?

Boy in red: The priest told me the story of Lady Yunalesca and Lord Zaon. Spira’s here today because of what Lady Yunalesca did.
 ¬If I was strong like Lord Zaon I could have been a guardian, too.

Priestess: Who can the people of Yevon turn to now that Maester Mika is gone?

Young weaver: Sounds like that poppycock about Lady Yuna finally got cleared up.
 ¬Now if Sin’d just go away, we’d have nothing to worry about.

Besaid Temple, Chamber of the Fayth

Valefor’s Fayth: Sin is cursed. Sin prays. It curses its form, it prays for dissolution. Sin sees dreams of its own destruction. Sin is looking at us. We live in a fading echo of time left us by the destroyer. Free him from Yu Yevon. Free him — the fayth that has become Sin.

Promontory, Besaid Village Overlook

Luzzu also has slightly different comments after you visit Mika…

Luzzu: Calling Lady Yuna a traitor? There must be some mistake! Everyone in Besaid thinks so.
 ¬As long as Sin remains, so does our duty.


Kilika Temple, Forecourt

Man in yellow and blue: Did you hear? When you see the flying ship, we’re all to sing the Hymn of the Fayth. Supposedly, it has something to do with overcoming Sin, but I wonder if it’s true?
 ¬I’m still a bit skeptical, but I guess it’s worth trying.

Old man: Not many visitors at the temple these days. It is a pity, really.

Nervous monk in hat: I must be strong and live by the teachings in this time of turmoil! But lately, I have discovered a weakening of my faith.
 ¬I must focus on my training as a monk.

Female Crusader in red: I’ve givin’ [sic] up on becoming a warrior monk, They favor the temple over the people of Spira. I can’t believe they abandoned their positions and ran off.
 ¬The warrior monk leaders have barricaded themselves in St. Bevelle.

Warrior monk: No, no, I am not a warrior monk! I have rejoined the Crusaders. It’s just that we Crusaders are short on armor.
 ¬Crusader… warrior monk.. Who cares? I just want to protect something!

Kilika Temple, Nuns’ Chambers

Little nun 1: We’re supposed to sing when we see the flying ship, right? See, I knew that!
Little Nun 2: Why are all the monks getting antsy?

Kilika Temple, Monks’ Chambers

Older Monk: Those devoted to Yevon’s teachings need not fear of death. But the young monks are scared silly. How pitiful.

Younger priest: We have asked the Crusaders to help patrol the temple, since the warrior monks have left. However, with so few of them, I do wonder if they will be able to fend off the fiends.
 ¬Has the maester abandoned all the temples throughout Spira?

Kilika Temple, Great Hall

Priest: I must reluctantly admit that the people are distancing themselves from the temple. What would Lord Ohalland think if he were here…
 &#172lThe responsibility lies with the monks. We could not ease people’s anxieties.

Deim: There’s a strange rumor going around about singing the Hymn of the Fayth when a ship flies by.

Nizarut: Yeah! When the ship comes flying by, I’m going to cheer it on like this!

Kilika Temple, Chamber of the Fayth

Ifrit’s Fayth: Sin swam in the sea near Zanarkand. Perhaps the waking dream eased its suffering. Your father touched Sin and became real that night, foundering in the seas of Spira. How sad now, that he is caught in the tragic spiral. He is Sin. He is lost.

Djose Area

Bridge to Djose Temple

Crusaders run up as if to intercept: We’re behind you all the way! Good luck!
 ¬Hey, it’s been a long time! How’s it going?
 ¬Traitors! Just kidding. Sorry about all that fuss.

Monk: There is nothing I can do but pray. My faith in Yevon will never die.

Crusader in red, white, blue (Kyou): More and more people question the teachings these days. I only hope it doesn’t lead to another tragedy like Operation Mi’ihen.
 ¬The Crusaders defied the teachings, and look what happened to them! Once you’re on the Farplane, there’s no turning back!

Crusader in gold and green: We’re facing tough times. The monks all seem dejected, and hardly anyone visits the temple anymore. I’m okay, though. I’ll live by the teachings no matter what.
 ¬The warrior monks left for Bevelle, so it’s our job to protect this temple.
(Running up as if to intercept when you leave temple)
 ¬Take care! Damn, I wish I could go with you.
 ¬Good luck! Destroy Sin for us all, all right?
 ¬Come back anytime!

Djose Temple

If you told Dona it was okay to quit her pilgrimage, Dona and Barthello are outside Inn…

Dona: Why, it’s you again.
Tidus: You still on the road?
Dona: Yes, but we’re not going to Zanarkand.
Tidus: Huh?
Dona: I have decided to go to Barthello’s homeland.
Barthello: (Comes up and flexes muscles)
Dona: We are going to let the other summoners deal with Sin. (Sigh) I’m… I’m scared.
Tidus: Hey, don’t worry about it! We’ll put Sin in his place in no time.
Dona: (Gasp) You mean…the Final Summoning?
Tidus: No. We found another way where no one has to die.
Dona: Well, whatever it is…good luck!
Tidus: Cross your fingers.
Dona: Do your best. Barthello? Time to go.

Main Hall of Djose Temple

Old Monk in Red: Once, travellers of the Highroad would customarily stop over at this temple and pray for a safe journey. Nowadays, they just pass by without stopping. How dare they neglect the precepts that have sustained Spira for a thousand years?
 ¬We must lead errant souls back to the way; otherwise, Yevon’s teachings will perish.

Djose Temple, Monks’ Chambers (right)

Seated Monk: Maester Mika carried Spira on his shoulders for fifty years. I’m sure he’s resting peacefully on the Farplane now.
 ¬I wonder who the next grand maester will be.

Monk: My fellow monks have left the temple. They said nothing will change so long as we remain within these confines.
 ¬I cannot say they are right or wrong.

Djose Temple, Nun’s Chambers (left)

[AIiie! It’s totally overrun with little hopper monkeys!]

Nun: Despite hearing rumors about your rebellion, I always believed you were innocent. After all, I saw how graciously you toiled to help the wounded Crusaders.
 ¬Not all who are associated with the temple are against you, my lady. Please believe me.

Djose Temple, Chamber of the Fayth

Ixion’s Fayth: For a long time, we had forgotten how to go forward. You reminded us we must go forward. Yes, we must run. Let us go, you who share our dreaming. Come, and we will run till the dream’s end.

Macalania Area

Entrance to Macalania Temple

Al Bhed Woman (Linna): (Now sitting on temple steps by monk)
I’m hungry.
 ¬No one’s coming to pick me up.
 ¬It’s cold, ain’t it?

Monk: The Guado have left the temple, restoring peace to this holy place.
 ¬It’s a relief that those troubling folk are gone.

Main Hall of Macalania Temple

Old Woman: Those who once criticized the Al Bhed are now blaming the Guado. Hmph, always blaming others for everything. Have they no shame?
 ¬Hmph, the Ronso will probably be singled out next. Just you watch.

Monk in purple: The high priest of Macalania Temple was Maester Seymour. A new high priest has not yet been appointed in his place. We await further instructions from St. Bevelle.
 ¬The temple cannot operate much longer without a high priest.

Nun in purple: Before, both humans and Guado came to pray at the temple. Now, nobody comes. How long before our own hearts grow chill and void of faith?
 ¬These are times when I think about quitting the clergy and going home.

Macalania Monks’ Chamber (left)

Monk in hat sitting and drinking: With Seymour gone and Maester Mika dead…we’ve lost all our emotional support.
 ¬This is truly a disgrace. Monks are supposed to guide the people, not behave like this.

Monk in purple who told you Seymour’s backstory: Seymour’s actions are inexcusable, but I cannot condemn him…because I remember how he suffered at the hands of both human and Guado in his youth.
 ¬If he hadn’t strayed from the path, I believe Seymour would have become a fine maester.

Man in brown coat: The Guado have apparently lost their willpower and are in low spirits. They never leave Guadosalam anymore.
 ¬I feel like shutting myself away in a temple, too. I just can’t believe anything anymore.

Little Nun: The Guado used to come here often, but now, everyone’s gone.
 ¬I miss my Guado friends.

Macalania Nuns’ Chamber (right)

Nun watching lizard-cat: The temple undergoes its own trial of faith, now. If only a leader would appear to restore its former glory.
 ¬In time, the Guado will come to see the light of Yevon, too.

Woman in winter clothes: Ever since that incident involving Lord Seymour, I’ve had a hard time sleeping at night.
 ¬Wish I’d never seen that sphere.

Macalania Temple, Chamber of the Fayth

Shiva’s Fayth: Should the dreaming end, you too will disappear–Fade into Spira’s sea, Spira’s sky. But do not weep, nor rise in anger. Even we were once human. That is why we must dream. Let us summon a sea in a new dream world. A new sea for you to swim.

Calm Lands

And while we’re talking to Fayth, we might as well speak to…

Cavern of the Stolen Fayth

[Remastered Edition: You’ll have to defeat Dark Yojimbo before getting the following scene.]

Yojimbo’s Fayth: You are a fading dream, but one touched by reality. Spira will not forget its reality, nor the one who saved it. Run, dream; run on. Pass beyond the waking, and walk into the daylight.

Remiem Temple, Chamber of the Fayth

Magus Sisters (only one speaks): Why couldn’t we see to stop the dreaming? Why did we stay on in Spira? We had forgotten for so long. We had forgotten to move forward. We had forgotten to change.

Cid’s Airship

Ramp Down to Airship Level Four

Jogging blitzer (Lakkam): I want to be a top player. Many teams I want to try.

Airship Level Four — Blitzers’ Quarters

Kneeling blitzer (Judda): Both Yunalesca and Mika were dead, yet they clung to Spira tightly.

Running blitzer (Blappa): Being on ship is bad for health. Let us kick the blitzball!

Standing blitzer (Eigaar): The lord Mika, an unsent? But I saw him in Luca.

Blitzer against wall (Berrik): My friend, he went to Baaj to explore. He told a story… In the deserted temple there, faintly the Hymn of the Fayth can be heard! Maybe it has something to do with the aeons I think.
 ¬Baaj is a place of mystery. Mystery worth exploring, no?
 ¬In ancient times a temple was in Baaj. Now it is a nest for fiend only. There is great treasure in the deserted temple, they say. But a great fiend lives there too, and guards the treasure.

Blitzer exercising (Nimrook): The age of the temples is past. Now comes the age of machina!

Cabin on Airship Level Two

Woman in bikini: There is much to buy, so don not be shy!

Woman in leggings: I am glad you made it back from Bevelle. They didn’t welcome us last time.

Al Bhed doing squats: When you battle with Sin I will be singing too, yes!

Gas mask guy: If you are prepared, we can attack Sin at any time!

Observation Deck, Airship Level One

Gas mask guy on right: Will the people of Spira listen to the call and sing for us?

Blond guy on left: Many of our friends died in the attack on Home. Never will I forgive the temples.