Chapter IX: Bikanel Island

Bikanel Island

Sanubia Desert — Oasis

[Tidus splutters awake, floating in water– deja vu? — swims out and finds himself in an oasis]

Tidus: Where am I? (Turns towards water) I forgive you, this time. Be good for a while, okay?
[Attacked by giant bird]
Tidus: Whew!

[Auron arrives to save his butt]
Auron: Need some help?
[Lulu arrives next round with a bolt of lightning]
Lulu: Are you all right?
[Finish off Zu]

[If Tidus finishes off Zu before they arrive]
Lulu: (Arrives) Are you all right?
Tidus: We rock!
Auron: (Arrives) Hmph. Let’s go.

Tidus: (Gasp, wheeze) The others?
Lulu: Haven’t found them yet. We’re supposed to stay in one place if we get split up.
Auron: (Trudges off)
Tidus: Wait here if you want. He’s not.

[Find Wakka sheltering under large dead machina]
Tidus: Wakka! You alone?
Wakka: Mm-hm. Where’s Yuna?
[Tidus, Lulu exchange glances]
Wakka: Dammit! (Kicks metal support) First I lose Yuna, then I’m ambushed by machina! Great day I’m having.

Sanubia Desert — East

[Find Kimahri slogging up dune and sliding back down.]
Kimahri: Yuna…gone.
Tidus: It’s not your fault, Kimahri!

[Find Rikku in a shelter a little further along.]
Rikku: Oh! Hey, guys!

If Kimahri’s not with you when you find Rikku, she sends you back…
Rikku: Hmm? (Stamps) Kimahri, too!

When all the guardians are together…
Where’s Yunie?
Tidus: Gone.
Lulu: Gone… (Shakes head) Some guardian I am.
Rikku: Umm… There’s something I wanna tell you, but promise not to say anything.
Wakka: (Furious scowl)
Rikku: No glaring either! I know where we are. We’re on Bikanel Island. There’s a place us Al Bhed call Home near here. Yunie’s there, I’m sure of it! Other Al Bhed must’ve come and rescued her!
Wakka: Rescued? You mean kidnapped!
Tidus: What does it matter as long as she’s safe?
Rikku: That’s right! Anyway, I will take you there if you promise… that you won’t tell anyone about it. Especially not Yevonites, okay? You know they don’t like us Al Bhed. Who knows what they’ll do if they knew?
Wakka: Gimme a break. What are you accusing Yevon of this time?
Rikku: Yevon did something really bad to us before.
Wakka: Well, you Al Bhed must’ve deserved it.
Tidus: Argh! Can’t you guys…talk about this later?
Rikku: Just promise you won’t tell anyone about this island. Promise?
Tidus: Wakka, come on!
Wakka: All right, I promise! Lead the way.
Rikku: You got it!

[Machina attack]
Rikku: Let me handle the machina! I can take them apart piece by piece!

[Rikku gives various directions along the way]
Rikku: That way!
Rikku: Uhh.. Which way was it again?
Rikku: Over here!
Rikku: Umm…This way!
Rikku: Umm…I think I’m lost.

[Sign on south side of Central Desert: Ahead is a place to rest.]
[Sign by northern save sphere of Central Desert: Beware of Fiend! Weaker fiend to the right. Stronger Fiend to the left.]
[Blue plaque on nw corner of Central Desert… lefthand is Al Bhed cipher, righthand letters are translation]
r y c u t e [h a s o d i]
E D N U C [I T R O S]

[Sign in N area of Central Desert: Shortcut to Home]
[Sign in NE area of Central Desert: This way to Home.]
[Sign in SW corner of Western Desert: Home is near.]
[Sign in sw of Western Desert]: Danger! Strong fiend in vicinity! (below, faded) : 20% Off All Travel Agency Goods!]
[Sign in nw of Western Desert] Danger! Beware of Sandstorms!

North side of Western Desert

Rikku: Over here! (Climbs dune and looks down) Aaaaaaa! (Dashes down slope)
Tidus: Rikku!
[Party follows and looks over the dune]

FMV: Homecoming

[A desert base is besieged by large fiends…]

Wakka: What? Yuna’s down there?
Lulu: Of all the places… Let’s go!
[The party rushes into outer area of complex.]

Al Bhed Home

Wakka: Where’s Yuna?
[Rikku runs to the blond spiked-hair guy, who’s just collapsed]
Rikku: Keyakku! Who? Who’s attacking us?
Keyakku: Yevon… Guado… (Dies)
Rikku: Keyakku? Keyakku!
Lulu: A war? Between Yevon and the Al Bhed?
Cid: (Arriving) That is wrong! Guado go for the summoner.
Rikku: Father…
[Cid strides over, kneels, embraces Keyakku, then clears throat and stands.]
Cid: You Rikku’s friends? Well, just don’t stand there, come on! Let’s go kick those Guado out of our Home!
[Rikku hangs back, looking down at Keyakku]
Tidus: Who…?
Rikku: Cid. Leader of the Al Bhed… He’s my dad.
Tidus: Let’s go.
Rikku: Yeah. We have to save Yunie.
Tidus: Not only Yuna. Right?
Rikku: Right!

Inside Home

Wakka: Yuna! Where are you?
[Fend off Guado attack]
Tidus: Let’s find Yuna, quick!
Wakka: What in Yevon’s name are those Guado thinking?
Rikku: This is terrible!
[They follow her into a corridor. Cid’s voice comes over intercom.]
Cid: This bites! Rikku! You read me? You go under, too! I am leveling Home! And the fiend with it!
Rikku: Oh, no!
Wakka: What’d he say!?
Rikku: We have to get underground!
Auron: Where’s Yuna?
Rikku: The Summoners’ Sanctum! This way!
[Fend off another Guado attack]
Tidus: Yuna! Where are you?
Rikku: Over here!

If Tidus runs the other way, into a side room…
Rikku: No, not that way!
Access panel: Are you Al Bhed? [Sey | No | Yes | On] Name the son of the Al Bhed leader. [Al Bhed Psyches | Cid | Rin Travel Agency | Brother] On what island do the Al Bhed live? [Yevon | Bikanel Island | O’aka XXIII | Home] What is Al Bhed in Al Bhed? [Al Bhed | Ab Lhed | El Bhad | Al Dheb]
Chest: The first digit is 4 plus 1. The second digit is 7 minus 1. The third digit is 3 times 1. The fourth digit is 2 plus 1. Enter… [Password]

[They follow Rikku into next hallway]
Wakka: This place done for.
Rikku: You’re right. You’re right, Wakka. We Al Bhed, we…we weren’t always like this. Sin destroyed the island where we all used to live. After that, we were scattered to every corner of Spira. But then, my dad brought the Al Bhed together again. If we few put our minds to it and worked together, then we could make a new home. Everyone worked hard, we had our Home back again… But now… Why did things have to turn out this way?
Wakka: Rikku… (Hugs her) Damn those Guado! What are they thinking?
[Fend off another Guado attack and run downstairs]
Lulu: Rikku, what is the Summoners’ Sanctum?
Rikku: The Summoners’ Sanctum is where we keep the summoners. We keep them safe there.
Wakka: You kidnapped them.
Rikku: (nods) I know it’s against the teachings and all that…
Wakka: I get why you did it, but…
Tidus: Well, I sure don’t get it, Wakka. They might get hurt on their pilgrimage so you kidnap them? I mean, if the summoners don’t do their job, then who will beat Sin? You want to protect them, I know. But guardians are there for that. If guardians do their job well, summoners will be safe! Right? (Awkward silence) Right!?
Kimahri: It’s quiet. Kimahri goes now.

In the Summoners’ Sanctum

Rikku: Yuna, please be here! (gasp)
[The room is in shambles, wreckage and Al Bhed bodies everywhere.]
Kimahri: Yuna!
Dona: She’s not here.
[Dona and Isaaru approach]
Dona: Hello again. Wait there until we have performed the sending.
Isaaru: They died…protecting us. It’s not much, but the least we can do is give them a proper sending.
Pacce: (Runs up to Tidus) Hey, um, what’s “sacrificed”? The Al Bhed said summoners were being “sacrificed.” That summoners shouldn’t have to do a pilgrimage…

Tidus: Why couldn’t they trust guardians to protect the summoners? The Al Bhed had no right stopping their pilgrimage!
Rikku: The pilgrimages have to stop! If they don’t, and they get to Zanarkand… They might defeat Sin. Yunie could…but then she… Yunie will die, you know?
Rikku: You know, don’t you? Summoners journey to get the Final Aeon. Yuna told you, didn’t she? With the Final Aeon, she can beat Sin. But then…but then… If she calls it, the Final Aeon’s going to kill her! Even if she defeats Sin, it will kill Yunie too, you know! (Falls down and starts crying)

Tidus: Was I the only one who didn’t know? (Starts shaking her) Tell me why! Why were you hiding it? Why didn’t I know?
Wakka: We weren’t hiding it…
Lulu: It was just…too hard to say.
Tidus: Lulu! How could you? How could you? Isn’t she like a sister to you? I thought you were family! Why don’t you do something, Wakka?
Lulu: Don’t you think we tried to stop her? She follows…her heart.
Wakka: Yuna, she knew what she was doing when she chose to become a summoner. To face Sin, ya? Yuna knew!
Rikku: But Wakka, that’s just totally wrong! Summoners shouldn’t have to sacrifice themselves…just so the rest of Spira can be happy, right?
[A large fiend materializes from the pyreflies]
Isaaru: But that is our choice…
Dona: We all live in fear of Sin. You know that.
Isaaru: A world without Sin… That is the dream of all Yevon’s children. And we will use that power, even if it means our lives!

[They summon Valefor and Ifrit. Tidus runs over and starts pummelling Valefor while Ifrit heads for beastie]
Tidus: And I’ve been telling Yuna… Let’s go to Zanarkand together! Let’s beat Sin! I told her all the things we could…we could… And all along, the whole time, I didn’t know anything! But Yuna, she’d…just smile.
[Valefor leans down to comfort Tidus. Spurt of fire in background to indicate Ifrit’s toasted the beastie]

Flashback: The Laughing Scene in Luca

Yuna: Hey, watch! (Whistle)
Tidus: Hey, you got pretty good.
Yuna: You sound sad.
Tidus: Yeah, maybe.
Yuna: Wanna scream?
Tidus: Mmm…I really don’t think that’s gonna help this time.
Yuna: You know what?
Tidus: Hm?
Yuna: It’s embarrassing to say this myself…But summoners and their guardians are kind of like Spira’s ray of light. A lot of people in Spira depend on us. I learned to practice smiling when I’m feeling sad, you know?
Yuna: I know it’s hard.
Tidus: Yeah… I understand. I think.
Yuna: Right, now let’s see what you can do!
[Flash forward to the two of them laughing, no sound, Yuna’s voiceover…]
Yuna: I want my journey to be full of laughter.

Tidus: I can’t let her die! I’ll find her!
[Summoners and guardians run out and board airship.]

Al Bhed Airship

On the Bridge

Cid: No time! Go, go go!
Brother: Three minutes left!
Cid: Hurry, hurry! You have one minute!

Tidus: Where’s Yuna?
Cid: Everyone on board?
Al Bhed: Everyone alive!
Tidus: I said, where is she? (grabs Cid) Answer me! Answer me, damn you!
Cid: What’ll you do when you find her, eh?
Tidus: I didn’t know anything about what a summoner is supposed to do. And I told her all those things without even knowing. I’ve got to tell her. I’ve got to tell her I’m sorry!
Cid: That’s it? You’re gonna tell her you’re sorry? And then you just drag her to Zanarkand and make her fight Sin, huh? You’re all the same — let the summoner die so we can live in peace! (Throws Tidus to the deck)
Tidus: No! I’m not gonna let Yuna die!
Cid: Hah! Words! Show me action!
Tidus: I’m telling you, she won’t die!
Cid: Boy, don’t forget those words, ’cause if you do…I’m gonna make you regret it.
Tidus: I won’t. So you know where she is?
Cid: ‘Course not. That’s why we’re gonna look! Using this airship!
Wakka: A-Airship?
Brother: Father! Ready to go!
Cid: Yeehaa! A flight 1000 years overdue!

FMV: Dry Dock

[The airship rises from its underground hangar.]

Brother: Whoa! It moves!
Cid: Risk big, win big!

FMV: Nayto Du Ku! [Ready to Go]

[The airship takes off.]

Brother: Whoa! It flies!
Cid: Next, we use that!
Brother: (Glumly) Whatever you say.

Brother and several crewmembers sing the Hymn of the Fayth as a dirge.]
Wakka: What’s goin’ on?
Rikku: We’re…we’re going to blow up our Home.
Lulu: How?
Cid: With one of the forbidden machina! Ready? Fire!

FMV: Leaving Home

[The airship levels Home with missiles and barely outruns the blast.]

Cid: Gah-hah-hah-hah! Return to sand!
Brother: (Bawls)
Cid: No need for tears! What is good about machina, is they can be build anew, you see?

Wakka: (To Rikku) Hey, look. Don’t get so down. Boom! (Laughs) Like happy festival fireworks, ya?
Rikku: You can cram your happy festival, you big meanie!

As soon as you can roam the airship…
Wakka: Why didn’t I just shut my big mouth?

Lulu: This is tough on all of us.

Rikku: I’m okay. I’m fine. Really.

Auron: The price for protecting summoners.

Brother: Leave me be! I’m concentrating!
 ¬Flying is really not my forte!
 ¬Keep flying! Keep flying!

Tidus: Did you ever find anything out about Yuna?
Cid: I’m lookin’ into it, okay? Don’t worry, I’m using a sphere oscillo-finder. If she’s out there, we’ll get her.
Tidus: A sphere oscillo-finder?
Cid: It’s an ancient machina. I don’t know how it works either, so don’t ask me, okay?
Lulu: And you still use it?
Cid: I don’t even rightly know how this rig flies, either!
Wakka: Oooohh…
Cid: All because of the Yevon taboo on machina, we’re running around in the dark here! Ain’t it a rush, kiddos?

Cid: ¬Careful what you touch! Ship’s not as stable as she looks!

After talking to Cid…

Lulu: We’re powerless as long as we’re on this ship.

Wakka: I can’t believe we’re flying through the sky in this! A machina!

Rikku: Remember this ship? It’s the one we found under the sea!

Auron: Whether Yuna’s safe or not, there’s trouble brewing.

Tidus can wander and talk to people until he leaves the bridge and comes back…

Kimahri: Kimahri never forget the Al Bhed sacrifice.
 ¬Kimahri will use machina, if machina can find Yuna.

Corridor Outside Airship Bridge (Level Three)

Isaaru: We owe our lives to the Al Bhed. However, no matter how much they beg, we cannot quit our pilgrimage.
Tidus: Even though you’ll die?
Isaaru: I’ve known since I was a child. My will is set. If I do not do it, someone else must, you understand.

¬Isaaru: I’m amazed this thing can fly, truly! It must be sacrilege to think so highly of a machina. I feel uneasy just riding it!
Tidus: Sure it’s not motion sickness?
Isaaru: Motion sickness? What infirmity is that?

¬Isaaru: As soon as we land, we continue the pilgrimage!

Maroda: Hey, I’m not looking forward to my brother dying when this is all over. If only there was some way of doing it without anyone dying.
Tidus: Let’s think of one!
Maroda: Easier said than done. If we had all the time in the world, yeah, we’d think of something. And while we were thinking, Sin would kill us all. Spira doesn’t have that time.

¬Maroda: The Al Bhed caught up to us in Besaid. They grabbed Pacce, so we had to do what they said. We needed a break, anyway. Pacce was pretty tired. He should never have come on the pilgrimage, little kid like that. Still, he does pretty good for his size. He’s gonna be something someday.
 ¬Hey, you know where this ship’s headed?

If Tidus tries to talk to Pacce, who’s sitting nose to knees on the deck…
Isaaru: Let him rest.
¬Maroda: Let him sleep, man.

Ramp from Level Three to Four

Jogging Female blitzer (Lakkam): The Al Bhed Psyches all escaped harm. We are ready to play again!

Level Four (Blitzers’ Quarters)

Blitzer (Judda) sitting in the middle of the room: Since childhood, I have played only blitz! It is true!

Al Bhed blitzer standing (Eigaar): Those Guado! They will feel my fury in the blitz sphere!

Running blitzer (Blappa): Now is the time to train, train!

Blitzer who looks like Wolverine (Berrik): Forgive me for my actions in Luca. We wanted to protect the summoner, you see?

Blitzer doing stretches (Nimrook): We need blitz to cheer our people after the loss of Home, you see?

Ramp from Level Three to Two

Rin: Well, well. It appears you, too, have escaped harm.
Tidus: You were on the ship, too?
Rin: I came to Home to pick up some goods and found myself here. Quite the escape. Thankfully, my goods were spared. Please let me know if you need any of my wares. [ Got any weapons? | Got any items? | Leave. ]
Rin: Thank you. Your patronage is very much appreciated. All proceeds will go to help restore Home.
Rin: Ah, how is your progress with our language?
Tidus: None too shabby! Check this out! “Hela du saad oui.” (“Nice to meet you.”)
Rin: Just repeating what I’ve said is not talking, now. But your pronunciation’s quite passable. You’ve been studying, I see.
¬Rin: May I help you?

Corridor, Airship Level Two (Above Bridge)

Al Bhed Child (orange pants): When will we go Home?

Al Bhed Woman (khaki with green cap): Poor child, he does not understand our Home is no more.

Side Corridor on Level Two

[Dona is crumpled near a wall]
Dona: Look, I’m really tired. Leave me. If it’s not an emergency, would you mind leaving?
Tidus: Okay. (Starts to walk off)
Dona: Wait… There’s something I want to ask you. What would you think if I said I…I was giving up my pilgrimage?

  • Sure! Sounds good to me.
  • Dona: Unusual. Most people would never forgive a summoner who quit.
    Tidus: Why’s that?
    Dona: Behind my back, they would say I was abandoning my duty.
    Tidus: So, who cares? Why not do your own thing and let them say what they want!
    Dona: Easy for you to say. But…you do have a point. Maybe Barthello and I should go someplace far away.
  • Who cares?
  • Dona: Show some sympathy!
    Tidus: Oh, like all the sympathy you showed me first time we met?
    Dona: You’re right. Quitting now would be sort of anti-climactic, no? Tell Yuna something, would you? Tell her she still has a rival: me! Tell her she’d better do her best, or be bested. You’ll tell her, won’t you?

¬Dona: Thanks for the company. I feel so much better now. (Sounds sarcastic)

Passenger Quarters on Level Two

Mr. Gas Mask: I must tell the other players in Luca what has happened!

Woman in bikini: The summoner and guardian seem full of worry.

Seated man (blond, blue overalls): Years of toil and sweat to build it, and now Home is rubble!

Man doing stretches: No time for tears and shouting! All we must do is rebuild our Home.

Woman in striped skirt: Chased by fiend! We are all very tired, and very scared.

Child: I hit my head when the ship shook. Now I have a lump!

Woman on left in leggings: Even without our Home, we must live on! I only hope I am able.

Airship Level One: Observation Deck

Al Bhed on lefthand side (Keyakku clone): Your face, I have seen it before. Perhaps at the temple in Baaj?

Woman on right (khaki coat and green cap again): But we say “lose something precious, find something even more precious.”

Child on right: What will I do? My doll! I left it in Home!

Man further away: It is odd to fly in a ship dragged from the ocean floor!

Back on the Bridge

[Auron and Cid are facing off]

Auron: After rescuing Yuna, then what? You want to keep her safe, correct? Would you seek to stop her pilgrimage?
Cid: Of course! If she continues this fool pilgrimage, she will die! Sure as if you killed her yourself. No hare-brained law or teaching can send my little niece to her death! When I save her, I’ll make her give up being a summoner quicker than a desert melts ice!
Auron: Even against her will?
Cid: Better than a dog’s death! And I’ll take down anyone who don’t agree!
Auron: You are the captain.
Cid: Good! Then it’s settled!
Auron: (Stalks back to lurking place in hallway)

Talking to guardians after Auron’s argument with Cid…
Wakka: He called Yuna his, uh, niece, right? I mean, so that makes her Al Bhed, right? Don’t say it! Yuna’s Yuna, right?
 ¬Yuna’s Yuna, right?

Rikku: Can’t Yunie end her pilgrimage?

Lulu: No matter what happens, Yuna won’t give up her pilgrimage.

Auron: Let him say what he wants.

Kimahri: Yuna should make Yuna’s decision.

Cid: First, we rescue Yuna! Let’s show ’em what we got!