Chapter VI: The Moonflow

Temple of Yevon-Djose

[Tidus steps out of inn the next morning]

Outside Djose Temple

Lulu: No matter how dark the night, morning always comes. And our journey begins anew.

Auron: Get ready for the journey ahead.

Kimahri: Dona has left. Isaaru, too.

Wakka: We’re leavin’ once Yuna gets here.

Inside Temple

If Gatta survived…

Gatta: I’m going back to Besaid. With Luzzu gone…
Tidus: Yeah. It’d be hard fighting alone, wouldn’t it?
Gatta: Most of the other Crusaders have already left. I’ll go soon.
 ¬I heard you’re leaving too. Good luck. I hope we meet again someday.

If Luzzu survived…
Luzzu: I suppose this is farewell, then.
Tidus: Huh?
Luzzu: I’m leaving…back to Besaid. I can’t stay here eating the temple’s bread forever. I’m one of the only Crusaders still here.

 ¬Luzzu: You’re leaving, I hear. Farewell, I hope we meet again.

Monk at door to Cloister of Trials: The path to the Trials has been sealed. Please proceed to the next temple.

Innkeeper: This inn belongs to Djose Temple. Will you be staying with us for the night? [ Rest a bit. | Buy weapons. | Buy items. | Leave. ]

Short priest in righthand chamber: It is a quiet morning. Many Crusaders departed for the Farplane last night.

Tall priest in righthand chamber: Lady Yuna performed the sending all night. I imagine it must have been quite hard on such a young summoner.
 ¬I solemnly pray Lady Yuna will become a wonderful summoner. Please take care of her.

Slumped Crusader in lefthand chamber: Kweh…

Nuns’ Chamber

Nun by Yuna’s bed: She was working until dawn. Healing the wounded, sending the fallen.
Tidus: Okay… I guess I’ll just let her sleep for now, then.
Yuna: (Sighs and wakes up)
Tidus: Ah! Morning!
Yuna: What? Morning?
Tidus: Don’t worry!
Yuna: But it’s morning!
Yuna: (Flustered) I’m so sorry! I-I’ll get ready right away! Just a moment!
Tidus: Don’t worry! It’s okay!
[Tidus leaves her bustling. Yuna comes outside shortly.]

Outside Djose Temple

Wakka: Yo! Sleepyhead!
Yuna: Sorry! I’m so sorry! (Deep Japanese bow to Auron) Please forgive me.
Lulu: Really, there’s no rush…Here, your hair.
Wakka: A summoner with bed hair! What’s the world comin’ to?
Yuna: You could’ve woken me up!
Lulu: Ah… we called to you, but with all that snoring…
Yuna: Mmm…what is it today? Everyone’s picking on me!
[All chuckle]
Yuna: Oh! You too, Sir Auron?
Auron: Once Lady Yuna fixes her hair, we leave!
[More laughter]

Narration: I hadn’t really laughed like that in a long time. It was only later that I realized… The only one really laughing then…was me. Laughing must have been the only thing keeping them going.

After Yuna joins guardians outside…
Inside temple lefthand chamber, priestess is now sacked out on Yuna’s bed: Zzzz…

Bridge to Djose Temple

Crusader in green: The Crusaders have fallen apart, so I’m going to help out with guard duty here at the temple for a while. It’s the least I can do to repay them for taking us in.
 ¬Maybe I should quit the Crusaders and become a warrior monk.

Crusader in purple: You can’t defeat Sin with machina. The summoners are our only hope. Yevon’s teachings are the way. The Crusaders were fools for defying them.
Here, take this. I don’t need it anymore. ~Halberd
 ¬We should live according to the teachings. I learned that the hard way.

Monk: The Crusaders deeply regret their actions. I believe it’s time to put the past behind us and forgive them. Yevon shall forgive those who seek redemption.
Should you need a place to recuperate, please return. You are always welcome here. ~Hi-Potion
 ¬I believe the wounded soldiers will find solace in our prayers.

Crusader in red,white,blue (Kyou): I beat myself up all night for taking part in that disastrous operation. Then a monk told me that if I had time for remorse, I should spend it praying. He’s right. It’s my duty to pray for my departed men.
The monk gave me this, but I think you should have it. ~Potions
 ¬I will pray for all my lost comrades.

On Bridge to Djose Highroad

Lucil: Off so early? (Yevon bow) Lady Yuna, you must be exhausted after working so hard last night. Will you be okay?
Yuna: (Slightly deeper bow) I feel that I have rested enough. But, thank you for your kindness! Will you be leaving too?
Lucil: (Salute) Yes, first we cross the Moonflow, and then we head north in search of chocobos to replace those we have lost.
Elma: Once we find chocobos, our Mounted Forces will ride again!

Tidus: Huh? Aren’t you missing someone?
Clasko: (Running from temple) Captain! Waaaaait for meee!
Elma: What took you so long? We’re leaving!
Clasko: You (pant, pant) expect me to keep up with a chocobo!?
Lucil: (Shakes head, then salutes again) Lady Yuna, I wish you good fortune. Elma! Clasko! Let’s go!
Elma: Ma’am!
Clasko: Eh!? C-Can’t I just rest a sec…?
Elma: No complaints!

[They run off]

Fork to Moonflow

Tidus: Where to next?
Lulu: We cross the Moonflow.
Tidus: Gotcha! Moonflow, baby, here we come!

MAJOR BACKTRACK: All Spira is abuzz with gossip about Operation Mi’ihen. (Or skip ahead to head for the Moonflow.)

Djose Highroad

Crusader in purple just south of fork: Sin’s attack has aggravated the fiends. I advise against going to Luca.

Crusader in red, white, blue at south end: Supposedly, the warrior monks and the Guado will guard the Highroad now. Pretty soon they won’t need the Crusaders around here at all.

Man in blue vest by wreckage of Operation Mi’ihen: Stupid Al Bhed! Leaving their junk behind. We can’t get our cart through because this thing’s in the way. Now we have to carry everything.
 ¬How could they leave that crap in the middle of the Highroad!

Monk on beach: I’m offering prayers for all the soldiers who lost their lives in that futile operation. How they must be lamenting on the Farplane now for renouncing the precepts…
 ¬So many youths have died, all because of that Al Bhed machina. It’s heartbreaking.

Mushroom Rock Road

Warrior monk (orange) on lift to Command Center: You’re out of luck. It’s not workin’ anymore. Stop relyin’ on machina. Use your feet a little.

Robed Guado at s. end of Mushroom Rock Road: The warrior monks and the Guado have joined forces to guard the Highroad. Normally, it is the Crusaders’ duty. Maesters Maester Kinoc and Seymour consider the people’s safety above all.
 ¬The Crusaders have done their duty. From now on, the warrior monks and the Guado will protect Spira.

Warrior monk just s. of Mushroom Rock Road: I’m just a measly sentry now that the Crusaders failed. Why do I have to suffer for what those faithless morons did?
 ¬The Guado are pretty brusque, but they make reliable comrades.

Mi’ihen Highroad

Warrior monk at north gate of Mi’ihen Highroad: We are securing the Highroad under Maester Kinoc’s orders.

Man in white and blue near cages outside gate: All this stuff here, the Crusaders left behind. They all ran away in a hurry.
 ¬They caged a sinspawn in this! Damn fools.

Warrior monk officer (gold) near Chocobo rental agent: Those Al Bhed have no shame. They came all the way down here to make money. They have some nerve showin’ up here. It’s their fault the operation failed.
 ¬Sooner or later, we warrior monks will crush the Al Bhed.

Rental agent: Do you want to ride a chocobo? [Let me ride one! | I’ll walk. | How do you ride a chocobo? ]

Crusader in green down on Old Highroad where Djose Knights’ chocobos were coralled: We trained here before the operation. Back then, we believed we would win. We were green as grass.
 ¬My chocobo was killed, too. We’d fought so many battles together.

Man in blue vest on new Mi’ihen Highroad: The road’s finally opened, so I’m planning on heading north. Actually, I’m kinda scared about going. A lot of people died there.
 ¬I’ll bet the dead soldiers became fiends, and are creeping around.

Mi’ihen Highroad Travel Agency

Crusader in red, white, blue: A fellow Crusader and I promised to meet here after the operation and have some drinks.
 ¬That guy always keeps his promises. I’m not leaving here until he comes.

Crusader in gold and rust: I know what happened to his friend, but I…I just can’t tell him.

Warrior monk officer (orange and red) on ocean overlook: We’re keeping an eye on the Al Bhed so they don’t take advantage of the people.

Al Bhed woman (Red skin-tight outfit) on overlook: Some harsh words have been directed at us Al Bhed lately. They say it is our fault that the operation failed.
 ¬I am used to being hated, but I do not feel like working anymore.
 ¬I am fed up of working with morons.

Mi’ihen Highroad

Woman in purple near billboard: A bunch of wounded Crusaders passed by moments ago. They were all hanging their heads, crestfallen. It was too painful to watch.
 ¬Cruel punishment for defying the teachings… Too cruel, I’d say.

Man in blue vest: Just the other day the Crusaders marched through here. Sure is quiet now.
 ¬I suppose only a summoner can defeat Sin. The teachings are right after all.

Barechested man in shorts: I thought about joining the Crusaders, but maybe I should join the warrior monks instead.

Old man in blue pants: A quiet, beautiful day, eh?
 ¬I don’t scare much anymore. Must be my age.
 ¬If Sin happens to show up, so be it. I’ll just pray as the teachings tell me, and go straight to the Farplane.

Warrior monk in gold: Fiends stalk the area, but people just stroll through anyway. It doesn’t make our job any easier.
 ¬Don’t stray off the road. Make our job a little easier.

Little boy (the same one whose ball Tidus kicked): A warrior monk got mad at me. He said I can’t play anymore, because there are fiends here.
 ¬I heard so much noise during the operation. Was that the sound of machina?

Woman in green skirt (Calli’s mom?): The warrior monks are real stiffs, really unapproachable. But I am grateful to them for guarding the Highroad.

Guado on southern stretch of Highroad: Please rest assured. On Guado’s honor, we will guard the Highroad.

Portly man beside statue: This is a statue of Lord Mi’ihen, who founded the Crusaders several hundred years ago. Lord Mi’ihen passed along this very road on his way to St. Bevelle. Ever since then, this road has been known as Mi’ihen Highroad.
 ¬Lord Mi’ihen faithfully followed the teachings, unlike the Crusaders these days.

Man in green and brown at south end of Mi’ihen Highroad: I hear the ferry’s back in service.

Nun at south end of Highroad: We should never forget the folly of Operation Mi’ihen. Such a tragedy must never happen again.
 ¬The operation’s failure should prove a good lesson to those who shun the teachings.


Balcony Overlooking Luca

[There’s a dog and cat at the base of the stairs facing north.]

Man in green and brown: Their owner’s a Crusader and he hasn’t returned yet…
 ¬They haven’t eaten at all. They’re waiting for their master to come home and feed them.

Pacing warrior monk: I hope the surviving Crusaders rest well and recover quickly.

Warrior monk on staircase into Luca: The warrior monks will defend Luca and keep the stadium secure. You can count on it.

Square in front of Luca Cafe

Female warrior monk patrolling square: Luca men aren’t my type. They have to be more manly.

Man in green and white: I asked a warrior monk out to the cafe, but she called me a spoony bard! Unbelievable!

Luca guard in brown uniform: They say there are lots of guys who quit the Crusaders and try to become blitzball players.

Opportunistic woman in green: I’m thinking of a new business that’ll cater to warrior monks. I wonder what they like?

Chunky guy in green outside cafe: Luca’s so quiet now with all the blitz fans gone home.

Woman in pom-pom hat: I’m all for the Crusaders and the Al Bhed. Heck, even the stadium uses machina!

Barechested guy in white pants: I saw the Luca Goers were at dock number 3. Man, those guys were something else!

Guado teenaged girl: My brother is very strong. That’s why Maester Seymour depends on him.

Woman in purple by cart: It’s a pity about the Crusaders. They were all such devoted fighters.

Woman in orange tunic: With all these warrior monks, it feels more like they’re occupying Luca than defending it.

Little girl with balloon: I feel sorry for the Crusaders. Everyone is so gloomy.

Girl’s mother on bench: What if the Crusaders just angered Sin? What will we do then?

Girl’s father on bench (Jumal): The ship at dock number 3 brought lots of warrior monks to Luca. I feel much safer now.

Woman in green skirt: With only the Crusaders and the Al Bhed helping, no wonder we lost. Where were the Ronso, or the Guado?

Man in blue vest: Only a few have returned alive. It’s the worst defeat in Crusader history.

Seated Luca guard: The warrior monks seem stronger than the Crusaders. I hope they’ll protect us from now on.

In Luca Cafe

Beaky guy in purple: Seems that summoners are disappearing from all over Spira, huh?

Guy in khaki: You think you can have just one more drink. Just one more. But as long as you think that way, you can never quit.

Crusader and warrior monk at bar: With Operation Mi’ihen a failure, it’s over for the Crusaders…
-Then do you wanna become a warrior monk? I’ll introduce you to our leader.
-What? We disobeyed the teachings, but it’s still okay?
-Hey, we all help each other out in a time of need, right?

¬Crusader: It may actually be nice to quit the Crusaders and join the warrior monks.

¬Warrior monk: The Crusaders and warrior monks share a common desire to protect the people.

Woman in blue: There are warrior monks everywhere you look. I think it’s an occupation!

Luca guard: So shall we start a blitzball tournament to console the defeated Crusaders?

Shuu (girl in red): It may take awhile for the Crusaders to recover. I wonder what they’re going to do now.

Causeway to Luca Stadium

Woman on mainland side: I knew the Crusaders wouldn’t win.

Portly man with her: We can finally make it back to Kilika, now that the ferries are running again.

Reporter: As you all know, Operation Mi’ihen ended in utter failure. With the Crusaders annihilated, the warrior monks and the Guado have been assigned to take up security posts in various locales. This dispatch was ordered by Maester Kinoc and Maester Seymour as they… H-Hey! Would you stop interrupting my broadcast? You get enough attention already!
 ¬The mysterious disappearance of the summoners may somehow be connected to the Al Bhe… Ahh! Just let me do my job!

Cameraman: Stop bothering us! You’ve already proven your point at the tournament!

Man in brown overalls: The warrior monks came in as reinforcements soon after the Crusaders were defeated. It was as if they knew the operation would fail.

Man in gold tunic on bench: I pray that the fallen Crusaders may rest peacefully on the Farplane.

Man in yellow and green: We’ll be okay as long as the warrior monks protect us.

Woman in green skirt seated on circular bench: Even if the Crusaders are wiped out, the warrior monks will protect us.

Woman in yellow and blue talking to her: During the battle, we could hear the roaring of the guns all the way to Luca…

Monk: I shall remain in Luca for a while and spread the word of Yevon among the citizens.

Nun who fussed about her clothes earlier: The Crusaders defied the precepts and failed. They should disband for their own good.

Barechested man in shorts: The Aurochs are a completely new team! They finally have some offense because of you!

Little beaky guy in red: The warrior monks want it all! They’re asking for VIP seats in the stadium now. Who do they think they are, anyway?
 ¬The warrior monks better watch their step. What goes around comes around!

Fancy woman in blue: I think the fiend incident was the Al Bhed’s doing. They’re always up to no good.

Kilika fan in white pants: The Kilika Beasts went back home. I hope they win next year.

Mother looking for her son earlier: It’s too bad about the Crusaders… I thought for sure their plan would work.

Man in blue vest: Why use machina, when we have summoners?

Male and female warrior monks on stadium end of causeway:
What do you say we ditch guard duty and go have some fun?
H-How can you propose such a thing? As warriors of Yevon, we have duties to uphold?
Hmph! That’s the problem with you temple types. You’re too square!
 ¬But, you serve the temple, too.
We’re in sunny Luca now, so you should all just loosen up!

Bridge to Sphere Theater

Retired sailor on curb (Zalitz): Sin attacks unexpectedly. I’m through with life at sea.

Macho sailor: The Crusaders were humiliated. They defied the precepts for their operation, and it blew up in their faces.

Little girl in nun’s habit: I asked a monk to buy me a sphere, but he said that we have no need for such luxuries.

Sphere Theater Entryway

[Little crusader is still standing by sphere monitor; Warrior monk stands where adult Crusader used to be.]

Little Crusader: You should check the sphere monitor before you set out. You’ll find useful information in there.

Warrior monk: I admire that young Crusader’s dedication. I must recruit him into the warrior monks.

In Front of Stadium

Man in blue and white: Looks like that last machina attack sent Sin back to the sea for now. Let’s hope we get some peace and quiet for a while.

Warrior monk in gold: Please report any suspicious activity to me immediately!

Roving Luca guard (gray): The temple has dispatched their warrior monks to guard the stadium. I am thankful, indeed.

Roving Luca guard (blue): The warrior monks are helping us out, so guard duty’s not as bad as before.

Al Bhed woman: I really enjoyed your awesome moves! I hope I get to see you play more often.

Al Bhed in brown vest: The warrior monks are planning to guard the ferries. I’m not sure if that’s good or bad.

Lady behind ticket counter: Hi! Welcome to the blitzball reception. [Register to play | Leave]

Warrior monk on bench where Crusader used to sit: We are protecting Luca under Maester Kinoc’s orders. You should all be grateful!

Warrior monk on bench where Crusader used to sit: So many Crusaders have died and yet people are watching blitzball? This city is heartless.

Female warrior monk: The captain’s making me work so that he can go see the game!

Pom-pom hat lady: No one knows who unleashed the fiends into the stadium.

Man in bright red vest: We have resumed ferry operation. We’re as busy as ever.

Luca guard left of stadium steps (Biggs): The stadium is now open. You may enter freely.

Luca guard right of stadium steps (Wedge): Even now that the tournament’s over, the stadium is always jam-packed. That’s Luca for you.

Luca Stadium Stands

Blue-haired female Ronso: Only the Guado and the warrior monks are guarding the streets. Why aren’t they asking the Ronso for help?

White-haired female Ronso: I hope watching the games will ease the Crusaders’ pain over their dreadful defeat.

Guy in purple: I heard Maester Seymour helped kill off some sinspawn at Operation Mi’ihen.

Roving Luca guard: Since games are played every day, the guards are always on duty.

Righthand Luca guard at railing: I don’t want the warrior monks stationed inside the stadium. They’re too uptight.

Lefthand Luca guard at railing: There hasn’t been any major incident since the fiend attack. Just kids who get lost in the stadium now and then.

Man in green: Incompetent guardians! That’s why so many summoners are vanishing, I tell you.

Aurochs Locker Room

Keepa: Lord Braska visited Besaid ten years ago. He had an amusing guardian with him.

Botta: We’re gonna keep at it, even if Wakka retires!

Datto: Don’t worry ’bout the Aurochs. We’re all in high spirits.

Letty: So Operation Mi’ihen failed. Reminds me of when Chappu died.

Jassu: So you are Yuna’s guardian, too? Lulu’s pretty strict, ya?

Luca dock number 1

Sailor in blue: The ferries that run to Kilika and Besaid have resumed operation. It’s gonna get busy!

Roving Luca guard: I feel a lot safer, now that the warrior monks are keeping a watchful eye on us.

Warrior monk: Luca is such a strange place. The Al Bhed are walking around freely.

Ship captain: Even though the sea is close by, I still miss being out on the vast ocean.

Al Bhed in gas mask (Nedus): Many Al Bhed lost their lives in the operation.

Luca dock number 2

[The following three are probably the obsessed fans that were outside the Goers locker room earlier]

Old woman: My granddaughter wants to be a sailor when she grows up. What a dreadful thought!

Little girl: Big boats, small boats, gotta love ’em all!

Little boy: Take it easy, sis! You’re too obsessed with ships.

Luca guard stationed at dock 2: The ferry docked here is headed for Kilika Port.

Warrior monk stationed at dock 2: Warrior monks are not tour guides! Don’t bother us with your small talk.

Second warrior monk: We’re standing guard to keep any suspicious characters from boarding.

Bustling female sailor: Come on, move it! The ship’s clearing out soon!

Sailor in blue cap: This ferry will take you to Kilika. Would you like to board?

  • Yeah, I’d like to board.
  • We can leave any time you’re ready. You have everything you need? [Yes. | Hold on.]
  • No, thanks.
  • Give me a holler when you’re ready. Then we’ll set sail for Kilika.

Luca dock number 3

Raudy (Luca Goers): I hear the Crusaders failed miserably. As expected.

Abus (Luca Goers): I’m grateful that the warrior monks are here to protect Luca, but aren’t there a few too many?

Bickson (Luca Goers): The Goers must always dominate. After all, our fans demand nothing less!

Graav (Luca Goers): Instead of wasting so much time strolling around, why not work on your game?

Balgerda (Luca Goers): So many warrior monks watch the games. Have they no sense of duty?

Doram (Luca Goers): You’re a guardian now, right? Are you still going to blitz?

Warrior monk by Bevelle ship: Hey, hey, hey! You can’t board a military vessel without permission!

Lefthand warrior monk: I’m really glad I got assigned to Luca. I can catch the game on my day off.

Righthand warrior monk: Maester Kinoc sent us here to protect Luca!

Luca dock number 4

Nun: Everybody loves blitz! Even the warrior monks love it!

Little girl in nun’s habit: I’m still in training, so I’m watching the game on the sphere.

Warrior monk in gold: Look at the size of those Ronso! The fact that I’m supposed to be guarding them is pretty funny, don’t you think?

Female sailor in striped pants: The port is full of excitement, too! We’ve gotta beat Sin! We’ve just got to!

Gazna Ronso (Fang): Ronso home on mighty Mt. Gagazet. Our mountain protects sacred ruins of Zanarkand.

Argai Ronso (Fang): Ronso are pious race. But still, we respect Crusaders’ courage.

Basik Ronso (Fang): The Ronso Fangs grow stronger each day. One day, we will beat the Luca Goers.

Nuvy Ronso (Fang): Ronso Fangs want to play more teams to hone blitz skills.

Zamzi Ronso (Fang): When warrior monks protect stadium, fiends have no chance of breaking in.

Irga Ronso (Fang): Machina cannot defeat Sin. Spira history is proof

Luca dock number 5

Warrior monk: Cargo is scattered all over the place! I can’t bear to look at this mess!

Man in yellow, blue and green: I can finally do business in other locales, now that the ferries are operating.

Roving Luca guard in brown: With so many warrior monks here, I don’t know whether to feel safe or threatened.

Roving Luca guard in blue: If you ever need assistance, just ask us.

Zev Ronso (Fang): Al Bhed ship leave Luca. No one knows where they go.

Luca-Kilika Ferry

Deck of the S.S. Winno

Woman on top deck (not the huffy one): I’m doing a study on the animals of Spira.
 ¬The birds flying around here are Lesser Spira Gulls. Lesser Gulls are gentler than Greater Gulls. You can tell by the way they fly.
 ¬I wonder how many of them are flying around this ship? I’m curious.
 ¬You’ve counted the number of seagulls around the ship?

  • Oops. Was I supposed to?
  • Yes. Now go count.
  • I’ve counted.
  • So, how many were there?
    • I count 1!
    • Are you sure? Weren’t there more than that? Say, can you do a recount? I really need an accurate figure.
    • I count 20!
    • Are you sure? I think that’s too much. Say, can you do a recount? I really need an accurate figure.
    • I count 11!
    • That’s about what I thought. It’s the same as I counted earlier. Thanks to you, I have a confirmed count. Here, this is for your help. ~Ace Wizard Thank you very much.

¬You say you want to help me again? Thanks, I’ll let you know if I need any.

Woman sitting on rear deck: Don’t what he says literally.
 ¬He tries to sleep on my lap whenever he gets a chance. It’s starting to hurt my legs.

Man with head in her lap: The sun feels great out here.
 ¬Oh, kicking back and loafing around are the greatest luxuries you can have.
 ¬You know, it’s when I’m just lying here like this that I realize how wonderful life is.

Man propped against wall: Both Liki and Winno were…urp. L-Let’s…ugh…continue this later.
 ¬They’re not as famous…as high summoners, but…ugh…later!
 ¬Did you know…that both were…names of great monks…? Th-That’s all…
 ¬G-Give me..a break… Even my trivia…won’t help me…right now…

Man in prow with dog: So I told him right off the bat. That’d be cats. (Woof from dog) You understand, don’t you?
 ¬You’re the only one that’ll listen to me…

Young woman on forward railing: They say if you wish upon a Spira Gull, your wishes come true!

Sailor in blue slumped against mast: It was a mistake to take work on the Winno just because it pays well.
 ¬Day and night, it’s been work, work, work. Give me a break!
 ¬My gramps always said, a man can only work so much in a lifetime.
 ¬Gramps was a real hard worker, though.

Sailor in white pants collapsed next to him: I was on watch duty all night long. Please let me get so sleep!
 ¬He’s fallen asleep.

Captain: We used to ferry a lot of Crusaders before Operation Mi’ihen… But only a few returned from the front. They’ve sustained severe casualties.
 ¬Let us pray that the souls of the fallen reach the Farplane.

If the Aurochs won…
Helmsman: I can’t believe the Aurochs won! What kind of cheap tricks did they use?
 ¬The Aurochs just got lucky. They’d better enjoy it now, ’cause the Goers will crush ’em next year!
If the Aurochs lost…
Helmsman: Like I said before, you’re no match for the Goers! Hahaha!
 ¬The Aurochs taking the championship? Yeah, right! We’ll see a hundred Calms before that happens!

Female sailor: Use the lower decks to sleep and rest. We’ll get there by the time you wake up.
Female sailor: Going to rest now? [Not yet. | Yes.]

Kilika Island


Female sailor beside gangway: Leave it to me! I’ll take you anywhere you want to go. [To Besaid Island. | To Luca. | Forget it.]
 ¬Well, just let me know if you’d like a ride.

Swimming blitzer (Vuroja): Well, we lost in the tournament…but no point dwelling on the past! Better to practice harder than to mope around!
 ¬Next time, I’ll show ’em the Kilika spirit we’ve inherited from Lord Ohalland.

Hammering blitzer (Larbeight): I tried to dismantle that wrecked ship over there and haul it away, but… She’s so sturdy I couldn’t get so much as a deck board off her! Hats off to that shipbuilder.
 ¬Reconstruction of the town is nearly complete. All that’s left is to fix that road over there.

Warrior monk patrolling: Just between us, these Kilika Island folks are crazy! Living this close to the sea is like asking Sin to attack.
 ¬The temple is fully supporting our restoration of Kilika.

Guy sitting on crates (Tatts): The toxin’s effect wore off. I remember my family now… Sin attacked, and my family, they…They all went to the Farplane. Heh, it was better to have forgotten everything.
 ¬The next time Sin comes around, I want to go to the Farplane, too.
Old man outside near inn: I pray each day for a future where my grandchildren can sleep in peace.
 ¬Well, look at the time. I’d better be on my way to pray at the temple. (Walks off)
 ¬Well, now, I forgot what I was up to. (Walks back)

Barechested guy doing lunges outside inn: This walkway’s not as sturdy as she used to be. But hey, no one’s fallen through yet!

Woman in white looking out to sea: We’re nearly done repairing the damage from Sin’s attacks. Folk seem to be in good spirits these days, but… Take a closer look at them. They’re watching the sea, they are, and there’s terror in their eyes.
 ¬The village may have recovered, but people’s hearts are still heavy.

Man in green and white hammering by Isken’s hut: Well, the Crusaders’ operation ended in failure. I knew it would. Sin attacked our homes! We know its horror all too well. The sooner we accept our fate, the sooner we can get on with our lives.
 ¬What were the Crusaders trying to prove? I just don’t get it.

Kulukan’s Pub

Crusader slumped against bar: What? Here to laugh at me again? Fine! Go ahead! Laugh at all the Crusaders, why don’t you! Yevon knows we deserve it– thinking that we would beat Sin, that we were better than the summoners! That’s why…that’s why everyone died, damn it.
 ¬Forget about it. Just leave me alone!

Kulukan: He’s been like that ever since he returned from Operation Mi’ihen.
 ¬I want to practice for the upcoming tournament, but I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had any time.

Kulukan’s little sister: My sister’s the greatest. She plays blitzball and works at the same time.

Kilika Inn

Little boy running around: I’m gonna be a blitzball when I grow up!

Old man: Repairs to the village are going well, but it’ll take more than wood to repair the hearts of the people. The young’uns are all packing up and leaving the island.
 ¬I ain’t leaving my home. Nope. Never, I tell you.

Innkeeper: We’re still cleaning up here.

Isken’s Hut

Woman in blue: The Kilika Beasts didn’t win, but that’s okay. I’m just happy that he’s back to normal now.

Isken (blitzer): I let down my team because of the toxin…But I’m okay now. I’d better start practicing again.
 ¬I let my teammates down, so this time I gotta work twice as hard to make up for it.

Kilika Temple Forecourt

Man in yellow and blue: I hear Sin has gone far away. My prayers were answered.

Old man: I recognize your face, sonny. You were here praying for victory, right?

Monk with purple hat: I still have terrible nightmares of Sin attacking our port. As a monk, I should be strong enough to confront my fears, but I cannot! I am so ashamed!

Warrior monk patrolling: I have quit the Crusaders and have joined the warrior monks to protect the temple!
 ¬The warrior monk I respect most is Sir Auron, the legendary guardian of High Summoner Braska!

Female crusader in red: When we were training in the forest, I was confident the operation would succeed. But looking back now, I’ve come to realize how foolish and naive we were. It was a mistake to go against precepts that have stood for a thousand years.
 ¬The Crusaders of Kilika will disband soon, and regroup as warrior monks.

Kilika Temple Nuns’ Chamber

Little girl in nun’s habit: What happened to the Crusaders? They all look so sad.

Nun-in-training #2: I sang the Hymn to the monk, since he was feeling sad. He smiled and gave me a pat on the head.

Kilika Temple Monks’ Chamber

Old priest (red robes, purple hat) in lefthand chamber: The temple must also bear responsibility for Operation Mi’ihen. If we had spent more time spreading the word of Yevon, the Crusaders may have thought twice about it.

Younger priest in lefthand chamber: I was the captain of the Kilika Beasts in my youth. After Lord Ohalland took me under his wing, I followed the ways of Yevon.

Kilika Temple, Great Hall

Monk: The Kilika Beasts may have lost the tournament, but I believe their fighting spirit has given courage to the people of Spira.
 ¬The Besaid Aurochs have done well this year. Lord Ohalland must have been watching over them.

Nizarut (blitzer): Yeah! Once we win the tournament next year, this will be my victory pose!

Deim (female blitzer): He should stop wasting his time with all those poses, and devote more time to praying.

Besaid-Kilika Ferry

S.S. Liki

Woman w/red headband: I brought these children along to teach them how to become merchants, but all they do is play!

[The girl in red shorts and the boy with the green headband are running around and around the mast. ]
-Hey! Stop that! Just watch what your big sis is doing and learn!

Female sailor: Go ahead and rest down below. We’ll be there by the time you wake up.
 ¬Going to rest now? [Not yet. | Yes.]

Sailor in blue: Ever since Sin got to him, my partner has turned into a gutless wonder. He used to be so dependable, but now he just stares into the sea with terror in his eyes.
 ¬Sin’s toxin probably got to him. I hope the cool sea breeze cures him soon…

Guy with dog up front: The S.S. Liki is funded by Yevon. It doesn’t cost a single Gil, even when I take my dogs on board with me.
 ¬Do you like dogs? I just adore them. Good boy, good boy.

Teenaged girl in halter top staring at pair up front: I wonder if they’re related?

  • I’d say they’re related.
  • I think so too.
  • Looks like they’re married.
  • Don’t give me such nonsense.

>Old man leaning on railing up front: When I die, I want to have a grand sending to the Farplane. Hmm. I’ll ask them to reserve the Luca Stadium for the ceremony.
 ¬I wouldn’t mind a bevy of young maidens crying their hearts out for me, either.
 ¬Well, it’ll probably be a long time before I’m sent to the Farplane, though.

Lady with midriff-baring blue outfit next to him: My husband used to be a pro blitzer, and I was his goalie.
 ¬Whether in a tournament or in life, we’re the best partners.

Guy in shorts on top deck calling to hopping beastie: Hey, come down here.
 ¬What are you so happy about?
 ¬Oh, all right, all right. Happy, happy! Goody, goody!
 ¬Why are we all so quiet, all of a sudden?

Barechested sailor on top deck (Guy who asked Yuna’s permission to harpoon Sin): Hey, you. You were on the ship when Sin attacked us, right?
 ¬I’ve been afraid of the sea ever since then. I’m so afraid it’ll come back I can’t even concentrate on my work!
 ¬I should probably find a new job on land somewhere.
 ¬They put me on watch duty, since I can’t handle my old post anymore.
 ¬Whenever I’m on watch, I keep thinking that Sin’s gonna come back for us. I-I can’t stop shaking. Oh, I’m so pathetic.

Captain: It’s a miracle this ship can still sail, after the stomping Sin gave her. But I fear some of my crew will never recover from the ordeal.
 ¬Let’s hope that the great sea will ease the pain of a battered sailor.

Helmsman: There was talk about warrior monks coming on board to guard the ship. But the captain declined the offer. We can take care of ourselves, he said.
 ¬If Sin can’t sink this ship, nothing can! We’re guaranteed a safe voyage.

Besaid Island

Besaid Beach/Dock

Helmsman on gangplank: Haven’t seen Sin in a long while. Perhaps the Crusaders have stopped it at last?

If you try to pass him…
We’re headed for Kilika Island. All aboard! [Yeah, let’s go! | Not just yet.]

Crusader in green on end of dock: I got separated from Sir Luzzu and Gatta during the battle. They haven’t come back yet. Where could they be?

Woman in purple: A summoner arrived here just recently. He seemed to have disappeared. But where to, so quickly?
 ¬I believe his name was Lord Isaaru…yes, that’s it.

Little boy w/green headband: I have to keep watch! Sin could come any day!

Little girl (Yuna’s friend): When is Lady Yuna going to bring us the Calm?

Another little boy w/green headband: I heard there’s some foreigners around. Be on your guard!

Note: This is the only place where twins appear in Besaid. I suspect it’s a rare mistake, and one of them should be the boy in dark red who said he was born the day Braska, Jecht and Auron visited the island.

Besaid Village Square

Old woman: Do not disturb our prayers, heathen!
 ¬What? You? A guardian? The toxin’s still got you, eh?

(Gramps and other villagers have same comments about the tournament whether or not the Aurochs won…)

Old man: Some wild youngsters are saying the Aurochs won after a 23-year losing streak! Yeah, well that’ll be the day! Aurochs winning? Heh! Heheh!
 ¬Looks like you got over the toxin. Praise be to Yevon, eh?

Daddy the fisherman: I know Sin’s out there, but if I don’t go out, my family won’t eat.

Priestess: The people of the island all pray for Lady Yuna’s safety. (Yevon bow) I’m doing my part, too.
 ¬Word of Lady Yuna’s achievements has reached this island, too.

Woman in green skirt: A summoner named Lord Isaaru came to the village, but he left so soon.

Girl with doggie: I can’t believe Wakka’s leaving the team. With you and Wakka there, the Aurochs would have the winning streak of the century!

Sailor w/blue cap: I kinda got to liking this town. Maybe I’ll be giving up seafaring.

Portly Crusader: I can’t believe Operation Mi’ihen was a failure. I just can’t.

Man in green and white (looking into jungle): Seems the fiends have increased with the Crusaders gone.

Woman in purple: I’ve heard that the Crusaders who fought Sin were defeated! What terrible news! It’s because they turned their backs on the teachings!
 ¬When those children calling themselves Crusaders come back, they’re in for a scolding.

Fabric salesman in purple coat: I heard you whooped ’em good at the tournament in Luca! Maybe the Aurochs’ winning will be good for the weaving business, ya?
 ¬Heard the Crusaders got their butts kicked. They had it coming, if you ask me.

Young weaver in shorts: I heard Kilika was attacked, ya? Wh-What if Besaid’s next?

Vilucha’s House

Little boy in green headband: A summoner came to this village not long ago. Now what was his name?

Vilucha: I heard the Crusaders’ operation failed. Maybe Luzzu and Gatta will repent and come home.

Daddy the fisherman: The Aurochs put up a great fight this year. Wakka’s the best, ya?

Weavers Hut

Fabric salesman: I’m sure impressed with the old man, ya? If Sin showed up, I bet he’d stare it in the eye and just keep on working!

Old weaver: Even should Sin come tomorrow, life is the same today. We live and we work.

Woman in green skirt: The Crusaders’ operation failed as expected, because they used machina!

Younger weaver at his loom: I’m so scared of Sin I can’t think straight, but the old man will have my hide if I mess up.

In Merchant’s Hut…

(If you haven’t gotten new overdrive yet…)
Girl with doggie (merchant’s sister): Here, have this. This little feller found it. I can’t figure out what it is either. You go ahead and take a look. ~Energy Blast for Valefor
 ¬Girl with doggie: I wonder if we’ll get more customers now that the ferry’s up and running again.

Merchant: Welcome! [Buy weapons. | Buy items. | Leave.] Thank you! Come again!

Sailor w/blue cap: Someone saw an Al Bhed ship near the island. Wonder what they’re up to in these waters?

Little girl (Yuna’s friend): Another summoner came here by boat. He was a nice guy. But I like Lady Yuna much better!

Little boy w/green headband: Looks like you got over the toxin, ya?

Crusaders Lodge

Crusader behind podium (different than before): Like to take a rest? Got to keep sharp, ya? [I’d like a nap. | Maybe later.]

Portly Crusader: Just a bunch of empty beds without people to sleep in them.

Little boy w/green headband: Sir Luzzu and the others aren’t back. What could have happened?

Man in green and white: Sir Luzzu and Gatta aren’t back yet. What if they died in battle? Or maybe they’re just so ashamed they don’t want to come home.

Besaid Temple, Great Hall

Priest: You look better than you did yesterday. Has Sin’s toxin weakened its grip?

If Tidus tries to enter Cloister…
Priest: The summoner undergoes the trials. We must not interfere.

Priestess: I hear you’ve become a guardian! May you guard Lady Yuna well.

Short priest in side room: Let us greet the Crusaders warmly when they arrive. Returning them to the true path is my duty as a follower of Yevon.
 ¬It appears the summoner’s pilgrimage goes well! Very good, very good.

Portly Crusader: I just pray everyone makes it back okay. Please.

Sailor w/blue cap: One of my friends is on your ship. I’ll pray for both of you.

Woman in purple: I’m glad the ferry’s on its way, but Sin will be back, he will.

Daddy the fisherman: It may not be much help to Lady Yuna, but allow me to pray for you.

Little girl (Yuna’s friend): I’m sure Lady Yuna will have lots of stories when she gets back.

Kid in dark red: Let Lady Yuna defeat Sin…Soon…

Younger weaver in shorts: I bet me praying every day helped the Aurochs finally win, ya?

Woman in white: It’s the machina’s fault that so many of our Crusaders died. So many lives wasted…and for what gain?
 ¬You should watch yourself. Never go against the teachings.

PHEW, that’s everyone in Spira we’ve met so far. Enough backtracking. Time to find that Shoopuf…

The Road to the Moonflow

Crusader lying just past fork from Djose Highroad: It’s not much of a wound… I should be able to go on…but I can’t.
 ¬The mission fails. I can’t even walk… What did I do to deserve this?

Female Crusader standing beside him: We’ve always fought side by side. Now we go back home together.
 ¬We’re leaving the Crusaders. Why fight? We know we can’t win.

Shelinda: Good day, everyone. We can all learn a lesson from what has happened to the Crusaders. Only the truly faithful have a hope of defeating Sin.
 ¬I’m thinking of going to Guadosalam. I have not spoken with the Guado for some time.

[Wantz stands between two Ronso. He runs off as party approaches.]

Biran: Look! One of Kimahri’s friends. Looks just like him.
Tidus: What?
Biran: Both follow summoners on all fours! Hornless goatlings!
Yenke: Hornless! Hornless!

[Both guffaw]
Kimahri: You come to insult Kimahri?
Biran: Wrong. We come to warn little Kimahri.
Yenke: Summoners disappear. Never return.
Biran: Next will be Kimahri’s summoner.
Yenke: Poor Kimahri! Lost his horn, next lose his summoner!
Biran: Pitiful Kimahri! Howl alone! Howl alone!

[Both guffaw, leave]
Tidus: Do those two got something against you?
Kimahri: (Shakes head)
Tidus: What, they were just picking on you?
Kimahri: Kimahri will deal with them.
Tidus: And I’ll help!
Kimahri: Kimahri alone.
Tidus: But…
Kimahri: It’s Kimahri’s problem. We can’t interfere; it’s a rule.
Lulu: I’m worried.
Wakka: Let the Ronso deal with Ronso problems, ya? That’s how it’s always been.
Lulu: I mean I’m worried about those summoners disappearing.
Auron: They aren’t just disappearing into thin air.
Tidus: Hey, if we guardians do our job…no problem, right?
Wakka: Whoa!
Lulu: Confident.
Tidus: Yeah!

[Further along, Belgemine’s waiting beside road.]
Belgemine: We meet again.
Belgemine: I heard you took part in Operation Mi’ihen. You’ve seen that machina aren’t the answer. In the end, only summoners can hope to defeat Sin.
Yuna: You are right. I must train harder.
Belgemine: I can help with that, if you like. I propose a contest of aeons. A friendly contest, of course.
  • Pass.
  • Belgemine: As you wish. A pity, though. I’m ready anytime, if you change your mind.
  • Fight.
  • Yuna: I’m ready.
    Belgemine: That’s the spirit! But before we begin… (sparkle) I have healed your aeons. Well, shall we? (Summons Ixion) Call whichever aeon you want.
    [Aeons start slugging]
    Belgemine: Don’t hold anything back! Show me what you’ve learned.

    If Yuna wins…
    Belgemine: Stop. That is enough.
    Belgemine: You’re good. You bested me fairly. Here, your prize. Go on, take it. ~Dragon Scale, Summoner’s Soul
    [Summoner’s Soul Tutorial]
    Belgemine: I look forward to meeting you again. Till next time, Yuna. (Walks away)

    If Yuna loses…
    Belgemine: You have a lot to learn.
    Belgemine: Still wet behind the ears, but you have spirit. Here, your prize. Go on, take it.
    ~Smoke Bombs, Summoner’s Soul
    [Summoner’s Soul Tutorial]
    Belgemine: Study, Yuna, and grow strong. (Walks away)

The Moonflow

South Bank of Moonflow

Party gathers to watch pyreflies rising from purple flowers in shallows.
Tidus: Whoa!
Lulu: This is the Moonflow.
Tidus: (Whistles)
Yuna: These are moonlilies! They say that clouds of pyreflies gather here when night falls.
Lulu: The entire river glows, like a sea of stars.
Tidus: (Awed) Really?
Tidus: Hey, I got an idea!
Auron: We’re not waiting till nightfall.
Tidus: Then, once we beat Sin, we’re coming back!
[Stony silence from everyone. They go back to watching. Eventually…]
Wakka: Hey, we better hurry or we’ll miss the shoopuf!
Tidus: Shoopuf? That some kind of boat?
Wakka: (Turns and points)
Tidus: Whoa, what the…whoa!
[Shoopuf lumbers by]
Wakka: This is a shoopuf.
Tidus: Whoa…Let’s ride! Come on, let’s go!
Wakka: All right! We board soon as we’re ready, ya?

Moonflow South Wharf Pavillion

The Djose Knights are arguing with a Hypello. Chocobo stands nearby.
Driver: Noo, I don shink sho. Ish bad idea, yesh.
Lucil: Please, we beg of you!
Driver: Imposhibibble! Imposhibibble!
Tidus: What’s wrong?
Elma: This guy won’t let our chocobo on the shoopuf!
Tidus: Ah. It is kinda big.
Elma: It’s just not fair!
Clasko: Uh…He does have a point, though.
Elma: So, what? We just leave him behind?
Clasko: Hey, I didn’t say that. Just…
Lucil: (sigh) It is no good. We will have to find another way. We will find a ford where we can cross on foot.
Elma: Yes, Captain, sir! (Salutes)
Clasko: But…that’ll take days!
Lucil: Where there’s a will, there’s a way.
Clasko: Oh, boy…
Elma: That’s our captain!

[They run off]
Narration: Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Those words stayed with me. I wonder how Captain Lucil is doing.

Maechen: Would you like to hear a bit about the wondrous shoopuf?

  • No stories, please!
  • Maechen: Pity.
  • Absolutely!
  • Maechen: Very well! There are many things we do not know about the shoopuf. For example, what does it eat? It eats nothing! The water it sucks through its schnoz somehow supports its considerable size. Some theorize it eats teeny-weeny waterborne organisms. And that, as they say, is that.
     ¬Perhaps you’d like to hear a bit about the Hypello, hmm?
    • No stories, please!
    • Maechen: Pity.
    • Absolutely!
    • Maechen: These shoopuf handlers belong to a race of water-dwellers known as the Hypello. They may be slow on land, but in the water they’re quick as silvery fish! You’d think they’d make admirable players of blitzball. But their lackadaisical disposition draws them to less strenuous pastimes. And that, as they say, is that.
       ¬I believe I’ve said all there is to say.

O’aka: O’aka, at your service! [Got any weapons? | Got any items? | Leave.]

Talking to minor npcs near south wharf…
Man in green and white outside pavillion: There’s a long wait to ride the shoopuf since space is limited. But summoners get priority since they need to get on their way to Zanarkand.
 ¬Careful where you shop. This area is full of cunning merchants.

Woman in pavillion (Looks like Shuu): I was going to return to Bevelle after the tournament in Luca…but the Crusaders blocked the roads and I couldn’t get through.
 ¬My plans are ruined. Now what am I supposed to do?

Merchant in pavillion: Welcome! You seem to have fine taste, sir! Listen, buy from me and you won’t have any problems down the line. [Got any weapons? | Got any items? | Leave.] Thanks!

Woman with red headband (appears after you leave and return): Well, hello there. Are you in luck today! If you buy something now, I’ll give you a big discount! Well, what do you say? [Got any weapons? | Got any items? | Leave.] Aw, leaving already? Well, come back again, you hear?

Shoopuf Loading Area, South Wharf

Woman in purple: Riding the shoopuf is free because the temple pays for it.
 ¬The temple provides for the people. We are truly blessed.

Female merchant in green: Need anything? [Got any armor? | Got any items? | Leave.] Feel free to stop by anytime.

Hefty merchant in blue vest: Hey, there. If you don’t buy anything from me, you’ll regret it. [Got any armor? | Got any items? | Leave.] Thanks!

Hypello behind shoopuf: Dangerous when shoopuf’s close. Wants to be shmooshed?
 ¬Don’t touch shoopuf. Tailss will be shlapping!

Warrior monk: There have been reports of Al Bhed sightings in this area. Stay alert and keep your guard up at all times!
 ¬The Al Bhed have green eyes with a swirl pattern. Report any sightings immediately!

Old man on loading platform: You say our machina violate the teachings, eh? Nonsense!
 ¬These machina have Yevon’s approval. Don’t mix them up with the forbidden ones, got it?

Driver: Ride ze shoopuf?

  • Not yet.
  • Shoopuf’s waiting!
  • I’m ready! Let me on!
  • All aboards!

Auron: Ten years ago…
Tidus: (Groan) A history lesson?
Auron: Jecht saw his first shoopuf here. Surprised, he drew his blade and struck it.
Tidus: Why?
Auron: He was drunk…Thought it was a fiend.
Tidus: Oh, brother…
Auron: We offered all the money we had as an apology. Jecht never drank again. But, it would seem that shoopuf still works here.
 ¬Even after ten years, Spira hasn’t changed.
 ¬Truly… The place seems to resist change. It would take something unusual.
 ¬Don’t let the peaceful scenery fool you. Be on guard at all times.

Yuna: Shoopufs! I haven’t ridden one in so long!
Tidus: What? You’ve been on one of these?
Yuna: Well, just once. Ten years ago, with Kimahri. Remember?
Kimahri: Shoopuf shook. Yuna fall in water. Shoopuf scoop up Yuna with long nose. Yuna jump in three more times for fun. Kimahri worried.
Yuna: (Apologetic) Whoops!
Kimahri: Yuna had fun. Kimahri happy.

 ¬Kimahri: Biran is troublemaker, but Ronso do not lie. Summoners disappearing–that was not lie.
Tidus: Right, I’ll be careful.
 ¬Kimahri: (Sniff, sniff) Smells like oil.

 ¬Yuna: I lived in the city of Bevelle until ten years ago. I moved to Besaid after my father defeated Sin. Kimahri was with me the whole way!
Tidus: Bevelle?
Yuna: It’s the biggest city in Spira! The main temple of Yevon is there.
 ¬Come on! Let’s get on the shoopuf!

Wakka: Let the driver know when you’re ready.

Lulu: Riding a shoopuf isn’t THAT much fun.
Wakka: How little you know! Some things little boys never grow out of!
Wakka: (and Tidus) Right?
Lulu: (Shakes head)

Lulu: The merchants here are wily. Pick your shop well.

Crossing the Moonflow

Driver: Shoopuf launchin’!
[Shoopuf slogs across the river. Yuna and friends in howda on top.]
Wakka: Hey.
Tidus: Huh?
Wakka: Take a look. (nods towards water)
Tidus: What?
Tidus: Whoa! (Leans over railing so far he almost slips)

[Glimpse of ruins underwater]
Tidus: A sunken city!
Wakka: A machina city– a thousand years old! They built this city on top of bridges across the river.
Lulu: But the weight of the city caused the bridges to collapse, and it all sank to the bottom.
Wakka: Right. It’s a good lesson.
Tidus: A lesson?
Wakka: Yeah. Why build a city over a river, ya?
Tidus: Uh… Well, it would be convenient, with all that water there.
Wakka: Nope, that’s not why. They just wanted to prove they could defy the laws of nature!
Tidus: Hmmm? I’m not so sure about that.
Wakka: Yevon has taught us: When humans have power, they seek to use it. If you don’t stop them, they go too far, ya?
Tidus: Yeah, but don’t you use machina too? Like the stadium and stuff, right?
Lulu: Yevon, it decides… which machina we may use, and which we may not.
Tidus: So what kind of machina may we not use, then?
Wakka: Remember Operation Mi’ihen? That kind.
Lulu: Or war will rage again.
Tidus: War?
Yuna: More than a thousand years ago… Mankind waged war using machina to kill!
Wakka: They kept building more and more powerful machina.
Lulu: They made weapons so powerful… It was thought they could destroy the entire world.
Yuna: The people feared that Spira would be destroyed.
Wakka: But the war did not stop!
Tidus: Wh-What happened then?
Yuna: Sin came, and it destroyed the cities and their machina.
Lulu: The war ended… and our reward… was Sin.
Wakka: So, Sin’s our punishment for lettin’ things get out of hand, eh?
Tidus: Man, that’s rough.
Wakka: Yeah, it is.
Tidus: But, it’s not like the machina are bad.
Lulu: Only as bad as their users.
Wakka: It’s because of people like the Al Bhed screwin’ everything up!

[Rumbling noise]
Driver: Whatsh could thatsh be?
[Everyone gets up to look over the sides]
Auron: (To Yuna) Sit down!
Yuna: S-Sorry!
[Blond spikey-haired Al Bhed leaps aboard, nabs Yuna. She yelps.]
Wakka: The Al Bhed!
[Wakka and Tidus leap overboard]
Wakka: Yuna, we’ll save you!
[Boss battle with machina to retrieve Yuna]

Lulu: Are you hurt?
Yuna: No, I’m fine.
Wakka: Grrah! Those Al Bhed!
Driver: Ish ebullibody okay?
Yuna: I’m sorry! We’re all okay now! (Stands and waves to him.)
Auron: Yuna!
Yuna: Oh! (Sits quickly and folds hands in lap)
Driver: Shoopuf full shpeed aheads!
Wakka: Damn the Al Bhed! What do they want from us? Could it have something to do with Luca? What are they after Yuna for? Wait! They’re mad they lost the tournament! Or, wait! They’re mad about Operation Mi’ihen!
Lulu: I wonder… Didn’t Kimahri’s clansman say something… about summoners…disappearing?
Wakka: Ah! So the Al Bhed are behind that! Those sand-blasted grease monkeys!
Tidus: Hey, Wakka. It’s no use complaining about the Al Bhed now, right? We’ll protect Yuna from anyone, anywhere. It’s that easy. That’s all I need to know!
Wakka: Well… I guess so.
Lulu: You’re right.
Yuna: (Mouths) (Thank you.)

North Wharf of Moonflow

Auron: Guard Yuna.

Kimahri: Kimahri fail as guardian on shoopuf. Kimahri never fail again.

Wakka: Might be more Al Bhed! Keep watch, ya?

Lulu: Looks like we’re stuck here for a while.

Pavillion, North Wharf

Guado woman wearing hood: So that’s Lady Yuna? Hmm… No wonder.
 ¬I can see why the Al Bhed would go after someone like Lady Yuna.

Eavesdropping on folks gathered around Yuna
-Lord Braska must be bursting with pride up on the Farplane at having such a fine daughter!
-I heard the Al Bhed attacked you! Are you okay?
-I hope to celebrate Lady Yuna’s Calm while I’m still alive.
-How about seeing Lord Braska in Guadosalam?
-With a summoner like you at our side, we’ve no need to fear Sin!

Shoopuf Loading Area, North Wharf

Old man: Sin took my daughter, but I just saw her again for the first time in five years. That Guadosalam place was amazing.
 ¬I’ve seen my daughter, so I have no regrets. I’m ready for the Farplane anytime now.

Shoopuf driver: Shoopuf shleeping. Wait until Shoopuf wake up?

Warrior monk: Seems you destroyed the Al Bhed’s machina. That’s some dedication. You’ll receive a blessing from Yevon. It’ll be necessary to strengthen security so that the Al Bhed won’t get their way anymore.
 ¬The Al Bhed hide their green eyes with goggles. They’re known to resort to petty tricks like that.

Woman in orange tunic: I thought I was lucky not to run into any wily merchants on this side of the shore. But I ended up buying something from that man over there.
 ¬His goods are cheaper than the other merchants’, but he seems kind of suspicious.

O’aka: O’aka, at your service! [ Whatcha got? | Leave.]

Start of Road to Guadosalam

Miyu (Crusader on bench): Should I stay a Crusader, or follow a different path? I wanted to discuss this with someone on the Farplane, but maybe I shouldn’t…
 ¬It’s my future, so I need to make my own decisions.

Older Guado woman: I sense that Lady Yuna was here. I can feel the warmth of the people. The descendant of a high summoner and loved by everyone…Yuna embodies perfection.
 ¬This is the situation at hand. You shall understand soon.

Guado guard, green hair: Guadosalam is up ahead, but the path is infested with fiends. Make all necessary preparations before departing.
 ¬It is my duty to ensure the safety of visitors to Guadosalam.

Road to Guadosalam

[A little ways from the wharf, a figure lies in a heap next to the road…]
Tidus: You’re…not dead?

FMV: Reunion

[Rikku stands and strips off her wetsuit…with rather suggestive camera work. Then she pops off her goggles.]
Rikku: Ah! I thought I was done for, back there.

Tidus: Rikku! You’re Rikku! Hey! You’re okay! How you been?
Rikku: Terrible!
Tidus: Yeah, you don’t look so good. What happened?
Rikku: You beat me up, remember?
Tidus: Oh! That machina… That was you?
Rikku: Mm-hm. That really hurt, you know. You big meanie!
Tidus: W-Wait! But you attacked us!
Rikku: Nuh-uh. It’s not exactly what you think.
Wakka: Yo! Friend of yours?
Tidus: Uh, you could say that.
Rikku: Pleased to meet you! I’m Rikku!
Tidus: Yuna, Lulu…I told you about her, remember? She was the one who helped me before I was washed up on Besaid! She’s an Al Bhe…beh… (nervous laugh)
Yuna, Lulu: Oh!
Wakka: Wow, so you, like, owe her your life! What luck meeting here, ya? Praise be to Yevon!
Rikku: (scratches cheek dubiously)
Wakka: So, uh… Rikku… You look a little beat up! You okay?
Lulu: Uh, Wakka…
Wakka: Huh? What?
Yuna: There’s something we need to discuss.
Wakka: Oh, go ahead.
Rikku: Girls only! Boys please wait over there!
Lulu: Right. Sorry, Wakka.
Wakka: Huh? What? (Exasperated noise)
[Gals step away for chat. When they return…]
Yuna: Sir Auron…I would like Rikku to be my guardian.
Auron: ( Strides over to Rikku) Show me your face. Look at me.
Rikku: Oh, okay. (Eyes closed)
Auron: Open your eyes.
[She opens one. It’s green with a dark swirl.]
Auron: As I thought.
Rikku: Um… No good?
Auron: Are you certain?
Rikku: A hundred percent! So, anyway… Can I?
Auron: If Yuna wishes it.
Yuna: Yes, I do.
Wakka: Mmmph.
Tidus: Rikku’s a good girl. She helped me a bunch!
Rikku: Mm-hm!
Wakka: I’m for it! The more, the merrier!
Rikku: Righto! Then I’ll just have to be the merriest!
Narration: It was strange. Even though Wakka had always hated the Al Bhed…
Rikku: Rikku, at your service!
Narration: He never realized Rikku was one of them.

[Battle in the woods]
Rikku: Oooh! A treasure chest! I wonder what’s inside? (swipe) Ya-hoo!
Rikku: You should know, I’m scary when I’m mad! I’m gonna use that item I just got on you! You’ll be sorry!
Wakka: Wh-what did you just do!?
Tidus: That was great!
Rikku: I can combine items and use them like this. It’s not that tough, really.

Moonflow North Wharf, Pavillion

After Rikku joins party, the spectators who were surrounding Yuna scatter…

Old woman outside pavillion: You know that machina that lifts you up to the shoopuf? I don’t like it, I tell you. I don’t care if it’s been approved by the temple. Machina is machina. That’s that.

Old man in pavillion: I tell you, my wife was as pretty as Lady Yuna back in her day.

Old woman in pavillion: I’ll have great stories to tell about meeting Lady Yuna.

Man in purple jacket in pavillion: Have you seen the Crusaders returning home? They look pathetic. And they were so confident the last time they passed through.

Woman in green skirt in pavilion: I’m afraid I’ll be attacked by Al Bhed if I travel alone.