FFX Battle Quotes

Note: This list of FFX battle quotes isn’t complete, since most crop up at random only during a particular “window”: one part of the storyline, one phase of character advancement, or other special circumstances. Nevertheless, my list is pretty extensive.

Battle Begins

[Besaid, Kilika]
Wakka: Out of my way!
Tidus: Hope I make it to the tournament!
Lulu: Focus on the fight!   Wakka: No worries!
Tidus: Yuna! Aeon!   Lulu: Just who do you think you are?
Wakka: Take it easy, ya?   Tidus: I’m fine.
Tidus: Let’s do it!
Tidus: What’s up with that Kimahri guy?   Never mind! We’ll talk later!
(After yelling at Kilika Temple) Tidus: Aaaaargh!

[Mi’ihen Highroad]
Yuna: It is an honor, Sir Auron.   Auron: Thanks.
Tidus: This’ll be easy!
Tidus: Don’t break any bones, old man.   Auron: Hmph.
Wakka: Lu, I’ll show you what I can do!   Lulu: (drily) Go ahead.
Tidus: Hey, I’m a guardian now, so watch out!
Tidus: How much further do we have to go?
Wakka: Go away, dammit!
(If you skip renting a chocobo) Wakka: Wish I was on a chocobo right now.   Lulu: Walk, or I’ll feed you to one.
(If you skip renting a chocobo) Tidus: How much further do we have to go?

[Mushroom Rock Road]
Wakka: Out of my way!
Wakka: You want some o’ this?
Wakka: I’ll take you all on!
Tidus: Not again!   Lulu: Think of it as training.
Tidus: This’ll be easy!
Wakka: Ah, go away!

[Road from Djose to Moonflow]
Yuna: Ohhh…   Lulu: Yuna, focus.
Tidus: (sounds bored) Fight, fight, fight…
Auron: There were fewer fiends in my time.   Wakka: Oh really?
Tidus: Ugh…
Lulu: Everyone, look sharp!
Yuna: (Imitating Wakka) A lot of fiends here, ya?   Lulu: Don’t talk like that.
Wakka: No problem.

Wakka: More of us means less o’ them!
Rikku: This is exciting!   Lulu: Oh, dear…
Rikku: All right! Let’s get ‘im!   I’m countin’ on ya!
Tidus: Rikku, watch and learn!

[Thunder Plains]
Rikku: Please don’t make it rumble!
Rikku: Let’s just get out of here!
Auron: Think later, Yuna.
Wakka: Say your prayers.
Tidus: Aaaaahhh…   Lulu: Focus!
(After telling plan to marry Seymour) Yuna: I’m sorry, everyone.

Tidus: You’re wasting our time.
Wakka: Here we go!
Lulu: Everyone, focus on the enemy.
Tidus: Let’s do it.
Tidus: Guardians should fight, not think. Wakka: Huh?
Tidus: Guarduans should fight, not think.    Lulu: What are you talking about?
[Sanubia Desert]
Tidus: Isn’t there an easier way?   Rikku: No complaining!
Lulu: You sure this is the way?   Rikku: Yeah! I…think.
Rikku: This is gonna be easy!
Rikku: Let’s do it.
(Machina attack)   Wakka: Hey, you! Machina!

Rikku: I’ll be there soon, Yunie!
Tidus: You, why did you do this?!

[Bevelle: Rescuing Yuna]
Tidus: Stay right there, Seymour!

[Bevelle, Via Purifico]
Auron: I hate this place.
Lulu: Failure is not an option.

[Bevelle Highbridge]
Yuna: Hold on, Kimahri!

[The Calm Lands]
Lulu: I will not fail this time.
Wakka: The only way to go is forward!
Wakka: This one is mine!
Tidus: Let’s get ’em, guys!
Rikku: (anxious) What should I do?
Tidus: We’ll get through this.
Lulu: How much more can we take?
Yuna: My father also fought here.   Wakka: May he give us strength to fight!
Wakka: Traitors, comin’ through! Lulu: That’s the spirit!
(facing Defender robot) Rikku: whoa, talk about a hardhead!
(If facing a Magic Urn)   Tidus: Come out and fight like a man!
(Facing a Tonberry)   Tidus: I have a bad feeling about this.

Tidus: Go, Kimahri!
Wakka: They sure keepin’ us busy!   Auron: Better than freezing to death.
Lulu: The mountain itself is the trial.
Yuna: My will is strong.
Yuna: Father, give me strength.
Auron: Not much has changed in ten years.
Auron: Yuna, can you fight?   Yuna: Yes, I think so.
Tidus: Think later, Rikku!   Rikku: Okay, okay!
(Chimaera, Butterfly Hunt)
Wakka: My fastball can throw him out!   Tidus: I can top that!
Tidus: Pace yourself, Auron!   Auron: Hmph. Worry about yourself.
Yuna: I will fight, too!
Lulu: So, who wants to go first?   Rikku: I got your back, Lulu.
Rikku: No problem, guys!   Wakka: Ha! That’s just what I was thinkin’!
Tidus: Yuna, support (Auron?)! Yuna: Yes, sir!
Auron: Fight as you will, Yuna.    Thank you, Sir Auron.

[Returning to Besaid]
Wakka: Heh heh heh.
Tidus: What?
I wanna show you somethin’ down by the river. O.o

Swapping Characters

Yuna: I’m here!
Yuna: Yuna here!
Yuna: Let them come!
Wakka: You called?
Lulu: Let’s end this.
Lulu: Now then, what next?
Lulu: So, how shall we do this?
Lulu: Allow me.
Tidus: No problem.
Tidus: Miss me?
Auron: This ends now.
Auron: I foresee no difficulty.
Auron: So be it.
Auron: As you wish.
Rikku: Leave it to me!
Rikku: Rikku’s back!
Rikku: Bring it on!
Rikku: I’ll take care of ‘im!

[Besaid, Kilika, beginning of game]
Lulu: Now what?!
Tidus: Nothing to fear, the hero’s here!
Yuna: I’m ready!
Yuna: A-All right!
Wakka: No worries!
Tidus: Make way!

[Kilika Jungle]
Wakka: I can take care of those alone, huh?
Tidus: My turn, now!
Tidus: Newbie here!   Wakka: Sooorry.
Wakka: Back on the field!
Tidus: Gotcha covered!
Wakka: Sit back and watch.

[Mi’ihen Highroad]
Wakka: Let’s see some hustle!
Yuna: Go!
Wakka: Bring it on!
(Auron in party)   Tidus: All yours!
Yuna: Let me help.
Tidus: Back in the fray!
Tidus: Gotcha covered!
Wakka: Wakka’s back on the field!
Tidus: All right!
Wakka: Sit back and watch.
Tidus: You guys are toast!
((If you skip renting a chocobo))   Wakka: Man, where’s a chocobo when you need one?

[Mushroom Rock Road]
Wakka: Bring it on!
Tidus: Watch and weep, Crusaders!
Tidus: Ha-ha!

[Moonflow, south bank road]
Tidus: Ha-ha!
Wakka: Go go go!
Yuna: Summoner Yuna, ready!
Tidus: Training, huh?
Wakka: My turn!
Lulu: So, you need someone with magic skills.
Auron: Let’s see…
Yuna: My turn.
Auron: So, who’s next?
Tidus: I shoulda slept in this morning.

Rikku: You gotten any better?   Tidus: Just watch!
Rikku: Ta-da!
Rikku: Leave it to me!
Rikku: If you say so!
Rikku: I’ll do my best!
Rikku: Bring it on!

[Thunder Plains]
Yuna: (Worried) Oooh.
Yuna: Ummm….

[Fleeing Macalania Temple]
Wakka: This is it.
Wakka: Uh… Are we supposed to run?
Rikku: Ugh! Go away!
Tidus: Get out of the way!
Tidus: Ugh. Go away!

[Sanubia Desert]
(Facing Cactuar)   Tidus: Don’t you run, Needles!
(Facing Cactuar)   Rikku: Needles, I hate needles!
(Facing Zu)   Tidus: How can a bird grow so big?
(Facing Sand Worm)   Wakka: Ah, where’s the early bird when you need one?

[Calm Lands]
(Facing a Malboro)   Lulu: How uncouth!

[Cavern of the Stolen Fayth]
(Facing Magic Urn)   Tidus: Come out and fight like a man!
(Facing Tonberry)   Tidus: Uhhh… I have a bad feeling about this!
(Facing Ghost)   Yuna: You couldn’t reach the Farplane…

[Mt. Gagazet]
(Facing Dark Flan)   Rikku: Wow! Say… is that edible?
(Facing Behemoth)   Wakka: How many steaks you think we can get out of these?

[Omega Ruins]
(Facing Demonlith)   Rikku: Who makes these things?
(Facing Adamantoise)   Tidus: This isn’t just a rock, is it?
(Facing Varuna)   Rikku: Is it just me, or does he look grumpy?
(Facing Barbatos) Tidus: Eesh.
(Facing Ultima Weapon)   Rikku: Uh, I’m running if you are!
(Facing Omega)   Tidus: This is definitely bad.
(Facing NeSlug)   Rikku: Time to go, Escargot!

During battle

(Tidus hits flan)   Wakka: Leave that one to Lu!
(If Lu’s there too)   Lulu: Didn’t I just tell you? You need magic to harm that one.
(Wakka hits wolf)   Wakka: Geez! Tougher than I thought.
(If Lu’s there too)   Wakka: It’ll take more than one shot to handle that one.   Lulu: Why don’t you let the boy handle that one?
(Lulu hits condor)   Lulu: No good! It’s too fast.   Wakka: Excuse me? I’m in charge of swatting those, ya?
(Wakka hits Flan)   Wakka: Hmm. This is gonna take a while.
(Wakka or Tidus hit a Flan or Element) Lulu: I’ll handle it. Step aside!
(Wakka hits self)   Wakka: Ow!
(Yuna hits something)   Lulu: Let us guardians handle the likes of these.

(Lulu attacks lizard)   Lulu: Just thought I’d give it a try.   Wakka: Hey, that one’s not ours, remember?
(Tidus hits Element)   Wakka: Leave that one to Lu.
(Tidus attacks flyer)   Wakka: Don’t strain yourself! I’ll handle the bird.
(Yuna attacks)   Lulu: Let us guardians handle the likes of these.
(Tidus attacks Wasp)   Lulu: You’d best stop that. Wakka’s in charge of flyers, remember?
(Wakka attacks Element)   Wakka: Man, blows can’t hurt it, huh?   Lulu: Stop! Only magic can hurt this one.

[Mi’ihen Highroad]
(Tidus attacks Raldo)   Lulu: Leave those to Sir Auron.   Wakka: Leave the hard-shelled ones to Sir Auron!
(Wakka attacks Raldo)   Auron: I told you. Let me handle their kind.
(Lulu zaps Raldo)   Auron: Magic won’t hurt their their kind. :    Lulu: These ones seem resistant to magic.

Character Revived

(Tidus revived by Lu, Yuna)   Tidus [whiny]: Ow!
(Tidus revived by Wakka)   Wakka: This is new for you, ya?   Tidus: What do you think?
Lulu: Don’t drag us down.   S-sorry…
(Yuna revived by Lu) Lulu: Don’t strain yourself.   Yuna: All right.
(Yuna revived by T)   Tidus: You wanna rest?   Yuna: I’ll be okay.
(Yuna revived by W/K/A)   Yuna: Thank you.
(Wakka revived by K/T)   Wakka: Thanks.
(Wakka revived by Tidus)  Wakka: Whoa, sorry.
Yuna: Are you all right?   Tidus: [Sounding haggard] Fine, no problem.
Wakka: Okay, who did that?
Wakka: Who did that?   Lulu: Calm down.
Wakka: I ain’t hurt.

[Mi’ihen Highroad]
Tidus: The fiends here are tough!
Lulu: (gasp) This isn’t like me.
(Yuna revived by T)   Tidus: Be more careful!   Yuna: Sorry.
Tidus: Maybe I’m in a slump!
Tidus: Uh… I’m back.
Auron: Maybe you should stay back.    Tidus: You can’t make me, Auron!
Lulu: Are you all right?   Auron: I must be out of practice.
Auron: I must be rusty.

Rikku: Uuuaaah… thought I was gonna die.
Tidus: Sorry.
Yuna: I’m sorry.
Lulu: Unbelievable.
Rikku: I’m fine…I’m fine.

[Thunder Plains]
Tidus: (Ragged) I’m back.
Wakka: Oooh. I’m back.

Killing Blow

Tidus: Oh yeah!
Wakka: Woo-hah!
Auron: Hmph.
Rikku: Oopsie!
Lulu: Down.

Final Killing Blow of Battle

Wakka: Boo-yah!
Wakka: It’s over!
Wakka: Take that!
Tidus: Ee-yah!
Tidus: See ya!
Auron: Enough!
Auron: Farewell.
(Party members down) Auron: This is for the fallen!
Wakka: Woohoo!
Wakka: Bye-bye!
Lulu: Goodbye.
Lulu: Die.

Post-Battle Comments

Auron: That’s how it’s done!
Auron: Hmph. Let’s go.
Auron: No time to waste. Let’s go.
Tidus: All right!
Tidus: Told ya!
Yuna: We’re doing all right.
Wakka: Piece o’ cake!
Wakka: I’m good, ya?
Wakka: I’m on a roll!
Rikku: Ha-ha-ha!
Rikku: See ya!

[After levelling up…]
Tidus: Too easy.
Lulu: Too easy.
Rikku: This is easy!

Yuna: You’re good!   Tidus: Heh-heh.
Tidus: This sword is awesome!   Wakka: Told ya!
Lulu: You’re not too bad!   Tidus: You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

Tidus: Ya like that?
Tidus: Yeah!
Yuna: Oh, phew!
Lulu: Victory, for now.
Yuna: Thank you, everyone!

[Kilika after they’ve levelled up…]
Wakka: A winning streak!
Wakka: No sweat.
Lulu: Moving on…
Lulu: Excellent.
Tidus: Thought so!

Wakka: Woo-hoo!   Lulu: Don’t get too cocky.
Tidus: Ha-ha! What did I tell you?   Lulu: You’re a modest one.
Yuna: Thank you!
Wakka: End of game!
Wakka: An easy win, ya?

[Woods north of Moonflow]
Rikku: It’s all in the wrist.

Tidus: Thinking isn’t solving anything!
Tidus: We rock!

Tidus: Let’s find Yuna, quick!
Tidus: Yuna, where are you?
Rikku: We’ll be there soon, Yunie.

Final Comments, Party Critically Injured…

[Kilika, Besaid]
Wakka: That was tough, ya?
Lulu: I need more training.
Yuna: I thought we were done for.

[Mushroom Rock Road]
Auron: (Wheeze)
Auron: That was too close.
Auron: Not too good.
Auron: Adequate.
Lulu: We won this time, but…
Tidus: I though we were goners.
Tidus: That was tough.
Lulu: (Huff) Finally!
Tidus: Whew! (Also in Moonflow)

[Calm Lands]
Auron: Acceptable.

Tidus’ Skills/Spells

Cheer: Let’s give ’em all we got!
Haste: This should be quick!
Delay attack: Sorry, maybe next time!
Delay buster: Take a number, buddy.
Hastega: Let’s end this quickly.
Slowga: Chill, there’s no rush.
Provoke: Hey, you! Take me on! : Hey hey hey! : Hey, you! Over here! : You want some of this?
Threaten: Take it easy! : Don’t move!
Overdrives: I’ve been savin’ this one for you! : Too late to beg for mercy! : Slice and dice! (said for other overdrives) : Check this out. : Eenie, meanie, miny moe…
Flee: I’ll be right back. : Live and let live! : I won’t go so easy on you next time!

Lulu’s Spells/Skills

Thunder: Need a good jolt?
Water: Anyone thirsty?
Fire: Burn.
Blizzard: Freeze.
Blizzara: Let me break the ice.
Fira: Need a light?
Thundara: Don’t look so shocked!
Watera: Go with the flow.
Bio: This might help your complexion!
Thundaga: A storm comes.
Blizzaga: Icing on the cake!
Waterga: Let’s see you under pressure.
Firaga: I hope you like it hot.
Death: Nice knowing you.
Osmose: Care to share your thoughts?
Flare: Know pain!
Ultima: Know pain… but not for long.
Threaten: Stop, now! : You move, you die.
Provoke: Waggles boobs, blows a kiss. (NO, I AM NOT KIDDING.)
Overdrive, lvl 1 spell: Time to get down.
Overdrive, -ara spell: Let’s see how tough you are.
Overdrive, -aga spell: Magic has no limits!

Yuna’s Summons/Spells/Skills

(Valefor) Please, fight with us!
(First summons of Ifrit) Will you…help us?
(First summons of Ixion) My name’s Yuna. Pleased to meet you.
(To Anima) I will share your pain with you.
(To Magus Sisters) We need all your help!
(To Bahamut) Oh, my!
(To Anima, Yojimbo) I believe in you.
(To Yojimbo) Please, clear us a path!
(Any) Go, fight on! : Be strong! : Please, help us! : Hang in there. : Please!

Cure: Aid us.
Nullblaze: Shield us from fiery fury!
Nullshock: Shied us from thunderous bane!
Nullfrost: Shield us from frigid blight!
Nulltide: Shield us from watery woe!
Pray: Mend us.
Esuna: Light shine strong! Our woe be gone!
Life: Return to us!
Protect: Armor of light, halt physical might!
Shell: Veil of light, ward wizardly might!
Reflect: Mirror of light, reflect magical spite!
Cura: Heal us.
Curaga: Cure us.
Regen: A wellspring of health.
Holy: Light our way!
Auto-life: Salvation promised.
Full-life: You shall be restored.
Provoke: Leans forward, cups hand as if calling something, then waves cutely.
Threaten: Don’t move! : Stop!

Auron’s Skills

Power Break: You will hurt no one!
Magic Break: You place too much trust in your magics!
Armor Break: Your pain shall be twofold!
Mental Break: You shall fear magic!
Threaten: Do not move. : Calm down! : You don’t want to move!
Provoke: Does Balthier/Seifer “come and get some” gesture.
Overdrives: This is for the fallen! : You– away! : Pitiful! : Pray. Now. : No mercy!

Wakka’s Skills

Aim: Everyone, go go go!
Dark Attack: Stay down!
Silence Attack: Be quiet!
Sleep Attack: Sweet dreams!
Silence Buster: Ah, peace and quiet!
Triple Foul: It’s gonna hurt!
Provoke: Points at foes, slaps chest
Overdrive: All right, you asked for it!
Threaten: Stay! : Stop right there!

Rikku’s Skills

Al Bhed Potion: Here, this’ll pick you up!
Al Bhed Potion: Come on, everyone! Look sharp!
Tossing a bomb or something: Get out of here!
Tossing a bomb or something: That’s it, take this!
Tossing a bomb or something: Let’s see what this does!
Luck: This should bring us luck!
Bribe: Take it! Leave us alone, okay?
Threaten: You, stop! : Don’t move or else!
Provoke: Slaps butt, waggles hands beside ears as if sticking out tongue.
Aqua Toxin: Souped-up Ouch-Ouch Item, coming up!
Hazardous Shell: Don’t forget to thank me if this works!
Panacea: Here, catch!
Frag Grenade: Rikku-approved item coming up!
Vitality: Trust me, this’ll work!
Quartet of 9: Ooookay… You asked for it!

Kimahri’s Skills

Threaten: Don’t move.
Provoke: Shoves butt towards foe and makes vaguely rude gesture with tail. (I repeat, I am NOT kidding.)