FFX Sidequests

This page is a hodgepodge of sidequests. I’ve included the Omega Ruins, Baaj Temple, Remiem Temple, the Chambers of the Fayth speeches, Rin’s reaction when you get all the Al Bhed Primers, the Monster Arena, (some of) the Celestial Weapons quests, and the Dark Aeons. Also, just for fun, “Scan” of Party Members

Once you have full control of the airship, you can reach…

Omega Ruins

The gang beams down to hidden dungeon on eastern spur of continent.]

Tidus: What is this place?
Lulu: Seven hundred years ago… a monk who defied the teachings was sentenced here.
Wakka: Oh, the traitor Omega, ya?
Yuna: Omega’s loathing of Yevon has turned him into a fiend.
Wakka: They say he liked it underground, out of the light.
Tidus: So he’s here?
Auron: Scared?
Tidus: Not a chance!

[Deep in the dungeon, Ultima Weapon attacks…]
Wakka: You’re kidding me!
[After they’ve dealt with it…]
Auron: That was not Omega. Just a shadow, born from Omega’s wrath.
Wakka: What, so the main man’s still around?
Tidus: (Yelling and punching the air) Come on out, Omega!
Yuna: When we meet, I will send it.

[Even further in, they find a shimmering purple barrier…]
Auron: It seems we rate his personal attention, now.
[Boss fight ensues. Several Ultimas later, Omega is pounded into oblivion. As they leave…]
Auron: Find your peace on the Farplane. Leave Spira to the living.

Also accessible post-Zanarkand, from the airship map…

Baaj Island

[Wakka, Rikku and Tidus dive into the water near Baaj Temple]

Ruins — Underwater Hall

Wakka: Whassup? Something here?
Tidus: I almost got eaten by a fiend here. Payback time!
Wakka: I get the picture. All right, let’s go! (High 5)
[boss fight, clearing the way to enter…]

Baaj Temple, Main Hall

Assuming you’ve used the Destruction Spheres to get goodies in all the Cloisters of Trials, you can enter Baaj Temple’s Chamber of the Fayth…
[Image of a woman appears over statue]

Yuna: You are maester Seymour’s mother.
Seymour’s mother: So you know, yet still you seek my aid? My son… Do you not hate him?
[Awkward silence]
Seymour’s mother: It is all right. He is the one who sowed the seeds of hatred. He is to blame.
[She looks to one side, where a ghost-image of young Seymour sobs]
Seymour’s mother: But I am at fault for letting him become what he was.
[Vision: Young Seymour in Baaj great hall before it was in ruins; vases of flowers everywhere, lavish furnishings.]
Seymour’s mother: He was always alone–half Guado, half man. I wanted to give him the strength to live by himself. And so I became a fayth.
But… because I let him taste power, he began to thirst for more. He was not satisfied with my aeon. He wanted more. More power.

[Vision ends]
Tidus: And he found Sin.
Seymour’s mother: Yes. Come, summoner. I will bestow you with my power: The Dark Aeon, Anima. Destroy Sin, and my son’s obsession with it. Though it is small recompense for what I did to him.

Remiem Temple

[Accessible by chocobo as soon as you reach Calm Lands, but you can’t complete Belgemine’s challenge until Yuna has all secret aeons…]

Belgemine: Welcome, Yuna.
Yuna: What is this place?
Belgemine: Remiem Temple. Once a great religious center in the Calm Lands, lost after the battle with Sin.
Tidus: And this is your home? What? You got something against company?
Belgemine: (Chuckles) It’s a long story. Easier perhaps to show you. (Pyreflies lift from her)
Tidus: You’re dead, too?
Belgemine: Don’t send me just yet. There is still one thing left for me to do here. With the help I can give, a young summoner might just be able to defeat Sin. Well, Yuna?

Each time you visit, she phrases challenge differently:
Belgemine: I challenge you: if you cannot beat me, you’ll never beat Sin.
 ¬If you’ve got what it takes to beat Sin, I should be no more than a bump in your path, right?
 ¬I will be the judge of your aeons’ strength. Are you good enough, I wonder?
 ¬You’ve got quite a name to live up to, daughter of Braska.
 ¬Well, Yuna, shall we see how well your training serves you?

  • I’ll do my best.
  • Belgemine: Very well. But before we begin… (Sparkle) Now, are you ready?
    [After Belgemine summons hers…]
    Belgemine: Choose your aeon well, summoner.
    [If you manage to get Yuna KO’d]
    Belgemine: You have a lot to learn.
    [After defeating each aeon]
    Belgemine: Stop. That is enough.
    Belgemine: Ah, you have made some progress, and for that, I’m glad. Take this. It may come in handy. ~Various items

  • Perhaps later.
  • Belgemine: Hmm…I see.

After defeating all her aeons in a row…

Yuna: Thank you! Perhaps you’ll teach me again someday? (Deep bow)
Belgemine: (Chuckles) That’s not possible. You have already surpassed your father. There is nothing more I can teach you. My work here on Spira is done. Time for me to go.
Auron: Send her.
[If Yuna sends her…]
Yuna: Yes. (Begins sending)
Belgemine: It is in your hands. Destroy Sin and save Spira. (Vanishes)

Chambers of the Fayth

[After Mika “reveals” that Yuna’s not a traitor, you can re-visit temples and talk to the Fayth within. In the remaster, you’ll have to bat aside a few Dark Aeons (Besaid, Macalania and the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth) first. ]

Valefor in Besaid: Sin is cursed. Sin prays. It curses its form, it prays for dissolution. Sin sees dreams of its own destruction. Sin is looking at us. We live in a fading echo of time left us by the destroyer. Free him from Yu Yevon. Free him — the fayth that has become Sin.

Ifrit in Kilika: Sin swam in the sea near Zanarkand. Perhaps the waking dream eased its suffering. Your father touched Sin and became real that night, foundering in the seas of Spira. How sad now, that he is caught in the tragic spiral. He is Sin. He is lost.

Ixion in Djose: For a long time, we had forgotten how to go forward. You reminded us we must go forward. Yes, we must run. Let us go, you who share our dreaming. Come, and we will run till the dream’s end.

Shiva in Macalania: Should the dreaming end, you too will disappear–Fade into Spira’s sea, Spira’s sky. But do not weep, nor rise in anger. Even we were once human. That is why we must dream. Let us summon a sea in a new dream world. A new sea for you to swim.

Yojimbo in Cavern of the Stolen Fayth: You are a fading dream, but one touched by reality. Spira will not forget its reality, nor the one who saved it. Run, dream; run on. Pass beyond the waking, and walk into the daylight.

Magus Sisters (only one speaks): Why couldn’t we see to stop the dreaming? Why did we stay on in Spira? We had forgotten for so long. We had forgotten to move forward. We had forgotten to change.

Al Bhed Primers

After collecting all Al Bhed primers, seek Rin and visit his shop. Afterwards…

Rin: If there’s anything I can help you with in the future, just ask.
Tidus: I am in your debt!
Rin: Very good! You have well learned our tongue.
Tidus: Easy, once you know the trick!
Rin: To think the day would come, that we could talk so; it is joyous indeed!
Tidus: I am happy too!
Rin: Here, a present to congratulate your success! ~ Underdog’s Secret x99
Tidus: Thank you!

Monster Arena

Monster Arena Guy: This is a training arena that Lord Mi’ihen constructed for the Crusaders. You can hone your battle skills here by fighting fiends gathered from all over Spira! But…the fiends all got away because I, uh, screwed up. I’m too old to gather fiends now, so I’m in quite a fix… So, that’s where you come in, sonny! Can I ask you to round up all the fiends for me? Of course, I’m not asking you to do it for free. There’ll be nice, fat rewards! On top of that, you can hone your fighting skills anytime against the fiends you bring back here! In addition, any items you win during training are yours to keep for free! But, there will be a small fee for each training session, so bear that in mind. How about it? Not a bad deal, eh? You won’t regret it!

  • Sorry, no time for that.
  • Old man: Hmm… And I was thinking to reward you with a variety of rare items I’ve collected. Are you sure?
    ¬How about it? Will you catch some fiends for me?
    [Sorry, no time for that. | All right, I’ll do it! | Would you explain that again?]
  • All right, I’ll do it!
  • Old man: That’s the spirit, sonny! Now, go catch all them fiends! But I’ve one more warning before I can let you go. To catch a fiend, you have to defeat it with a special kind of weapon! But not to worry! I’ll sell them to you for a special low price! Also, this arena can only hold ten of each kind of fiend. There won’t be any bonuses for capturing more, so keep an eye on your totals! I need you to start by collecting each species in the Calm Lands. I can’t reopen the arena without having some fiends, you know. By the way, there’s a total of nine species in the Calm Lands. I’ll give you a bonus when you get all of them. Oh! Before I forget, you have to use a special kind of weapon to catch them! I’ll sell some to you at a special price! No, no! No need to thank me! [Let’s see your weapons. | I’d like some items. | Show me the fiends captured so far. | That’s all.]
  • Would you explain that again?
  • Before finishing Calm Lands collection…
  • Old man: So far, you’ve collected [#] from the Calm Lands. You’ve got [#] more to go. You’ll find weaker fiends nearby, but search the northwest for the big game! [Let’s see your weapons. | I’d like some items. | Show me the fiends captured so far. | That’s all.]
  • After collecting Calm Lands species…
  • Old man: Ah! You’ve caught all the fiends of the Calm Lands. Now I can reopen the arena! Oops, I almost forgot. Here’s a token of my appreciation for your hard work. I don’t know if you have what it takes to open it, though. (Treasure chest appears.)
  • Before obtaining Celestial Mirror…
  • It won’t open.
  • After obtaining Celestial Mirror…
  • The Celestial Mirror seems to react. Use the Celestial Mirror? [Y/N] (Yuna walks up. Chest opens with a sparkle.) Obtained Nirvana!
  • After Arena is “reopened”…
  • Now what? [Chat. | Fight monsters. | Buy weapons. | Buy items. | Exit.]

While monster hunting, if you choose “Chat,” the Monster Arena Dude will spew random quotes about species or areas he’s still looking for. The quotes vary depending on whether you’ve caught only a few few, some, all but a few, or all of one species or area. Here’s the whole list of quotes!
Species-related “Chat” quotes…

  • I want you to find me some small birds for my collection! | So you’ve been gathering small birds. They may be plump, but they taste bad! | I need just a few more small birds. Got a big birdcage all ready for ’em! | After taming all the little birds you brought me, I’ve created something out of this world!
  • I want to research fiends that blow up when you smack them. | Good. You’ve been gathering bombs. Be sure to catch them before they go boom! | I need a few more bombs. Don’t waste them by making them blow up! | I’ve researched the fiends you brought me and put together an absolutely wicked bomb!
  • I want to know more about the poison found in those flying bugs. | You’ve caught some flying bugs already, eh? Keep it up, and watch out for poison! | I need just a few more flying bugs. Go get them for me! | After researching the fiends you brought me, I’ve created an incredible insect!
  • Sure would be grand to have every kind of breath-belching dragon in my collection! | So you’ve been catching dragons, eh? Hope you got weapons that can pierce their scales! | I need just a few more dragons to continue my research! | After taming all the dragons you brought, I’ve bred the ultimate wyrm!
  • I wonder what makes elementals tick… Sure wish I had some to study. | So you’ve started an elemental collection, eh? Hit ’em with the element they hate most! | I need a few more elementals to complete my research on the four elements! | I’ve been researching the fiends you brought me and created a very strange elemental.
  • If you see any eyeballs that go flap-flap, I want you to catch ’em for me! | So you’ve caught some winged eyeballs, huh? I need more! Bring me all you can find! | I need more winged eyeballs in order to continue my research! | I’ve been researching the fiends you brought me and created the ultimate eyeball!
  • I’ve been itching to know what would happen if you mixed flan of different elements together. | Been flan-hunting, huh? Use your weapons, not magic, if you want to capture them! | I just need a few more flan! Can’t wait to mix them all together! | I’ve mixed all kinds of flan together and created a real nasty one!
  • You know about the hard-shelled guys, right? I sure want to know which is the toughest. | Good job gathering them hard-shelled buggers. Keep on smashing their shells for me! | I need a few more of those hard-shelled guys. I’m sure you know where to find more! | I’ve been researching the fiends you brought me and created one as tough as steel!
  • I want you to find me some four-legged beasts that brandish huge horns! | So you’ve caught some horned beasts already? Be sure to duck when they charge! | I need just a few more horned beasts. I’ll be waiting right here. | Thanks to you, I’ve created the ultimate horned beast!
  • I sure want to find out where winged imps get their powers of lightning from. | So you’ve caught some winged imps, huh? They rely on magic, so use it against them! | I need just a few more winged imps to round out my collection! | I’ve created a nasty imp from all the samples you’ve brought me!
  • I wonder what fuel those iron giants run on? Sure wish I had some to tinker with… | So you’ve been capturing iron giants, eh? Be sure to stay on your toes! | I need just a few more iron giants. They’re tough, so be careful. | After studying the iron giants you brought, I’ve assembled my own! Hope you like it.
  • Different parts of Spira are home to different kinds of lizards. Could you go capture some for me? | I see you’re catching lizards, eh? Don’t let them get away! | Can you get some more lizards for me? Just a few more, now. | I’ve been researching the fiends you brought me and created the ultimate lizard!
  • I want you to nab some unsavory mushrooms. They might look tasty, but they ain’t! | So you’ve been gathering mushrooms, eh? Hit ’em with magic or they’ll get upset! | | I’ve been researching the specimens you’ve brought and cultivated a fascinating mushroom!
  • There are so many kinds of wolven fiends all over Spira. How about nabbing some for me? | I see you’re catching wolves, eh? Don’t let them get away! | Mind catching me a few more wolves? I need more to continue my research! | I’ve been researching the fiends you brought me and created the ultimate wolf!

Area-related “Chat” Quotes…

  • Head out to Besaid and capture the fiends there. There’s so few kinds, you’ll be done in a jiffy. | So you’ve been hunting on Besaid Island, eh? You sure got there and back in a hurry. | Close! Just one more species and we’ll have every kind of fiend on Besaid Island! Keep it up, kiddo!
  • One lap through the forest on Kilika Island is all it takes to grab ’em all! | So, you’ve been doing some hunting on Kilika Island? Well, you still got a ways to go, I reckon! | Dah! Just one more species from Kilika Island and we’ll have them all! Get back there on the double!
  • How about a nice stroll down the Mi’ihen Highroad? They got fiends to nab and sights to see! | I see you’ve been busy on the Mi’ihen Highroad. Hunt down the rest and bring ’em to me! | Aha! Just one more species from the Mi’ihen Highroad and we’ll have a complete collection! Hustle, sonny!
  • Try hunting around Mushroom Rock Road. I got a feeling some fantastic fiends lurk in the shadows there. | I see you’ve been searching around Mushroom Rock Road. Leave no stone unturned if you want to find ’em all. | Heavens! You’ve got just one more species to catch from Mushroom Rock Road! Keep at it, sonny!
  • Bring me some fiends from the Djose Road. It ain’t a big place, so you’ll be done before you know it! | Ah, so you’ve been hunting on the Djose Road. I see you’ve got quite a menagerie. | Ngah! We’re one species short of having a whole set of Djose Road fiends! Find one and nab it!
  • Get me some baddies from the Thunder Plains. Catching fiends, dodging lightning… What a thrill! | Been hunting out on the Thunder Plains, eh? Tread lightly, my boy! Tread lightly! | Huzzah! Just one more species to complete our collection from the Thunder Plains! Go get ’em!
  • How about a hunting trip through the Macalania forest? Its pristine glades and lovely ponds will soothe your soul! | Been hunting in Macalania, haven’t you? Keep at it! That’s one deep forest! | Zounds! One more species from Macalania and we’ll have a whole set! Don’t give up, kid!
  • Go hunt for fiends on Bikanel Island. There’s gotta be tons of ’em under all that sand! | Hmm, someone’s been hunting Bikanel Island fiends, I see. Keep up the good work, and don’t let the heat get to you! | Lo and behold! One species more and we’ll have every kind from Bikanel Island! Get back out there, son!
  • There’s this cave under a gorge just north of the Calm Lands. Bring me the fiends there! | So you’ve been spelunking, eh? Well, keep it up. There’s more fiends to catch in them caverns! | Why, just one more species from the cave at the bottom of the gorge! Get back down there!
  • Catch me some fiends from Mt. Gagazet! You can build your leg muscles while you hunt! | So you’ve captured some fiends from Mt. Gagazet? Well, keep at it and stay warm up there! | Jeepers! Just one more species from Mt. Gagazet and we’ll have a whole set! Get back up there!
  • I heard there’s a bunch of nasty fiends living inside Sin. Maybe you can go catch some for me! | Looks like you’ve caught some fiends from inside Sin’s guts. Remember, you’re my only hope! | Bingo! Just one more species and we’ll have a complete set from inside Sin! Good luck, Sonny!
  • Grim fiends lurk in the dungeon of the traitor Omega. Can’t you guess what I’m trying to say? | So you’re catching fiends from Omega Dungeon, eh? Capture more; it’ll build character! | Yow! Just one more species from Omega Dungeon and we’ll have a whole set! Bite the bullet, son!

After collecting a set of monsters from one area or species…

  • Species conquest…
  • I’ve done it! I’ve created a monster! This is a fabulous day! Come on, kiddo! Help me celebrate!
  • After finishing an area…
  • I’ve been researching specimens you brought from [area name], and created one nasty beast!
  • … Wanna take a swing at it? The first fight’s free. Fight? [Bring it on! | Not now.]

  • If you win…
  • You beat him… Nice job, sonny. But don’t let it go to your head! I’ll make sure he’s always ready. Try to beat him quicker next time!
  • If you lose…
  • What? You lost? Guess you’re just not up to snuff.
  • If you refuse…
  • Awww. Not up to it? Don’t worry about it. I’ll make sure he’s always ready so you can challenge him anytime. But not for free! I have to make a living too, you know.

Miscellaneous comments…

  • After collecting at least 1 of each monster from ten different places…
  • Wowzers! You’ve completed a total of ten races and areas! Hmm… You seem to be worthy of this prize. I gather it’s a priceless item, but I have no use for it. ~ Mars Sigil
  • After collecting at least 1 of each monster from every area…
  • Thanks to you, the monster collection is growing.
  • After collecting ’em all…
  • You’ve captured every fiend. I knew I was right picking you. Heh. I’ve always been a good judge of character.
  • After facing Ultima Buster…
  • I’ve just got some new items in! Great deals that you won’t regret!
  • After beating Nemesis…
  • You’ve beaten my mightiest beast? Mmm, what extraordinary power! All right! From now on, you shall be known as the “one Who Conquered All!” I never imagined that my mightiest creation could be defeated. Yes. Truly remarkable! I can’t find any other way to express it! All that’s left to do is to defeat Sin! I have faith in you, sonny. ~ Obtained Mark of Conquest! There won’t be any more new fiends, but you can still battle them anytime. Feel free to come back whenever you wish to train! You’ll of course need to pay for it, though! Hahaha…

Celestial Weapons

Outside Remiem Temple

Information sphere: Chocobos come to this forgotten temple to test each other’s speed and skill. You, who are listening to this, you have been accepted as a true rider. It is chocobo custom that one must have a rider to challenge the champion chocobo that stands near this sphere. Mount the bridled chocobo waiting on the opposite side of the temple. Once you are astride the challenger, the race will begin!

Chocobo hops and squeaks “Kweh!” when you approach…
It seems to be telling you to ride it. [Ride! | Don’t ride. | How do I race?]

After beating other chocobo (easy)…
YOU WIN! Obtained Cloudy Mirror!
This item opens ancient seals hidden throughout Spira. It seems to have lost its power, but there might be a way to restore it.

Macalania Woods

Approach crystal pod on side-path of skyway…
Use the Cloudy Mirror? [Y/N] (Sparkle) Obtained Celestial Mirror!

Various Places

At chests or glyphs containing/sealing Sigils…
  • If you don’t have Celestial Mirror
  • It won’t open.
  • If you have Celestial Mirror
  • The Celestial Mirror seems to react. Use the Celestial Mirror? [Y/N] Obtained [Name of Weapon]!

Thunder Plains

After dodging lightning bolts, a treasure chest appears in front of Agency with various prizes…

Even several bouts of electrocution won’t keep you down! For your admirable display of courage, the Bilghen Memorial Travel Agency confers upon you the Fighting Spirit Award. ~Elixir
At 5-100 bolts Congratulations! You’ve dodged (#) lightning bolts in a row. The Bilghen Memorial Travel Agency presents you with this small commemorative gift. (Various Goodies)
At 150-200 bolts Amazing! You’ve dodged (#) lightning bolts in a row. The Bilghen Memorial Travel Agency is proud to honor you with this prize.(Megalixir, Venus Sigil)

Small Cave, North of Mushroom Rock Road

What is a statue of Mi’ihen doing here?
 ¬There’s a sword here, too… an offering to Mi’ihen?

Bring the following goodies…

~Use the Rusty Sword? [Y/N] (Sparkle)
~The Celestial Mirror seems to react. Use the Celestial Mirror? [Y/N]
Obtained Masamune!   Auron: *SWOOSH!*

Macalania Woods

Bird Harpist: The butterfly that changes color attracts the red and blue butterflies. Red butterflies are ill omens. Get too close and they will summon deadly fiends. Blue butterflies lead to good fortune! Find seven and a treasure will be yours.
 ¬Luck is a fickle thing. Traveller, find the blue butterflies as quickly as you can.

[The rest of Kimahri’s weapon quest, appropriately, has no dialog.]

Luca Cafe

Lady behind the counter…

  • Before playing much blitzball…
  • …You’re a good player, but still need some work. If you want to get your hands on that thing, you’ll need to win more games.
  • After winning a few games…
  • …Wow, you’ve become a great player! Now, as long as you bring it to me, I’ll present you with our heirloom.
  • Once you have Celestial Mirror…
  • Hey there, star player! Hey, you have it right? Lemme see it for a second. (Use Celestial Mirror) Amazing. I can say that I’m honored to hand over the family heirloom. (Wakka comes in, takes mean-looking blitzball.) Our ancestors received this artifact from Lord High Summoner Ohalland. Please use it with care!

Calm Lands

On the northwest rim there’s a ledge leading down into the Scar, blocked by…
Man in brown coat: Hey, hey! You can’t go down there!
 ¬Even if I don’t know what I’m watching for, duty’s duty. I’m not moving. Well, unless something really unique happens, that is.

Chocobo trainer in far nw corner of Calm Lands: I hope you’re not planning to cross this place on foot.

  • Walking’s not that bad.
  • Trainer: I suppose you’re right. Fighting fiends lets you polish your skills.
  • I want to ride a chocobo!
  • Trainer: Well, these plains are home to lots of wild chocobos. First we must train them to be dependable mounts. I’m training some chocobos now, but they’re not quite tame yet. I’m sorry I can’t lend you any. Walking might be faster than waiting for one of my chocobos.
    • Let me train one!
    • Trainer: That’s easier said than done. It’s not that simple, you know. You’re sure you want to try?
      • Of course!
      • Trainer: All right. Come with me. [Chocobo Mini-game] /span>
      • Maybe not.
      • Trainer: Bye, now. Maybe next time I’ll have a chocobo ready for you.
    • Thanks anyway.
    • Trainer: Bye, now. Maybe next time I’ll have a chocobo ready for you.

After you’ve reached Gagazet, if you re-enter Calm Lands from Macalania side, chocobo trainer waits near that entrance.
Trainer: Most chocobos around here are wild, so you can’t ride them without training them first. I’ve trained some chocobos. Do you want to ride one?

  • Let me ride one!
  • (Chocobo trots up, ready to ride.)
  • I’ll walk.
  • (Nothing)
  • Let me train one.
  • All right. Come with me.[Chocobo Mini-game, see below]
  • How do you ride a chocobo?
  • [Tutorial]
  • Never mind.
  • Trainer: You’re doing well! Keep it up!

 ¬Trainer: What can I do for you?
[ How do you ride a chocobo? | Let me train one. | Never mind. ]

[Select Training Course]
[Wobbly chocobo | Dodger chocobo | Hyper dodger chocobo]

Let’s begin, shall we? (If have played before): Your record is [time]!) Ready?
[As ready as ever. | Get me off of this bird! | Show me the controls.]

  • All right! You crossed the finish line! I clocked you at [time].

    • (Fail to beat clock…)
    • Hmmm. I think your chocobo could use some more training.
    • (Beat the clock…)
    • Wow! That’s a new personal best! Congratulations! I’ll jot it down in my book. Here’s your prize! Whenever you tie or break your record, you’ll get a prize like this.
    • (Fail to beat best record in subsequent race)
    • Don’t give up. Someday you’ll hold the record!
    • (First time beating Hyper dodger)
    • I’m so happy someone finally finished all the exercises! You’ve completed all the training exercises, but there’s one last favor I want to ask… Race me! Challenge me anytime. I love a good race. Ah, I almost forgot! Here’s your prize! Whenever you tie or break your record, you’ll get a prize like this.
  • Hey, you’ve got to pass between me and my chocobo!

Once more? [One more time! | I quit. | Let’s do something else.]

[Mini-game: Catcher]

We’re near the Calm Lands exit to Macalania Woods. This is the starting line. And the finish line is on the far right edge of the plain over there. Yes, over there. Basically, if you get there before I do, you win. But that’s not all. Each balloon you pick up shaves three seconds off your final time. But each bird that hits you adds three seconds to your final time. We take the total time, subtract bonuses, and add penalties to decide the outcome of the race. So even if I reach the finish line first, you can still win if you catch enough balloons. That’s all for now. Let’s race, shall we?

  • (Lose…)
  • Nice try, but I won. Better luck next time! Feel free to train as much as you want.
  • (Win…)
  • Wow, you won. Congratulations! I knew you were good, but not this good! I’ll have to train harder to match you. Feel free to stop by for training anytime. Here’s your prize for beating me. You’ve earned it. Whenever you tie or break your own record, you’ll get a prize like this.
    The guy usually blocking north rim trail shows up beside racetrack after you beat her…
    Man in brown coat: Hey, I saw it! I saw the race! You were amazing! I can’t believe you won! But you were lucky. I mean, sometimes she’s hot, sometimes she’s not.
     ¬What? Who’s watching the gorge? Uh, no one. Shouldn’t hurt, right?

    He’ll be back at the north rim if you leave Calm Lands and return…
    Man in brown coat: It’s been ages since I could get my mind off my job! I’ve gotta thank you.
     ¬I guess I broke family tradition… but nobody saw me, right? Well, I’d better get back to my watch.
    (If you try to pass him) Hey, hey! You can’t go down there!

  • (Subsequent wins…)
  • Wow! That’s a new personal best! Congratulations! I’ll jot it down in my book. Here’s your prize! Whenever you tie or break your record, you’ll get a prize like this.
  • (Subsequent losses…)
  • Don’t give up. Someday you’ll hold the record!
  • (If you beat your own time but not her…)
  • I may have won, but that was your best run yet. I’ll write it down for you. Maybe you can beat me next time. Here’s your prize! Whenever you tie or break your record, you’ll get a prize like this.
  • (…if you get 0.0 seconds…)
  • Unbelievable! That was a perfect run! Wait! I have something special for you. I never thought I’d see the day that someone would actually achieve a perfect time! Here you go. I don’t know what it’s for, but I’ve heard it’s priceless. ~Sun Sigil
  • Once more? [One more time! | I quit. | Let’s do something else.]

(If you come back later and select the Catcher game again) I guess I’m the challenger. Enjoy it while you can! By the way, your best time so far is [Time].
(or else…)Come challenge me again sometime. I’ll keep a record of your best time. And, your best time is currently [time]!


[Cactuar Stone south of village…]
There’s writing on the stone.

= Song of the Gatekeeper =
10 little gatekeepers play in the sand. Tomay’s gone. Gone to fetch the water. Be back soon.

Village of the Cactuars
–Using spheres to control the sands, the Cactuars defend their village. They are the Gatekeepers.
— Present all 10 of the spheres they bear to the stone altar, and the way to the village will open.

[Meeting first gatekeeper, you get instructions…]
Way of the Gatekeepers I: It may look like fun and games, but the Gatekeepers are a proud race of warriors. While they dislike combat, they will turn and face any enemy that takes their back.
Way of the Gatekeepers II: Should you fail to sneak up on them they will realize they have over-estimated their enemy and depart in disgust.
Way of the Gatekeepers III: Sneak up on the cactuars when their backs are turned to confront them. It’s better that way, believe me.

Each time you find a gatekeeper, there’s a short description…
Tomay. Duties: Fetching water. Takes his time and, as a result, is often left behind. A little dim.
Rovivea: Has no patience for certain dim-witted friends. Not a progressive thinker.
Chava: Recently learned to count to 50. A little needy. Attention deficit.
Alek & Aloja: Two brothers, rarely separated. They move as one, their closeness a paragon of brotherhood.
Vachella: Loves new things. Hard on others, easy on self. Stingy.
Robeya: A real needle brain. Likes cramped spaces. Check out his great collection!
Isrra:The philosopher about town. Today, he digs holes. Again. A cautious sort.
Elio: To see what lies beyond the sands, he travels far to distant lands. Hyper-reactive and a bad poet.
Flaile: The guy you never invite but he always shows up anyway. Cheeky.

During confrontation, cactuars turn around with the battlecry, “Needletime!”

After first confrontation with a gatekeeper, more instructions appear:
Spheres: Fail to catch the gatekeeper unaware, and you’ll obtain the Sphere del Perdedor! Best the gatekeeper and obtain his personalized sphere! Collect lots of spheres to receive an award at the village.

Each time you add a sphere to the Cactuar Stone by the vilage, the stone gives the next clue following this formula…
Writing appears when the sphere is set into the stone! [#] little gatekeepers play in the sand. [Name and clue.] Be back soon.

After setting the last sphere in place, the stone repeats the clues in order, replacing “be back soon”…
There’s writing on the stone.

10 little gatekeepers play in the sand. Tomay’s gone. Gone to fetch the water. Gone for good.
9 little gatekeepers play in the sand. Rovivea’s gone walkabout. Gone for good.
8 little gatekeepers play in the sand. Little Chava likes big numbers. Gone for good.
7 little gatekeepers play in the sand. Alek and Aloja play tag in the ruins of men. Gone for good.
5 little gatekeepers play in the sand. Vachella seeks the shining blue. Gone for good.
4 little gatekeepers play in the sand. O, Robeya’s stuck inside. Gone for good.
3 little gatekeepers play in the sand. A fiery inscription–The lord of the hole is gone, Isrra thinks. Gone for good.
2 little gatekeepers play in the sand. Much-curious Elio has left on a journey. Gone for good.
1 little gatekeeper plays in the sand. Flaile is always behind. Gone for good.
10 little gatekeepers play in the sand. Nobody’s here. The sand is gone.

Macalania Woods

After obtaining Celestial Mirror, examining giant crystal pod on Macalania Woods skyway triggers…

Have you the Celestial Weapons?
Who will present their weapon? [List of party members]

  • X does not have a Celestial Weapon.

  • You must offer the [Name] Crest. Complete the ritual? [Y/N]
    • (Don’t have that Crest) This weapon is not yet ready for further strengthening.
    • (Zap) The weapon’s power has grown!
  • You must offer the [Name] Sigil. Complete the ritual? [Y/N]
    • (Don’t have that Sigil) This weapon is not yet ready for further strengthening.
    • (Zap) The weapon attains its maximum power!
  • Present other weapons? [Y/N]

Dark Aeons

[NOTE: I still need to play the Dark Aeons part of the Remaster. This is transcribed from walkthroughs posted on YouTube. Dark Aeons appear after you defeat Yunalesca or thereabouts.]

Besaid Village Entrance

Purple-clad priest (from Macalania?) blocks village gates and shakes head. Villagers watch behind him.]
Priest: Infidel! Prepare to charge! (summons Dark Valefor)
[Defeat Dark Valefor. Yuna bows in prayer as priest falls on back. Villagers rally to Yuna’s side.]
Old Lady: Stay away from the summoner!
Yuna’s friend: You’re a bad man!

[Priest runs away like Barthello wearing a snuggie.]

Sanubia Desert, Former Entrance to Home

Al Bhed woman in bumblebee-striped robe: My child is lost in the ruins of Home. Please, help me to find my child! [Yes | No]
[Tidus follows woman to rim of hole in ground]
Al Bhed woman: Where has she gone?
[Dark Ifrit lurks below.]
Woman: I will check over here. (Walks away, does Yevon Prayer while Tidus’ back is turned, turns into shampoo bottle priest from Yuna’s wedding)
[Ifrit climbs out of pit, Tidus yells and falls, boss battle time. Afterwards, priests runs away and falls into a Sandragora pit with a yell.]
Auron: Hmph! Let’s go.

Thunder Plains

Warrior monk: You heathen!
[Monk runs, party gives chase. Kimahri halts and looks up at tower.]
Tidus: Something up there?
Lulu: Let’s go!
[Tidus and Kimahri follow others, Dark Ixion appears on top of tower behind them and jumps down. Party facing off with Mep-model priest and little nun. They summon Ixion. Boss fight, no aftermath scene.]

Macalania Temple Doors

[Guado, warrior monks and a monk on steps. Elderly Guado (like Seymour’s bodyguard) comes forward.]
Guado: Fool! To come back to Macalanaia Temple a traitor!

…Traitor! Find your salvation on the Farplane!

[Boss battle with Dark Shiva. Guado chase you away afterwards.]

Mushroom Rock Road Entrance

[Nun and lil’ nun talking, stop, see Tidus, make annoyed gesture and summon Dark Magus Sisters. Run away, and they’re joined by woman in purple. All three pursue. Minigame!]

Getting Away
  • Battle will begin if your pursuers get too close.
  • Run as fast as you can to thin out enemy forces.
  • The screen will flash to warn you when pursuers are near:
    • Not flashing – Safe, for now.
    • Yellow – Pursuers approaching!
    • Red – Capture imminent!

    Even if you can’t see your pursuers they will catch you if you get close, so stay on your guard at all times.

[Run far enough and you get the “Lost one pursuer” message, and one aeon will fight you. Get to the final lift and “Nothing happens,” so you’re cornered.]

Yunalesca’s (Former) Lair

[No summoner here, just Dark Bahamut being badass.]

Cavern of Stolen Fayth

[Another shampoo-bottle priest summons Dark Yojimbo. Afterwards, he nods, gives prayer-bow in respect? and leaves.]

Mt. Gagazet

[ After redoing First Trial in cave near top of Mt. Gagazet, Dark Anima appears down at front gates of Gagazet.


[No new dialog for Penance either.]

Results of “Scan” on Party Members


Star player of the Zanarkand Abes. His attacks lack power due to his inexperience with the sword. Speed is his greatest asset. As a child he was a crybaby, and tears still come to him easily.


She was taken to Besaid after losing her father ten years ago. There she grew up with Wakka and Lulu, choosing to follow in her father’s footsteps and become a summoner.
Being very honest and open, she can’t keep a secret for long.


The legendary guardian who, along with Jecht, joined High Summoner Braska on his journey to vanquish Sin ten years ago. After that victory, he left Spira for Zanarkand to watch over Tidus.
Formerly a warrior monk, he once protected the temples of Yevon.


Yuna’s guardian, and an accomplished black mage. She’s guarded two summoners before Yuna, and learned much from those pilgrimages. No one, not even Wakka, knows how she controls the puppets she uses as weapons.


Yuna’s blitzball-toting guardian. His training has honed the accuracy and power of his shots, which can take down both fast-flying fiends and enemies afar. He’s a competent and versatile fighter, but he has yet to win an argument with Lulu.


A Ronso youth with a gift for mastering enemies’ abilities, he abandoned his homeland over ten years ago and now watches over Yuna. He speaks only to those he deems worthy, but his fierce appearance belies a gentle heart.


An Al Bhed girl trying hard to protect Yuna. She makes up for her weak attacks with her superior speed. Her fear of lightning is just a phobia. She affectionately calls Yuna “Yunie” as a nickname.


A maester of Yevon and leader of the Guado, He seems disinclined to summon aeons, but his powers are great. He can draw upon magic of all four elements as well as upon healing spells. His Overdrive Requiem deals a devastating blow to all enemies.