Chapter VII: Guadosalam, Thunder Plains


Entry Area into Guadosalam

[A stuffy Guado greets Yuna’s party as they arrive]
Tromell: We have been expecting you, Lady Yuna. Welcome to Guadosalam. This way, my lady. This way. (Reaches for her hand)
Yuna: Uh, me?
Wakka: Whoa, whoa, whoa! (Intercepts Tromell’s hand)
Tromell: Oh, I beg your pardon. I’m called Tromell Guado. I am in the direct servidce of our leader, the great Seymour Guado. Lord Seymour has very important business with Lady Yuna.
Yuna: Business with me? Whatever could it be, I wonder?
Tromell: Please, come inside the manor. All will be explained. Of course, your friends are also welcome.
Rikku: Twist our arms why don’t ya!
Rikku: Ah, I almost forgot!

[Customization Tutorlal]
Rikku: What would you do without me?

Guadosalam Inn

Guado woman in purple: Thank you so much for destroying that Al Bhed contraption. Those heathens are despicable. I feel so relieved now.
 ¬If you see any more of those Al Bhed, you go right ahead and beat them up.

Guado blitzer (Noy): We Guado help the warrior monks patrol the roads beyond. Why wouldn’t we do all we can for the good of Spira?
 ¬Someday when the Crusaders regroup, we’ll want them to help us, too.

Innkeeper: The Guado welcome all guests. Would you like to rest here?

  • Yeah, thanks!
  • Then let me show you a Guado’s hospitality.
  • Maybe later.
  • Very well. Come back anytime.
Shelinda: Oh, how fare you, Sir Guardian? It seems that Maester Seymour has returned to Guadosalam. He’s young, but he deserves our respect.
 ¬The maester is also the high priest of Macalania temple. So he administers both the temple and Guado affairs.
I hope to get an audience with Maester Seymour, myself.

Maechen: Care to hear about the Farplane or the pyreflies?
  • No, thanks.
  • Maechen: Pity. Suit yourself.
  • Tell me about the Farplane.
  • Maechen: Ahem! The Farplane’s the place where pyreflies born from a sending gather. They appear in the shape of people who’ve died and gone to the Farplane. Quite the phenomenon; how I wish I understood it more fully! The Al Bhed have a theory, you know. They say the pyreflies are just reacting to visitors’ thoughts and dreams. But only the dead appear on the Farplane. No image of the living has ever been seen. It’s a great mystery! But maybe…Maybe the dead leave a bit of themselves in the hearts of the living. And that little bit borrows the pyreflies’ power for their paranormal performance! Or maybe not. Who knows? And that, as they say, is that.
  • Tell me about the pyreflies.
  • Maechen: Ahem! They may be called “pyreflies” but they aren’t really “flies,” you see. They’re those lights you see whenever a fiend dies. The little fellows are responsible for a few fantastic phenomena. Visions of the past, spheres, fiends– these are all the pyreflies’ doing. In fact… pyreflies have something to do with aeons, too. The dreams of the fayth reach through the spirit of the summoner… And that which is unreal becomes real for all to see! Or maybe not. Who knows? And that, as they say, is that.

 ¬Can’t get enough? Like to hear it one more time? [No, thanks. | What about this Farplane? | Let’s hear about these pyreflies.]

Guado Glories House

Pah Guado (in corner): Say, you play for the Besaid Aurochs. You’re Tidus, right? I saw you at the tournament. Let’s blitz sometime.
 ¬Those fiends really made a mess. Some of my teammates were badly hurt.

Zazi Guado (on chair): I’d love to step away from the Guado glories and play for a different team once in a while. Why, if they paid me enough, I’d even play for the Al Bhed!

Snooty Guado in yellow: As sole protectors of the Farplane, the Guado are the supreme race of Spira. We are fundamentally different from the populous humans and the hulking Ronso. But, that’s an old story. Now the Guado seek harmony with other races.
 ¬Let us welcome humans and Ronso without prejudice.

Guado girl in purple: You find it difficult telling us Guado apart, don’t you? I suppose you think we all look the same.
 ¬Actually, we Guado tend to have trouble telling one human from another, too.

House of the Fusty Elders

Young Guado in blue: Lord Seymour instructs the Guado youth on numerous subjects. Thanks to him, I learned about Yevon’s teachings and the history of Spira.
 ¬Lord Seymour is a great teacher. He explains everything quite clearly.

Old fart in green: Thou seem’st weary, good traveller. Wouldst sit and rest thy feet awhile? Ah, belike my speech perplexes thee? ‘Tis old Guado I speak, a tongue seldom heard within even Guadosalam now.
 ¬A dying breed we are, speakers of the old tongue. I fear this precious legacy hath but little time remaining.
 ¬Many Guado shun the old tongue, favouring instead the speech of foreign tribes. ‘Tis a pity, verily.

Old fartess in yellow: Good traveller, prithee forgive us our antiquated prattling.
 ¬Once, all Guado spoke the old tongue. But when Lord Jyscal brought us to the light of Yevon… the old tongue fell out of favour with many, and suffers now a slow demise.
 ¬The youth laugh upon us as stale old relics who live too much in the past.

Yuma Guado (Blitzer in back): The elders just won’t give up the old tongue. I keep telling them how unseemly it is, babbling like that to guests.
 ¬It’s just what old folks do, I guess. Please, take no offense.

Guadosalam Shop

Shopkeeper: Ah, one of Lady Yuna’s guardians. How may I help you today? [Buy weapons. | Buy items. | Leave.]
 ¬Please return anytime.

Guado woman in hood: My husband has long served as a guardian to the leaders of the Guado. These days he accompanies Lord Seymour all over Spira.
 ¬We imagine Lord Seymour will rise to great glory in Spira.

O’aka: Ohhh!

  • Got anything?
  • O’aka: Thank ye. [Got any weapons? | Got any items? | Leave.]
  • Let’s chat!
  • O’aka: I tell ye, these Guado merchants are shrewd! Rippin’ off the pilgrims that come to visit the Farplane! Listen, you watch that they don’t get you, too! Me, ye can trust! More than the Guado, at least. What do ye say? [Got any weapons? | Got any items? | Leave.]
  • Forget it.

Wandering Around Guadosalam

Nav Guado (running everywhere): It’s called endurance training. Stay out of my way.
 ¬What do you want? I’ll face you in the sphere pool soon enough.

Giera Guado (outside Elders’ House): We Guado protect the Farplane so the dead can rest in peace.

Man in brown talking to Giera: Although we Guado differ from humans in appearance, our respect for the dead is the same.
 ¬People come to Guadosalam from every corner of Spira to see their loved ones again.

Guado Woman in hood on upper level: I suppose you think we look…odd, don’t you? That’s fine. We Guado are used to that sort of thing.
 ¬But if you ask me, you humans look absolutely disgusting. Still, what does it matter? Such nonsense is beneath us, no?
 ¬Once, a human child simply looked at me and then burst into tears. That hurt.

Auda Guado, talking to her: Since embracing Yevon, we Guado have learned the joy that is blitzball.
 ¬I hope that the people of Spira will find peace through blitzball.

Flaky youth wandering near them: Humans! Humans! A summoner and her guardians!
 ¬Wait, I know. Keeheehee.

Farplane Gatekeeper: Present yourself to Lord Seymour before approaching the Farplane.

Guado barring Thunder Plains exit: A ferocious storm is ripping through the Thunder Plains. Please, remain inside.

Seymour’s Mansion

Guado barring entry to upper story of Seymour’s mansion: Tromell will be back shortly. Please be patient.
 ¬These are Lord Seymour’s private chambers. You may not enter.

Front Hallway of Seymour’s Mansion

Auron: Stay close to Yuna.

Rikku: I wonder what smells so nice!

Yuna: Why does he want to see me?

Kimahri: Kimahri not like Maester Seymour.
Yuna: Aa! Shhh!
 ¬Kimahri: Kimahri speak no more.

Wakka: I don’t like the smell of this one, eh?

Lulu: (Examining Seymour’s portrait, among others) These are the past leaders of the Guado.
Tidus: They all look the same!
Wakka: Maester Seymour doesn’t look like them, though.
Lulu: Don’t you know? The last leader… (Glances to portrait on far side of room) Maester Jyscal wed a human woman. She was Seymour’s mother.
[Both: Oooooh.]

[Tromell emerges from inner room of mansion and beckons]
Tromell: This way, please.

If you bug Tromell before entering banquet hall…
Tromell: (snootily) This way, please!

Seymour’s Mansion: Great Hall

Tromell: I will go inform Lord Seymour. Please wait here.

Kimahri: Kimahri speak no more.

Yuna: What could it be? Oooh…
 ¬I haven’t done anything to make him mad.

Rikku: (Behind buffet, talking with mouth full) Mmmm! This is good!
 ¬Guado sure know how to eat!
 ¬Gee, I wonder what all this is for. It’s exciting!

Wakka: I get the feeling he called us up here for more than just dinner.
 ¬Nothing ‘gainst the maester, but I hope we get this over with quick.

Auron: Stay on your guard.
Tidus: Why? This guy’s just a priest, right?
Auron: Those with power use that power. Maesters have power.
Tidus: Wait… You sure you don’t have something against Yevon?
Auron: (Dark chuckle) I lived a long time in Zanarkand.
Tidus: Aaaah.

¬Auron: What is taking them so long?

Lulu: There’s no temple here in Guadosalam, see? Summoners usually just pass through on their way elsewhere.
Tidus: (Laughs)
Lulu: (Snaps) What?
Tidus: I didn’t even ask a question and you’re explaining things.
Lulu: You’d rather I say nothing, then?
Tidus: No, no! Maybe you finally believe I don’t know anything about Spira. And maybe that means you believe me about Zanarkand, too?
Lulu: Well… There are many things I do not know. Your Zanarkand is one of those things. I suppose I can’t say what I think either way. Still, be careful. You shouldn’t tell other people.
Tidus: Yeah, I know.

¬Lulu: Why don’t you eat something?

Tromell: (Re-enters) Truly, it is good to have guests again. Since Lord Jyscal passed away, these halls have been too quiet.
Yuna: The death of Lord Jyscal was a great loss for all of Spira.
Tidus: Was this Maester Jyscal really such a great guy?
Wakka: He brought the teachings of Yevon to the Guado. He was truly a great man.
Tromell: Truly, a loss for us all. But now a new leader, Lord Seymour, has come before us. Lord Seymour is the child of a Guado and a human. He will be the tie that binds our two races together. But that is not all, I think. Lord Seymour… (spreads arms) He will surely become the shining star that lights the way for all the peoples of Spira.
Seymour: (Entering) That is enough, Tromell. Must I always endure such praise? (Yevon bow) Welcome!
Yuna: You…wanted to see me?
Seymour: Please, make yourselves at home. There’s no rush.
Auron: Please, keep this short. Yuna must rush.
Seymour: Pardon me. It has been a long time since I had guests. Lady Yuna, this way.

FMV: Metropolis

[Seymour shows off a simulation of Zanarkand and wows Yuna.]
Seymour: This sphere is a reconstruction created from the thoughts of the dead that wander the Farplane.
Tidus: Zanarkand!
Background PA broadcast: The blitzball stadium is experiencing technical difficulties. Tonight’s game will be delayed. We are experiencing heavy congestion in the stadium area. The area will be off-limits until further notice. We apologize for the inconvenience.
Seymour: Correct. Zanarkand…as it looked one thousand years ago. The great and wondrous machina city, Zanarkand.
Seymour: (Mysteriously) She once lived in this metropolis.
Auron: (Snorts)
Yuna: She, who?

[Scene changes to ornate chamber. A woman sporting the “doilies and dental floss” look sits on bed.]
Yuna: Lady Yunalesca!
Seymour: She was the first person to defeat Sin and save the world from its ravages. And you have inherited her name.
Yuna: It was my father who named me.
Seymour: Lord Braska was entrusting you with a great task. He wanted you to face Sin, as Lady Yunalesca did. However, Lady Yunalesca did not save the world alone. To defeat the undefeatable Sin…it took an unbreakable bond of love– of the kind that binds two hearts for eternity. (Yevon bow)
[Man in ornate samurai armor enters, passes right through Yuna and embraces Yunalesca. Yuna looks down shyly. Seymour whispers in her ear. Yuna covers her mouth. When vision fades, she makes a dash for a glass of water on a table.]
Yuna: (Gulps, turns to friends who gather around)
Rikku: Wow! Your face is beet red!
Tidus: You okay?
Yuna: Mm…ahh… I… He…he asked me to marry him!
Tidus: You serious? (To Seymour) Hey!
Auron: You know what Yuna must do.
Seymour: Of course. Lady Yuna–no, all summoners–are charged with bringing peace to Spira. But this means more than just defeating Sin. She must ease the suffering of all Spira. She must be a leader for the people. I proposed to Lady Yuna as a Maester of Yevon.
Auron: Spira is no playhouse. A moment’s diversion may amuse an audience, but it changes nothing.
Seymour: Even so, the actors must play their parts.
Seymour: (Approaches Yuna) There’s no need to answer right away. Please, think it over.
Yuna: (Stammers)
Auron: We will do so, then.
Auron: We leave.

Seymour: Lady Yuna, I await your favorable reply.
[They start to leave]
Seymour: Why are you still here, sir?
Auron: (Pauses)
Seymour: I beg your pardon. (Courtly bow) We Guado are keen to the scent of the Farplane.
Tidus: (Sniff-sniffs Auron)
Auron: (Shoves him aside and stomps out)

Guard to upper story of mansion: These are Lord Seymour’s private chambers. You may not enter.

Guard to Farplane: A guardian abandoning his summoner? Most unbecoming.

Outside Seymour’s Mansion

Lulu: Yuna, the high summoner’s daughter. Seymour, the leader of the Guado. Married in the name of Yevon, overcoming the barriers of race. It would give Spira something cheery to talk about, for a change.
Wakka: Sounds just like a passin’ daydream, like Auron says.
Tidus: Come on, let’s just get on with the pilgrimage! I mean, marriage?
Rikku: Hmmm. Jealous? (nudges)
Tidus: What? No way! We gotta defeat Sin. Romance can wait!
Rikku: (Dismissive gesture)
Wakka: He sure picked a fine time to lay this one on us.
Yuna: Maybe it is a fine time.
Tidus: You serious?
Yuna: If my getting married would help Spira…if it would make people happy…If I could do that for people…maybe I should do what I can. I never imagined doing anything like this. But, I won’t answer till I know what’s right.
Tidus: Seriously?
Rikku: You could always just quit your pilgrimage and get married.
Yuna: I will…go on. I’m sure that Lord Seymour will understand.
Rikku: Umm, I guess so…
Yuna: I am a summoner! I must fight and defeat Sin.
Auron: Like Braska before you.
Narration: I had to stop myself from shouting: What’s there to think about?
Yuna: I’m going to the Farplane. I’m going to see my father and think on this.
Lulu: Go on, we’ll be right behind you.
Yuna: Mm. (Nods)
Narration: I wondered why none of the others ever asked Yuna. Do you love Seymour? Do you even like him?
[The party heads for the Farplane]

Wizened Guado guarding tunnel to Farplane: Remember, the Farplane is sacrosanct. Proper decorum, please.

Farplane Entrance

[The party gathers outside glowing membrane of Farplane at top of steps]
Tidus: Question! About this Farplane…When somebody dies, a summoner sends them to the Farplane, right? So their souls, or whatever they are, they go to the Farplane, right? But that’s the Farplane we’re going to, right? And Yuna’s old man’s there, too? Do dead people live there or something? Hmmm… (imagines creepy ghosts) Ahahaha…
Wakka: You’re thinking those funny thoughts again, ya?
Tidus: Eheheh… well…
Lulu: (sighs)
Wakka: You’ll see once we get there.
[They head up the stairs, but Auron’s sitting at the bottom.]
Tidus: Aren’t you coming?
Auron: I do not belong there.
Tidus: Ohohoho! You’re scared!
Auron: Searching the past to find the future…This is all that is there. I need it not.
Auron: You’d better be going.
Rikku: You’re not really going to see the dead, more like your memories of them. People think of their relatives, and the pyreflies react to them. They take on the form of the dead person–an illusion, nothing else.
Tidus: Hmm…
Rikku: Well, have fun! (Waves)
Tidus: What, you’re not going either, Rikku?
Rikku: I keep my memories inside.
Tidus: Huh?
Memories are nice, but that’s all they are. (Sits on railing opposite Auron)

Talking to Auron and Rikku before entering Farplane…
Auron: You’re still here?

Rikku: See you later!

[Tidus pushes tentatively through swirling membrane, sees rocky platform suspended over vast psychedelic landscape]
Tidus: What the…?

FMV: Otherworld

[Beneath a whirlpool of clouds, pyreflies swirl over incandescent gardens and a psychedelic version of Victoria Falls.]

[Yuna stands opposite Tidus facing image of parents. Wakka faces Chappu. Lulu looks at Chappu from afar.]

Narration: The Farplane was cool, but I couldn’t stop thinking about Yuna. Her parents–they looked so happy together. But it got me worried that maybe seeing them would make Yuna really consider Seymour’s proposal.

Farplane Viewing Platform

Wakka: Yo, Chappu! Meant to come see you earlier, ya? Sorry! (Japanese bow, stays down in apology) I know you won’t hold it against me.
Wakka: I gave up the game. I’m a guardian from here on, you know?
Wakka: This guy–looks a lot like you–showed up. Travelling with him, I thought, maybe…you were still alive somewhere, ya? But, then again, here you are on the Farplane. Guess your place is here.
Wakka: So, how you been? Oh, that guy I just told you ’bout, I gave him your sword. He likes it.
Tidus: Huh? (Looks at it) Whoa.

Kimahri: (Shakes head, bars way until Tidus talks to Yuna)

¬Wakka: Just a sec more.
Lulu: He is dead, and I am still alive. Coming here really makes that clear. I should focus more on what I have to do now. (laughs)
Tidus: What?
Lulu: I’m not even sure what I’m saying.
Tidus: Don’t you mean that you should leave Chappu behind? I’m sure he was a great guy, but there’ll be others.
Lulu: Hmm… That’s a possibility.
Tidus: How about…Wakka?
Lulu: What, me? With Wakka?
Tidus: Yeah, you two get along great!
Lulu: Getting along isn’t enough. Not even close.
Tidus: Oh, sorry. My mistake.
Lulu: You’d do well to remember that. Knowing a bit about women might come in handy some day.
Tidus: Yeah, I’ll remember.
Lulu: I won’t be forgetting either. (Even if the scriptwriters for X-2 did.)
Lulu: Goodbye, Chappu. You always said I looked grumpy. But those were the happiest days of my life.

¬Lulu: Why don’t you try calling someone? All you have to do is think about them.

Tidus: So…Yuna?
Yuna: I’ve decided.
Tidus: Oh? Really? That’s good.
Yuna: I remember, when I was only seven years old, in Bevelle that day. My father had defeated Sin, and the whole town was out in the streets. Everyone was laughing. They all seemed so happy. If I defeated Sin, that would make everyone happy…wouldn’t it?
Tidus: (Nods)
Yuna: I must do what everyone wants, not just what I want.
Tidus: Let’s go back! You gotta tell Seymour.
Yuna: Before that… Call Sir Jecht. Give it a try.
Tidus: Huh?
Yuna: Don’t worry. He won’t come.
Narration: Trying not to think about my old man made me think about him, of course.
Yuna: See, told you!
Narration: He isn’t here because he’s not dead. He’s Sin.
Yuna: That means he’s alive, you know?
Narration: What if my old man really is Sin? What would I say to Yuna…heck, to everybody in Spira? Wait, why should I have to apologize for him, anyway?
Tidus: I’d rather never see him again.
Yuna: What makes you hate him so?
Tidus: Everything he does just makes me mad. It was his fault that me and my mother…
[Image of woman appears]
Tidus: Ah… Mom?
Yuna: (Gasps)
Tidus: I-It’s her!
Yuna: She’s very pretty.
Tidus: But… Wait. No one ever performed the sending for her.
Yuna: She must’ve accepted death while she was still alive.
Tidus: Whoa there, that’s my mother you’re talking about.
Yuna: Oh, I’m sorry!
Tidus: It’s okay.
Tidus: Ah. I think I just figured something out.
Yuna: What?
Tidus: Why I hate my old man.

Flashback to Houseboat in Zanarkand

[Jecht and wife lean over railing looking out at city. POV is from a child’s height; their backs are turned.]
Jecht: See? So I told him what I thought of him, right there!
Tidus’ Mom: What? Really?
Jecht: ‘Course!
Tidus’ Mom: I suppose, but… (smooch)
Tidus: Mommy…
Tidus’ Mom: Just a sec, dear.

Narration: Whenever my old man was around, my mother wouldn’t even look at me. Maybe that’s when I started to resent him, even hate him. When he left us…Mom just lost her energy.

[Another flash: Young Tidus on upper deck of houseboat, Auron below.]
Auron: Is she all right?
Tidus: Why should you care?
Auron: If she dies, I wouldn’t know what to do.
Tidus: Don’t say Mom is gonna die!
Auron: I apologize.

Narration: The old lady next door told me…when a lovebird dies, the one left behind…It just gives up living so it can join its mate. It was just like that. I hated my old man even more. But really, my old man…

[Flashback to end of first scene…]
Tidus: Mommy…
Tidus’ Mom: Just a sec, dear.
Jecht: Ah, go to him. He’ll cry if you don’t.

Back on the Farplane viewing platform…

Tidus: Oh, man…
Yuna: Hm?
Tidus: I must sound so stupid.
Yuna: I don’t think so.
Tidus: How embarrassing!
[Wakka and Lu come up behind them]
Wakka: Well? Need some more time?
Yuna: No. I’m ready.
Lulu: Did I miss something?
Tidus: (Nervous laugh)

Stairway to Farplane

[Yuna’s party returns to where Auron and Rikku are sitting.]
Yuna: Thanks for waiting! I’ll go give my answer to Maester Seymour.
[Guado in vicinity gasp; image of robed Guado elder reaches out of swirling mist]
Guado woman: Lord Jyscal!?
Guado man: Lord Jyscal!
Lord Jyscal: Oooooohhh…

Auron: He does not belong here.
Yuna: Why?
Auron: Yuna, send him.
[As Yuna climbs steps, Auron grabs his chest and collapses, swatting pyreflies. Everyone’s watching Jyscal and fails to notice.]
Yuna: Lord Jyscal…
Lulu: He is Lord Jyscal no more. Send him now!
Yuna: (Nods and raises hand)
[Jyscal vanishes, drops sphere. Yuna takes it.]
Auron: (Gets up, sounds ragged) Talk later. We leave now.

Corridor From Farplane Area to Guadosalam

Wakka: Wha…what was that just now? That really Lord Jyscal?

  • Wait, I know!
  • Tidus: He wasn’t sent, so he became a fiend, right? A-ha!
  • Just listen.
  • Yuna: I don’t understand how a man like Lord Jyscal could die and not be sent.

Lulu: I would think that he was sent once…but he stayed on Spira. Something, a powerful emotion could have bound him to this world. Such things happen.
Rikku: That’s against the rules, isn’t it?
Auron: It means he died an unclean death.

Outside Seymour’s Mansion

Yuna: I will go…meet with Maester Seymour.
Auron: Yuna! Jyscal is the Guado’s problem, not yours.
Yuna: (Ignores and enters mansion)

At this point you get a different cutscene depending on how often you’ve healed/talked to Rikku vs. Lulu…

A) Cutscene with Lulu…
Tidus: Um…
[They head to balcony overlooking mansion]
Lulu: What?
Tidus: So, Lulu, what do you think about Yuna getting married?
Lulu: As long as the pilgrimage continues, either way’s fine.
Tidus: That’s it? What if she doesn’t even like the guy? Is that okay?
Lulu: People marry for many reasons.
Tidus: What’s that mean?
Lulu: Sometimes marriage doesn’t require love, you know? Defeat Sin, and bring joy to the people of Spira. Get married, and bring joy to the people of Spira. For Yuna, they’re just two ways down the same road. All you need is determination. If you have that, you don’t need love.
Tidus: I don’t know…mmm… I just don’t get it.

B) Cutscene with Rikku…
Rikku: Wait up, I’ll go with ya!
[They hike up to balcony]
Rikku: Yunie’s not getting married, is she?
Tidus: Seems that way.
Rikku: It’s your big chance, huh? (Elbows him)

  • I don’t care.
  • Rikku: That’s no thing to say! I think she should get married and stop being a summoner.
    Tidus: You serious?
    Rikku: Yeah.
    Tidus: Why?
    Rikku: Because it’s tough, you know? In the end, she has to fight Sin.
    Tidus: Yeah, but she… She would never marry someone who wanted her to quit.
    Rikku: (Sighs) I guess you’re right. Too bad.
  • I guess you’re right.
  • Rikku: Ho-ho! That’s the way to go! Then, you could take her away and live a quiet life somewhere. Yeah, sounds good to me!
    Tidus: You serious?
    Rikku: Yeah.
    Tidus: Why?
    Rikku: Because it’s tough, you know? In the end, she has to fight Sin.
    Tidus: Yeah, but she… She would never marry someone who wanted her to quit.
    Rikku: (Sighs) I guess you’re right. Too bad.
  • I’d rather have you, Rikku.
  • Rikku: Oh! H-honest? (Giggles, then smacks him a few times)
    Tidus: Ouch!
    Rikku: See ya! (Leaps off balcony and cat-lands on the level below, then waves.Maybe someday!

If Tidus talks to party before trying to leave Guadosalam…
Wakka: For a while there, I was a little worried about what was gonna happen, ya?

Auron: We leave as soon as Yuna returns. I trust you’ll be ready.

Kimahri: (Emerging from shop) Guado potions good. Buy some before leaving.

A) Continuing Lulu-cutscene…
Lulu: Listen. If Yuna gets married, then I…
Tidus: What? That again?
Lulu: Yes. If she is to marry, I would want her to marry for love.
Tidus: See?
Lulu: But…If Yuna said she wanted to marry the one she loves, I would have to object.
Tidus: Huh? Uh… You’re not making much sense.
Lulu: I know.

[If Tidus talks to her again]
Tidus: Lulu…
Lulu: I’ve talked enough about that.
Tidus: What?
Lulu: I’m sorry, just forget about it.
Tidus: Geez! Grumpy!
Lulu: You’ll understand one of these days. I just don’t want to give it words. Not yet. (Starts to walk off)
Lulu: I shouldn’t have to say this, but don’t fall in love with her.

  • Okay.
  • Lulu: That’s fine, then.
  • Too late.
  • Lulu: I see. But… you must keep your feelings inside, until the pilgrimage is over.
    Tidus: (Nods)
  • You’re more my type, Lulu.
  • Lulu: Interesting. I suppose I could add you to my list. I wish you good luck, little boy. You’re going to need it.

B) Continuing Rikku-cutscene…

Rikku: Say, you ever think about gettin’ married?
Tidus: Me? No, never.
Rikku: I think about it a lot.
Tidus: Aren’t you a little young?
Rikku: Some people marry really young in Spira, you know.
Tidus: You mean people our age get married?
Rikku: Yeah. Fiends are around, and there’s always Sin, right? One of them might get you, you know? Lots of people marry the first person they fall in love with, just like that!
Tidus: Really?
Rikku: I’ll probably be the same way.

[If Tidus talks to her again]
Rikku: Rikku: You an only child?
Tidus: Yeah.
Rikku: I got an older brother, myself.
Tidus: Huh.
Rikku: I wish I had some younger brothers and sisters, though…
Tidus: So ask your parents.
Rikku: Mom died… A machina went on a rampage…
Tidus: I’m sorry.
Rikku: When I get married, I’m gonna have lots of kids! That way they’ll all have brothers and sisters! What?
Tidus: (Crestfallen) You’re really thinking about your future, aren’t you? That’s great.
Rikku: It’s pretty normal, I think. Hey, maybe Yuna’s back! (Runs off)

Lulu: I’m a little worried about Lord Jyscal. I wonder if Maester Seymour has heard.
 ¬Leave the Guado’s problems to the Guado…they say. (Sigh)

Rikku: When we leave here, we have to go through the Thunder Plains next, you know.
 ¬I can’t stand thunder!

Talking to people in Guadosalam after Lord Jyscal’s apparition…
Farplane Custodian: Please refrain from speaking of Lord Jyscal. We must avoid unseemly rumors for the sake of Spira’s harmony.
 ¬Please, leave the matter of Lord Jyscal to us Guado.

[Human couple stands at edge of Farplane Viewing Platform looking at image]
Mother: Our son was killed in Operation Mi’ihen. We begged him not to go, but…
 ¬Never did I imagine our son would depart before our time.
Father: Thanks to the summoner’s sending the fallen ones to the Farplane… we were able to reunite with our son, who was killed in battle. Words cannot express how grateful we are.
 ¬The summoner’s sending has saved our son from becoming a fiend.

Giera Guado (outside Elders’ house): I beg you, please tell no one about Lord Jyscal. Why, if word leaked out that the lord of the Guado and a maester of Yevon wandered from the Farplane…we Guado would become the laughingstock of all Spira! Yevon have mercy upon us.
 ¬We Guado will solve our own problems. Please understand.

Woman in brown with Giera: Why Lord Jyscal? We gave him such a warm sending.
 ¬This is most disturbing. We must inform Lord Seymour at once.

Guado youth in Fusty Elders’ hut: Everyone is talking about Lady Yuna– how she’s the daughter of High Summoner Braska. She fought alongside Lord Seymour during Operation Mi’ihen, right?
 ¬If Lady Yuna marries into the Guado tribe, we will all welcome her warmly.

Flaky youth in green: Lord Jyscal came back! Don’t you find it intriguing?
 ¬Maybe Lord Seymour knows why! After all, he is of Lord Jyscal’s blood.

Hooded woman on upper level: Is Lord Seymour really going to marry? Aww…
 ¬One of my friends patrols the roads. If you meet him, please say hello for me!

Snooty elder in Guado Glories’ house: Lord Jyscal, back from the Farplane? Hahaha, you must be joking! He passed away in peace, leaving the leadership to Lord Seymour. He would never come back to haunt us.
 ¬Leave the Farplane to the Guado. Do not meddle with matters you know nothing of.

Redheaded girl in purple in Glories’ house: My mother passed away a long time ago. But I can always visit the Farplane whenever I need her.
 ¬I think that it’s wonderful that we can see the dead whenever we want, don’t you?

[Tidus eventually wanders down to Thunder Plains exit and bumps into Shelinda.]

Shelinda: My… Was the lady summoner not with you?
Tidus: No. She’s at Seymour’s place.
Shelinda: That’s “Maester Seymour.” Or “Lord Seymour.”
Tidus: Oh, I’ll be careful. Sorry.
Shelinda: That’s all right.
Shelinda: Oh! Maester Seymour left Guadosalam a short while ago.
Tidus: You serious?
Shelinda: I believe he went to the temple in Macalania. Maester Seymour is also the high priest of that temple.
Tidus: Whoa, I gotta tell the others!

[Tidus finds others in front of mansion. Cut to Yuna in the front hall looking at portraits.]
Yuna: Lord Jyscal, please tell me. What can I do to help?
Rikku: (Calling) Yuna, let’s go!
Yuna: (Yevon bow to Jyscal’s portrait. Pauses at base of stairs to look back towards Seymour’s portrait.)

Back in Front of Mansion…

Tidus: They say Seymour went to Macarena Temple.
Wakka: Macalania Temple.
Tidus: Aye.
Wakka: What I don’t get is…Why would the lord maester head off without a peep to anyone?
Rikku: Maybe he wasn’t expecting Yuna’s answer so soon.
Wakka: Ah, that’s probably it.
Yuna: (Sighs)
Auron: Yuna, what is it?
Yuna: Oh, nothing.
Auron: Hmm… You’re a poor liar.
Yuna: It’s true! It’s nothing! Come on, let’s go.

One More Pass Through Guadosalam

[If you return to Farplane Viewing Platform, Lulu’s there.]

Tidus: No one there?
Lulu: She’s not appearing.
Tidus: Who is it?
Lulu: None of your business.
Tidus: Sorry.
Lulu: (Sigh) No…it’s not your fault. (Addresses pyreflies) Why aren’t you here?
 ¬I need to be alone right now.

Oa’ka’s little brother is also visiting the Farplane… “sis” is woman in orange tunic
Wantz: Been a while, sis. It’s been seven years, but you still look the same. Geez, I’m older than you, now! I guess it makes sense. Hey, I…I brought you something! Check this out!
Uh…Eh… ‘ere we are! (Fishes sphere out of pocket)
See? She looks just like you! Her name’s “Yuna.” Boy was I surprised the first time I saw her! Ah, ‘course she’s not as good as you. If you were still alive, I bet you’d fight just like her. It’s okay. Yuna will beat Sin for you, I know it. So, don’t you worry. Okay, sis? See you.

(If you catch Wantz before he leaves, he looks at Tidus and runs off.)

[NOTE: I’m not actually sure quite what triggers this scene; Mintywolf found it after Wantz leaves and screencapped it..]
Old man in purple: The two figures you see there are not his mother and father. Actually, they are my parents, who passed away decades ago.
 ¬It feels quite strange to look older than your own parents. They died young, but I was fortunate enough to have grandchildren.
 ¬My parents must have been watching over me from the Farplane.
Boy in red: They look exactly like my mom and dad.

If you check the Inn before heading out:
Shelinda: Please, tell the lady Yuna that I am doing just as she advised me!
 ¬I, too, will go to the temple in Macalania shortly.

Thunder Plains

Rikku: (Huddling) Oh, no…We’re here. (Cowers at a lightning flash)
Tidus: How are we supposed to cross that?
Lulu: See the lightning rod towers? The lightning is drawn to them…hopefully.
Wakka: We head north, not too near and not too far from the towers, ya?
Lulu: Meaning we should avoid wide, open areas.
Rikku: (Cowers after another crack of lightning) I think I forgot something in Guadosalam.
Auron: Nice knowing you.
Rikku: Okay, okay! I’ll go!


A wedding, huh? Time for MAJOR BACKTRACK to check the grapevine (or skip ahead to cross Thunder Plains).

Woman in Inn: Too scared of the thunder to go on? And you call yourself a guardian!
 ¬They say that Lord Seymour’s bride has to be a summoner.

Blitzer in Inn (Noy Guado): If the Al Bhed strike, I will arm myself and fight alongside my brethren.

Innkeeper: The Guado welcome all guests. Would you like to rest here? [Yeah, thanks! | Maybe later.]

Guard in front of mansion doors: Lord Seymour awaits at Macalania Temple. Please, make haste.

Redheaded girl in purple in Glories’ house: Who knows when the Al Bhed will strike next! Best be on your guard.
 ¬Watch over Lady Yuna well. After all, she is the Guado leader’s bride-to-be!

Snooty elder in Glories’ house: Perhaps Lord Jyscal wanted to see his son’s new bride. Even maesters of Yevon dote on their children sometimes.
 ¬Speaking of the incident now will only cloud the joy of the wedding. Say nothing.

Pah Guado in Glories’ house: Aren’t you headed to Macalania? Better not keep them waiting. Lord Seymour may be cool, but Tromell’s got quite a temper, you know. Come back after the wedding. We’ll swap blitz stories!

Zazi Guado in Glories’ house: We’re always practicing out in the Moonflow. But the other day a shoopuf passed by and nearly flattened us! We also test our reflexes by dodging lighting bolts on the Thunder Plains.

Flaky teen in green wandering around Guadosalam: Don’t you need to catch up with Lord Seymour?
 ¬Must keep quiet about Lord Jyscal. A grownup said so.

Auda, the gung-ho blitzer on upper level: I want to congratulate Lord Seymour on his marriage by blitzing like nobody’s blitzed before.
 ¬Guadosalam is a natural stronghold. No fiends will find their way in here.

Woman in brown by house of Fusty Elders: We know not what has befallen Lord Jyscal…But Lord Seymour will soon shed light upon this matter.
 ¬We are simply obeying Lord Seymour’s orders.

Hooded woman in shop: For countless years, we Guado shunned the teachings of Yevon. But thanks to the late Lord Jyscal, our bonds with the temple grew strong.
 ¬I heard that Lord Seymour studied the teachings in Macalania.

Running blitzer (Nav Guado): Luca’s tournament was completely upstaged by Seymour’s aeon. And by showing support for the excommunicated Crusaders, Seymour’s popularity is growing fast.
 ¬First a tribe, then a temple, and now…a bride. Everything just falls into Seymour’s lap.

Moonflow Area

North Wharf

Female Guado by park bench on Guadosalam side: Lady Yuna’s visits are always beneficial to the Guado.
 ¬Those who object to this wedding have no right to call themselves followers of Yevon.

Guard by park bench: I beg your forgiveness. But this is not the way intended for Lady Yuna. Please head towards Macalania Temple. Lord Seymour awaits!
 ¬Please hurry to Macalania.

Woman in gold near shoopuf: Everyone seems happy. Did something good happen? Sin might arrive any time now and everyone just seems so laid back.
 ¬People want to forget their anxiety about Sin, so they absorb themselves in festivities.

Driver: Ride ze shoopuf?

  • Not yet.
  • Shoopuf’s waiting!
  • Let me on!
  • All aboardss!

Old Man by shoopuf: After seeing my dead daughter again, I felt complete and free of any worry.
The wedding will be an absolute joy. It’s good to be able to experience all this, I tell you.

Hooded guado woman near pavillion: It’ll be busy with all the wedding preparations. I’d better get on my feet.
 ¬Please watch after Lady Yuna until her wedding day.

Old Woman outside pavillion: Even sanctioned machina give me the creeps, I tell you.

Man in purple and gold in pavillion: It should be a big ceremony because a maester’s getting married. It’s been so long since we’ve had some good news! This is all so exciting!

Old guy in green baggy pants in pavillion: When Lady Yuna gets married, will she abandon her quest to vanquish Sin? That is what worries me the most.

Old woman in pavillion: Never even crossed my mind that Lady Yuna would marry… Now that’s a great story to tell!

Woman in green skirt in pavillion: I think the temple should crack down on the Al Bhed and teach them a lesson or two!

South Wharf

Old guy on shoopuf loading platform: The maester’s engagement is such a blessing. It lightens even my spirits.
 ¬Those machina have Yevon’s approval. Don’t mix them up with the forbidden ones, got it?

Woman in purple by loading platform: It seems that Maester Seymour will be marrying Lord Braska’s daughter.
 ¬With their combined strength, Yevon will prosper.

Warrior monk: The Al Bhed are roaming this area, targeting summoners.
 ¬The Al Bhed have green eyes with a swirl pattern. Report any sightings immediately!

Guy beside pavillion: The merchants are ecstatic about the maester’s marriage plans. They’re boosting profits by taking advantage of the people’s festive mood.
 ¬Until recently, these merchants only sold to Crusaders. They claimed to be giving the Crusaders a deal because of Operation Mi’ihen, but they were really just ripping them off.

Pavillion, Crusader in yellow and green: The Guado can’t stop talking about the marriage. Well, I guess it’s not every day they hear good news.
 ¬I want to quit the Crusaders and settle down in the country.

(This crusader and the one in green look like the pair of buddies that were on the Djose-Moonflow road earlier… so at least the guy in green is walking now!)

Pavillion: Crusader in green: So Lady Yuna’s getting married, huh? That’s great news. I wish the Crusaders had defeated Sin… That would’ve been perfect.
 ¬By the time we get home, they’ll be celebrating their marriage.

Road to Djose

Guado guard: Al Bhed might come and try to disrupt Lord Seymour’s wedding. I assure you, those ruffians will never set foot in Guadosalam!
 ¬After she is wed, we Guado will protect Lady Yuna.

Djose Area

Monk: This is Djose Temple, located at the heart of the Djose Continent. Please feel free to rest here.

Crusader in red, white, blue (Kyou): Guarding the temple is my duty. I’m trying to stay focused and not worry about anything else.
 ¬Frankly, this isn’t half as exciting as devising strategies against Sin. I wouldn’t mind leading my old troops into battle right now.

Crusader in green: This temple’s security is pretty tight. This place is guarded so well, ain’t no way any fiends or traitors will get in.
 ¬I hear Lady Yuna’s getting married. Shucks, I’m her biggest fan. I’ll be on duty at the wedding, to make sure nothing happens there.

Innkeeper: Welcome to the Djose Temple Inn. Our rooms are so quiet, you’ll forget all about the thunder. Would you care to rest? [Rest a bit. | Buy weapons. | Buy items. | Leave.]

Warrior monk outside front doors (left): Please leave the temple’s safety to the warrior monks, and enjoy some rest.
 ¬I quit the Crusaders and became a warrior monk. So, what do you think?

Warrior monk outside front doors (right): Word is, those Al Bhed fools are plotting something. They’re not pulling anything. Not on our watch.
 ¬Lady Yuna is getting married! What auspicious news!

Old monk in red in Djose Temple Great Hall: Is Maester Seymour really getting married? A Guado maester marrying a daughter of a high summoner. It’s unprecedented.

Seated monk in righthand chamber: In my youth, I trained with Maester Jyscal. We rose above our differences and became friends, human and Guado.

Monk in righthand chamber doing flying kick: We plan to station warrior monks in various locales to prepare for a possible raid by fiends and Al Bhed.

Nun in lefthand chamber: Congratulations, Lady Yuna. I’m sure Lord Braska is smiling from the Farplane right now.

[Cloister of Trials open again]

Djose/Mi’ihen Highroad
Warrior Monk: There are some suspicious Al Bhed prowling around the Highroad. But then again, I’ve never met an Al Bhed that wasn’t suspicious!
 ¬Please notify me if you run into any Al Bhed.

Crusader in red, white, blue: I’ll stay on to guard the Highroad, even without my fellow Crusaders.

Guado woman in brown: What in Spira are you doing here? Maester Seymour is expecting you in Macalania.
 ¬We must spread news of the wedding to all of Spira.

Monk: I’m offering prayers for all the soldiers who lost their lives in that futile operation. How they must be lamenting on the Farplane now for renouncing the precepts…
 ¬So many youths have died, all because of that Al Bhed machina. It’s heartbreaking.

Warrior monk: You’re out of luck. Itr’s not workin’ anymore. Stop relyin’ on machina. Use your feet a little.


Warrior monk on stairs up to Highroad: I heard Lady Yuna is to marry. We will keep watch at the wedding to ensure nothing disrupts that happy day.

Purple beaky guy in Luca cafe: I think the Maester’s wedding should be held at Luca Stadium. It’ll be more festive there, no?

Guy in khaki in cafe: Every time I hear about a wedding, I start thinking, perhaps I should settle down. But I never go through with it.

Midriff-baring lady in blue in cafe: Maester Seymour is getting married? Aww, what a shame.

Shuu in cafe: The wedding of Maester Seymour and Lady Yuna will be extravagant. I’m sure it will go down in history.

Luca guard in cafe: We should have a blitzball tournament in celebration of Maester Seymour’s marriage.

Rabid Seymour groupie in square: I just don’t understand why Maester Seymour would choose that woman when he could have someone like me.

Aurochs Locker Room

Keepa: You saw Chappu on the Farplane? Kinda looked like you, ya?

Botta: I-Is Yuna going to quit her pilgrimage? I hope she does.

Datto: Is it true that Yuna is gettin’ married?

Letty: I wonder how Luzzu and Gatta are doin’? No one from Besaid has heard from them, either.

Jassu: I can’t imagine Yuna and Maester Seymour as a couple.

Luca-Kilika Ferry (Winno)

Bird-counting person on top deck: There is a legend that Lesser Gulls carry the spirits of the dead to the Farplane.

Besaid Island


Crusader in green talking to helmsman: That new plan, it must be working. I mean, I haven’t seen Sin around, have you?

Helmsman on gangplank: Oh hoh hoh, have I news for you! The daughter of Lord Braska is to marry the leader of the Guado!
 ¬What? Already knew, did you? Hmph. You’re no fun.

Woman in purple: I heard the sailors’ gossip about Lady Yuna getting married?
 ¬I should think Lady Yuna would be the last to marry and quit her pilgrimage!

Little boy #1 with green headband: There was a summoner here a while ago. One of his guardians was my age! His name was Pacce or something.

Little boy #2 with green headband: When are the Aurochs gonna come back?

Little girl (Yuna’s friend): Look at me! I’m Lady Yuna! I’ll be a summoner when I grow up!

[Folks in the village haven’t heard the news yet, apparently]

[End of backtrack. Time to pick up with the party leaving Guadosalam.] 

Thunder Plains

Maechen: Well, hello there. Would you like to hear about this place?
  • Maybe next time.
  • Maechen: Pity.
  • Sure.
  • Maechen: Very well, let me tell you about the Crossing. A long time ago, this place was a traveller’s nightmare. “Plains of lightning, plains of thunder, those who cross are torn asunder.” Or…so they used to say. Then a name by the name of Bilghen appeared. Using machina, he built towers that served as lightning rods across the plains. Finally, travellers were able to cross in safety. Bilghen was building that tower over there…when he was struck and killed by lightning.
     ¬Bilghen was an Al Bhed. Our history books never mention him.
     ¬Take care, and farewell.

Shelinda: Ah, good day! (Yevon bow)
Tidus: Hi there.
Shelinda: Is it true? I heard that Maester Seymour and Lady Yuna are to be wed! It’s such great news! I have to tell everyone!
Tidus: Where’d you hear that?
Shelinda: From the Guado. They were all very excited!
Tidus: Eh. I’m afraid you heard a little wrong. Yuna’s gonna turn him down.
Shelinda: Oh…Really?

  • Yep! No wedding!
  • Shelinda: I see… That’s unfortunate. Well I’m sure that people would have rejoiced all over Spira. (Sigh)
     ¬Please give Lady Yuna my best regards!
     ¬Oh, please go ahead.
  • Just kidding!
  • Shelinda: Hey! It will not do to joke about a thing like that.
     ¬Maester Seymour and Lady Yuna–how wonderful!
     ¬Oh, please go ahead.

[After travelling a while– yet another loud crash of lightning]
Tidus: Whoa!
Yuna: Oh!
Wakka: Whoa-ho-ho! That was a close one! (Laughs loudly)
Lulu: Stop kidding around.
Wakka: Yes ma’am…
Rikku: Heh heh heh heh heh heh heh…
Wakka: Hmm? What’s wrong?
Rikku: Eh heh heh heh heh heh heh…
Tidus: “Heh heh heh…” You’re givin’ me the creeps!
Rikku: (Cowers after another flash…suddenly skitters towards Tidus’ leg, startling everyone, and grabs hold)
Tidus: Hey, whoa!
Rikku: I wanna go home! I hate lightning! I hate thunder! Let’s go rest over there! Please?
Auron: This storm never stops. Better to cross quickly.
Rikku: I know, but…Just for a little while?
Tidus: Heh, well? What now?
Auron: (Sigh)
[The party walks past another Travel Agency; Rikku stands there whining until Tidus enters or Auron gives in.]
Rikku: Pretty please? Just for a few minutes? I’m scared of lightning! Let’s rest, please? Pretty please? I’m too young to die! You’re mean…cruel! Your moms would be ashamed of you! Are you having fun doing this to me?
Auron: Fine, we rest. She’s worse than the storm.

Thunder Plains Travel Agency

Yuna: I’m…a little tired. (Approaches desk) Do you have a room available?)
Innkeeper: Ah, Lady Summoner. Yes, just over that way.
Yuna: Thank you. (Heads for hall)
Wakka: Uh, Yuna?
Lulu: It’s not like her.

Talking to people in Travel Agency Lobby…

Kimahri: Yuna resting. Go away.
 ¬Kimahri said go away.

Auron: (Chuckles) It’s not easy being a guardian to one so young.
 ¬This is going to be some journey.

Wakka: I wonder what’s wrong with Yuna…
 ¬No point asking–mood she’s in.

Lulu: Yuna looked preoccupied. Was it because of Jyscal?
 ¬Don’t tell Rikku, but we leave as soon as Yuna’s better.

Tidus: Are you that scared?
Rikku: Mm-hm. When I was little, a fiend attacked me while I was swimming at the beach. My brother tried to beat it back with a spell. (Squeaks at another thunderclap) But he missed and hit me instead! It was a Thunder spell — “Bzzzzzzt!”
Tidus: Ouch!
Rikku: I’ve been scared of lightning ever since.
Lulu: But…it can be effective. Magic is effective against marine fiends.
Rikku: My brother said that, too.
Lulu: You should learn some spells, too.
Rikku: Another thunderclap Aaaaah!
Lulu: Hmm… Maybe later.

Rin: (Emerging from back) Nice to see you again. Welcome to the Rin Travel Agency. (Notices Rikku) Oh?
Rikku: Shhh!
Rin: Hmm.

Rin: How goes your study of our language?

  • Okay.
  • Rin: That is good to hear. Allow me to present you with this book for your study. ~Primer
  • No good.
  • Rin: I see. Well, it may not be essential for daily life.

¬Rin: I wonder…Would that be Sir Auron, by any chance?

  • Yeah! That’s him.
  • Rin: Ah, as I thought! I’ve been wondering since I saw him at the Mi’ihen Highroad branch. (Approaches him) Sir Auron! I wonder if you remember me? Ten years ago, at the beginning of Lord Braska’s Calm?
    Auron: Yes, I should thank you.
    Rin: Not at all. I could not leave a wounded man to die. However, I was surprised when I saw you gone the next morning, with that wound. An ordinary man would not have been able to walk.
    Auron: I’d rather…drop that subject, Rin.
    Rin: As you wish. (Slight bow)
  • Nope. Wrong guy.
  • Rin: Oh… He looks so much like him.

¬Rin: Maester Seymour and his entourage passed by a while ago. And the maester is to be married soon?
Tidus: Excuse me, where did you hear that?
Rin: The Guado are telling everyone.
Tidus: Oh, they are, are they?

[On counter] There’s an original copy of “A History of Summoners, Thunder Plains Edition.” [Read. | Don’t read.]

  • Long ago, fiends known as Qactuars roamed the Djose Continent freely. They ran rampant, ravaging fields and tormenting travellers. Then Lord Gandof appeared — a man later to become high summoner. He scoured the continent for the Qactuars and drove them to these plains. Once he’d gathered the Qactuars together, Lord Gandof linked the sign of (□), whereupon the Qactuars turned to smoke and were absorbed by a stone. The Qactuars were thus sealed into stone, fated to face lightning day and night. Unless someone again links the (□) sign and releases the seal, they shall suffer within the stone for their deeds. Thus did Lord Gandof bring relief to peoples all over Spira. He believed that the battle with Sin was only one great part of a summoner’s greater mission.

Innkeeper (Mifury): Welcom to Rin Travel Agency! We have a wide selection of quality merchandise to choose from. [Rest. | Buy weapons. | Buy items. | Leave.]

Rin: Welcome to Rin’s. (Items Shop)

[Entering hallway, Tidus overhears a man’s voice through a door]
Tidus: Wha…? (Accidentally pushes door open and falls into room.) Whoa!
Yuna: Y-Yes? (Quickly switches off sphere on table)
Tidus: I…well… It’s nothing, really. I…I just, uh… I’m sorry… I shouldn’t have come in. (Pauses at door) H-Hey! Wasn’t that that Jyscal Guado guy?
Yuna: Oh! (Nods) Ah… The sphere is his will… It says, “Take care of my son.”
Tidus: Huh. His son…? Seymour?
Yuna: (Nod)
Tidus: Well, I know one way to take care of him.
Yuna: I’m sorry. (Flees)
Tidus: Huh?
[Tidus edges towards sphere, Wakka pops in and grabs him in headlock]
Wakka: What do you think you’re up to?
Tidus: (Gags, struggles) Yuna…Yuna was acting funny, s-so…
Wakka: Yeah, yeah! She’ll tell us when she’s ready, so hold your chocobos till then, ya?
Tidus: All right! All right! All right!
[Wakka lets him go. Fade to black]

Back in the Lobby

Yuna: If it’s okay with Rikku, shall we go?

Lulu: We’re not through the Thunder Plains yet, so be prepared, all right?
 ¬Did you two have a fight?

Kimahri: (Shakes head)

Wakka: Whatever happens, we’re still Yuna’s guardians.

  • I know.
  • Wakka: Then let’s just go on with the journey, ya?
  • Yeah, but…
  • Wakka: I know how you feel.
  •  ¬Wakka: Let’s give Rikku a kick in the butt and go. (chuckles)

    Auron: She’s not going to move unless we do something.

Rikku: It’s not stopping, is it?
Auron: Don’t tell me you were hoping it would.
Rikku: (Cowers at another thunderclap)
Auron: Fine. Stay here. (Leaves)
Rikku: All right, already. But! You didn’t have to say it like that, you know! You could be more comforting or something! You know, try to cheer me up? You just don’t get me at all, do you? Hey! Are you listening? (Cringes at thunderclap, then shouts) I’m not scared! I’m not scared, you hear?

[Outside, Wantz runs by and snaps a picture of Yuna, Wakka, Lulu and Tidus]

Northern Thunder Plains

Yuna: Everyone…wait.
Wakka: What’s up?
Yuna: I have something to tell you.
Lulu: Here?
Rikku: We’re almost out of here! Let’s go!
Yuna: I have to say it now!
Auron: (Turns towards nearby shelter) Over there.
Narration: Somehow, my bad feelings always come true.
Yuna: I’ve decided to marry.
Lulu: (Shakes head) I thought so.
Rikku: (Cowers at another bolt)
Wakka: B-But why? Why’d you change your mind?
Yuna: For Spira’s future…and Yevon’s unity. I thought it would be the best thing to do.
Auron: That’s not good enough.
Lulu: Wait, is it… Is it because of Lord Jyscal?
Tidus: Hey! That sphere!
Auron: Show me.
Yuna: I can’t. I must speak to Maester Seymour first. I truly am sorry, but this is… It is a personal matter.
Wakka: You’re kidding, ya?
Auron: (Turns away) As you wish.
Yuna: I’m sorry.
Auron: Just one thing.
Yuna: I won’t quit my pilgrimage.
Auron: Then it is…fine.
Tidus: Wait a minute, Auron! You don’t care? I mean, you’re not going to stop her?
Auron: No, I’m not. As long as she is willing to face Sin…all else is her concern. That is a summoner’s privilege. As long as she journeys.
Tidus: (Looks over at Wakka and Lulu. Wakka nods.) But that’s… (Growls and sputters)
Wakka: Yuna, just one question. Can’t you just talk to Maester Seymour? You’ve got to marry him?
Yuna: I don’t know. But I think it is the right thing to do.
Wakka: Okay, I guess.
Rikku: Yunie… (Takes Y’s shoulders, glares up at another flash) Quiet! (To Yuna) I wish we could help somehow, some way!
Yuna: (Puts a hand over Rikku’s) It’s okay… I’ll be fine.
Tidus: She says, “I’m sorry.” He says, “It’s fine.” She’s “willing” to face Sin. She’s “privileged.” I didn’t understand. But somehow, I felt like I didn’t belong. But if I didn’t belong with them, I’d be stuck in Spira, alone. And being alone in that place, well, I didn’t want to think about it.
Auron: Next, we’re going to Macalania Temple. Yuna can talk with Seymour there. We guardians will wait until they’re done, and plan our next move. Understood?