Chapter X: Bevelle

Cid’s Airship

On the Bridge

[Tidus goes over to Brother.]
Brother: Father! We found Yuna!
Cid: Where!?
Brother: I will show you!

Tidus: Yuna?
[Glimpse of Yuna in wedding outfit with Seymour — looks suspiciously like the confrontation between guardians and Seymour on the steps later on]
Tidus: Where was that!?
Lulu: The Palace of St. Bevelle. Heart of Yevon.
Tidus: Gramps, let’s move!
Cid: Easy, kiddo. Bevelle’s defenses are top-notch.
Tidus: What’s the matter, gramps? You scared? Yuna’s there, so we go and get her! And that’s all!
Cid: Heh! You got guts. Set course to Bevelle! Full speed ahead!
Brother: Roger!
[Ship accelerates and knocks Tidus on his back]
Cid: It’ll take a while to get to Bevelle. Meanwhile…
Tidus: We prepare for battle!

Talking to Auron or Rikku triggers these…
Rikku: What’s Seymour doing alive? Didn’t we take care of him in Macalania?
Auron: He is dead. As dead as Jyscal was. His attachment to this world kept him from the next.
Rikku: Whoa, scary!

Auron: Yuna must be trying to send him.
Rikku: Wonder if that will work.
Auron: Perhaps he won’t expect it.

¬Rikku: Yeah! We’re gonna save Yunie, and nobody’s gonna stop us!

¬Auron: Bevelle… It’s been ten years.

Wakka: I’m glad Yuna’s okay and all, but what’s with those fancy clothes?
Lulu: It’s called a wedding dress.
Wakka: What!?

¬Wakka: Grrr… What’s going on?

Lulu: The city of Bevelle is built on the water. There may be underwater fighting. You or Rikku should study your magic, just in case.
 ¬Seymour is one of the dead now. Odd. Why does Maester Mika allow the unsent to walk free?

Cid: They grabbed Yuna back in the Sanubia Desert. One of the Guado squads that attacked Home found her.
 ¬Hah! Wedding, my britches! Now while I’m around! Those Yevon rockheads! I’ll give ’em something to remember!

[The ship shudders. Rin meets Tidus at the door.]

Rin: We’re being attacked from within. Some of the Guado that attacked Home must have snuck on board.
Cid: You’re awfully calm about it!
Rin: I am calm about most things.
Cid: Fiends! There’s nothing to do but–
Rikku: (Imitating Dad’s accent, sort of) But destroy the ship and all go down together!
Cid: Eh?
Rikku: (sigh) You gotta learn a little restraint, Pop. If you crash the ship, we can’t go rescue Yunie! Leave the fiends to us professionals! (Poses)
Tidus: Yeah! Let’s go!
Rikku: Thanks.
Rin: Rikku, you’ve made some very good friends, I think. Good luck.

Cid: Eh, relax! The ship’s still got some fight left in her!
 ¬Let ’em take their best shot!

Ramp from Level Two (Bridge) to One

Jogging female blitzer (Lakkam): Have care! There are fiend in all places!

Airship Level One (Blitzer Quarters)

Blitzer kneeling in middle (Judda): I hoped only to rest at Home a while then return to Luca.

Blitzer running in circles (Blappa): Everyone be calm! Be calm! Fear is our enemy!

Standing blitzer (Eigaar): This I leave to you! Battle was never my forte.

Blitzer leaning against wall (Berrik): Yevon found the place of our Home. Perhaps we were followed?

Blitzer doing squats (Nimrook): I will not die in this place! I fear no fiend! Come, and I will fight!

Ramp leading from Level Two to Three

Maroda: Be careful!

Pacce: (Running around) Don’t worry! We’ll guard this area!

Level Two Main Corridor

Isaaru: We’ll leave the other compartments to you.

Level Two Side Corridor

Dona: It’s too cramped to call aeons in here. I’ll leave this fight to you. Show us your stuff!

Level Two Cabin

Woman in bikini: I can use a weapon! I will show them how Al Bhed fight!

Seated Al Bhed: Come, Guado! I challenge you! I will fight till you are all dust!

Standing Man: My friends, they died protecting summoner, I will do the same.

Al Bhed doing squats: Okay, okay!

Woman in striped skirt: It pains me most to see the children so scared.

Child: Not scared, not scared! Not scared, not scared!

Woman in leggings on left: The corridor is protected by summoner. So this room should be safe!

Level One: Observation Deck

Blond Guy on left: It is a battle most dangerous. Take this with you. ~Al Bhed potions
 ¬I have lived through bad, and I fear worse is coming.

Mr. Gas mask: Do the Yevon worms think to kill us all?

[The party goes to the upper airship cabin and sees a large fiend flying parallel to the airship.]
Auron: Huh, now there’s a rare sight.
Tidus: Whoa, that’s huge!
Rikku: What is that?
Lulu: The guardian wyrm, Evrae. The great sacred beast– protector of Bevelle!
Auron: The red carpet has teeth.
Tidus: Wait, that means we’re close to Bevelle!
Cid: (Over ship’s intercom) Rikku, you read me? We’re gonna fight that thing! Get on deck and show him what you got! Go!
Rikku: There he goes again.
Auron: The ferryman asks a high price.


Cid: What are you doin’ loafin’ around? Get out there and get that dragon!

Bottom of Lift to Outer Hull

Auron: Open the hatch. We fight.
Rin: Evrae is truly mighty. Be well prepared. [Got any weapons? | Got any items? | Leave.]

Wakka: We gotta pay!? If we lose, you’ll die too, buddy!
Rin: I have faith in your victory.
Wakka: (Facepalm) Gee, thanks.

[Party takes lift up to outer hull. Evrae makes dramatic entrance. Cid opens the side gunports.]

Top Deck of Airship

Cid: We gotta keep our distance, boys, but we can’t let her get too far away. You all have to tell me when to move! But tell me quick, eh? This rig ain’t so nimble, you hear?
Tidus: Roger! I’ll give the commands!
Rikku: Not alone, you won’t!

Optional Trigger dialog for battles on top of Airship…

Rikku: Father! Go far!
Rikku: Go near more!

Cid: Wait a moment!!

Tidus: Go back! Farther away!
Tidus: Closer! Go closer!

Cid: Just a minute!

As the ship moves…
Cid: Hold on!
Cid: Don’t be falling now!

If Evrae stays out there instead of swooping back…
Cid: This is it! I’m hitting it with all we got!

After 3 salvos, assuming Evrae’s still far away…
Cid: We’re out of ammo? This really isn’t my day…

[Evrae gets toasted…eventually.]

Back on the Bridge

Brother: Shoot! We’re losing power!
Cid: Hey! I see Bevelle!


FMV: The Glory of Yevon

[Airship plummets towards Bevelle. Bride and groom processions converge on high walkways near Tower of Light. Pyreflies of Evrae swirl… ]

[Kinoc sees pyreflies, motions for warrior monks to brace for attack.]

FMV: The Red Carpet

[Airship bursts from clouds and comes under…]
Kinoc: Fire!
Seymour: (Dragging Yuna) Come.
[Guardians slide down grappling cables. Cables snapped, airship veers off.]

Bevelle — Tower of Light

[Yuna, Seymour and Mika watch from top of steps — Yuna in obvious distress — as guardians charge towards her…]
Tidus: Yuna!

[while fighting their way to wedding party…]
Tidus: Stay right there, Seymour!

[Yuna’s guardians reach base of steps.]
Kinoc: This has gone far enough! (Trains rifle on Tidus)
Auron: (Blocks Tidus) Stop!
[Party surrounded. Tidus looks up at Yuna, who produces her staff from behind her gown and holds it up defiantly.]
Seymour: You would play at marriage just for a chance to send me? Your resolve is admirable. All the more fitting to be my lovely wife.
Mika: Stop! Do you not value your friends’ lives? Your actions determine their fate. Protect them… or throw them away. The choice is yours.
Yuna: (Drops staff)
Seymour: You are wise.

FMV: False Vows

[Seymour kisses Yuna. Guardians horrified. Wedding bells ring. Then…]
Seymour: Kill them.

[Kinoc and warrior monks take aim at guardians]
Kinoc: I am sorry, but it is for Yevon.
Auron: Aren’t those weapons forbidden by Yevon?
Kinoc: (Shifts aim from Tidus to Auron) There are exceptions.
Yuna: No! Throw down your weapons! Let them go, or else… (Backs to edge of platform)
(Motions for weapons to be lowered)
Yuna: Leave now! Please!
Tidus: You’re coming with us!
Yuna: Don’t worry! Go!
Seymour: This is foolish. If you fall, you’ll die.
Yuna: (Wipes mouth in disgust)
Yuna: (To Tidus and friends) Don’t worry. I can fly.

Tidus: (Shakes head in protest)
Yuna: Believe.
[Tidus nods reluctantly. Yuna smiles, steps off edge.]
Tidus: Yuna!

FMV: Believe

[Yuna swan-dives backwards over the balustrade, providing major distraction, then summons Valefor to catch her.]

Rikku: Cover your eyes!
[She throws something at Seymour’s feet. He looks at it like a moron. In the flash that follows, guardians make their escape…]
Wakka: Wh-What was that?
Rikku: An Al Bhed flashbomb!
Tidus: Lemme go! I’m gonna kill that Seymour!
Kimahri: Yuna said leave! We leave!
Lulu: We’ll join up with her later!
Auron: Break through! (Snarl, hack)
[After escaping pursuit…]
Rikku: Where’d Yunie go?
Kimahri: Bevelle Palace is temple. Yuna goes to one place only.
Tidus: The Chamber of the Fayth!

Tower of Light

[Guardians enter Bevelle Palace’s main tower]
Lulu: It’s too quiet. A trap?
Tidus: Who cares? Yuna’s waiting for us!
Rikku: Huh? (Pokes nearby console)
Wakka: What’s a machina doing in the temple?
Rikku: I suppose it comes in handy.
Wakka: That’s not what I mean! The teachings! What about the teachings?
Rikku: Hey, don’t look at me!
[Lift takes them down to Cloister of Trials, where Rikku pokes at another console]

Priests’ Passage

Rikku: (Lowers forcefield)
Wakka: Another machina? Man…
Auron: So this is Yevon’s true face. They betray their own teachings.
Wakka: They treated us like dirt.
[Further on…]
Lulu: The entrance to the Trials.
Rikku: I wonder if Yunie’s really in there.
Wakka: Let’s go and see!
Lulu: Let’s go!
[Solve Cloister of Trials, reach guardians’ waiting room]
Tidus: Yuna?
Wakka: Inside, maybe?
Tidus: Then what are we standing here for? (Struggles to raise inner door)
Wakka: H-Hey!
Tidus: You can stuff your taboos!
[Kimahri lifts door. Inside Tidus finds Yuna and Creepy Little Kid ™ floating over statue.]
Tidus: Wh-What’s that?
Auron: A fayth. They join with the summoner, and together receive the aeon. They are human souls, imprisoned in stone by ancient Yevon rites.
Auron: The dead should be allowed to rest.
(Collapses as fayth enters her)
Tidus: Yuna! (Picks her up)
Rikku: Wait, don’t come out!
[Tidus comes out anyway, finds warrior monk welcoming party.]
Kinoc: There’s the last of them. You are to stand trial.
Auron: (Dry chuckle) I expect it will be a fair trial.
Kinoc: Heh-heh. Of course it will.

Bevelle — High Court of Yevon

[Yuna takes stand. Guardians are behind her, Maesters above her on balconies.]
Maester Kelk: The High Court of Yevon is now in session. The sacred offices of this court seek nothing but absolute truth, in Yevon’s name. To those on trial: Believe in Yevon, and speak only the truth.
Lulu: Maester Kelk Ronso.
Kelk: Summoner Yuna. You have sworn to protect the people of Yevon, true?
Yuna: Yes.
Kelk: Then, consider: You have inflicted dire injury upon Maester Seymour Guado…conspired with the Al Bhed and joined in their insurrection. These are traitorous and unforgivable crimes that disturb the order of Yevon. Tell this court what possessed you to participate in such violence.
Yuna: Your Grace… The real traitor is Maester Seymour! He killed his father Jyscal with his own hands!
Kelk: What is this!
Seymour: (Nonchalant) Hmm? Hadn’t you heard?
Yuna: Not only that… Maester Seymour is already dead!
Lulu: It is a summoner’s sacred duty to send the souls of the departed to the Farplane! Yuna was only doing her job as a summoner!
Yuna: Grand Maester Mika… Please, send Seymour now!
Mika: Send the unsent to where they belong?
Yuna: Yes!
Mika: (Ominous chuckle)
Yuna: Maester?
Mika: Send the dead…hmm? (Pyreflies emerge from him) You would have to send me, too.
Wakka: What!
Kelk: Grand Maester Mika is a wise leader. Even in death, he is invaluable to Spira.
Kinoc: Enlightened rule by the dead is preferable to the misguided failures of the living.
Seymour: Life is but a passing dream, but the death that follows is eternal.
Mika: Men die. Beasts die. Trees die. Even continents perish. Only the power of death truly commands in Spira. Resisting its power is futile.
Yuna: But what of Sin? I am a summoner, my lord, like my father before me! I am on a pilgrimage to stop the death that Sin brings. Are you… Are you telling me that, too, is futile? Grand Maester Mika, I am not alone! All the people who have opposed Sin… Their battles, their sacrifices– were they all in vain?
Mika: Not in vain. No matter how many summoners give their lives, Sin cannot be truly defeated. The rebirth cannot be stopped. Yet the courage of those who fight gives the people hope. There is nothing futile in the life and death of a summoner.
Auron: Never futile… but never ending.
Mika: Indeed, that is the essence of Yevon.
Yuna: Lord Mika!
Mika: Yevon is embodied by eternal, unchanging continuity, summoner.
Yuna: No…that can’t be right!
Mika: Those who question these truths– they are traitors!
Yuna: Lord Mika!

Prison Cell

[Tidus and Auron in a giant hanging birdcage. Tidus yelling.]
Tidus: Get me outta here! I want out now! You hear me?
Auron: You waste your breath.
Tidus: (Growls and sits) Man, I hope Yuna’s okay.
Auron: Hm. She’s strong. She’ll make it.
Tidus: She’ll make it? What, so she can die? Why is it…everything in Spira seems to revolve around people dying?
Auron: Ahh, the spiral of death.
Tidus: Huh?
Auron: Summoners challenge the bringer of death, Sin, and die doing so. Guardians give their lives to protect their summoner. The fayth are the souls of the dead. Even the maesters of Yevon are unsent. Spira is full of death. Only Sin is reborn, and then only to bring more death. It is a cycle of death, spiraling endlessly.
Tidus: (Sigh)

Kinoc: (Approaches on catwalk) Come out. Your sentence has been decided.
Auron: Sentence? Don’t you mean execution?
Kinoc: Really, now, what person would execute a dear friend?
Auron: You would.

Entrance to Underwater Via Purifico

Warrior Monk: Looks like you’re next!
Tidus: Next for what?
Warrior Monk: (Bayonet to the butt) Get going!
Tidus: Whoa! (Falls into flooded tunnel below) Where’s everybody else?
Warrior monk: Floating down there somewhere, maybe.

Somewhere in flooded tunnels…

Wakka: Oooh! You made it! (High five)
Rikku: (Swims over)
Tidus: What’s our sentence?
Wakka: Think they expect us to give up and die down here.
Tidus: Well, that’s a lame way to kill someone.
Rikku: Where’s Yunie?
Tidus: I don’t know.
Rikku: Wonder if we should wait for her…
Tidus: Hmm… Let’s wait at the exit.
Rikku: If there is an exit.

Back in the Court of Yevon

Mika: How fares the Ronso maester?
Seymour: It seems my father’s murder troubles him.
Mika: (Chuckles) Ever the Ronso. Hard-headed, hardly useful.
Seymour: However… The summoner Yuna, daughter to High Summoner Braska… She may be of some use to us alive.
Mika: She has disturbed the order of Yevon. She cannot be allowed to live.
Seymour: I understand. (Courtly bow)
Kinoc: Let it go, Seymour. No one thrown into the Via Purifico has ever survived.
Mika: Yet there is always a small chance that they might. Place guards at the exit. Kill any who emerge.
Seymour: Sir. (Courtly bow) Leave that to me.
Mika: First your father, now your bride?
Seymour: Allow me to do this because she is my bride.
Kinoc: Wait. I will go, too.
Seymour: You do not trust me?
Kinoc: Would you trust a man who murdered his father?
Seymour: Very well. As you wish.

Another, drier part of the Via Purifico

Warrior monk: Lady Yuna, forgive me. (NOTE: This is not Isaaru, although it sounds like him.)
[Yuna travels dark fiend-infested tunnels]

While searching Via Purifico, Yuna can find Lulu and/or Kimahri…

Yuna: Lulu, I…
Lulu: It’s okay. I know.

Kimahri: Yuna, sorry we left you alone.
Yuna: No, it’s okay.

Auron: There must be an exit somewhere. We search!

[In the final chamber, Isaaru waits]
Isaaru: Lady Yuna… So it is you!
Yuna: Why are you here?
Isaaru: We rode the airship to the Calm Lands, then came to Bevelle. Maester Kinoc summoned us then. Ordered us to “deal with the traitors.”
Auron: You will fight us?
Isaaru: The temple’s orders are law. Even if you are Lord Braska’s flesh and blood… You’re a traitor!

(If Lulu’s with Yuna when she meets Isaaru)
Lulu: His guardians…I don’t see them.
Isaaru: Maroda and Pacce are not here. I will do this unhappy deed myself.

Isaaru: Forgive me, Lady Yuna.
[Aeons duel. Isaaru’s challenges during fight…]
Isaaru: Your aeons against mine!
Isaaru: It’s not over yet!
Isaaru: I cannot let you pass!

[Isaaru loses, Yuna comes forward to heal him.]
Isaaru: Stay away!

Lulu: Yuna, let’s go.

Isaaru: There’s a way to the surface up ahead.
Yuna: (Deep Japanese bow)
Auron: (To Isaaru) Your pilgrimage is over.

Bevelle, Highbridge

[After finishing off Zombie Evrae, Tidus, Wakka, and Rikku wash up by the bridge]
Rikku: Yunie! (Runs and hugs) You’re all right? We were so worried! It’s good to have you back!
Yuna: Thank you.
Tidus: Um… I…uh…
[Seymour shows up with three Guado and a warrior monk carrying Kinoc’s limp body, which he drops.]
Auron: Kinoc!
Tidus: Why, you!
Seymour: I have saved him. He was a man who craved power. And great power he had, but he feared losing it. Trembling at unseen enemies, he spent his days scheming petty schemes. Chased by his fears, never knowing rest. You see… Now, he has no worries. He has been granted sleep eternal. Death is a sweet slumber. All the pain of life is gently swept away… Ah, yes. So you see…if all life were to end on Spira, all suffering would end. Don’t you see? Do you not agree? That, Yuna, is why I need you. Come, Lady Yuna. Come with me to Zanarkand, the lost city of the dead. With death on our side, we will save Spira, and for this…I will take from you your strength, Yuna, your life, and become the next Sin. I will destroy Spira! I will save it!
Tidus: You’re totally nuts!
Kimahri: (Strides forward and plants spear-point on Seymour’s chest)
Seymour: Unpleasant… Very well. I will give you your death. You seem to want it so.
[Seymour wipes out his attendants and absorbs them plus Kinoc, turning himself into a Big Nasty…]
Kimahri: Run! Protect Yuna!
Auron: Go!
Tidus: No way! I’m fighting!
Auron: (Sticks sword in Tidus’ face) I said go!
[They retreat to other end of bridge, Tidus bellows “Aaaaaaaaaah!” for no obvious reason, then Yuna halts.]
Yuna: I won’t leave Kimahri behind!
Auron: He is a guardian. Protecting you is everything.
Yuna: Auron!
Tidus: That’s right! We’re all guardians! Yeah, and you know what that means? Yuna… Anywhere you go, I’ll follow!
Yuna: Anywhere I go?
Tidus: Yeah, anywhere!
Yuna: Well, then! (In unison with Tidus) Let’s go!
Tidus: Hey, Kimahri! Leave some for us!
Wakka: Hey! Wait for me!
Rikku: Me, too!
Lulu: (Grins apologetically at Auron) I’ll go, too!
Auron: (Amused snort) Heh. (Hefts sword and follows)

There’s always time to shop…
O’aka: You’re quite popular these days, eh? Anything you want, I’ve got it! [ All right. | No, thanks. ] Traitor or no, Lady Yuna’s always been a friend to O’aka.
 ¬Now’s the time to make good your escape! [Ask again | No, thanks.]

Fighting their way back up the Highbridge…
Yuna: Hold on, Kimahri!

[Boss fight with Seymour]

“Talk” during Seymour battle…
Auron: Although he was not the one man I knew… Kinoc was still my friend, Seymour! You will pay for his death!

Seymour: So you, too, seek freedom from this painful life?
Tidus: You talk too much, Seymour!

Seymour: It is good to see you again, Lady Yuna, but you don’t seem pleased…
Yuna: I’ll only be pleased when you’re gone to the Farplane!

Seymour: (Banishing aeon) Death awaits you!

Macalania Woods

Narration: We escaped with our skins intact, but Yuna lost something. I could already tell, her faith was shaken. Yevon had betrayed her. I felt like I should do or say something–anything… But nothing came. I was just as lost as she was. And then…

Campsite in Macalania Woods

Wakka: Well?
Auron: (Returning) We’re all clear. We will have to avoid Bevelle in the future.
Auron: Yuna?
Rikku: Said she wanted to be alone.
Auron: Of course.

If Tidus talks to fellow guardians…

Auron: Maybe you should go talk to her?
 ¬I am…tired.

Wakka: Must be tough for Yuna.
 ¬We leave at daybreak. If Yuna figures out where we’re going, that is.
 ¬I feel kinda bad leaving everything up to her, you know?
 ¬ (sigh)

Rikku: Wonder what Yunie’ll do, huh? Think she’ll quit her pilgrimage?
Tidus: That’s what you want, right?
Rikku: Well… If Yunie really wants to keep going, then… I guess I shouldn’t stop her, you know? That’s what I think, anyway.

¬Rikku: I wonder if there’s a way to perform the Final Summoning and not die? That’d be great, wouldn’t it?
 ¬I guess someone would’ve thought of it in the last thousand years, huh?
 ¬Hey, maybe you should go talk to Yunie.

Lulu: Yuna’s off in the woods. Kimahri’s with her but maybe you should go, too?
 ¬I think it might help if you were there.
 ¬ (Sigh) It would be so easy to fight without thinking… Walk a straight line. So easy.

Macalania Woods — The Spring

[Yuna is standing out in water, Tidus on shore. Kimahri keeping watch nearby.]
Yuna: I always thought that this would be easier somehow. I thought that everyone would help me…with all my friends together beside me. I’ve been trying so hard.
Tidus: (Wades out to join her)
Tidus: Maybe you’re trying too hard.
Yuna: (Looks at him)
Tidus: They told me…everything.
Yuna: Everything?
Tidus: (Nods)
Yuna: Well, so then…you know.
Tidus: Yeah. I’m sorry. It’s just you know…all those things I said. Like “Let’s go get Sin!” Or about Zanarkand… I didn’t know what would happen to you, Yuna. I guess… I hope it didn’t make you sad. Forgive me.
Yuna: I wasn’t sad. I was happy.
Tidus: Yuna. Just don’t do it.
Yuna: The pilgrimage?
Tidus: Yeah. That’s right. Forget all about Sin, about being a summoner. Forget all that. You know, live a normal life. Come on now, Yuna, what do you say?
Yuna: Maybe I will. Wouldn’t everyone be surprised?
Tidus: Yeah. Except Rikku. She’d be with you. Lulu and Wakka wouldn’t hold out long.
Yuna: Kimahri would say yes, too, I know. But Sir Auron…
Tidus: I’ll make him understand, Yuna. It’s the least I can do for you.
Yuna: No, I should tell him. He deserves it.
Yuna: What’ll I do if I give up my pilgrimage?

Tidus: Hey! Zanarkand! Let’s go to Zanarkand! Not the one in Spira, the one I’m from. Yeah, we can all fly there. Everyone can go! Then we’ll have a big party at my place!
Yuna: And then we could see blitzball!
Tidus: That’s right!
Yuna: Your Zanarkand Abes would play!
Tidus: Yeah!
Yuna: We could all watch you play, in the stadium all lit up at night. I’d cheer and cheer till I couldn’t cheer anymore!
Tidus: Right on!
Yuna: Well, what about after the game?
Tidus: We’d go out and have fun!
Yuna: In the middle of the night?
Tidus: No problem! Zanarkand never sleeps! Let’s go to the sea, before the sunrise. The city lights go out one by one. The stars fade… Then the horizon glows, almost like it’s on fire. It’s kinda rose-colored, right? First in the sea, then it spreads to the sky, then to the whole city. It gets brighter and brighter, till everything glows. It’s really…pretty. I know you’d like it.
Yuna: I’d like to see it, someday.
Tidus: Well you can, Yuna. We can both go!
Tidus: Yu…?
Yuna: I can’t. I just can’t! I can’t go! (cries)

The Spring

Tidus: (Draws her close) Yuna.
They kiss, then ditch physics and float underwater for a romantic interlude.

[Later, they sit side by side on the shore]
Yuna: I’ll continue. I must. If I give up now… I could do anything I wanted to, and yet… Even if I was with you, I could never forget.
Tidus: I’ll go with you.
Yuna: Wha?
Tidus: I’m your guardian. Unless I’m…fired?
Yuna: (Shakes head “no”) Stay with me until the end. (Japanese bow) Please.
Tidus: Not until the end… Always.
Yuna: Always, then.
Kimahri: (Keeping watch in the background, he smiles and leaves)
Yuna: Maybe you should head back to camp first.
Tidus: Roger!
[He starts to walk away, then Yuna whistles and he runs back.]
Yuna: Wait, I’ll go with you.
[They leave hand in hand]

Back at Campsite…

Yuna: Um… Sir Auron? Wakka? Lulu? Kimahri? Rikku? Everyone, we leave at dawn. And…I’m sorry for putting you all through this. (Deep Japanese bow) And…um…
Auron: Enough. You need your rest.
Yuna: Yes. Good night. (Another deep bow)
[Next morning. Everyone files out of clearing.]

Time to BACKTRACK and chat with NPCs.
Woman in beige dress at crossroads outside campsite: Hey, did you hear? They’re saying there was a riot in Bevelle.
 ¬The warrior monks aren’t letting pilgrims into Bevelle anymore.
 ¬And I came all the way out here to pray at St. Bevelle. This is such a disappointment.

Warrior monk guarding road to Bevelle: You can’t enter Bevelle now. The guard is on full alert, you know. So just go back where you came from, got it?
 ¬You commoners should stay quiet and obey the temple. Mind your mouth or we’ll mind it for you.

If Tidus tries to pass him, he’s blocked…
Warrior monk: That road’s closed.

[There’s a sphere lying near the Bevelle exit of Macalania Woods South]

Jecht Sphere: Macalania Woods South

[Evidently from a prison security camera. Braska enters; warrior monks give Yevon bow. Braska approaches cell.]
Jecht: Who are you?
Braska: You are the one they call Jecht, the man from Zanarkand, are you not?
Jecht: What of it?
Auron: (Trots into view) Watch your tongue, knave.
Braska: (Nods to Auron, then faces Jecht again) Ah. My apologies. I am Braska, a summoner. I’ve come to take you from this place.
Jecht: Hmm. Sounds sweet. What’s the catch?
Braska: Ahhaha… That easy to see, was it? I soon leave on a pilgrimage… to Zanarkand.
Jecht: Seriously?
Braska: Mm. (Nods) I would like you to join us. It will be a dangerous trip. Yet, if we do reach Zanarkand… my prayers will be answered, and you will be able to go home, we think. What say you?
Jecht: Great, let’s go!
Braska: Hm. So quick?
Jecht: Anything to get outta here!
Braska: Then it’s settled.
Auron: But I must protest…This drunkard a guardian?
Jecht: Hey! You want to step in here and say that?
Braska: What does it matter? No one truly believes that I, a fallen summoner wed to an Al Bhed…could possibly defeat Sin. This is what they say. No one expects us to succeed.
Auron: Braska, sir…
Braska: (Chuckles) Let’s show them they’re wrong. A fallen summoner, a man from Zanarkand, and a warrior monk, doomed to obscurity for refusing the hand of the priest’s daughter. What delightful irony it would be if we defeated Sin!
Jecht: Stop gabbin’ and get me outta here!

[Recording clicks off, resumes a short time later with Jecht in main room]
Jecht: Ahh… Free at last!
Braska: Now, Jecht… I am in your hands until we reach Zanarkand.
Jecht: Right, right. So, what’s a summer-ner, anyway?

Macalania Travel Agency

Woman in winter clothes who was so excited about the wedding: Could it be true that Lady Yuna is a traitor? Oh, I hope not…

Wrapped-up monk who’s always on about the Al Bhed: I heard a flying machina appeared in the skies over Bevelle! Could it really have been the Al Bhed?

Path into Macalania Temple

Al Bhed woman on steps (Linna): It’s best that you don’t go.

Old Guado in front of temple doors: Fool! To come back to Macalania Temple a traitor! Traitor! Find your salvation on the Farplane!
[One of two warrior monks guarding the doors gestures, and hordes of Gaudo chase party out of the area.]

Macalania Forest, Sky-Path

Woman blocking side-path up to the Celestial Weapon power-upper: It’s easier to get to Macalania Temple now that this road’s open again.
 ¬I used to be able to pass through this way when I was a child, but then a big tree blocked off the road. I’m glad someone cut it down!
 ¬I’m just taking a break now. Even with a shortcut, it can get tiring, you know?

Macalania Forest

[Mother and son at S. fork of sky-path and normal path]
Woman (khaki shirt, gold pants): I’m supposed to meet my husband here, but he hasn’t shown up for the longest time.
 ¬I hope nothing bad has happened.
 ¬He’s so forgetful. Maybe he’s just forgotten our meeting place.

Boy: I’m supposed to meet my dad here, but he’s late!
 ¬Oh, no. Maybe he forgot where we’re supposed to meet…
 ¬My dad forgets a lot of things.

After talking to them, Dad’s back in the campsite clearing:
Dad in gold tunic, green sleeves: I’m supposed to meet my family here, but they’re nowhere in sight.

  • They were waiting over there.
  • What? Really? Thanks, kid! (Runs off)
  • Hope you find ’em.
  • I wonder if they got the place mixed up. They’re so careless sometimes.

Now the parents stand near the save sphere on the south side of Macalania woods…
Mother: I finally met up with my husband, thanks to your help. I can’t thank you enough.
 ¬But my son went off into the woods before my husband came.
 ¬I…I don’t know what to do.

Man: I was reunited with my wife thanks to all of you.
 ¬But now my boy’s missing. He went into the woods alone.
 ¬I guess he went looking for me since I was late. I’d better find him before the fiends do.

If Tidus finds the boy (up on the Macalania sky-path side-branch in front of the big orb)
Kid: It feels like there’s something around here, doesn’t it? Yeah, there’s definitely something around here. I wonder what it could be? You might want to remember this place. (Starts to walk back, meets parents) You found my dad! Thanks a bunch!

Thunder Plains

There’s a sphere lying out in the middle of nowhere…

Jecht Sphere – Thunder Plains

[Recording From Auron’s PoV. Braska and Jecht posing, but the camera’s wandering off of them]
Jecht: Hey! Hold it steady!
Auron: (Irritated) Why am I doing this?
[Sphere clicks off. Clicks back on to show Braska gazing north, Jecht at right edge of picture.]
Auron: What do you see there, my lord?
Braska: Oh, I was just…thinking.
Jecht: (In distance) This is important! No foolin’ around! (Camera pans to left and crops him out) You’re gonna spoil it!
[Flash of lightning]
Jecht: Whoa!
[camera moves back to Jecht lying on ground]
Jecht: Whoa!
[Camera moves towards Jecht muttering and picking himself up]
Braska: Are you all right?
Auron: Now there’s a scene for posterity!
Jecht: Yeah, yeah…
Braska: (Gales of laughter)

If Tidus tries to enter Guadosalam, he reconsiders…
Tidus: Guadosalam? It’s probably crawling with Seymour’s cronies. Now’s no time to be picking fights with the Guado, that’s for sure.