Chapter V: Operation Mi’ihen, Djose

Mi’ihen Highroad

BACKTRACKING after leaving Luca… lots of scuttlebutt! Or skip ahead to pilgrimage.

Balcony Overlooking Luca

Old man in blue pants: I tried to stop the Crusaders, but I tell you, those youngsters won’t listen to anybody!
 ¬I fear Sin will crush them and teach them just how futile repentance is then.

Guy on bench with dog and cat: Their owner’s a Crusader. I’m only looking after ’em while the operation’s going on.
 ¬I’d hate to see these fellas left on their own. I hope their owner returns safely.

Crusader in red, white, blue: Nothing you say will sway us. The Crusaders will proceed with the operation as planned.
 ¬I am well aware of the risks of this mission. But we cannot simply run away.

Man in white and blue: The Crusaders are kicking up a real ruckus down the Highroad. This operation of theirs is getting out of hand.
 ¬Well, if they really can wipe out Sin, I guess it’s worth a little confusion.

Luca Cafe

Lady at the counter: You’re a good player, but still need some work. If you want to get your hands on that thing, you’ll need to win more games.

After winning a tournament…
Wow, you’ve become a great player! Now, as long as you bring it to me, I’ll present you with our heirloom.

Luca Square

Mother on bench: Most of the Crusaders that guard our city have gone off to that “operation.” Luca is defenseless! Whatever will we do if fiends appear?

Father (Jumal): The Crusaders may use machina in their operation. If so, they’re no different from the Al Bhed.

Little girl running around: You know what? They said that the Crusaders are bad people disobeying the teachings!

In Front of Stadium

Righthand guard (Wedge): It took forever to fix the stands inside the stadium.

Lefthand guard (Biggs): Access is no longer restricted. Feel free to enter.

Receptionist: Welcome to the blitzball reception.

  • Register to play.
  • [Play a round of blitzball]
  • Leave.

Luca Stadium

Blue-haired female Ronso: Ronso warriors value their horns, and the people of Luca value blitzball.
 ¬ True believers of the teachings will not support the Crusaders.

Man in purple coat: Games are held every day, even after the tournament.
 ¬Maester Mika has already returned to Bevelle.

Man in green and purple: Those fiends really put a damper on the tournament.
 ¬I was watching Maester Seymour’s aeon from here. It was awesome!

White-haired female Ronso: Many Ronso have left Luca to guard their sacred mountain, Gagazet.
 ¬Throughout the long history of Yevon, this is the first time a summoner has ever been appointed maester.

Roving Luca guard in gray: Even with the recent fiend scare, I can’t believe how crowded it is.
 ¬It’s too bad the Aurochs’ record losing streak had to end. That was the only thing going for them.

Lefthand guard at railing: We no longer have the strength to fight…Should the fiends reappear, run for your lives!
 ¬Thanks to the citizens’ pitching in, the stadium has been repaired in no time.

Righthand guard at railing: The fiends broke in, all because the Crusaders ditched guard duty this year. It’s all their fault! They should have been helping instead of devising some foolish plan!
 ¬The Crusaders are dreamin’! Do they really think the operation will succeed?

Luca, Dock Number 3

If the Aurochs won…
Abus: We thought you’d be a pushover. You Aurochs have sure improved!

Bickson: Our biggest mistake was going too easy on you Aurochs. We won’t hold back next time.

Graav: I consider your victory a total fluke.

Raudy: We’re just lending you the trophy until next year’s tournament. Keep it nice and shiny for us.

Balgerda: How could we lose to the Aurochs, of all teams? This is a disgrace!

Doram: We didn’t lose to the Aurochs, we lost to Wakka’s spirit and dedication.

If the Aurochs lost…
Abus: Another tournament, another victory…But no parade, thanks to those fiends.

Bickson: We Luca Goers will always be on top. Crawl your way up if you think you can.

Graav: Just be grateful that your twenty-three-year losing streak is finally over.

Raudy: How can the Aurochs be runners-up? The competition these days just ain’t what it used to be.

Balgerda: Had enough? Come back when you’re a man.

Doram: Great game! So you’re not just a pretty boy after all.

Luca, Dock Number 4

Gazna Ronso: Many Ronso return home to mountain. But Ronso Fangs will stay in Luca.

Argai Ronso: We swore victory on our horns and lost. We cannot go home until we win the cup.
Basik Ronso: Best of luck to the Besaid Aurochs. The Ronso Fangs will be waiting.
Nuvy Ronso: Aurochs are true warriors. Aurochs deserve mighty horns.

Zamzi Ronso: Ronso are strong, but winning takes more than strength.

Irga Ronso: The honorable warrior tribe Ronso fight enemies fair and square. 

Highroad — South End

[Back on the pilgrimage…]

Oh yay, it’s Professor Windbag, with a B.S. degree in backstory!

Maechen: This is a statue of Lord Mi’ihen. Eight centuries ago, he founded a legion known today as the Crusaders. In just a few short years after their founding, their ranks grew throughout Spira. The maesters of Yevon feared an uprising and accused them of rebellion. So Lord Mi’ihen walked along this very road to go face their charges and refute them. He succeeded in winning the maesters’ trust, and his legion became an arm of the Yevon clergy. It was then that Yevon gave them the name “Crusaders,” which they have kept ever since. And the rest is history.
 ¬Although this is a highroad, fiends do appear. Be on your guard!

Man in yellow and blue: Please give this to the lady summoner as a token of my gratitude. ~Hi-Potion
 ¬The Crusaders are really active.
 ¬I heard that Crusaders are marching in from all over Spira.
 ¬Mum’s the word. I hear the temples of Yevon are in on this, too.

Man in blue and white: Hey there, guardians. Here. Use this to defend our summoner well. ~Hunter’s Spear
 ¬I hear some big operation’s about to start.
 ¬I don’t know what the Crusaders are up to, but I say they’re way out of their league. Let the summoners take care of Sin. It’s the only way!
 ¬The Crusaders can’t beat Sin. History’s proven that.

Teenaged girl in halter top: You’re a guardian, right? I’d like to give you this. ~Antidote
 ¬Where is he?
 ¬I got separated from my brother. I told him to meet here if that happened!
 ¬We have to get back home before the operation starts!

[Tidus, Wakka Auron run into an armored beastie]
Tidus: Hah! That one looks slow.
Auron: It’s also tough. Let me handle this.
Tidus: No way! I can take it! (Attacks, sword goes thud) What the…?
Auron: (Snort)
Wakka: Told ya, Sir Auron’s the best!
Tidus: Hmph, I could’ve done that.

[Tidus passes ruined tower]
Maechen: Do you know what those ruins are from?
Tidus: Some old city?
Maechen: Correct. A city most ancient! A terrible testament to Sin’s power. I tremble every time I see them. Compared to Sin, humans are mere mudpuppies!
Yuna: But I believe humans are the only ones capable of defeating Sin.
Maechen: A good reply. I am relieved to hear you say that, m’lady summoner.
Yuna: Oh?
Maechen: Where are my manners? I am Maechen, a scholar. At your service, m’lady. I am on a journey, studying the history of our world, Spira, seeking its stories and secrets….
Maechen: My travels have taken me to many places, and I am troubled by what I have seen. Fragile smiles on people’s faces crumbling at the mere mention of Sin. They are counting on you, m’lady. Give them a reason to rejoice once more.

Yuna: I will.
¬Maechen: Ah, Lady Yuna’s guardians, I presume?

[Three Chocobo Knights approach.]
Lucil: Lady Summoner, I presume?
Yuna: Yes, I am Yuna.
Lucil: (Salutes) I am Lucil, captain of the Djose Chocobo Knights.
Elma: And I’m Elma. We’ve been charged to guard the Highroad.
Lucil: There have been reports of a large fiend appearing in this area, with a taste for chocobos. Do take care, Summoner Yuna, if you are to rent any chocobos.

Yuna: Thank you. We will be careful. (Yevon bow)
Lucil: Good. We should get back to our rounds. Farewell.
Elma: Our prayers are with you.

[Knights leave]
Tidus: (Strokes chin) A large fiend…Let’s go get him!
Auron: Why?
Tidus: It’s the right thing to do.
Auron: It’s the right thing to do? (Chuckles)
Tidus: What’d I say now?
Auron: Jecht said that a lot, too. And every time he said it, it meant trouble for Braska and me. (Chuckles)

[Belgemine stands beside the road soon after Djose Knights pass.]Belgemine: Ah, a summoner party.
Yuna: You, too, are a summoner?
Belgemine: My name is Belgemine. You are…?
Yuna: My name is Yuna.
Belgemine: Ah, the high summoner’s daughter. I’ve heard much of you. But you are still fresh on the road, are you not?
Yuna: Yes, I am.
Belgemine: I might have a few things to teach you.
Yuna: Hm?
Belgemine: Let us see which are stronger. My aeons or yours. A one-on-one match. Not to the death, of course. What do you say?
  • Pass.
  • Belgemine: Well, it’s your decision.
    Yuna: I’m sorry.
    Belgemine: Tell me if you change your mind.
     ¬Have you changed your mind? You wish to train?
  • Fight.
  • Yuna: I’ll do my best!
    Belgemine: Good. Before we begin… (Sparkle) Your aeons have been healed. You can fight with your full strength. Come. (Summons Ifrit) Show me how strong of a link you’ve forged with your aeons.

    [If Yuna wins…]
    Belgemine: Stop. That is enough.
    Belgemine: Not bad for one so young. I underestimated you. Take this. You’ve earned it. ~Echo Ring

    [If Yuna loses…]
    Belgemine: You need more training. But you did well. ~Seeker’s Ring

    Belgemine: You show promise. With more training, you could defeat Sin.
    Yuna: Thank you! But I think you might defeat Sin before I am able to.
    Belgemine: I cannot.
    Yuna: Eh?
    Belgemine: Or should I say… I was not able to.
    Yuna: You mean…
    Belgemine: Farewell, Yuna. We’ll meet again. (Walks away)

[Yuna’s party continues to attract attention along the way]
Woman in green skirt: My Lady Summoner!
Little girl: You’re a summoner?

Yuna: Yes. My name is Yuna.
Little girl: I’m Calli.
Yuna: Nice to meet you, Calli.
Calli: Lady Yuna, are you going to bring us the Calm?
Yuna: Yes, very soon.
Calli: Yay! (Runs circles around Yuna)
Mother: We’re looking forward to another Calm, My Lady Summoner.

Yuna: I’ll do my best.
Mother: And good luck to your guardians as well.
[Guys preen, Lulu doesn’t stir. Calli and Mom wave goodbye and leave.]
Tidus: What’s the calm?
Lulu: The Calm is a time of peace. It comes after a summoner defeats Sin, and lasts until Sin reappears.
Tidus: Eh… huh?
Yuna: Sin dies and is reborn.
Tidus: I get it! I thought it was weird. Yuna’s dad defeated Sin ten years ago, right? But Sin’s still here! Didn’t make much sense till now.
Tidus: Wait… If it just comes back…

Yuna: Don’t say it isn’t worth it…Because it is.
Narration: Even for a little while…people can sleep in their beds without being afraid. That kind of time is worth anything. Don’t say it isn’t worth it. Your words that day, Yuna– I remember them well.

Mi’ihen Highroad — South

Little boy (before you kick ball): Watch out. There are fiends everywhere. Here, you can have this. ~Soft
 ¬I’m watching the Crusaders pass by. They look cool.
 ¬Should I become a Crusader or a blitzer when I grow up? I don’t know.
 ¬My sister’s waiting for me, but who cares.

Little boy (after you kick ball): Hey! That was my ball!
 ¬Gee, you really socked that puppy.
 ¬Why don’t you become a blitzer? Maybe someday you can play for the Goers.

Whichever Crusader you talk to first: This ring helps keep flames at bay. Please,give it to the lady summoner. ~Red ring

Green and gold Crusader: Whew… at this rate, I’ll croak sooner than Sin.
 ¬They won’t… be able to…defeat Sin…without my…
 ¬They’re gonna kill me if I’m late for the operation!
 ¬Whaddya want! I’m in a hurry here!
 ¬Yes, sir! On patrol, sir!

Red, white and blue Crusader: Normally we patrol the area of operation with chocobos. But we couldn’t muster the funds for any more chocobos.
 ¬Usually the temple contributes some, but not for this operation.
 ¬We’re raising funds at the end of the Highroad. We’re counting on you!
 ¬I’m sure if we defeat Sin, Yevon will finally bless us.
 ¬Yes, sir! On patrol, sir!

Highroad — Central

Crusader in purple and green: Here’s a little something to cheer you up before the big fight.
 ¬I’m gonna vanquish Sin and return home a hero.
 ¬Us Crusaders…We’re gonna make history with this operation. For the first time, people other than summoners will defeat Sin.
 ¬No doubt we’re gonna win. And just in case, we have an ace up our sleeves, too.

Female crusader in yellow: I stocked up on too many. Please take one, if you like. ~Antidote
 ¬Once the order is given, I’ll be fighting on the front line. That’s everything we’ve trained for.
 ¬High Summoner Yocun, who slew Sin, started as a Crusader.
 ¬If I fight as valiantly as Lady Yocun will I, too, receive Yevon’s blessing?

Crusader in green Providing is preventing. Need I say more? This’ll help.
 ¬The young guns believe everything will go as planned. We veterans know otherwise: it’s not going to be easy.
 ¬Of course when the time comes, we’ll march in full force to victory. Victory must be the goal to win any battle.
 ¬They say luck decides the battle, but we can’t afford to lose.

Crusader hiding behind bushes: Here, take this. Just don’t tell anybody that I was trembling. ~Ether
 ¬I join the Crusaders and get thrown into a major operation right off the bat. I mean, you can’t blame me for getting the shakes.
 ¬I’m not scared. Don’t get me wrong. I’m just trembling with fury!

Woman near Rin’s billboard: There are lots of fiends, so stay sharp. Use this when the going gets tough. ~Hi-Potion
 ¬Do you see that sign? What a gaudy ad. They’re way out of line.
 ¬It’s not good once those guys get going.

[Gatta and Luzzu, guiding a wagon, take a break beside the road.]

Gatta: Hey, we saw the game! You guys were great!
Luzzu: Congratulations, Wakka!
    (or, if Aurochs lost…) It was close, Wakka.

[Chocobo Knights ride up]
Elma: Hey! Stop loafing around!
Gatta: Uh… The lady summoner and her guardians…
Lucil: This mission requires our full attention. We’ve no time to waste! Understood?
Luzzu: (Salutes) Yes, ma’am! Apologies, ma’am!
Lucil: Carry on.

[Lucil and Elma ride off]
Luzzu: See? Keep your head down, say “sir” a lot, and you’ll do fine.
Gatta: Right…sir.

Yuna: (Chuckles)
Luzzu: Hey, Yuna. Even though Yevon rejected us… we still believe in you. That won’t ever change.
Yuna: Thank you, Sir Luzzu, Sir Gatta. But, you know… It’s not too late for you to go back to Besaid, and…
Gatta: We should be going, sir!
[Luzzu and Gatta hurry off]

[A little further down the road, a Crusader is arguing with a female Acolyte]
Crusader: We’ll defeat Sin any way we can!
Shelinda: But Yevon’s teachings say…
Crusader: Enough! (Storms off)
Shelinda: I-I only meant to…
Yuna: Are you all right?
Shelinda: Lady Summoner…?
Yuna: Yes, I am Yuna.
Shelinda: It is an honor, my lady. My name is Shelinda. I am a disciple of Yevon.
Wakka: What was all that about? The Crusaders’ operation?
Tidus: You mean the one Gatta and Luzzu were talking about?
Wakka: Mm.
Shelinda: I heard they were to use forbidden machina! I had to stop them.
Tidus: Huh? Why?
Lulu: The use of machina is strictly forbidden by the Yevon priesthood.
Wakka: That’s bad, ya? (Turns towards Auron)
Auron: Let them use whatever they want. They still won’t defeat Sin.
Shelinda: But, it’s not about defeating Sin! The teachings of Yevon must be upheld!
Wakka: Yeah! Right!
Shelinda: But you don’t understand! The Crusaders won’t even listen to me. And it’s all because I’m just a lowly acolyte.
Yuna: Don’t say that.
Shelinda: (Gasp)
Yuna: Well, I haven’t been a summoner for very long myself, you see. Still, I can’t put myself down every time I fail. People are depending on me. They’re depending on both of us!
Shelinda: Yes! Yes, you’re right, my lady. Absolutely right!
Yuna: (Smiles)
Shelinda: Thank you so much, Lady Yuna! Now I feel I have the courage to finish my training.

¬Shelinda: I will do my best to get myself appointed to a temple, as a nun.

Mi’ihen Highroad — Outside Agency

Auron: We rest here.
Wakka: But, this is an Al Bhed shop!
Auron: Is that a problem?
Wakka: They don’t believe in Yevon, and in Luca they… They kidnapped Yuna!
Auron: Where were her guardians?
[Wakka groans and facepalms; Tidus whistles innocently]
Yuna: Sir Auron’s just concerned about your health.
Wakka: I’m not tired one bit!
Auron: Well I am.
[He turns and walks away. They follow. Fade to black, but not for long…]
Tidus: (Sound of snoring stops) As if I could sleep!

Inside Mi’ihen Highroad Travel Agency

Maechen: Mr. Rin’s shops are all over Spira. They are quite convenient when you’re on the road.

Shelinda: I’ve heard that the proprietor, Mr. Rin, is an Al Bhed. But I was very relieved to find that he keeps nothing sacrilegious here.

Man in shorts blocking check-in counter at Travel Agency: You guys already got a room, right?

Al Bhed in bikini: Welcome to Rin’s Travel Agency. Do you wish to make a purchase? [Got any weapons? | Got any items? | Leave.]

Before Tidus exits Agency to watch sunset…
Lulu: This might be the last time we can rest like this.

Ocean Overlook Outside Agency

[Tidus steps outside into a beautiful sunset over the ocean.]

Tidus: Check it out!
Narration: That sunset was different from the one I saw in Kilika. It was quiet–almost gentle.
[He approaches Yuna sitting on a grassy bluff with her back to the Inn.]
Tidus: Whatcha up to?
[He joins her. They gaze out at sunset.]
Yuna: Pretty…
Tidus: Sure is.
Yuna: I wish I could live in a place like this. Peaceful… Living with a smile on my face every day.
Tidus: You can, once you beat Sin, right?
Yuna: (Nods) But then a new Sin will be born anyway.
Tidus: Well then, you can just beat it again.
Yuna: I wish I could.
Tidus: Hey, you can! Trust me! You are the best summoner out there!
Yuna: (Silent)
Tidus: Yuna, why does Sin always come back?
Yuna: Sin is our punishment for our vanity. And it will not go away until we’ve atoned.
Tidus: How do we do that? What did we do that was so bad in the first place? Was it using lots of machina or something? Oh… Wait, was that such a bad thing, really?
Yuna: It’s funny… Ever since I was young, I never questioned it. But now that you ask me if it is that bad or not…I don’t know. There are so many things I don’t know.
Tidus: Well then, we’re the same! (Whispery voice) Ooooh… Such thinking is very unbecoming of a summoner!
Tidus: (Winks) Sound like Mika?
[They smile and laugh]
Yuna: That’s not very nice, you know! (Chuckles)

Tidus: You know… During a game, you have to think of blitz and nothing else, you know?
Yuna: Okay.
Tidus: You can’t think, “That’s a cute girl in the fifth seat from the right.”* And you can’t be thinking about where you’re going to go on that date, because the minute you do, that’s when you lose!
Tidus: You see, uh, Yuna, what I meean is, you really shouldn’t worry, you know? After we beat Sin, that’s when you can worry about the future.

Yuna: I guess. (Nods quietly)
[They stand staring out at the ocean]
Tidus: But, Yuna, how are you supposed to beat something big like that?
Yuna: The Final Summoning. It’s the only way to defeat Sin. The only way. With it, we can call the Final Aeon. That’s the goal of the pilgrimage. The Fayth of the Final Summoning lies waiting in the far north, to greet summoners that complete their pilgrimage. At the world’s edge… (Yevon bow) in Zanarkand.
Tidus: In Zanarkand?
Yuna: (Stammers and looks down.)
Auron: She means the ruins of a city destroyed a thousand years ago.
[They turn to find Auron standing behind them leaning on a pillar beside the road.]
Tidus: (To Yuna) You sure it’s ruins?
Yuna: That’s what I’ve heard.
Auron: You’ll see it for yourself soon enough.
Auron: Yuna, come back inside.

[Auron leaves]
Yuna: You will go with us…to Zanarkand?
Tidus: (Subdued) Yeah, I’ll go.
Yuna: (Smiles happily)
Tidus: (Still subdued) I’ll go to Zanarkand to see it with my own eyes.
Narration: I knew it couldn’t be my Zanarkand. But I had to make sure.
[Fade to black. Night passes.]

*Note: That “cute girl in the fifth seat from the right” is probably the redhead who asked Tidus for an autograph at the beginning of the game.

Inside Travel Agency

Next morning…
Man in green and brown approaches Tidus: You’re a guardian, right? I think this’ll help. ~Key Sphere The sphere monitor will teach you how to use it. Have you read the instructions yet?

  • Yes.
  • Then you should be okay.
  • No.
  • In that case, you should view the sphere monitor there and find out how to use it.
NPCs in Mi’ihen Travel Agency, next morning
Al Bhed behind check-in desk (Ropp): Welcome to Rin’s Travel Agency. Would you care to rest? [Rest. | No.]

Man in shorts: Man, I’m beat. I woke up early for nothing.
 ¬I left early in the morning only to find the end of the Highroad closed to traffic. So I had to turn back. What a waste of time.
 ¬Oh, you didn’t know? The Crusaders have sealed off the Highroad.

Woman in green skirt (Calli’s mom?): There are so many things I want, I can’t decide what to get. Say… will you buy something for me?

  • Buy something for her.
  • I’m just kidding.
  • You’ve got to be kidding.
  • Yeah, I’m kidding.
  • No, you buy me something.
  • Buy it yourself. I’m not your mom.

[Tidus starts to go outside, bumps into Rin]
Rin: Byntuh sa.
Tidus: Sorry?
Rin: Ah, forgive me, sir. I meant to say “pardon me,” but it came out in Al Bhed.
Tidus: Oh, you’re an Al Bhed?
Rin: Mm-hm. I am Rin, owner of this establishment. Hela du saad oui.
Tidus: Huh?
Rin: It means, “nice to meet you.”
Tidus: Ah! Well helly doo sad wee to you, too.
Rin: If you are interested… Al Bhed primers can be found all over Spira. Finding them and learning our language might be fun. Here, let me give you one in commemoration of our meeting. Although you might want to be careful where you speak our language. ~Primer
Tidus: Yeah, I hear Al Bhed aren’t liked much. Oh, sorry!
Rin: It is a shame.

Woman: (Scream from outside) Someone, help! The chocobos!
Auron: That’s our cue, let’s go.

Rin: Oh! Thank you for your help. Please, use this. ~Mega-Potion
 ¬Rin: It is a ferocious beast! Be prepared!

After chocobo lady calls for help…
Man in shorts: Is it true? Th-There’s a fiend outside!? No way! I’m staying right here!

Woman in green skirt: What are you standing around for? Go take care of it!

Outside Agency

Lulu: To the chocobo corral!
[Boss fight]

[Possible dialog during Chocobo Eater battle…]
Tidus: What now? We got a cliff at our backs!
Auron: So, we’re to be pushed off a cliff.
Wakka: Look out! Cliff behind us!
Auron: Attack now! Push it back!
Lulu: Now! Hit it hard and we can push it back!
Tidus: Strike now! Hard and fast!
Wakka: Let’s get him!
Critter: You’re next!

If they win…
Rin: Have you an interest in renting some chocobos? As a token of our gratitude, the first time is free of charge. Please ask the attendant, if you wish to rent.
Attendant: Thank you so much for saving the chocobos!
 ¬Oh! Hello! No charge this time!

Elma: Summoners and guardians! I saw the fight. I was impressed!

If they lose…
Auron: (Dryly) Now I know I can count on you.
Tidus: Gimme a break. I just woke up. Like you did much!
Auron: It was your idea to fight that thing. If you’re always so groggy, just stay awake.
Tidus: Yeah right, thanks for the tip.
[One sad little chocobo feather flutters down.]

If they return to Agency after losing…
Elma: I took care of that fiend for you.

Back on the Highroad

Elma: Right now we’re charged with getting people off the Highroad. But you… Well, you have a summoner, so you can stay.
 ¬ (whispers) Don’t tell anyone, but this is a really boring job.

Rin: We appreciate this thing you have done. Dryhg oui. It means, “I thank you.”
 ¬There are branches of my travel agency all over Spira. Your patronage is always welcome.

If you take chocobo south, you’re intercepted at stairway to Luca…

Clasko: You have to leave your chocobos here. Come on, everyone off!
 ¬All the other Crusaders are preparing for the operation. But they put me here on guard duty.
 ¬This is all I’m good for anyway.

Heading north on the “New Highroad” from agency

If you’re riding a chocobo, friends keep greetings short…

Shelinda: Thank you so much for your words yesterday.

Maechen: A safe journey to you!

If you’re on foot, they’re more talkative.

Shelinda: Word has gotten around about me. Now all the Crusaders are ignoring me! (She’ll be down on the New Road if you were pushed off cliff.)

Maechen: Would you like to hear about the Highroad?

  • Not one bit.
  • Maechen: Hmm…pity.
  • Please.
  • Maechen: We are currently travelling a part of the Mi’ihen Highroad called the Newroad. Naturally, that suggests that there is, or was, an Oldroad.
     ¬The road that runs below this Newroad is the original Mi’ihen Highroad. Hence, the road that Lord Mi’ihen walked is not this road, but the Oldroad.
     ¬The Newroad was built to replace the Oldroad destroyed by Sin five hundred years ago. But sometimes, standing on the Oldroad and reminiscing about the past can be a pleasurable pastime.

Down on the Oldroad

Lucil: What are you doing on this road?
Tidus: Oh, you know…
Lucil: I see. The Highroad ends over there. However, we have sealed off the area beyond for the duration of our operation here. You may ask the gate captain up ahead if you need to pass through.
 ¬You must first go to the end of the Highroad in order to get back on the Newroad.

O’aka: Coming down to the Oldroad was a mistake… Ye can’t run a business with no customers! Say, can I interest you in something?

  • Whatcha got?
  • [Store opens]
  • Lend gil to O’aka.
  • O’aka: Spare some change, lad?
    • Yes.
    • Ye really gonna lend me X gil? [Wait a minute. | No sweat. | Cancel.]
    • No.
    • It figures.
  • No, thanks.

 ¬Sure are a lot of Crusaders about. Wonder what they’re up to?
 ¬Welcome to O’aka’s!

End of Mi’ihen Highroad

Clasko: Gee, Captain Lucil and Elma should have been here by now.
 ¬What’s taking Elma so long?

If you ride chocobo into gate…
Clasko: You have to leave your chocobos here! Come on, everyone off!

To the right of checkpoint…
Dona: How many times do I have to tell you? I’m a summoner!
Crusader by empty cages: Sorry, ma’am! No exceptions!
Dona: You dare impede a summoner’s pilgrimage?
Crusader: Sorry, ma’am! No exceptions!
Dona: Useless!

Dona: (Sniffs) Oh, it’s you. As you can see, not even summoners can pass. But they’ll call on us in the end. Just wait and see.
Dona: In the meantime, I think I’ll have a nap. Oh, Barthello? (They run off for a “nap.”)

Talking to Crusaders stationed around north gate…
Crusader by empty cages: The Mushroom Rock Road is off-limits to non-Crusader personnel until the end of the mission!
 ¬We apologize for the inconvenience, but this road is closed!

Little Crusader (Purple and green): We’re Crusaders, too. We have a lot of work to do. My job is to clean up everyone’s stuff!
Second little Crusader (in blue): And I’m delivering food for the soldiers!
First little Crusader: Big job, huh?
 ¬Second little Crusader: The operation’s gonna start soon. All civilians must leave.
First little Crusader: What if you don’t?
Second little Crusader: Then Sin’s gonna eat you! Mom said Sin eats bad people.
First little Crusader: Yikes.

 ¬First little Crusader: A great maester is here, too, so we’re gonna work really hard!

Highroad — North End

[Approaching the gate, one finds it barred by a wagon and old friends…]

Gatta: Gatta and Luzzu reporting, sir! (Salute to gate captain)
Luzzu: This is the last of them.

Gate captain: Good to have you with us. Go on through!
[Tidus peering up at wagon sees a large beastie inside]
Gatta: Show me how to play blitz sometime!
Luzzu: Wait around. We’ll have Sin beaten in no time!

Tidus: (Fistpumps in salute)

Talking to Gate Guards

Crusader in red, white and blue: Any donation toward Operation Mi’ihen would be greatly appreciated!

  • 100 Gil should be plenty.
  • Thank you! Please accept this. ~Scout
  • I can afford 1,000 Gil.
  • Many thanks! This is for you. ~Ice Lance
  • It’s your lucky day! 10,000 Gil!
  • Thank you for your generosity! Here, you should have this. ~Moon Ring
  • I’d rather not.
  • Offer more than you have…
  • Not enough Gil.

[If Tidus tries to go through gate]
Gate captain: I’m sorry, I can’t let you pass.
Hey, you’re a summoner and her guardians, right? Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Don’t worry about it.
  • Thank you for your cooperation!
  • Tell me about the operation.
  • What, they didn’t tell you? We’re bringing sinspawn from all over Spira here. Sinspawn inevitably draw Sin, right? We’re going to lure it into a trap!
     ¬This mission, Operation Mi’ihen, is a Crusader-Al Bhed joint mission. We Crusaders lure Sin in, and the Al Bhed strike it down. You see, Al Bhed hate Sin as much as we do.
     ¬They managed to salvage ancient machina. They say they’re as powerful as the mighty aeons.
     ¬Well, you know machina are forbidden by Yevon. Ah…on second thought, let’s not go there. Better for you not to know. The Crusaders in Operation Mi’ihen have all been excommunicated. My own family won’t even speak to me now.
     ¬We have to beat Sin today. Otherwise, there’s nowhere for us to go.

[Turning back, Yuna finds Seymour approaching with Guado guards. Yuna kneels to offer Yevon prayer. Seymour, standing, returns it.]
Seymour: So we meet again, Lady Yuna.
Yuna: Y-yes?
Seymour: You look troubled. Is there anything I can do?
Yuna: Well… (Turns and looks towards gate.)
Seymour: I see.
[Seymour and guards advance to gate, where captain salutes.]
Gate captain: Maester Seymour. Let me show you to the command center.
Seymour: Hold. I have a request.
Gate captain: Yes, Your Grace?
Seymour: I need to have Summoner Yuna and her guardians let through to the command center.
Gate captain: But…But, Maester Seymour…Maester Seymour, sir.
Seymour: Do not worry. I will take full responsibility.
Gate captain: Very well. They may pass.
Seymour: (Turns to Yuna) It is done.
Yuna: Thank you, Your Grace. (Deep Japanese bow several times, even after he’s gone)
Lulu: Yuna, it’s time to go.
Yuna: (Flustered) Oh! Right!
Lulu: (Sets an arm around her; they leave)
Tidus: Who does he think he is?
Wakka: He’s a maester. Better get used to it, ya?
Tidus: Hmph.

Before passing through gate…
Gate guard in yellow and green: You may pass.

Clasko: Gee. Captain Lucil and Elma should have been here by now.

  • I’ve got better things to do.
  • [Nothing happens.]
  • Help him look for them.
  • You’re popped back on chocobo. Finding Elma or Lucil triggers cutscene:
    [Elma, Lucil and Clasko ride up to checkpoint…]
    Lucil: Sir! (Salute) Support units are in place. Mounted units have finished all exercises.
    Elma: Evacuation of civilians almost complete, sir!
    Lucil: Just a few stragglers–nothing to worry about, sir.

    Gate captain: Good. Were there any problems?
    Lucil: No problems, sir.
    Gate captain: Excellent! The first stage is complete, then! Chocobo Knights–to your assigned positions for Operation Mi’ihen!

    Lucil and Elma: Sir! (Salute and ride off, Clasko in tow.)

Mushroom Rock Road

Start of Mushroom Rock Road

[Crusaders assemble and salute]
Gate captain: All hail Maester Seymour!
Seymour: Brave Crusaders of Spira, protectors of all Spira. Believe in the path you have chosen, let faith be your strength! I, Seymour Guado, maester of Yevon, will bear witness to your deeds today.
All: Sir! (Salute)
Wakka: What’s goin’ on? Why’s Maester Seymour backing the Crusaders, eh? They’re using the Al Bhed’s machina! They’re violating the teachings!
Yuna: Even going against the teachings they’re willing to risk it for the greater good. Wakka, I think Maester Seymour sees that, too.
Wakka: (Sputters) Lulu?
Lulu: Hmm… I can only speculate.
Wakka: (Facepalm)
Auron: Ask him yourself.
[Crusaders are dismissed. Seymour strides towards Yuna, then pauses and glances to the side.]
Seymour: Ah, Sir Auron. It is an honor. I would be most interested in hearing what you’ve been doing these past ten years.
Auron: I’ve got nothing to say about it. (Stomps off)
Seymour: I…see. Sir Auron must be a great asset as a guardian.
Yuna: Your Grace! (Bows nervously)
Seymour: Please, there’s no need for formalities.
Wakka: Excuse me… Maester Seymour? Why is your Lordship…presently…present here…sir?
Lulu: (Shakes head)
Seymour: Please, speak as you normally would.
Wakka: Uuuh… Isn’t this operation against the teachings of Yevon? Aren’t you gonna stop them?
Seymour: It’s true… I should.
Wakka: Mm! Mm!
Seymour: However… Both the Crusaders and the Al Bhed truly wish peace for Spira. This Operation Mi’ihen was born from that wish they share. Although it may be sacrilege to Yevon, their intentions are pure. And I, Seymour Guado– the person, not the maester of Yevon… As a denizen of Spira, I wish them well in their endeavor.
Wakka: But, using machina…That’s bad, isn’t it?
Seymour: Pretend you didn’t see them.
[All gasp]
Wakka: Beg your pardon, but that’s not something a maester should say!
Seymour: Then, pretend I didn’t say it.
Wakka: You’re kidding!
Seymour: (Walks away)
Narration: From the first time I laid eyes on him, I never did like Seymour… But you know, some of the things he said that day… They made a lot of sense to me.

Talking to Crusaders past checkpoint…

Gate guard (red, white, blue): Here, take this, and try to stay out of our way, okay? ~Remedy
 ¬Maester Seymour got you in, and now you wanna leave?

Gate captain (purple/white): Here, this should come in handy. ~Tough Bangle
 ¬We’re sealing off this area for the operation. All passage will be denied.

Short Crusader in purple and green: Stay alert during your trip. I hope this helps. ~Ether
 ¬I guess we have Yevon’s blessing, since the maester himself wished us good fortune.
 ¬Who knows, Maester Seymour might even summon aeons and fight alongside us.

Crusader in need of pants: You must take full precautions here. Please use this if the need arises. ~Hi-Potion
 ¬Yevon did not forsake us after all. Now we can fight without regret.
 ¬I’ve dispatched my men on patrol. Fiends have infested the area.

Crusader in green: The Crusaders supplied us with some goods. Here you go. ~Phoenix Down
 ¬Maester Seymour came to witness our deeds here today. We will destroy Sin, even if it means our lives!
 ¬I must relay Lord Seymour’s message to the men. This will be great for morale!

Mushroom Rock Road

Clasko: (Comes running out) Excuse me, Lady Summoner Yuna?
Yuna: Yes!
Clasko: The command center… Maester Seymour requests your presence there, ma’am.
Yuna: Thank you. (She glances back towards Sir Auron, who nods.)
Clasko: Take that road to the command center. it’s not far. We’re still in the midst of preparations this way. Sorry.

Fork to Command Center

O’aka: Good day, lad! Sneaked past the guards, I did!
 ¬Be makin’ a fortune with “Operation Mi’ihen” prices! But you, lad, you get a discount! I owes ya one, eh? (Shop)
 ¬Welcome to O’aka’s! (Shop)

If you try to run past Clasko…
Clasko: No, not this way, that way. I guess I’m not good at explaining.

¬Clasko: I’m just doing my job.

Crusader by water-lift: There is increasing fiend activity. This may not be much help, but… ~Hi-Potion
 ¬Yevon’s emblem bears mystic powers. Step onto the platform, and you shall see.

Crusader in purple: A summoner’s entourage! Please accept this. ~Potions
 ¬After the operation, my compadres and I are heading straight to Luca. It’s gonna be a blast. We’ve already reserved a place and everything.
 ¬Do you think Yevon will take us back in if we succeed?

Partway Through Mushroom Rock Road

Lucil: We’ve been expecting you. Please proceed to the command center.
 ¬The presence of a maester and a summoner is great for the troops’ morale– myself included. Thank you for being here, my lady.
 ¬Depending on the way things turn out, we might suffer casualties. In such an event, we would be grateful if you could perform the sending, my lady.
 ¬We may have to fight here, as well. Stay alert.

Shelinda: In the end, I wasn’t able to stop them, as you can see. But seeing their fierce determination, I couldn’t just sit there. So I decided that I would do everything in my power to help them.
 ¬Truly, I know nothing of the ways of fighting, but I do know some white magic. I’m hoping that will be of some use to them.
 ¬Is there anything I can do to help you?

  • We’re fine!
  • Shelinda: Take care!
  • Please heal us.
  • Shelinda: (Sparkle)

Elma: Lady Summoner! What are you doing here?
 ¬Well, with your guardians near you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.
 ¬Don’t say we shouldn’t be using machina! Not now, please?
 ¬I hope Captain Lucil notices my efforts in this mission!

Crusader: Give this to the lady summoner, and grant us your help when the time comes. ~X-P otion
 ¬The command center is strategically located on a ledge overlooking the sea. It’s just beyond the artillery base up ahead.
 ¬We have neutralized all fiends around the command center. The sector is secure.

Crusader: Be sure to make thorough preparations. Here, put this to good use. ~Gil
 ¬We’ve concentrated our forces along the coast to prevent Sin from reaching land. We plan to stage a frontal assault. The men are preparing for the worst.
 ¬My friend is stationed there. All I can do is pray for him.

Crusader: We’ve secured the command center perimeter. But please take this as a precaution. ~Mega-Potion
 ¬This is a mechanical lift built by the Al Bhed. Please take it up to the command center.
 ¬Relying on machines goes against the teachings, but the maester just used it.

Near Lift to Command Center

Gatta: Why only you, sir? I want to fight, too!
Luzzu: Order are orders.
Gatta: I’m not a cadet anymore, sir! Let me go with you, and I’ll prove it to them!
Luzzu: Guarding the command center is important too, you know.
But I came all the way from Besaid to fight Sin, sir!
Luzzu: I know, but an order’s an order. To your post, Crusader.
But, sir! (Growls and dashes off)

Luzzu: They let you through, huh?
Tidus: Mm.
Tidus: Gatta deserves better…
Wakka: At least there’s no chance he’ll get hurt. Why are you guys fighting, anyway? Aren’t the almighty Al Bhed machina enough?
Luzzu: They still need some time to get them ready. Our job is to keep Sin at bay till they’re done.
Wakka: (Snarl, mutter)
Luzzu: Wakka… I might not get another chance to say this. It’s about your brother.
Lulu: Luzzu, no!
Wakka: (Turns and peers at both of them) What?
Luzzu: I’m the one who convinced him…to enlist.
[Wakka rumbles, looks at Lu, who drops her eyes.]
Luzzu: I’m sorry.
Wakka: (Glowers for a long moment, then decks him)
Tidus: Wakka! That’s enough, Wakka! (Restrains him)
Wakka: When we used to play blitz together, Chappu used to say…He’d say that–when we won the Cup, ya?–he’d propose to Lulu. And then one day…he goes off and becomes a Crusader. Just like that.
Luzzu: Chappu also said to me… That being with your girl is good…But keeping Sin far away from her is better.
Wakka: Lu, you knew?
Lulu: (Sigh) Luzzu told me…before we left.
Luzzu: (Chuckles) She hit me too.
[Lucil rides by]
Lucil: All Crusaders in the vanguard are to assemble on the beach!
Luzzu: That’s my cue.
Wakka: Luzzu! Don’t die out there.
Luzzu: So you can hit me more?
Wakka: Lots! Lots more!
Yuna: (Bars his way) Sir Luzzu, please! Please, don’t go!
Luzzu: I have to, Yuna.
Auron: Let him go. The man has already chosen his path…As you did when you became a summoner.
Yuna: (Steps aside reluctantly)
Narration: It would be a long time…before I ever really understood the reason why Yuna let Luzzu pass that day.

Mushroom Rock Ridge

[Take lift up to bluffs, where cannons are pointed towards sea.]
Wakka: Curse these…! (Kicks cannon) OW!
Tidus: He really hates them, huh?
Lulu: Chappu…He left the sword Wakka gave him in Besaid. And he fought with an Al Bhed machina weapon instead.
Wakka: That’s got nothing to do with it! I just hate these sacrilegious contraptions!

Talking to Crusaders and Al Bhed outside command center…
Crusader (red white blue) hammering stake: The cannon got out of place when we fired a test shot. Packed too much powder, I guess.
 ¬I have to set her in place before the operation.

Spiked-hair Al Bhed: I will be the one to finish Sin off.
 ¬We will use the ancient machina to destroy Sin.
 ¬The Yevon fools will soon witness the power of the Al Bhed.

Artillery Crusader (purple): Once Sin emerges from the sea, we’ll commence firing. Our shots should stun it long enough for the Al Bhed machina to finish it off.
 ¬We just fired a test shot, and this puppy roars! It near knocked me out. Heck, it probably echoed as far as Luca!
 ¬Sin’s gonna be a huge target. We probably won’t even have to aim.

[Yuna’s party watches final preparations, including Crusaders herding Sinspawn into cage]
Wakka: Grrr… It won’t work anyway.
Yuna: Don’t say that. It might be a hopeless campaign, and it might mean defying Yevon…But the Crusaders and the Al Bhed– they’re doing their best to defeat Sin. They want to rid Spira of Sin forever. And that’s just what we want, too, isn’t it?
Yuna: Isn’t it?
Wakka: Hmph! All right, all right! But I still think machina are bad news. They’re forbidden for a reason!
Lucil: Lady Summoner! There you are! The command center is that way. Maester Kinoc is also there.
Yuna: Maester Kinoc, too?
Lucil: Yes. Please hurry, my Lady.

Female Crusader in gray: That merchant’s obviously ripping people off. I guess it can’t be helped. He’s the only game out here.
 ¬I asked him for a discount, and do you know what he said to me? “Ye gonna die anyway, so what’s the point?”
 ¬I wonder what that merchant’s gonna do when the battle starts.

Captain pacing in front of soldiers: We’re only moments away from commencing Operation Mi’ihen. Spira’s fate hangs on the outcome of this mission. We will do our duty as soldiers and defeat Sin this day!
Soldiers: (Salute) Sir!
¬Captain: It’s important to spur my men on every now and then. Maybe I should give them another pep talk to be sure…
¬Soldier1: Man, you’d think he’d shut up after five times–or was that six?
¬Soldier2: The captain just keeps repeating himself. He must be really nervous.

Artillery officer in yellow: We’re inspecting the weapons right now.
 ¬They’re Al Bhed machina, so we have to be extra cautious.
 ¬So far so good. I’m gonna run more tests.

Soldier and boy fighting:
-Come on! Swing like a man! Do you wanna avenge your sister or don’t you?
-I’m gonna beat Sin! I’m gonna beat it! I’m gonna beat it no matter what!
 ¬ -Okay, come on now! Pretend I’m a fiend!
-Die, die, die!

Crusader in yellow and green: I’m short on various stuff, so I’m trying to buy them now. Everything seems a bit pricier than usual.
 ¬Well, I guess I should just be thankful. I never imagined I could buy stuff out here.
 ¬Time to shop!

Outside Command Center

O’aka: Monopoly’s a great thing! Things are sellin’ no matter what the price! Oops! Sorry, I forgot. [Got any weapons? | Got any items? | Leave]
 ¬Welcome to O’aka’s!

Crusader by command center: Yeah? What do you wanna know?

  • About the cannons.
  • The Al Bhed provided us with these cannons at no charge. I hate the bastards, but I’ve got a little respect for them now. These cannons have good range. We’ll give Sin a shower it won’t soon forget!
  • About the Chocobo Knights.
  • Only a select few can become Chocobo Knights. You have to be a skilled rider or achieve some combat merit to become one. Captain Lucil is no doubt the best of the bunch right now. I just don’t know how that wimp Clasko got knighted. Well, he is good at earning their trust–the chocobos, that is.
  • About this operation.
  • We’ve researched Sin’s past behaviors in planning this operation. Sin often turns up where its sinspawn are. So we hunted down the sinspawn at various places and brought them here to lure it. When it shows up, we’re gonna hit it with the ancient machina, and it’s bye-bye Sin. The Crusaders’ responsibility is to lure Sin and immobilize it. The Al Bhed will deliver the finishing blow. I wish it could be the other way around, but as long as we defeat Sin, who cares.
  • Never mind.

Gatta: (Sounding flat) The operation will begin shortly. Please check all your equipment.
Wakka: Um, you all right?
Gatta: Of course not! I came here to fight Sin! But they stick me here!
Auron: If you want to prove yourself…
Gatta: Huh?
Auron: first you must complete the tasks you are given.
Gatta: (Sags)

[If you encourage Gatta twice to defy orders, he’ll die, otherwise Luzzu does.]

Gatta: Just doing what they say? It just won’t be enough.

  • Yeah, you should be out on the front lines.
  • Gatta: That’s right! It’s not fair!
  • Guarding the command center is important, too.
  • Gatta: You’d think the same if you were me.

Gatta: I’ll do something…even if it means bending the rules.

  • Yeah, you should be out on the front lines.
  • Gatta: That’s right! It’s not fair!
  • Guarding the command center is important, too.
  • Gatta: I’ve got to show Luzzu what I can do. (Runs off)

Operation Mi’ihen Command Center

Kinoc: Oh! (Comes over to embrace Auron) I’d heard from Seymour, but I didn’t know if we’d actually meet. Good to see you, Auron! Ten years, is it?
Auron: …
Kinoc: (Chuckles)
Lulu: (Whispers to Tidus) That’s Wen Kinoc, one of the Four Maesters of Yevon. He leads the warrior monks and also commands the Crusaders.
Gatta: (Rushes in and salutes) All troops ready to move at your command, sir!
Kinoc: (Casual salute) Good. Dismissed.
Gatta: Sir! (Leaves)
Kinoc: Tell me, Auron. Where have you been the last ten years?
Auron: We don’t have time for this now, do we?
Kinoc: This plan won’t work, you know that. We’ll just let them dream a little longer.
Tidus: What?
Seymour: (Standing behind them) Lord Kinoc…
Kinoc: Oh, yes. Proceed.
Auron: (Mutters) That Kinoc, a maester?
Kinoc: I heard that, Auron. A lot has happened the last ten years. What were you doing, and where?
Auron: Fulfilling a promise I made to a friend. I still am.
Kinoc: Just tell me one thing: Have you seen Zanarkand?
Auron: Hmph. (Walks off)
Yuna: (To Tidus) I kinda…think we don’t belong here.

Pompous base captain: It is time at last. We must tell the Al Bhed waiting outside to begin the operation at once. The fiends may break through. This place is not safe. Make sure you’re prepared to defend yourselves. Tell me when you’re ready.

Al Bhed in command center: We have the ancient machina. The operation will succeed. Our machina will prove that Yevon’s teachings are not the way.
 ¬A summoner… I shall report this later.
 ¬Being around Yevon’s followers makes me sick.

Kinoc: Being a maester has its privileges. I can just sit here and watch.

Pacing around command center…

Wakka: With them here, it’s like Yevon authorizes this whole operation!

Kimahri: (Stares)

Auron: Go to Yuna.

Lulu: Anything could happen. Make sure you’re ready for combat.

Yuna: I’m a little nervous.

Base captain: Are you ready?

  • Not yet.
  • Please hurry.
  • Yes.
  • Maester Kinoc. Please.

[Kinoc moves to front of observation platform and raises arm.]

Yuna: Will Sin come?
Base captain: Sin always returns for its spawn. To make sure, we’re going to encourage them to call out to it.
Auron: You won’t have to. It’ll come.
Narration: I remembered Auron telling me. Sin is my old man. Sin is Jecht.
[Sinspawn breaks loose][Boss battle: Sinspawn Gui.]
The first who makes a physical attack says…
Tidus: Those arms are in the way!
Wakka: It blocked my shot, ya? I don’t believe it!
Auron: So the arms are for defense.
A few rounds later, someone will notice…
Tidus: It’s gonna do something! Time for a head shot!
Auron: It’s going to attack. Aim for the head!
Lulu: I’ll cast a spell at its head!
Wakka: That, I can hit, eh?

FMV: No Better Plan

[Sin’s feelers creep into bay, then it rises from sea. We see forces assembled on beach, artillery teams above.]
Lucil: Let’s go!
Artillery captain: Fire!
[Cannons hit Sin. Sinspawn fall from its sides, hit sea and start swimming for beach, where…
Lucil: Charge!

Back at the Command Center…

Auron: Look out!
[Yuna’s party dives for cover.]

FMV: Judgment

[Sin sheds outer covering, creates ball of light that explodes and vaporizes Crusaders on the beach.]

In the Ruined Command Center…

[Yuna comes to, sees Seymour facing Sinspawn Gui. Auron heads into battle. Yuna follows.]
Seymour: Stand back, Lady Yuna.
Yuna: Y-yes.
[They kill sinspawn]
Yuna: The others? (Rushes to edge of cliff)

FMV: Ex Machina

[Yuna, beside Seymour, watches in horror as Sin demolishes Al Bhed installation.

On beach below Command Center…

[Tidus wakes up, sees scattered bodies of Crusaders.]

Examining bodies on battlefield yields grim epitaphs:
Rest in peace.
A peaceful death. Probably had no clue.
Still so young.
Too late to help them.
Slightly warm, but no sign of breathing.
Staring at the sky, lifeless.
Reclining, breathless.
Instant, painless death.
Too late to help them.

[If you encouraged Gatta to defy orders earlier, he’s slumped against the cliff.]
Tidus: Gatta? Gatta, come on, wake up.
Gatta: (Collapses… obviously dead.)
Tidus: (Breaks down)

[If you encouraged him to stay, you find Gatta on his knees with head in his hands, shaking.]
Gatta: What’s…going on? Why? What?
Gatta: (Bellows) What’s going on?!

Tidus: (Sags)

FMV: Sin’s Wake

[Sin turns and heads out to sea.]

Tidus: (Bellows, runs towards water) Don’t you run away from me!

Above, at Command Center

Yuna: Everyone, stand back! I’ll summon!
Seymour: You won’t hurt it. Your powers are still…too weak.
Yuna: But I must do something!
[Seymour shakes head; Yuna starts twirling staff for Ifrit]
Seymour: You can’t!


[Tidus is swimming all-out]

Narration: I have no idea what I was thinking when I ran after Sin that day. But before I knew what I was doing, there I was chasing him down like a thief at market. Maybe I was angry, maybe I wanted to go home. I kept thinking of Zanarkand, and my old man.

Vision: Sin — The Nucleus

[Flash of light, weird vision. Same setting as endgame. Ghostly crusaders rushing back and forth, including Luzzu or Gatta, whichever one died. Creepy Little Kid comes forward and shakes head “no”. Replaced by spinning blitzball, which brings a flashback]

Houseboat in Zanarkand (Jecht’s PoV)

[Tidus as a child stands on upper deck of his old home. Ghostly Crusader forms still flitting by now and then.]
Jecht: What?
Tidus: They say you don’t practice anymore, that you’re gonna retire.
Jecht: Let them talk. I’m still the best.
Tidus: They say you’re no good ’cause you drink all the time.
Jecht: I can quit drinkin’ whenever I want!
Tidus: Then do it now.
Jecht: What did you say?
Tidus: You just said you can!
Jecht: Heh. Tomorrow, maybe.
Tidus: Why not today?
Jecht: Why do today what you can leave for tomorrow?
Jecht: There he goes again…crying!

[Vision fades to white]

Narration: I thought I sensed my old man there. Somewhere…Or maybe it was just Sin’s toxin playing tricks on my mind.

Back on the Djose Shore

[Tidus wakes up on a different part of the beach]

Narration: How many died today?
[Glimpse of Yuna dancing]
Narration: People die, and Yuna dances. When will she stop dancing? When will it stop? Yuna won’t stop dancing– not until Sin is gone. Those were my thoughts then…I think.
Auron: (Standing nearby) I see you’re still here.
Tidus: Huh?
Auron: Many stories ended here today…But…
Auron: Yours goes on, I see. (Walks off)

Tidus: What?
Narration: Sin had come and gone, but I remained here.

(If Tidus talks to party before leaving Djose Shore…)
Lulu: You were in contact with Sin again. The toxin–are you okay?
 ¬Yuna was worried about you.
 ¬You should let her know you’re all right.

[Auron facing Kinoc, guards, and Seymour behind them]
Auron: A swift retreat. Satisfied?
Kinoc: What do you mean?
Auron: Those who turned from Yevon died, while the faithful live on.
Kinoc: Hmm. The past ten years have changed you, I see.

[Yuna bows as he leaves. Seymour approaches.]

Seymour: You do not look so well. But now more than ever, you must be the people’s strength, their confidence.
Seymour: Anyone else would be expected to show their sorrow.
[Glimpse of Wakka giving Yevon bow to row of Crusader corpses]
Seymour: But you…are a summoner. You are Spira’s hope. Until Sin is defeated, you must not relent. Do you understand?
Yuna: Yes. I understand.
Seymour: Are you afraid?
Yuna: (Looks shaken)
Seymour: Yuna, take me as your pillar of strength. As Yunalesca had her lord Zaon.
Seymour: Lady Yuna. Until next we meet, farewell.

Yuna: (Bows)

Yuna: (Nervous laugh) Maesters are strict.
 ¬I guess…I guess I’ll just have to do better.

Wakka: You can’t ignore the teachings.

Kimahri: (Stares)

Lulu: Rest while you can. We leave soon.

Auron: Sin is Jecht.
Tidus: Yeah, for a while there, I thought I could feel him. But that doesn’t mean I believe you.
Auron: Sin is Jecht. He came here for you.
Tidus: So he killed all those people just for a chance to see me?
Auron: That’s what Sin does. He wanted to show that to you. Do you know why?
Tidus: How am I supposed to know?
Auron: So you would kill him. As long as he is Sin, Jecht will keep killing. He wants you to stop him.
Tidus: You gotta be kidding. How do you know all of this, anyway?
Auron: (Chuckles softly and walks off)
Tidus: I’m not done talking to you! Don’t you run away!
Auron: You’re the one running.

Bluff Overlooking Battlefield

Shelinda: Are you all right?

  • Please heal us.
  • Shelinda: Hold still! (sparkle)
  • Keep up the good work!
  • Shelinda: Thank you, I will.

O’aka: I made a bundle with the operation prices. But the way it turned out, they deserved a better deal. [Whatcha got? | Leave.]
 ¬I guess the summoners are our only hope.
 ¬Huh? You wanna buy something?

Crusader blocking path south: More than half of our frontline soldiers perished. My battalion was annihilated, too… The Crusaders will never rise again.
 ¬We shouldn’t have defied the teachings.

Crusaders being tended by Shelinda…
Female Crusader: It wasn’t supposed to end like this.
Damn it! How many died today?

Crusader in Green: W…Water. Give me some water.

Beclem lookalike: I’m lucky to be alive.
 ¬My wounds are nothing compared to what the others have suffered.

Djose Highroad

[Y. turns and waves cheerily to K. and T. as party moves off.]
Yuna: Hey, you two! Hurry up!
Tidus: She’s awfully cheerful.
Kimahri: In dark times she must be. She must shine bright.
Tidus: (gapes)
Kimahri: Now are dark times. Yuna tries hard.
Tidus: We should help her, then.
Kimahri: If we worry, she tries harder. Do not frown.
Tidus: Don’t worry, be happy?
Kimahri: Kimahri try, too.
Tidus: Smile! Let me see.
Kimahri: (Grimaces)
Tidus: Sad.

Talking to pedestrians on Djose Highroad…

Crusader in red, white, blue: The Crusaders have been ordered to regroup at Djose Temple. Not many left to regroup, but…
 ¬It’s my fault. My men died in vain because of me. It’s all my fault. My sergeant’s keepsake… Take it. ~Variable Steel

Monk in orange: As followers of Yevon, we believe in aiding all those who are wounded. Even the excommunicated Crusaders. They have suffered so much. I believe the time has come to welcome them back.
May Yevon’s blessing be with you. ~Hi-Potion
 ¬A heartbreaking defeat, it was…Yevon’s blessing has spared us.

Crusader in purple/white: We’ve decided to rest at the temple. I just hope they let us. We’ve been excommunicated, after all. They might throw us out.
Oh, I almost forgot. There are fiends here that petrify humans. Wear this; it should help. ~Soft Ring
 ¬My buddy’s missing. We served in the same unit. I hope he’s okay.

Crusader in green: My comrades are dead, all because we ignored the teachings. Relying on a forbidden machina…what the heck were we thinking?
This’ll hardly make amends, but… I want the lady summoner to have this. ~Ether
 ¬I guess it’s time to seek the monks’ help and embrace the teachings once again.

Short Crusader in purple & green: We incurred heavy casualties in last year’s Djose coast defense operation. But even those losses don’t compare to this.
I found this lying on the battlefield. Maybe it will be of some use to you. ~Mega-Potion
 ¬All I can offer now are my prayers.

Djose Road, fork to Moonflow

Tidus: Hey! How much longer till Zanarkand?
Wakka: Still a ways.
Lulu: First down the Moonflow to the Guado city of Guadosalam… Then we cross the Thunder Plains to the temple of Macalania.
Tidus: Oh, boy.
Yuna: (Giggle) And before that, we get to pray at the temple in Djose!
Tidus: We can’t just skip all that? Can we, huh?
Yuna: Mm-mm. I have to pray to the fayth in every temple in order to earn the Final Aeon.
Wakka: That’s a summoner’s training. She’s gotta prepare mind and body, all just to get ready for the Final Summoning.
Tidus: Hmm. Must be tough, Yuna.
Yuna: I’ll be fine with you here!
[All of them move on, except…]
Auron: Hey, new guy.
Tidus: Uh… me?
Auron: Who else?
Tidus: What can I do for you, boss?
Auron: Don’t tell Yuna you know about Sin and Jecht.
Tidus: Eh?
Auron: You know her…She would…distance herself from you. We do not want that.
Tidus: I see, I think.
Tidus: Yeah, but even if I did something, no one would believe me, you know?
Auron: Yuna would.
Tidus: Ah…you have a point. Come to think of it…did I really have to know about Jecht? What about my feelings?
Auron: Better than you finding out at a critical moment, becoming emotional.
Tidus: What? Me, emotional?
Auron: (Chuckles) I heard you were quite the crybaby.
Narration: Yeah, maybe when I was a kid.
Narration: Maybe a little now. Just a little.

Tidus: Hey! I still don’t buy your story, you hear?

Djose Temple

[Yuna and companions cross bridges leading to temple]
Tidus: Whoa!
[Ground shakes]

Kimahri: (Points towards temple)
Lucil: (Salutes) Yuna, it is good to see you and your companions are well.
Yuna: Yourselves as well, Captain. We were worried. Praise be to Yevon! (Yevon bow)
Lucil: We escaped with our lives, but our troops were decimated.
Elma: Of all our chocobos, only this one made it.
Clasko: We make pretty poor Chocobo Mounted Forces without chocobos.
Lucil: We turned our backs on the teachings and cast away our faith. This…this is our just reward.

 ¬ Elma: It’s just you, now. But don’t worry, we’re here for you!
Chocobo: Kweh!

 ¬ Lucil: So may died in vain… It was a mistake.

 ¬ Clasko: We should never have ignored the teachings.

Outside Djose Temple

Tidus: Is that the Djose temple?
[Pause to watch rocks of temple break apart and rise]
Tidus: Awesome!

Lulu: The Lightning Mushroom Rock. It only opens when a summoner is addressing the fayth.
Wakka: That means another summoner’s already in there.
Yuna: Another summoner?
Tidus: What if it’s Dona?
Yuna: We have to hurry.
Tidus: Right! In we go!

[Gatta or Luzzu are to right of Djose temple doors, depending on which one died at Operation Mi’ihen.
[Wakka hurries over to crouch by Gatta, who’s sitting dejectedly by the wall. He sounds close to tears.]
Gatta: Luzzu, he’s…
Wakka: Where is he?
Gatta: I found him…but he was…torn in half. I… (Breaks off in a sob)
Wakka: That…idiot!
Gatta: What…what do I do now?
Gatta: I can’t do this…I’m going back to Besaid!
 ¬Gatta: Luzzu, he’s…

[Or else, Tidus finds Luzzu standing near wall. He sounds dazed.]
Luzzu: Hey.
Luzzu: Gatta, he’s…he’s dead. He was a good fighter. He just wasn’t lucky enough.

[Luzzu suddenly explodes and starts punching the wall.]
Luzzu: Ah, damn it! He was young! He pushed his luck! What was he thinking–going up there in the front lines like that? He should’ve stayed back with command! Damn it! Damn it all!
Wakka: Luzzu! Knock it off!
Luzzu: Y-You don’t know what it’s like! (Grabs W’s suspenders)
Wakka: I…do…know!
Luzzu: (Slumps) I’m sorry.
Wakka: Why don’t you…go home now, to Besaid. Take it easy a while. Rest, ya?
Luzzu: Rest?
Wakka: You need some R & R. You’re hurt, ya?
Luzzu: I…I guess so.
Wakka: Get better. I can’t beat up on you when you’re all depressed, eh?
Luzzu: (snorts) Right.
Wakka: (Hand on his shoulder)
 ¬Luzzu: This is all punishment for turning from Yevon…

The Djose knights gather outside the temple… (you may have to enter and exit this area first)

Lucil: I would pray for those fallen in battle…But how? How can I enter the temple, after what we have done?
 ¬The monks of Djose have kindly offered to heal our wounded. Yevon still looks out for us… Even now.
 ¬Will Yevon forgive us?(Yevon bow)

Clasko: I’ve been thinking about the future.
 ¬No matter what we do next…we’re going to do it for Yevon, that’s for sure.(Yevon bow)

Elma: The monks said we could stay here for a while.
 ¬This little fella’s finally calmed down. (Chocobo: Kweh.)
 ¬We won’t defy Yevon. Never again.

Inside inn next to the temple

Nun at counter: I’m sorry, but our beds are all taken by the wounded. You can stay if you don’t mind sleeping on the floor.
Would you care to rest? [Rest a bit. | Buy weapons. | Buy items. | Leave.]

If Tidus talks to her behind the counter…
Ahem. Sir, if you don’t mind…

Monk at inner door: The wounded are fighting to stay in this world. We have done all we can. They must not be disturbed.
 ¬Please go no further.
[Just inside doors of temple]
Auron: So you’re a champion of Yevon now, Braska?

Djose Temple, Main Hall

[Isaaru and brothers emerge from Cloister of Trials]
Isaaru: I beg your pardon, but may I ask your name?
Yuna: I am Summoner Yuna, from the isle of Besaid. (Deep Yevon bow)
Isaaru: As I thought! The daughter of Lord Braska. You have the look of your father.
Yuna: My father? You knew him?
Isaaru: No, I have never met the man. Ah, my apologies. (Yevon bow) I am Isaaru. I am a summoner, like you.
Pacce: I’m Pacce. Pleased to meet you.
Maroda: And I’m Maroda. I’m guarding my big brother here.
Isaaru: Since I was a child, I’ve always looked up to Lord Braska. I wished I would someday become a high summoner like he was.
Isaaru: You must have some of your father’s talent in you! I believe you might someday defeat Sin.

Yuna: I…I’m not really…I’ve only just become a summoner.
Isaaru: (Smiles) Of course, I’ve no intention of losing, either. So perhaps we should race to see who can defeat Sin first, no?
Yuna: Very well, then. I accept your challenge.
Maroda: Isaaru!
Isaaru: Yuna, I beg your leave. Good luck, to both of us!

Yuna: Yes.

If Tidus talks to Isaaru’s party before climbing stairs to Cloister of Trials…
Maroda: Our itinerary just keeps slipping. We should be climbing the slopes of Mt. Gagazet by now.
 ¬I keep telling ‘im, the more time we waste, the farther we’ll fall behind the other summoners.

Isaaru: Now, we go to Kilika. From there we take the ferry, perhaps as far as Besaid.
 ¬I hear Operation Mi’ihen did not go well…
 ¬We summoners must do our part, before another fool plan wastes more lives.

Pacce: (Hopping to look at statue) Awww, it’s so pretty…
 ¬What? What? Whatcha all talkin’ ’bout?

Djose Temple, Nuns Quarters (lefthand room)

Slumped Crusader: My chocobo… Oh, chocobo…
 ¬Kweh… Kweh…
 ¬Sing again for me… Kweh… Kweh…

Crumpled Crusader: Rest in peace.

Crusader standing by bed of another (unresponsive): The captain saved my life and got hurt. I’m so worthless.

Young Crusader with red hat: Busy busy.

Nun: Yevon’s blessing has saved many Crusaders from Sin’s onslaught. Yes, they have disobeyed the teachings, but we cannot turn our backs on them.

Monk: Oh, my… We are out of funeral shrouds.
 ¬All I have to offer are my prayers.

Djose Temple, Monks’ Chamber (righthand room)

[Two crusaders stand by bed of third]

Crusader (purple/white): You were the best, Captain! We’ll never forget you!

Crusader (R/W/B): Captain, please! Wake up!

Short priest reading scripture: This is the Temple of Yevon-Djose. It is famous for its association with Lord Mi’ihen, founder of the Crusaders. Had he witnessed this dreadful sight… Oh, I could just imagine his grief.

Tall priest bustling about: We’re all out of healing potions. Even so, more wounded men are beiqng brought here.

[Tidus starts to climb stairs to Cloister of Trials]
Isaaru: Hey, you.
Tidus: Me?
Isaaru: You are Yuna’s guardian, no? Maroda’s heard a curious rumor. I thought you should know.
Maroda: I heard it from those Crusaders. Seems that summoners have been going out on pilgrimage and just…disappearing.
Isaaru: It could just be the fiends got them…but not so many so quickly.
Maroda: Sorry I don’t know more, but…watch your back. Ain’t much future for a guardian without a summoner, eh?
Pacce: (Hopping) What? What? Whatcha all talkin’ ’bout?
Maroda: We’re talking about doing your job as a guardian!
Pacce: Hey, I’m doing good! Right, big brother?
Isaaru: (Smiles and nods, then addresses T.) Please, be careful.

Tidus: Will do!
Isaaru: Pacce!
Pacce: Oh… what?
Isaaru: We’re leaving!
Pacce: Be right there! (To Tidus) See ya!

Monk at top of steps: The Cloister of Trials lies within. Are you prepared? [Yes. | No.]

Cloister of Trials

Wakka: All right! Guardians, at attention!
Yuna: We are ready.
Wakka: All right… Let’s do it!
[Solve Cloister of Trials]

Djose Temple — Antechamber

Auron: Stop pacing around. Be calm, and wait.

Wakka: We wait here.

Lulu: You should try to settle down. Yuna will be blamed if anything happens.
 ¬Now we wait. This is also a guardian’s duty.

[Enter Dona and Barthello.]
Dona: Well, well. You again. Still travelling around with quite the crowd, I see.
Barthello: (Walks up to Auron)
Dona: What is it, Barthello? You know this riffraff?
Barthello: You are…Auron, no?

Auron: What of it?
Barthello: Can…I shake your hand? Auron–no, Sir Auron. You’re the reason I became a guardian!
Auron: (Chuckles, offers hand.)
Barthello: Thank you, sir! This means so much to me!
Wakka: Calling the personal guardian to Lord Braska riffraff?
Lulu: And you call yourself a summoner? (strategic thunderclap)
Tidus: Yeesh.
Dona: Barthello, enough! Get back here!
Tidus: Hang in there, buddy, eh?

While Yuna’s in Chamber of Fayth…
Barthello: I swear, I’ll never wash this hand again!
Dona: Please! Touch me with that hand and I’ll remove it!

Barthello: I met Sir Auron! THE Sir Auron!

Dona: How much longer? She sure is taking her sweet time.
 ¬We’ve got places to go. We can’t be kept waiting like this.

After Dona and Barthello arrive…
Wakka: Quite the show, ya? Not so good on the heart, though.
 ¬Not all summoners are like Yuna, I guess.

Kimahri: Pick spot. Shut up. Wait.
 ¬You grow stronger, but are still a pup.

[Yuna staggers out; Kimahri catches her.]
Dona: You owe much to your father. All these guardians…and Sir Auron too? And I hear Maester Seymour’s quite taken with you. The world must look different when you’re the daughter of Lord Braska.
Yuna: This has nothing to do with my father! I am travelling on my own, as a full-fledged summoner!
Dona: Oh, is that so? Then try standing on your own two legs for once. Your guardians won’t be able to protect you when the time comes.
Wakka: (Facepalm)