Final Fantasy X NPCs Gallery (NPCs)

(Screengrabs courtesy of DavetheUsher’s fabulous HD Playhthrough/Commentary. Click thumbnails to view full-sized images.)

Zanarkand NPCS

Al Bhed NPCs

Islander NPCs

Mainlander NPCs

Note: “mainlander” and “islander” are never distinguished in-game. There’s lots of islanders on the mainland, but the “mainlander” npcs never come south of Luca, apart from one refugee on Besaid and one person leaving Kilika for the mainland (I’m not sure whether she was originally from Kilika or Luca, so I’ve filed her under both). I think you can see regional differences in clothing styles between the two groups.

Clergy & Warrior Monk NPCs

Crusader NPCs

Blitz Teams NPCs

Named NPCs

Surfed in? This gallery is part of the most complete transcript of Final Fantasy X on the web, including hidden cutscenes and missible dialog you’ve almost certainly never come across.