Chapter VIII: Macalania

Macalania Woods

[Rikku tiptoes along, relaxes when she realizes they’re out of the storm, then hops up and down as most of the party passes her. Auron and Tidus lag behind.]
Auron: You’re worried about Yuna.
Tidus: ‘Course I’m worried about her. What is she thinking?
Auron: The simplest answer would be…in exchange for agreeing to marry him…she hopes to negotiate with Seymour.
Tidus: Negotiate what?
Auron: I wonder.
Tidus: What? All by herself?
Auron: (Chuckles) She’s strong, but Seymour is the better negotiator.
Tidus: Well then, why don’t we do something about it?
Auron: Yuna wants it this way.
Tidus: Argh! I just don’t get it! Doesn’t she trust us?
Auron: On the contrary… She doesn’t want us caught up in whatever it is that she’s planning.
Tidus: Yeah, that’s what I thought. But that makes me worry even more. She could just tell us.
Auron: That’s the way she is. She’s naive, serious to a fault, and doesn’t ask for help.
Tidus: You’re probably right.
Auron: Yuna’s easy to read.
Tidus: Heh. Yeah, she is.
Auron: But hard to guard. Stand by her, always.
Tidus: (Nods)
[catching up with party]
Rikku: Slowpokes!
Tidus: Sorry!
Narration: It’s funny how calm I was. Maybe it was because I realized that Yuna wasn’t marrying Seymour for love. Not really. It was just her duty–something she had to do before returning to her pilgrimage. That’s what I kept telling myself, anyway. And well, maybe… I realized that Yuna and I’d never… You know…
Tidus: Yuna, let’s go.

If you take the right fork, Lucil and Elma bar way…
Lucil: Lady Yuna, it is good to see you made it through safely. And, if I may, congratulations on your betrothal.
Elma: Maester Seymour’s people are expecting you.
Lucil: Take that road to go to Macalania Temple.
 ¬Lucil: We’ve reeceived several reports of summoners disappearing these last few days. Please be careful, my lady.
 ¬When our assignment here is done we will be heading north. Hopefully we’ll catch some chocobos and rebuild our unit.
 ¬But I must say… it’s been a while. Maybe too long since we’ve had anything to celebrate.
 ¬Elma: We’re on watch duty at the temple at least until the wedding’s done. Anyone tries to crash our party, we’ll send ’em packing!
 ¬oh, yeah, Clasko’s back there with the chocobo. Stop and say hi if you’ve got the time.
 ¬Next time you see us, we’ll be the proud Chocobo Knights once again!
Try to pass them…
Lucil: This road leads to Bevelle. You should hurry to the temple in Macalania.And again…
Elma: This isn’t the way to the temple! Weren’t you listening to Captain Lucil?

Guado in woods: Maester Seymour awaits. Please hurry to Macalania Temple.
 ¬I leave Lady Yuna in your hands until you are through these woods.

Halfway Through Woods

[Barthello runs up]
Barthello: Hey! You, have you seen Dona?
Tidus: Dona? Can’t say I have.
Wakka: What’s up?
Barthello: We got separated on the way here. Damn it all! I’ve got to find her!
Auron: Calm down.
Barthello: But, if anything happens to her…
Auron: Running around in a panic is not going to help. Right now, you have to keep cool, and search.
Barthello: But–
Auron: Guard your emotions, then guard your summoner.
Barthello: You’re right.
Auron: Shall we search?
Barthello: No, I’ve taken up enough of your time. Thank you, Sir Auron. (Yevon bow)
[He leaves. Rikku takes a few steps after]
Wakka: What’s up?
Rikku: Oh, I just wanted to wish him good luck. (Thoughtful look)

[Eventually party runs into…]
Weird Bird Man with harp: A butterfly with rainbow wings/Will lead the way to secret things. [Butterfly Hunt Mini-Game]
 ¬The butterfly that changes color attracts the red and blue
butterflies. Red butterflies are ill omens. Get too close and they will summon deadly fiends. Blue butterflies lead to good fortune! Find seven and a treasure will be yours. ¬Luck is a fickle thing. Traveller, find the blue butterflies as quickly as you can.

O’aka: Welcome! Holiday prices on all items in celebration of Maester Seymour Guado’s wedding! [Got any weapons? | Got any items?] O’aka: Too expensive, ye think? [Too pricey. | Just right. | Too cheap. ]
 ¬How about this?
 ¬I’ll go with these prices for a while!
 ¬Welcome to O’aka’s!

Northern Macalania Woods

Auron: Wait. It is here…somewhere.
Tidus: What’s here?
Auron: Something you should see.
Yuna: But, Sir Auron…
Auron: It won’t take long.
[Hacks through fallen tree, leads them to watery glade]

Macalania Woods — Spring

Tidus: This place… It’s just water, isn’t it?
Auron: This is what spheres are made of. It absorbs and preserves people’s memories.
[Giant amoeba rises from pool]
Wakka: What’s that?
Auron: Fiends are also attracted to these places.
[Boss fight]

[A helpful hint during the Spherimorph battle…]
Lulu: It absorbs all spells except its one weakness!

[Afterwards they find a sphere.]
Wakka: Whoa, this is old! Don’t know if you can play it back.
Auron: Jecht left it here ten years ago. (All gasp) Play it back.
Tidus: Mm-hm.

Jecht Sphere: Macalania Spring

Recording: Braska and Guardians Leave Bevelle
Auron: What are you taking?
Jecht: Well, you said it was gonna be a long trip. We’ll be seeing a lot of neat things, right? So I thought I’d record it all in this. To show to my wife and kid, you know.
Auron: This is no pleasure cruise!
Jecht: Hey, Braska. Ain’t this supposed to be a grand occasion? Where’re the cheering fans? The crying women?
Braska: This is it. Too many goodbyes — people think twice about leaving.
Jecht: Hmm… If you say so. Well, it better be a lot more colorful when we come back. A parade for Braska, vanquisher of Sin!
Braska: (Chuckles) We should go. Day will break soon.

Recording: Jecht and Auron pose by Travel Agency
Braska: Auron, could you stand closer to him?
Auron: (Sighs, eventually stands closer but with his back to camera)
Braska: Good. (Tips camera up to frame “Lake Macalania” sign) That should do it.
Jecht: What’s the matter? Afraid I might bite?
Auron: Jecht…
Jecht: Braska! You should take one, too. It’d make a great gift for little Yuna!
Braska: (Nods) I suppose.
Auron: Lord Braska… We shouldn’t be wasting our time like this!
Jecht: What’s the hurry, man?
Auron: (Growl) Let me tell you what the hurry is!
Braska: Auron!

Tidus: What’s the point? He wasn’t on some pleasure cruise.
Rikku: I think there’s more.

Jecht Sphere: Macalania Spring (2)

Recording: Jecht sitting where they fought Spherimorph
Jecht: Hey. If you’re sitting there, watching this…it means you’re stuck in Spira, like me. You might not know when you’ll get back home, but you better not be crying! Although, I guess I’d understand. But you know what? There’s a time when you have to stop crying and move on. You’ll be fine. Remember, you’re my son. And… Well, uh… Never mind. I’m no good at these things.
[Approaches sphere and switches it off, but there’s one last bit with no one on-camera]
Jecht: Anyways… I believe in you. Be good. Goodbye.

Tidus: He sounded almost serious, but it was too late.
Auron: He was serious. Jecht had already accepted his fate.
Tidus: His fate?
Auron: Jecht… He… He was always talking about going home, to Zanarkand. That’s why he took all those pictures–to show them to you when he returned. But as he journeyed with us and came to understand Spira, and Braska’s resolve… It happened gradually, but Jecht changed. He decided he would join Braska in his fight against Sin.
Tidus: So then, he gave up going home?
Auron: That was his decision.
Narration: I guess I understood. My old man… He knew there was no way home, back to Zanarkand. He wanted to go home, but he knew he couldn’t. He couldn’t go on until he accepted it. Besides…even if he had found a way back…I don’t think he would have left his friends behind before their journey was complete.
Tidus: All right! Let’s go, guys!
Narration: Maybe I had to start accepting my own fate.
[Auron hangs back after rest of party leaves]
Auron: Wait.
Tidus: Yeah?
Auron: Jecht loved you.
Tidus: Oh, come on, please!
Auron: He just didn’t know how to express it, he said.
Tidus: Enough about my old man, okay?
Auron: I just thought you should know.
Tidus: Okay.
[Auron leaves.]
Tidus: Thanks.

Lake Macalania

Outside Travel Agency

[Clasko with Chocobo]
Clasko: Hi there. Would you look at this? They always leave me behind.
Chocobo: Kweh!
Clasko: Oh. You want me to scratch you? There.
Chocobo: (Contented) Kweh.
Clasko: Good boy!
Tidus: How’d you know what it wanted?
Clasko: I’ve always been able to tell how chocobos feel. Maybe I’d make a better chocobo breeder than Chocobo Knight, huh? Hey, what job do you see me doing?

  • Chocobo Knight
  • Clasko: Oh… Really? For a moment, I thought you’d say “breeder.”
     ¬We’ll have to get some new chocobos to rebuild our unit. I wonder how long that’s gonna take. Ah, well…
  • Chocobo Breeder
  • Clasko: Yeah! I think so too! Hmm… You know, I might just give it a try.
     ¬Should I resign my commission? Would Captain Lucil let me? Elma would probably laugh at me.

¬Clasko: Wow, I think this is the first time I’ve seriously thought about my life.

O’aka: Curse that Rin for taking up a place like this! He’ll be rich by tomorrow all on account of this celebration thing! Hmm? What? You buyin’ somethin’ from me?

  • Of course!
  • O’aka: Great! I knew I could count on you, lad! (Shop)
  • Maybe next time.
  • O’aka: Should’ve expected as much.

¬O’aka: Welcome to O’aka’s!

Inside Travel Agency

Wakka: Seriously… A wedding’s not supposed to make people feel this bad, huh?
Tidus: Come on, don’t say that!
Wakka: Hmph! I say whatever I want, ever since I was a kid!
Tidus: Oh, so you’re an adult now?
Wakka: You know it!
Wakka: ¬Anyways… How long we supposed to stay here, you think?
Tidus: Hey, don’t ask me!
Wakka: Things’ve sure gotten complicated since Sir Auron joined us.
Tidus: You think so, too?

¬Wakka: Still can’t figure that guy out.

Auron: Anything can happen.
Tidus: “Make sure you’re prepared,” right?

¬Auron: There is a saying: “Hurry up and wait.” It means, prepare quickly so you’re ready for whatever comes next.
Tidus: Sounds like something an old man would say.

Auron: (Irritably) Forgive me.
¬Tidus: Hey, just being honest!

Yuna: Hmm?
Tidus: Don’t forget to smile, remember?
Yuna: Oh, you’re right. I’ll try and remember.

¬Yuna: (Strained) Smiling…
Tidus: Right! Keep at it!

Lulu: Yuna’s really quiet.
 ¬Sitting here like this, you really get to thinking.

Rikku: Can we go now? I’m tired of waiting!

Kimahri: Temple not far. Why stop here?

Maechen: I’ve heard Lady Yuna is to wed Maester Seymour. It is great news. I’d like to congratulate her. But…it is a pity. I’d hoped Lady Yuna would defeat Sin and bring the Calm to Spira.
Tidus: Yuna’s still gonna journey, even after she’s married.
Maechen: Ah! That is also great news! Her resolve is admirable!

¬Maechen: Would you like to hear about Macalania?

  • Maybe next time.
  • Maechen: Pity.
  • Go ahead!
  • Maechen: Lake Macalania is frozen over all through the year. It stays frozen even on the hottest of days. It is said that the temple’s fayth is the cause of this fantastic phenomenon! And that is all for today.

¬Maechen: Hopefully I can be present at the wedding. It is not every day that one can attend such a joyous event.

Innkeeper: Welcome to the Lake Macalania branch of Rin’s Travel Agency, now Spira-wide! [Rest. | Buy weapons. | Buy items. | Leave.] Thank you for your patronage! Please use our other agencies in your travels!

Outside, Just Past Travel Agency

Tromell: Lady Yuna, we’ve been expecting you. We were surprised you decided to come so soon. Pleasantly surprised, of course. Lord Seymour sends his apologies for having left without notice. (Deep Japanese bow)
Yuna: It’s quite all right. I have one question, if I may, sir.
Tromell: My lady?
Yuna: I want to keep journeying, even if I marry. Do you think that Maester Seymour would let me?
Tromell: But of course, my lady. Lord Seymour wishes nothing else, I’m sure.
Yuna: (Smiles and bows head to guardians) Goodbye.
Tromell: Well… We must follow Guado tradition. I’ll have to ask you wait here a little while longer. I’ll send someone to escort you. (Leaves)
Yuna: (Hangs back) I…
Auron: We’re all with you. Do as you will.
Yuna: Thank you. (Leaves)
Auron: (To Tidus) Sorry.
Tidus: Eh?
Auron: That was your line.
Tidus: Yuna! (Whistles)
Yuna: Yessir!
Rikku: Oh, no!
[Snowmobiles surround Tromell and Yuna on frozen lake]
Wakka: Al Bhed!
[Guardians rush to aid]

If Tidus runs back to Agency before facing Al Bhed…

O’aka: You need somethin’ for the big rescue, eh? I’ve got just the thing! [Got any weapons? | Got any items? | Leave.]
 ¬Eh? you want something else?

Clasko: Um… Shouldn’t you go rescue them?

Maechen: What is all that ruckus outside?

On Lake Macalania

[Guardians surround Tromell and Yuna]
Auron: Stand backt.
Tromell: Thank you!
[Yuna yanks her hand out of Tromell’s and rushes back]
Tromell: Lady Yuna!
[Guardians face off with Al Bhed, who suddenly scatter. Brother calls down from snowbank.]
Brother: Rikku! Don’t interfere or you get this! (Battle tank lumbers forward) Your precious magic and aeons are sealed!
Rikku: Oh, no!
Tidus: Translation?
Rikku: He’s gonna use an anti-magic field on us!
Brother: Get them!
[Boss fight]

If someone knocks down Negator during boss fight…
Wakka: Lu! Cast your spells now!
Rikku: Yuna! You can use magic and call aeons now!
If Mana Beam interrupted by Negator…
Tidus: They can’t use magic either?
Wakka: Stupid machina! They sealed their magic away, too.

[Crawler pounded to bits]
Tromell: My lady! (Leads Yuna away)
Brother: Rikku! I will tell Father!

Rikku: I am the guardian of Yuna, you see? Yuna is safe! We will guard her! She is safe!
Brother: You do this alone, sister! (Leaves)
Rikku: (nervous laugh) I told him I was a guardian. Well, guess I had to, really.
Wakka: How come you speak Al Bhed? Why?
Tidus: Uh…well…
Rikku: Because I’m Al Bhed. And that…was my brother.
Wakka: (To others) You knew?
[Tidus and Lulu nod]
Wakka: Why didn’t you tell me?
Lulu: We knew you’d be upset.
Wakka: This is great. I can’t believe I’ve been travelling with an Al Bhed! A heathen!
Rikku: You’re wrong! We have nothing against Yevon.
Wakka: But you Al Bhed use the forbidden machina! You know what that means? Sin was born because people used machina!
Rikku: You got proof? Show me proof!
Wakka: It’s in Yevon’s teachings! (Folds arms) Not that you’d know!
Rikku: That’s not good enough! Yevon says this, Yevon says that. Can’t you think for yourself?
Wakka: Well, then you tell me! Where did Sin come from, huh?
Rikku: I…I don’t know!
Wakka: Hmph! You bad-mouth Yevon and that’s all you can come up with?
Rikku: But…that doesn’t mean you should do whatever they say without thinking! Nothing will ever change that way!
Wakka: Nothing has to change!
Rikku: You want Sin to keep coming back? There might be a way to stop it, you know!
Wakka: Sin will be gone once we atone for our past mistakes!
Rikku: When? How?
Wakka: If we keep faith in Yevon’s teachings it will be gone one day!
Rikku: Why do I even bother?
[Auron calls over from abandoned snowmobile]
Auron: Rikku!
Rikku: Hm?
Auron: Will this move?
Rikku: Yes! (Runs over and fiddles with it)
Wakka: We’re not using that, are we? Wait… Sir Auron isn’t an Al Bhed too, is he?
Tidus: Come on, Wakka…
Wakka: What?
Tidus: I mean, getting angry just ’cause you found out Rikku’s an Al Bhed… You guys got along just fine till now, didn’t you?
Wakka: That’s different. I mean…
Tidus: Well, I don’t claim to know that much about Spira. And I probably know even less about the Al Bhed, but…I know Rikku’s a good person. She’s just Rikku!
Wakka: Lu?
Lulu: Just think of this as an opportunity to learn more about the Al Bhed.
Wakka: Ha! (Storms off)
Auron: Let him go. Give him time to think.
Rikku: I’m sorry.
Lulu: You’ve done nothing to apologize for.
Tidus: All right! Let’s ride!
Rikku: You sure you know how to drive this?
Tidus: Better than Kimahri does!

The Snowmobile Ride to Macalania Temple

[Snowmobile ride is one of four possible cutscenes, depending on whom Tidus has talked to and healed the most.]

A) [Lulu hitches a ride with Tidus]
Lulu: I hope that you’re not too mad at Wakka.
Tidus: Hey, not at all.
Lulu: (Sigh) Thank you.
Tidus: Say, what do you think of Rikku?
Lulu: Me? She’s…fun to be with.
Tidus: Heh! That all?
Lulu: Well, I can tell she’s not a bad person.
Tidus: Yeah. You know what the problem is? She’s just another Al Bhed to Wakka. Wakka’s head is as hard as a rock. I bet it’s because of Yevon. Or, you know, something like that.
Lulu: Well, there’s more to it than that.
Tidus: Hmm?
Lulu: Wakka doesn’t like the Al Bhed because of his brother Chappu.
Tidus: Oh…he used a machina weapon, right? And got killed by Sin. (Mutters) Killed by my old man. Damn you, Jecht.
Lulu: What?
Tidus: Oh, nothing! Hey… Can someone like a human become Sin ever?
Lulu: I can’t say that I know, but why?
Tidus: Just a thought.
Lulu: Sin is the punishment for, and the incarnation of, crimes we have committed.
Tidus: Hmm. So, no one really knows what it is?
Lulu: There’s no need to know, so no one asks. You run or you fight. That is really all you can do. There’s no sense brooding over it.
Tidus: What, that’s all? I mean, you don’t even wonder?
Lulu: (Chuckles) You really do come from a world where there is no Sin, like you say.

B) [Rikku hitches a ride with Tidus…]
Tidus: Sorry about Wakka.
Rikku: He didn’t have to be so mean, yeah? I almost cried.
Tidus: Uh… Rikku?
Rikku: Just kidding! It’s okay. At least you’re still nice.
Rikku: Hey, do I look like Yunie, you think?
Tidus: Eh?
Rikku: Well, my dad’s sister is Yunie’s mother, you get it?
Tidus: Ah! I had no idea! If you say so.
Rikku: Mm-hm.
Tidus: Okay! I guess you’re guarding your family, then.
Rikku: Yuna’s not the only one that I want to protect.
Tidus: Huh?
Rikku: We Al Bhed want to protect all of the summoners, you know? Summoners are… Well, you could say that… they sacrifice themselves to, well… to bring happiness to Spira.
Tidus: What do you mean?
Rikku: Oh…
Tidus: Rikku?
Rikku: Yes?
Tidus: “Sacrifice themselves”?
Rikku: You know, the pilgrimage…It, uh, takes a lot out of you.
Tidus: Oh, right. But you know. Yuna’s real serious about being a summoner. For Yuna, well the pilgrimage kinda means everything to her. You are going to help her, too, aren’t you, Rikku?
Rikku: Mm. (Nods)
Tidus: So you shouldn’t say that Yuna’s sacrificing herself.
Rikku: (Hugs Tidus anxiously)
Tidus: Rikku?
Rikku: I hope you’re right.

[For next two, Rikku and Lulu get on a snowmobile together and drive off, and Tidus droops before slogging over to one.]

C) [Kimahri drives next to Tidus]
Tidus: Say… What do you think about Rikku being an Al Bhed?
Kimahri: Ronso are followers of Yevon. Ronso dislike Al Bhed.
Tidus: (Flatly) Oh, I get it.
Kimahri: Not Kimarhi. Al Bhed are Al Bhed. Rikku is Rikku. Rikku swore to protect Yuna. And Rikku is not a liar. Kimarhi can tell. So, she is a friend.
Tidus: You know, you might want to tell her that later. I think she needs to know that we still want her with us.
Kimahri: Kimarhi is surprised.
Tidus: Why?
Kimahri: Kimahri think you are kind.
Tidus: Uh, don’t tell anyone, okay?

D) [Auron drives beside Tidus]
Tidus: You’re no fun to ride with at all.
Auron: What?
Tidus: I’ll take Kimarhi over you any day!
Auron: Hmph. Just don’t do anything rash.
Tidus: What’s that mean?
Auron: I’m saying you should not complicate matters. Or you’ll find yourself trapped, understand?
Tidus: I don’t need you to tell me that!
Tidus: I guess there’s some sense in what you’re saying.
Auron: Make mistakes.
Tidus: Huh?
Auron: That’s what youth is for after all. Do not waste it.
Tidus: Rrrgh. So which is it!?

Macalania Temple

Al Bhed on the way in (Linna): Lost my gang.
Here you go.
~400 Gil
 ¬It’s cold, ain’t it?

Monk at the door: Halt! The likes of her are not welcome in this hallowed place.
Auron: She is a guardian.
Monk: An Al Bhed, a guardian? Preposterous!
Rikku: I’ve decided to be Yuna’s guardian now, and that’s all I want.
Auron: And that’s all one needs to be a guardian.
Monk: Very well.
¬Monk: I will hold you personally responsible if anything happens.

If you backtrack to get that treasure chest Clasko’s birdie was blocking earlier…
Guado barring the road past the Agency: Hurry to Macalania Temple. Lord Seymour is expecting you.

Wrapped-up monk in Agency: Could the Al Bhed be celebrating the wedding, too? It’s hard to believe.

Woman in winter clothes in the Agency: Lady Yuna’s wedding is so soon! I’m so excited I can hardly sleep!

Macalania Temple, Great Hall

[Shelinda runs up]
Shelinda: Ah! There you are!

If Tidus told her earlier that Yuna had turned down Seymour’s proposal…
Shelinda: So Lady Yuna is getting married. You shouldn’t kid around about these things.
Otherwise…Shelinda: Maester Seymour and Lady Yuna… I couldn’t be happier… even if it was my own wedding. Now, victims of Sin will have something to be joyful about.

Tidus: Yeah, I guess so.
Shelinda: You’re not happy?
Tidus: Nah, it’s complicated.
Tidus: Say… Do you know where Yuna is?

Shelinda: I believe…she’s gone to the Cloister of Trials with Maester Seymour.
[Other guardians head for stairs, but monk bars the way]

Shelinda: I am travelling north to tell the people the wonderful news!
 ¬I am indebted to Lady Yuna. Wherever they are to hold the ceremonies, I’ll make sure to be there.
 ¬Please send my best regards to Lady Yuna.

Tromell: Ah, Lady Yuna’s guardians! I haven’t thanked you for your help earlier. (Japanese bow) Thanks to you I was able to bring Lady Yuna here safely. You have my sincerest gratitude. It…isn’t much, but I want you to have this. ~Shell Targe
 ¬Lord Seymour and Lady Yuna’s marriage will help foster goodwill between us and humankind. Lord Jyscal, rest his soul, would be pleased, I’m sure of it.
 ¬Well… we have much to do before the ceremony. We are all going to be very busy.

Monk at top of stairs: Entry is not permitted. Lady Yuna is on her way to the Cloister of Trials.

[A nun runs out of quarters and collapses.]
Nun: Lord Jyscal! A sphere, in Lady Yuna’s belongings…
 ¬Why would the lady have such a thing?

Nuns’ Chambers

Auron: This may well answer a few questions.
[Tidus plays sphere]

Jyscal’s Sphere

Jyscal: What I am about to tell you is the unclouded truth. I swear it on my honor as a Guado. Listen to me very carefully, for I shall tell you the truth about my son, Seymour. His mind is closed even to me, a maester of Yevon. But I can feel flames of darkness burning in his heart. He is using Yevon, the Guado, and even the summoners. If he is not stopped, he will surely bring destruction and chaos to Spira. I will leave this world soon, killed by my own son. But I do not fault him. Because I was not wise enough, he has suffered, and become twisted. I could not protect him and his mother from the world and its cruelty. I will accept death as punishment for my deeds. But whoever is watching this… I implore you to stop Seymour! Stop my son.

Auron: Wonderful.
Rikku: Will Yuna be all right?
Auron: Without us, no.
[He leaves. Kimahri and Rikku run after.]
Wakka: Where you goin’?
Tidus: You saw, didn’t you? Seymour’s bad news!
Wakka: But he’s a maester!
Tidus: Hmph. Fine! Stay here if you want!
Lulu: Come on, Wakka. Let’s at least hear him out.
Wakka: (Facepalm) This can’t be happening.

Talking to bystanders after viewing Jyscal’s sphere …

Winter-dressed woman with face in hands: Lord Jyscal…How horrifying! I shall pretend I did not witness that. This does not bode well. Please be careful. ~Hi-Potion

Nun in green: I can’t believe what the sphere has shown! There must be some mistake. I shall keep the sphere safe here, and return it to Lady Yuna.

Macalania Temple Main Hall

Shelinda: What has happened? Is there anything I can do?

O’aka: Hurray for Maester Seymour’s wedding! [Got any weapons? Got any items? Leave.] Oh, I hear Lady Yuna is still going to continue her journey, ah? I wonder if that means she and Maester Seymour will fight Sin together? Just like Lady Yunalesca and Lord Zaon!
Monk lying on back at foot of stairs: That Ronso, he… Bevelle will hear about this!

Honking cat musician: We’re the life of the party! It’s our job to be happy and merry! Join us!
 ¬Listen to our magnificent music! We’ll have a ball!

Drumming frog musician: Hey, this place is just like mine! It’s damp and cold and makes me sleepy.
 ¬We’d better start the wedding before I get too sleepy.

Pompous bird musician: Let us add joy to the wedding by contributing our song!
 ¬Forget about Sin’s terror for a moment and listen to this exquisite piece.

Monks’ Chambers (left)

Old monk in purple: I can’t believe Seymour’s getting married. It’s certainly something to celebrate! Please give this congratulatory gift to Lady Yuna. ~Elixir
 ¬When Seymour was first ordained a monk, he was my junior. Now look at him! He’s a maester, betrothed to a summoner. I’m absolutely nothing compared to him.
 ¬Seymour doesn’t flaunt his status. He’s a down-to-earth gentleman.

Man in brown and green: I thought I heard a scream! I know we’re celebrating Maester Seymour’s marriage, but it musn’t get out of hand.
These are leftovers from the banquet. Go ahead, take ’em with you, lad. ~Ether

Little nun: Maester Seymour always smells so nice! Isn’t he grand?

Another horn-player: Such a fine day to celebrate! The monks should let loose today!
 ¬Live it up, everyone! Have a blast and make everyone happy!

Another frog drummer: Have you seen my cousin outside? We’re always competing with each other.
 ¬But unlike him, I’m a diligent worker. I only sleep on the job sometimes…Not all the time.

Another pompous harpist: With rank set aside like this, I believe everyone is behaving a little too wildly.
 ¬Strip away the exterior, and the devout monk is just another man, it seems.

Guard in Monks’ Chamber: Hic! Eh…I’ve been protecting Maester Seymour since he was a wee lad. Ask me if there’s anything you want to know ’bout Maester Seymour.
 ¬Ye do wanna know more about Maester Seymour, no?

  • Seymour as a young child.
  • Both Guado and human blood flow through Maester Seymour’s veins. This mixed heritage caused him a deal of grief in his childhood. But because of that very experience…he grew to become a great leader who aspired to bring Guado and humans together in friendship.
  • Seymour as a young man.
  • Lord Braska vanquished Sin when Lord Seymour was about your age. During the celebration of the Calm’s arrival, Maester Mika ordained Lord Jyscal a maester of Yevon. He praised Lord Jyscal’s achievements, including the conversion of the Guado to the teachings of Yevon. Maester Seymour was still a young lad then, but he tried hard to assist Lord Jyscal.
  • Seymour as a monk.
  • As a monk, Maester Seymour soon distinguished himself. His accomplishments were many and acclaimed by all. He shot up through the ranks quickly, he did. Aye, he rose high on his own, never riding Lord Jyscal’s coattails. He’s truly a remarkable young man.
  • Seymour as a summoner.
  • As a summoner, Maester Seymour’s strength is matchless. Yet, he became a maester of Yevon instead of undertaking the pilgrimage to battle Sin. I think he believes that there’s more to a summoner’s duty than just destroying Sin.
  • Don’t care to know.
  • Don’t you hold back now.

Cloister of Trials

[Guardians assemble in an icy tunnel. Seymour solved Cloister ahead of them.]
Auron: Kimahri’s up ahead. Go.
Tidus: Right!
Auron: (To Wakka) We will protect Yuna from anyone. Even a maester.
Wakka: This can’t be happening.
Lulu: If he is truly at fault, it must be done.

Waiting Room Outside Chamber of the Fayth

[Seymour stands at inner door with his usual pair of bodyguards. Tidus skids to halt among guardians.]
Tidus: Seymour!
Seymour: Please be silent. Lady Yuna prays to the fayth.
Tidus: Make me.
[Seymour comes down steps, between bodyguards. Tidus glares. Seymour smirks. The door opens.]
Tidus: Yuna!
Yuna: Oh! But why…? (Comes down to them)
Tidus: We saw Jyscal’s sphere.
Auron: You killed him.
Seymour: What of it? Lady Yuna, certainly you know of these things, did you not?
Yuna: (Nods)
Seymour: Well then, why have you come here?
Yuna: I came… I came to stop you!
Seymour: I see. You came to punish me, then. (Holds out hand to her.)
Yuna: (Backs away)
Seymour: What a pity.
[Guardians close ranks around her]
Seymour: Ah, of course. “Protect the summoner even at the cost of one’s life.” The Code of the Guardian. How admirable. Well, if you’re offering your lives, I will have to take them.
Yuna: Maester Seymour, I trust my guardians with my life. But they are also my friends. I will not stand by and watch them be hurt. I will fight you, too!
Tidus: All right!
Wakka: (Pleading) Maester Seymour!
Seymour: So be it.
[Boss battle.]

“Talk” during Seymour battle…
Tidus: I knew you were bad news from the first time we met!
Seymour: Oh, my sincerest apologies. (Doesn’t sound sincere one bit)
Tidus: Seymour!

Yuna: You may be a maester, but I will still fight!
Seymour: Your eyes, they burn with resolve… Beautiful.

Wakka: Maester! We must stop this!
Seymour: … … …
Wakka: Aaahh… This can’t be happening!

Seymour: Feel my pain! Come, Anima!
[Really icky aeon rises out of floor.]
Tidus: Yuna! The new aeon!
Yuna: O fayth, lend me strength!
[Anima gets frosted]
Seymour: That power that defeated Anima… It will be mine!
[Seymour crumples artistically. Yuna runs to him.]
Seymour: Yuna…you would pity me now? (dies)
Tromell: (Entering with attendants) Lord Seymour! What happened here?
Wakka: What…what have I done?
Tidus: Wait a minute! It’s not our fault at all! Seymour struck first! He’s the bad guy!
Tromell: You did this?
Auron: Yuna. Send him.
Tromell: No, stop! Stay away from him, traitors!
[Attendants drag Seymour out. Tromell follows.]
Yuna: Traitors?
Wakka: We’re finished.
Tidus: Now hold on just a minute! Seymour’s the bad guy, right? We’ll just explain to everyone what happened!
Auron: It won’t be that easy. Let’s get out of here.

[Returning through tunnel, floor vanishes.]
Tidus: Whoa! Gimme a break!
[Solve Cloister of Trials… then come back to a bigger trial, the crowd waiting on the other side.]

Macalania Temple, Main Hall

Yuna: Please…
Auron: Give us a chance to explain.
Tromell: No need, I already know what I’ll tell the other maesters.
Auron: Meaning…?
Tromell: Lord Seymour was the leader of the Guado before becoming a maester.
Tidus: You’re not letting us go.
Tromell: Let you go? Lord Seymour would never forgive us if we did.
Rikku: Wait, wait! Jyscal’s sphere! We can show it to them!
Tromell: You mean this? (Hold it up and crushes it)
Yuna: Hey!
Tromell: The Guado take care of Guado affairs.
Kimahri: Away! (Swings spear to clear a path)
Auron: Run! (Bowls over Guado guard and charges)

Outside Macalania Temple

O’aka: (Facepalm) You’ve really done it now! Wanna buy something, just in case? [Sure. | Not now.]
 ¬You be careful. [ On second thought… | Never mind.]

You can annoy Auron by trying to re-enter Macalania Temple…
Auron: (Dashes back) Where are you going?
 ¬This way!
 ¬Hurry up!

[Party flees hordes of pursuers. Boss fight on Lake Macalania winds up dropping them through the ice, where lake has mostly drained. I think they landed on Sin’s head.]

Narration: “Praise be to Yevon.” That’s what I would have said, if I was a follower of Yevon. We were all there, and in one piece. Even if I had a headache from wondering what was in store from us next.

Under Lake Macalania

Lulu: We’re under the lake ice, aren’t we? [Maybe. | Who knows?] Look. That’s the bottom of the temple. We’ve fallen a long way.
 ¬So now we’re the traitors that killed a maester.

Auron: What now, I wonder.
Tidus: “What now?” You act first and think later, don’t you? I mean, can’t you be a little more responsible? We’re all depending on you. You know?
Auron: A lecture?
Tidus: No, no, no. (Heh, heh) Just a suggestion.
Auron: You should place trust in your friends. But you can’t expect someone to protect you all the time. You would do well to remember that.
Tidus: Is that a lecture?
Auron: It’s advice.

 ¬Auron: Young summoners are magnets for trouble.
 ¬The Hymn, hmm…

Wakka: (Droops, sighs)
Tidus: Hey, Wakka, would you cheer up? Look, we only did what we had to do.
Wakka: It doesn’t matter! Don’t you see? I’ve always walked the path of Yevon…but now, I’m a traitor. How could this happen? (Turns and shakes fist towards Rikku) Damn.
Tidus: It’s not Rikku’s fault either.
Wakka: (sigh) You don’t know how I feel.

¬Wakka: Wonder what the Aurochs are doing now.

Kimahri: Yuna will wake soon. Kimahri knows this.
 ¬No sign of enemy.

Rikku: I’m sure Yunie’s okay. She’s breathing fine and all. How are Lulu and Wakka?
Tidus: Mmm…Well, Wakka’s in shock. Can’t blame him, either. And Lulu, well, she’s just the same as always.
Rikku: She’s so together. All grown up, I guess.
Tidus: I guess.
Rikku: Well, just give me five or six more years.
Tidus: So, Kimahri, how do we get out of here?
Rikku: (Bops Tidus) Hey, don’t change the subject!
Kimahri: We climb.
Rikku: Kimahri, too!
Kimahri: Only those who try will become.
Rikku: Huh?
Tidus: I think he means you have to work hard if you want to be like Lulu.
Rikku: Oh! I will!
Kimahri: Kimahri think Rikku should stay Rikku.
Rikku: Huh? Hey! Are you saying I’ll never be like Rikku! Kimahri!
Wakka: How can you laugh at a time like this!?
Yuna: (Stirs)
Tidus: Yuna!

[Slight fast forward, guardians gathered around Yuna]
Yuna: I wanted to confront Maester Seymour about his father, Lord Jyscal. I wanted to convince him to turn himself into Yevon’s judgement.
Lulu: In exchange for marriage?
Yuna: Yes, if that’s what it took.
Tidus: So, what did Seymour say?
Yuna: He didn’t say anything. Now…now I don’t even think it was worth it. I should’ve told you what I was going to do.
Auron: Enough. Dwelling in the past is futile.
Rikku: Hey! You don’t have to say it like that!
Auron: You want to waste time listening to her regrets?
Rikku: You don’t have to say it like that.
Auron: Our immediate concern is Yuna’s pilgrimage. Are you willing to go on?
Yuna: Yes. But then, do you think Yevon will allow it?
Auron: The fayth are the ones that give power to the summoners. Not the temples or the teachings. If the temples try to stop us…then we will defy Yevon if we must.
Tidus: Whoa!
Rikku: I can’t believe you said that!
Lulu: Sir Auron!?
Wakka: Count me out. We have to atone, to make up for the sins we have committed. Of course…it’s not like I ever liked Maester Seymour, ya? No way I’ll ever forgive him for killing Lord Jyscal…and for trying to do us all in too, you know? But still, the bunch of us going against Yevon? No way!
Lulu: But still, we have transgressed and must face our punishment.
Yuna: We must go to Bevelle. We must speak with Maester Mika and explain what has happened. There is no other way, I think.
Wakka: I agree.
Lulu: Mm. (nods)
Yuna: Sir Auron…
Auron: So it is decided.
Yuna: Will you come with us?
Auron: I am the troublemaker, after all.
Tidus: Yeah, that’s right! You can always count on Auron to complicate things!
Rikku: Yeah! Kimahri roars, and Auron runs off, and…
Auron: I never asked you to follow me.
Tidus: Hey, but that’s what friends are for. Right?
Rikku: Yep!
Yuna: (To Tidus) Thank you.
Rikku: Friends, huh?
Tidus: (Chuckles )
Wakka: Man… How can you all act like nothing’s wrong? Must got nerves of steel or something.
Lulu: You’re too edgy. Listen to the hymn and calm down.
[They scatter, each left to his own thoughts. A woman’s voice is singing the Hymn of the Fayth in the background.]

Tidus: Is that coming from the temple?
Yuna: Yes, it is Yevon’s gift. (Yevon bow) It soothes the hearts of the faithful.

Wakka: Say, you feel something weird in the air? Some kind of bad vibes or something.
  • Yeah!
  • Wakka: I thought so.
  • Nope.
  • Wakka: Oh? Maybe I’m coming down with something.

¬Wakka: I feel really weird.

Rikku: Heh heh. Friends, huh? First time a non-Al Bhed called me that.

Tidus: Who is that singing?
Lulu: The fayth.
Tidus: Oooh…. Huh? The fayth? What? It can sing?
Lulu: Of course it can. Don’t be a fool.
 ¬Say, isn’t the ground shaking?

Yuna: I’m sure that Maester Mika will listen to us.

Kimahri: This place smell different now. Kimahri not know if this good or bad.
 ¬Kimahri feel no danger.

Auron: Jecht used to sing this song…
Tidus: Yeah, over and over. (Laughs) But not this good, that’s for sure.
Auron: Another trait you share.
Tidus: Huh? What, were you listening?

[Flashback: Zanarkand dock. Tidus humming, Auron off-screen.]

Tidus: Eesh… Can’t I get a little privacy?
Auron: Your singing reminded me of Spira.
Tidus: Oh, right. You’re not originally from Zanarkand, are you? You homesick?
Auron: Maybe.

Tidus: Say, how’d you get to Zanarkand, anyway? Sin?
Auron: …
Tidus: Uh-huh, I thought so.
Tidus: That proved it. Sin was the link between Zanarkand and Spira. Which means, if we kill Sin, I’ll never be able to go home.

¬Auron: We should get moving soon.
[Eerie silence.]
Rikku: Hmm?
Lulu: The singing stopped.
Wakka: There’s something here!
Auron: The ground!

FMV: Sin Sleeps

[Sin drifts in deep water…]

Yuna: Sin!?
Lulu: The toxin! Watch out!
[Confusing jumble of images, then everything goes fuzzy]
Narration: It was then I knew…that Sin really was my old man. For the first time, I was finally able to believe it.
Tidus: The song… You were listening, too! What is it this time?
Vision: Dim image of Zanarkand, upside down.
Tidus: Zanarkand… You homesick, too?
Vision: Blitzballs lying on the deck of their boat.
Tidus: That’s not your world anymore. You’re Sin now.
Vision: Tidus as a child sitting, looking out at the city.
Tidus: Hey, I’m older now, you know?
Vision: Jecht standing in front of their door with his back to camera.
Tidus: I know. You want this to end. I’ll find a way. Promise.