Chapter IV: Luca


FMV: Luca Harbor

[S.S. Winno pulls into dock at Luca. Over crowd noise, can hear announcer dimly at first, then growing louder…]
Announcer (Bobba): …he shoots…gooooooaaaaallll! Unbelievable! Ladies and gentleman, the day we’ve all been waiting for, the opening tournament of the season. This event is sponsored by Yevon. And this year we celebrate Maester Mika’s 50th year in office!

Dock Number 2, Luca

[Athletes emerge from S.S. Winno accompanied by live broadcast]
Announcer (Bobba): Ah, over there! The ships carrying the players are arriving now! This would be dock number 2. All the way from Kilika, it’s the Kilika Beasts! High Summoner Ohalland used to play for them–a big name to live up to. Their hometown was recently attacked by Sin. Isn’t that right, Jimma?
Color Guy (Jimma): Yes, Bobba. They’re going to be pulling out all the stops to try and bring back the cup this year.
Bobba: Exciting, isn’t it folks? Our next team off the ramp is…Well, well, well! If it isn’t the Besaid Aurochs! They’re a living, breathing statistical impossibility! I’ve never seen a team this bad! That’s right! In twenty-three years they’ve never made it past the first round! Only a few die-hard fans are in the audience today.
Jimma: Best of luck to them and a safe journey back to Besaid.
Bobba: Right, Jimma. Moving right along, our next team is… Here they are, folks! Our very own Luca Goers! They’ve got power! They’ve got speed! They’ve got teamwork! They’re an all-around first-class team! And they’re back home in Luca!
Jimma: Without a doubt, they are the favorite this year, Bobba. And after the way they dominated last year, it’d take a miracle for them to lose today.
Bobba: You can say that again, Jimma. Look at the crowd, folks! Look at the crowd! Looks like all of Luca has turned out to cheer the Goers on! They know, I know, and you know, folks! The Luca Goers are number one!

[Besaid islanders assemble on dock]
Tidus: (Kicks dock)
Wakka: It’s like this every year, ya? Don’t let it bother you.
Tidus: (Produces megaphone from…somewhere…hops on crates and starts yelling) Stop right there, Goers! You guys are smilin’ now, but not for long!
Wakka: (Facepalms)
Tidus: ‘Cause this year, us Aurochs are taking the cup! (Jeering laughter)
[Tidus gets down and rejoins party]
Wakka: What in Yevon’s name were you doing up there?
Datto: We sure stood out, though!
Letty: We were on the sphere!
Jassu: We were?

[Three people run by…]
Dock guard: Maester Mika is here!
Pom-pom lady: Already?
Spoony: The number 3 dock!

Tidus: What’s up now?
Yuna: Maester Mika has arrived, that’s what!
Tidus: Mika? Maester?
Lulu: Maester Mika is the leader of all the peoples of Spira. He’s come all the way from Bevelle. The tournament is being held to honor his fifty years as Maester.
Tidus: Fifty years? Shouldn’t he be, uh, retired by now?
Wakka: Hey! Mind your mouth, now.
Yuna: Let’s all go see him!

The people around the docks vary more than in other areas…

Two men in conversation…
Mainlander: I’ll bet you anything the Luca Goers are gonna win again this year.
Islander: Maybe so, but you’d better not count out the Kilika Beasts!
 ¬The Besaid Aurochs? Win? Now that’s funny! Hahaha! Gimme a break, man!

Pom-pom lady: Maester Mika has ruled Spira for the past fifty years.

Random Lucan: Maester Mika doesn’t make many public appearances. He’s getting too old for that.

Sailor in blue: I’m glad I got here safely. Don’t want another S.S. Liki incident.

Shirtless islander: If I can catch one glimpse of Maester Mika, I’ll have something to brag about back home.

Aurochs fan: Man, this tournament is gonna rock! Even the big man is here to see the game.

Luca guard in blue barring the wrong way: We have sealed off all access to the stadium for the time being. We’re trying to control the mad rush of people who have already entered the stadium.
 ¬We apologize for the inconvenience, but access to the stadium has been sealed off.

Dock number 3, Luca

[Crowd gathered beside huge vessel whose sails bear Yevon’s symbol.]
Tidus: (Stands on tiptoe) Can’t see a thing!
Wakka: Shhhh!
[Band starts playing, Seymour disembarks]
Man in crowd: That’s a Guado, right?
Woman in crowd: Who could it be?
Another man: Isn’t that… Maester Seymour?

[Seymour turns to face ship, kneels deeply, does Yevon bow. Crowd bows too. Mika appears and descends.]
Mika: People of Spira, I thank you for your generous welcome. Rise, Maester Seymour. And all of you as well. I present to you…the son of Maester Jyscal Guado, who departed for the Farplane a fortnight past.
Seymour: (Rises and turns to crowd, gives courtly bow)
Mika: As some of you already know, he has been officially ordained a maester of Yevon.
Seymour: I am Seymour Guado. I am honored to receive the title of Maester. In life, my father Jyscal worked to foster friendship between man and Guado. I vow to carry on his legacy, and to fulfill my duties as maester to the best of my abilities.
[Crowd gives Yevon bow]
Wakka: (Nudges Tidus) You, too! Bow your head!
[Mika walks off. Seymour lingers and locks eyes with Yuna before following.]
Wakka: Really psyches you up, ya? All right! Last meeting before the match! Hustle!
[Tidus stares at Yuna, whose eyes are fixed on the ground]

Aurochs’ Locker Room

[Tidus enters. Aurochs look up, then down, groaning in unison.]
Tidus: Where’s Wakka?
Datto: At the match-up draws.
Letty: We had to play the Goers in the first match last year.
Jassu: The year before that, and the one before that, too!
Keepa: Well, we would’ve lost to anyone anyway.

[Door opens, all turn]
Datto: Cap’n Wakka!
Wakka: Heh-heh! (Fistpump) We’re playin’ the Al Bhed Psyches first. If we win, we’re in the finals!
Wakka: That’s right, we got seeded! Two wins and we’re the champions!

Aurochs: (cheering)
Wakka: First things first. Let’s go over the basics again, boys.
[Blitzball Tutorial]
Tidus: (Yawns)
[Yuna and Lulu enter locker room (yikes)]
Yuna: There you are! (To Tidus) Someone said they saw Sir Auron in a cafe!
Tidus: Au-Auron?
Yuna: Yes, Sir Auron! Let’s go find him!
Tidus: (Hesitates, then follows)
Wakka: Hey! Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! The game starts like real soon! C-Come back quick, ya?
Tidus: Hey, I’ll be back.
Wakka: Yeah, okay.
Tidus: Hey, Wakka. You’re stiff, man. No, no, not your face. Just breathe out, relax. Like this. Just breathe, yeah!
[Yuna giggles, Lulu shakes head]

Roaming Streets of Luca

[Kimahri, Yuna, and Tidus stand outside of locker room]
Yuna: Maybe now we can find Sir Jecht.
Tidus: Huh? How?
Yuna: Sir Auron was also my father’s guardian. So, he might know where Sir Jecht is. Let’s go now!
Narration: It didn’t even occur to me to think that the Auron Yuna was talking about… and the one that I knew from Zanarkand could be two different people. I don’t know why, but I knew it was the same guy. I knew it was the same Auron.

[Tidus passes a couple of the Psyches outside their locker room. They whisper to each other.]
Berrik: A lady summoner!
Blappa: We must report.

Tidus: Hey! Al Bhed Psyches, right? Some Al Bhed saved me the other day, and… This girl Rikku gave me food and… Uh…You don’t understand me, do you?
Tidus: Ummm… (Folds arms, pauses)
Tidus: Uh, anyway… (Waves hands and speaks slowly and clearly) If you meet Rikku, tell her thanks for me. Oh, and as for the first game? May the best team win!

[Tidus walks off. Psyches watch him.]

Aurochs’ Locker Room

Doubling back to check in before hunting for Auron….
Lulu: It’s crowded out there. Stay close.

Wakka: I’m…I’m counting on you, bud!

Wandering around Luca on way to Cafe…
Jassu: I know we only need to win twice, but that’s the problem.
 ¬We’ve never made it past the first round! I’m gettin’ the jitters.

Botta: Only five players in the sphere pool, ya? Which one of us is warmin’ the bench?
 ¬People are here from Besaid, you know. We gotta win it for them!

Keepa: Play to win, play to win, play to win…Gotta keep reminding myself, ya?
 ¬I’ll make all the saves, so you just go out and shoot!

Datto: You come back soon. We are really countin’ on you.
 ¬I wish I had a big net for all the butterflies in Wakka’s stomach. I hope he’s okay.

Letty: No lookin’ back now, ya? We just wait for the game!
 ¬W-We play to win, ya?

Lefthand Hallway Under Stadium

Vuroja (Kilika Beasts captain): Hey, the Aurochs’ locker room is on the other side. Or are you just here to scout?

Nizarut: You sure are taking it easy. The opening match is about to start, you know.

Irga Ronso: Aurochs…Don’t underestimate Ronso skill.

Beaky guy: Yes! The season opener is finally here! Can you feel the excitement in the air? It’s like the calm before the storm. In just a few minutes, this place is gonna go crazy!
 ¬It’s like I’m feeding off the energy of the players!

Man in gold tunic: I just want to wish the Goers luck, but security won’t let me in.

Note: After the tournament, the following three folks move to dock 2.

Little boy in red: Guess what, guess what? I shook Bickson’s hand!

Old woman in brown: I’ve been a huge Goers fan since I was a little girl. I can still cheer as loud as the young’uns!
 ¬The players should be coming out soon.

Little girl: This guard is so mean! He won’t let me in to see Sir Graav!
 ¬I don’t care if I have to wait for hours! I’m not moving until I see Sir Graav!

Luca Guard: This is the Luca Goers’ locker room. No unauthorized entry.

In Front of Stadium

Luca Guards at stadium entrance (Biggs and Wedge): No admittance!
 ¬We are sorry, but not even blitzball players are allowed to pass.

Male Crusader on bench: Once the tournament is over, the operation will commence. Better enjoy blitzball while I still can.
 ¬I hope the operation succeeds. I want to come back here next year…

Female Crusader on bench: The Crusaders were in charge of guarding the stadium up until last year. But they’re all busy preparing for the operation now. So this year, the citizens have taken up security posts.

Roving guard (gray): Aren’t you a blitzer? Better check the rules while you still can.

Pom-pom lady: Players must return to their locker rooms for the opening ceremony.

Receptionist: The opening ceremony is about to begin. All players must be in their locker rooms.

Crazy hair Al Bhed: Even the ships don’t leave the port during the tournament. Just kick back and relax, man.

“Nhadala” (at least, it looks like her): I saw your rallying cry on the sphere. Heheh, best of luck to you.

Crusader captain: I should be reporting to the base by now, but I just want to catch one glimpse of the opening ceremony.

Al Bhed in brown: Tickets were so hard to come by this year. Oh, well… Guess I’ll watch the game over at the cafe.

Roving Luca guard in blue: Please report any suspicious activity.

Man in white and blue: The Goers are gonna win. Everyone else is goin’ down!

Crusader in need of pants: I’m rooting for the Al Bhed Psyches this year. They’re helping out the Crusaders, you know.

Guard at righthand exit: The stadium is surrounded by numerous ports laid out in a circular fashion. So it’s impossible to get lost. Turn here to get to dock number 5.

Guard at lefthand exit: The stadium is surrounded by numerous ports laid out in a circular fashion. So it’s impossible to get lost. Turn here to get to dock number 1.

Luca Dock number 1 (empty, flags of all teams here)

O’aka: The stores at the stadium are closed during the tournament. But I’m always open for business!

  • Got any weapons?
  • [After shopping…] O’aka: The people here are so into the game, they don’t even look at what they’re buying! Gotta love blitz, eh?
  • Got any items?
  • [After shopping…] O’aka: The people here are so into the game, they don’t even look at what they’re buying! Gotta love blitz, eh?
  • Lend Gil to O’aka.
  • O’aka: Have you got some to lend?
    • Offer more Gil than one has…
    • Hey, lad. I appreciate yer offer, but ye ain’t got enough Gil.
    • Offer X Gil.
    • Blimey, lad! Will ye actually lend me X Gil?
      • No.
      • Eh, it figures.
      • Yes.
      • I guess it pays to ask! Thank ye kindly, lad! Fine seed money for the O’aka merchant empire!

  • No, thanks.

O’aka: ¬Welcome to O’aka’s!

Guard: A ferry bound for Kilika is anchored here at dock number 2.
 ¬Patrolling a large structure such as this would be next to impossible. That is why we have a guard stationed at every dock.

Al Bhed in gas mask (Nedus): Nothing beats blitz! I wish you luck.

Ronso girl: We come all the way from Gagazet. Ronso will surely win!
 ¬The Ronso Fangs are the strongest. They will not be defeated!

Adult Ronso: Ice and snow from the holy peaks of Gagazet have strengthened Ronso spirit. The Ronso Fangs will win the cup. Any Ronso knows that.
 ¬The valiant Ronso Fangs have sworn victory on their horns. Ronso never break promise.

Luca Dock number 2 (S.S. Winno docked)

Guard: The ferry docked here is headed for Kilika Port.
Dock number 3 lies straight ahead. Dock number 1 lies in the opposite direction.

Female sailor: Move it! Outta my way! I’m busy sorting the cargo!

Sailor with blue cap on gangway: I’m sorry, sir, but the ferry will remain at anchor for a while.

Luca, Dock number 3 (Mika’s ship docked)

Guard: A watchman is posted at every dock for your safety.
 ¬To my left is dock number 2 and to my right is dock number 4.

Lefthand warrior monk: I am patrolling the area!

Righthand warrior monk: Don’t confuse us with those heathen Crusaders. Warrior monks are the true defenders of Yevon!

Warrior monk beside gangway: I’m terribly sorry, but no one is allowed to board this ship.

Tall Guado: Lord Seymour will lead the Guado to eternal repose.

Stooped Guado: Seems like they scaled back on security this year. Hope nothing bad happens.

Luca, Dock number 4 (empty except for lots of crates and a dolphin)

Guard: Dock number 3 lies straight ahead. Dock number 4 lies in the opposite direction.
 ¬The sphere monitor makes our job a lot easier.

Luca, Dock number 5 (empty except for lots of crates)

Guard: This is Dock number 5. Dock number 4 lies straight ahead.
 ¬If you’re looking for the entrance, please go back the other way.

Ronso Fang (Zev): Luca too hot for Ronso.

[Tidus emerges from stadium area and finds a crowd watching Yuna being interviewed. Yuna makes her escape…]
Yuna: I’m sorry, please let me through.
Yuna: (To Tidus) Hey, let’s go.

Tidus: You’re really famous.
Yuna: (Giggles shyly)
[They head towards mainland]
Yuna: I hope we don’t get separated.
Tidus: Yuna! (Whistles.)
Yuna: What was that?
Tidus: (Laugh) In Zanarkand, we do this to cheer on blitz players. (Whistles)
Tidus: You try it, too! Put your fingers in your mouth like this.
Yuna: Like…this?
Tidus: Uh-uh. Not like that. Like this. Then, you just blow.
Yuna: (puff puff) It’s not working.
Tidus: Practice!
Yuna: Okay.
Tidus: Hey, use that if we get separated. Then I’ll come running, okay?
Tidus: Well, guess we should just stick together then, till you can do it.
Yuna: Yes, sir!

Talking to people while hunting for Auron…

Luca, Causeway to Mainland

Woman in blue: Don’t you think it’s disrespectful of the Al Bhed to play in the Yevon Cup?

Woman and girl conversing near reporter:
-I’m keeping a close eye on the Al Bhed Psyches this year.
-Ewww… Why would you root for the Al Bhed? You really do have bad taste.
-I like how they cover up their faces. It’s just so sexy and mysterious.
 ¬Well, I would have to say it’s the Ronso Fangs for me.
-The Ronso? They’re just a bunch of meatheads!
-And that’s why the other teams are dead meat!
 ¬What? The Besaid Aurochs? Oh, come on. Seriously?

Shaami the reporter: I am reporting to you live, from outside Luca Stadium. The excitement here has reached a feverish pitch as the opening ceremony gets under way…H-Hey! I’m in the middle of a broadcast! Leave me alone!
 ¬Hm? You want me to interview you? It’s not like the Aurochs are going to make it past the first round anyway. Why bother with an interview when we already know the outcome?
 ¬Well… if you win at least one game, I’ll grant you an interview.

Cameraman: Hey, well if it isn’t the Aurochs comedian. Thanks for that comic relief! Keep up the antics throughout the tournament. I’ll be sure to capture you on sphere.
 ¬The opening ceremony’s about to begin. Shouldn’t you be heading back?

Man in gold tunic on bench: I really don’t care which team wins or loses. I just want to watch the game and go crazy.

Man in yellow and green: How can you not be excited when the tournament’s about to start soon!

Barechested man in white pants: Our family has supported the Kilika Beasts ever since my great grandfather’s day.

Woman in tan and orange: Have you seen a little boy? My son and I got separated in the crowd. I told him to whistle if he ever got lost…

Nun: You think I stand out in this temple attire? Perhaps I should change?

Monk: The people are indulging in merrymaking, but we must keep in mind that…I will spare you the lecture.

Guard on side path: The Sphere Theater is up ahead.
 ¬Please enjoy revisiting all the wondrous sights and sounds you’ve encountered along your journey.

Leaving this area and returning, a few more show up…

Beaky guy in red: Hey, kiddo, got an extra ticket? I’ll buy it off you! Or how about I sell ya front row tickets for you and the young lady?
 ¬Huh? You’re a blitzer, ain’tcha? Guess ya don’t need tickets.
 ¬Get your front row tickets here! Sell your unwanted tickets here!

Man in blue vest: Hey, did you see the lady summoner? What was she like?

Man in green and brown: I feel bad for the Crusaders. They can’t even stick around and watch the game because of the operation.

Man and woman talking on stadium end of causeway:
-I wonder how it’ll turn out this year?
-Well, duh! Of course the Goers are gonna win.
-Psshhh! I know that! What I mean is, how many goals will Bickson score?
 ¬Yeah, Bickson’s going to lead the Goers to victory as usual.
-But you know, Graav’s been doin’ well lately. Maybe he’ll be the tournament MVP.
-No way! I’m cheering for Bickson all the way! He is and always will be number one.
 ¬Oh, yeah? Well, my sister’s friend’s boyfriend is Graav’s cousin!
-Well, I know a guy who’s best friends with Bickson’s younger brother!

Man in red shorts: You’re that newbie from the Aurochs, right? Good luck to you!

Couple talking on mainland side of causeway (woman in white halter top, portly guy in blue vest):
-Is it true that the ferry is out of service?
-I hear Sin may still be lurking in the sea nearby.
-At this rate, who knows when we’ll make it back to Kilika?
 ¬ Woman: The Crusaders are blustering on about destroying Sin, but, heh… I doubt they will.
 ¬ Man: I just wish the summoners would end this, already.

Outside Sphere Theater

Zalitz (man on curb): I gave up the seafaring life. I’ve had enough of storms and shipwrecks.

Macho sailor: Danger is part of a sailor’s life. That’s why I have no respect for gutless wretches who quit!

Little girl in nun’s habit: I came to buy a sphere, but I don’t have enough money.

Entrance of Sphere Theater

Crusader in green: I’ve configured this monitor to display information on fiends roaming around the Luca area.
 ¬Once you leave Luca, you’ll have to travel the long and winding Mi’ihen Highroad. Watch out for fiends along the way!

Little Crusader: Travellers check this monitor for fiend information before setting out on their journey. It’s our duty as Crusaders to collect this kind of information.

Harp player: I suggest you proceed to the rear for a thorough explanation.
Horn player: Enjoy the beautiful music! Immerse yourself in the stunning visuals!
Frog drummer: If it’s our music you want to hear, then go to the back and buy a sphere!

Sphere Theater

Beaky guy on left: Can I interest you in one of our limited edition Music Spheres?

  • Yeah, definitely!
  • Music Sphere: # x 2000 Gil
     ¬You don’t have enough Gil, sir.
  • What’s a Music Sphere?
  • Just as the name implies, it is a sphere that plays music, performed by the Yevon Musical Troupe. Each sphere contains one song. You will also need to use the audiovisual control panel found in the main hall. So, would you like to purchase a memento of your travels?
  • No, thanks.
  • Please come again.

Beaky guy on right: Would you like to preserve memories of your travels on a Movie Sphere?

  • Sure.
  • Excellent. Please close your eyes and concentrate. Let’s see how many images you can currently record onto Movie Spheres. Ahh… Looks like #.
     ¬You don’t have enough Gil, sir.
  • What’s a Movie Sphere?
  • It is a sphere that can record images from the past that stand out in your mind. The images are saved onto a Movie Sphere. It follows the same basic principles as sphere cameras, or monitors: it captures the moment, so to speak. However, the Movie Sphere differs mainly in that it records images from the past rather than the present. You will also need to use the audiovisual control panel found in the main hall. So, would you like to purchase a memento of your travels?
  • No, thanks.
  • Please come again.

Lady behind counter: Welcome to the Sphere Theater. Would you like to go to the main hall?

  • Yes.
  • [Go to main hall to watch movie spheres or listen to music]
  • No.
  • Please come again.

Portly tourist: Whenever I come to Luca, I always buy a sphere to take back to my family.

Main Square of Luca

Tidus: Whoa! This is a pretty big town!
Yuna: Luca is the second largest city in Spira.
Tidus: I thought every town was little– you know, like Besaid and Kilika.
Yuna: Towns don’t usually get bigger than that. Because when a lot of people start to gather…
Tidus: Sin…?
Yuna: Mm.
Tidus: What about Luca? It’s safe here?
Yuna: It’s not any different, but the stadium is here. The Crusaders fight to protect it with all their strength.
Tidus: They protect the stadium?
Yuna: Blitzball’s really the only entertainment that we have. Spira’s a little short on fun these days.
Tidus: Whoa! Talk about pressure!
Yuna: (Laughs) That’s right!
Yuna: Is Zanarkand like this, too?
Tidus: Hmmmm. Well, there are more buildings. All tall ones and cramped together.
Yuna: Oooooh! They must be so tall! Don’t you ever get dizzy?
Tidus: (Laughs)
Yuna: Let’s go find Sir Auron!

Auron can wait! Let’s wander around bugging people some more!

Luca Square, outside cafe

Merchant in pink: Welcome! I’ve got official blitzball merchandise as well as other rare items! (Store) Come back anytime!

Vendor in purple apron: You were on the sphere, right? Good luck in the game. But I still think an Aurochs victory is next to impossible. ¬You understand that those who belittle Yevon’s teachings will be excommunicated, don’t you?

Guy in green and brown, one of vendors: The manager said he’s going to the game, so I got stuck looking after the place. It’s not fair at all. I wanted to watch the game and cheer on the Goers.
 ¬Hey, why don’t you go cheer them on for me!

Guado teenaged girl: Have you seen Maester Seymour? What do you think? He’s an absolute dream, isn’t he?
 ¬The Guado team is worked up because Maester Seymour is watching, you know!

Pom-pom lady: The opening ceremony is about to begin and you’re taking a walk? Now that’s bold.

Luca guard in brown: The opening ceremony’s going to start soon! All players must proceed to their locker rooms.

Chunky guy in green outside cafe: I hate it when this cafe is so packed.
 ¬Every place in town is packed during the tournament. It’s a nightmare trying to find a place to eat.

[Following trio always sits near the TV studio]
Seated Luca guard: We’ve been up all night preparing for the tournament, so I’m exhausted.

Guy in blue vest: Auron? Yeah, I know him! He was a guardian for Lord Braska, right?

Woman in green skirt: There must be a hundred people in red out there. How am I supposed to remember them all?

Little girl running around: I got a red balloon! Bet you want one, too!

Father on bench (Jumal): Give them a balloon and they’re happy campers. Kids are so innocent and easy to please.
 ¬It’s that child who helps me forget about Sin’s existence. Even if it’s only for a moment.

Mother on bench: You’ll have to excuse my child. I’ve never seen her quite so lively. Kids will be kids, I suppose.
 ¬With Maester Mika also in attendance, this tournament will go down in history.

Barechested man in white pants: With me cheering for them, the Kilika Beasts will win hands down!

After leaving the square and returning, more folks appear…

Woman in orange tunic: Hmmm… A guy in a red coat, huh? Yeah, I saw someone like that. Wait, maybe I didn’t.

Opportunistic woman in green: Tournaments are when we earn our cash! There’s no time to waste now!

“Spoony Bard”: I’m certain that the Al Bhed Psyches are gonna win this year.

Balcony Overlooking Luca (start of Highroad)

Gatta: Hmm? Whatcha doing here? The tournament’s about to start!
Tidus: I’m looking for someone.
Luzzu: Well, you’re looking in the wrong place. There aren’t many people here.
Gatta: Everyone’s either at the stadium or watching the game on the sphere. (chuckle) They love their blitzball.

Tidus: Aren’t you going to watch?
Luzzu: We’d like to, but we’re waiting for some couriers.
Luzzu: Hmm, they’re late… Wanna ditch the courier and go watch the game?
Gatta: (all worked up) But…but we’re still on duty. What about the mission, sir?
Luzzu: Ha. (gestures towards Gatta) See what I mean? We might be a little late, but we will go watch you play.
Gatta: You’d better be winning when we get there.

Tidus: (Stammers, mock-salutes) Yes, sir!

[Okay, okay, enough wandering, Auron’s probably in Djose by now…]

In Luca Cafe

[Tidus and Yuna enter cafe, look around.]
Tidus: (sags) Auron’s not here.
Yuna: Hmmm…
[Yuna starts talking to people. Kimahri enters. Fade to black. Later,Tidus is pacing. Patrons gasp and turn. Yenke Ronso — brown-haired — and Biran — blond — loom over Kimahri.]
Yenke: (shove) Why not talk, Kimahri? Not see Yenke for ten years! Say something! Kimahri forget Yenke? Forget Biran?
Biran: Leave Kimahri, Yenke. Kimahri is small Ronso. Kimahri so small can’t see Yenke and Biran’s faces.
Yenke: (Guffaws) Kimahri forget Ronso friends? We taught you much at time of horn-molt! Biran taught Kimahri to be strong Ronso.
Biran: Maybe taught too much.
Tidus: Take ’em on!
Kimahri: (Crouches)
Yenke: (Guffaws)
Kimahri: (THWACK)
Crowd: (Gasp!)
Man’s voice: Take it outside! The tournament’s starting, you hear?
Tidus: The game!
[Sphere broadcast…]
Mika: Today, on this glorious day, players from all over Spira have assembled here… to participate in this great contest of bravery, skill, and strength.
[Scene changes to Mika and Seymour in their stadium box overlooking team captains.]
Mika: All of these fine teams, equally renowned, deserve to win the cup today. Such is the nature of this contest. Let us, the spectators, play our role accordingly: Let us sing to the glory of the winners, and applaud equally the valor of the defeated.
Mika: Contestants, may Yevon be with you. (Yevon bow)

FMV: Let the Games Begin!

[Brief clip showing sphere pool filling, crowds cheering.]

Back in Luca Cafe…

Tidus: Kimahri! Yuna’s gone!
[Kimahri gets punched by Biran, but leaves. Lulu meets them outside.]
Lulu: Where in Spira have you been!?
Tidus: Huh?
Lulu: Yuna’s been kidnapped by the Al Bhed Psyches. In exchange for her safe return, they want the Aurochs to lose.
Tidus: What!?
Lulu: If they’re only blitzball players, I doubt they’d do anything drastic. But we shouldn’t take chances. Let’s go get her.
Tidus: I’m going too! This will be no problem! They’re telling the Aurochs to throw the game, as if they needed to! I mean, how good a team can they be?
Lulu: Wakka said the same thing. He’ll take care of the game. We should go get Yuna. The Al Bhed boat is in dock 4. Let’s go.

New comments from locals during Psyches vs. Aurochs match…

Causeway to Stadium

Man in gold tunic on bench by bridge to Sphere Theater: A lady summoner? Sorry, haven’t seen her. Even if she did pass by, I probably wouldn’t have noticed, what with the huge crowd and all.
 ¬By the way, I did hear someone whistling, though…

Beaky red guy: Tch! Everyone went to go see the opening ceremony. Hey, ain’t ya a blitzer? What are ya doin’ walkin’ around?
 ¬What happened to the young lady you were with? Heh. She dumped ya, eh? Don’t let it get ya down.

In Front of Stadium

Receptionist in front of stadium: You’re not a blitzer, are you? Nah, couldn’t be. The game’s already started.

Righthand stadium guard (Wedge): I’m right by the stadium, but I can’t watch the game. What a bummer…

Lefthand stadium guard (Biggs): The first match has already begun. Please hurry to your seat.

Guard in front of Goers’ locker room: What are you doing out here? The tournament’s already under way!

Stadium Stands

Blue-haired female Ronso: Those Al Bhed players are playing well. You can tell they’re hungry for the championship.

White-haired female Ronso: The Psyches and the Aurochs are not enemies of the Ronso Fangs.

Lefthand guard: Please do not throw objects or lean against the railing at any time!
 ¬Sphere pictures are allowed, but please refrain from using a flash.

Righthand guard: Even though the grand maester is here, we’re short on security. If only the Crusaders were still here like last year…
 ¬Everyone in Spira has been looking forward to the tournament. No one would dare disrupt it.

Roving guard in gray: What are you doing out here? You should be out there by the bench cheering on your teammates!

Man in purple: Why aren’t you out there playing? You’re pretty confident for an Aurochs player.

Man in green: No need to watch this match. We all know the Aurochs are gonna lose the first round anyway.

Docks of Luca

While hunting for Yuna…

[a barricade of crates lies between dock 4 and 5]
Guard: I turned away for a second, and look what happened!
 ¬Sorry for the inconvenience. You’ll have to go around the other way while I get this under control.

If Tidus approaches barricade…
Tidus: What is this!?
Lulu: Must be the Al Bhed’s doing. Let’s go the other way.
Tidus: Damn it! (kicks)

Nedus on dock 1: I do not know a thing! I swear to you!

Luca, Dock Number 2

[Pair of machina attack]
Tidus: Whoa! What are they?
Lulu: Ancient machina salvaged by the Al Bhed. They are mostly vulnerable to lightning.

Luca Guard at Dock 2: D-Did you beat them? I was so scared I couldn’t move!

Sailor w/blue cap next to S.S. Winno: When you’ve sailed the seas of Spira long enough, little surprises you anymore.

Female sailor: The Al Bhed machina don’t scare me! Can’t survive the seas of Spira getting freaked out by that!

Luca, dock Number 3

[More machina attack]

Warrior monk by Mika’s ship: If I were ten years younger, those machina would be scrap metal!

Warrior monk 2: Machina are an unholy abomination! We must destroy them all!

Warrior monk 3: We don’t need your help! The warrior monks will guard the maester’s vessel just fine!

Luca Guard for Dock 3 (behind monks): A-Are they gone? What are machina doing here?

Luca, Dock Number 4

[After second wave of machina]
Tidus: What’s up with these guys!?

[After third wave of machina]
Lulu: The Al Bhed were expecting us.

[After finishing off machina, they glance at game broadcast. Announcers give play-by-play…]
Bobba: The Aurochs are keeping the score tied with some excellent defense, folks!
[Wakka tackled hard by Berrik]
Bobba: Ow! He’ll feel that one in the morning!
[Wakka hit again, doesn’t have ball]
Jimma: Ah! But the referee doesn’t call the foul! Wakka’s taking a real beating out there.
[Wakka goes limp]
Tidus: Hunh! Still in there!
Lulu: (Shakes head) He won’t last. Wakka’s always like that.
Tidus: Ouch.
Lulu: Let’s go.

If you stop to investigate…
Guard for dock 4, slumped: Seems to have been put to sleep.

Luca, Al Bhed Ship

[Al Bhed ship pulling away from dock.]
Lulu: Let’s go.
[Guardians leap aboard, Monster Ball Machine rises out of hold.]

Comments during ball machine battle…
Tidus: Hey, we can use this crane!
Tidus: (Pokes controls) C’mon, move!
Lulu: It’s probably out of power.

[Defeat ball machine. Just then, Yuna escapes hold, knocking out captor. Lulu hurries over and embraces her.]
Lulu: I hope you hurt them.
Yuna: A little.
Tidus: (Looks around)
Yuna: What is it?
Tidus: There were these Al Bhed that saved my life when I first came to Spira. They took me on their ship, even gave me food. I was kinda hoping this was the same ship. But it’s not. I wonder if they’re all gone.
Yuna: What happened?
Tidus: Sin came up near us. I made it out okay, but I don’t know what happened to their ship.
Yuna: Um, was there anyone called Cid on that ship?
Tidus: I don’t know. They were all speaking that Al Bhed language.
Yuna: (Droops) I see.
Tidus: So who’s Cid?
Yuna: He’s my uncle, but I’ve never actually met him.
Tidus: Wait. So that means you’re Al Bhed, too, Yuna?
Yuna: On my mother’s side, yes. Cid is my mother’s brother. He became distant after my mother married. But she told me to seek him out if I ever needed help.
Tidus: You’re worried he was…?
Lulu: Don’t tell Wakka about Yuna’s lineage. The thing about Wakka–he never had much love for the Al Bhed.
Tidus: Whoa! I gotta tell Wakka!
Lulu: I thought I told you not to tell Wakka!
Yuna: The game!
Lulu: Oh! (Tosses ball lightning as signal)

Blitz Tournament Sphere Pool

[Wakka, looking haggard, sees light shining and smiles, then motions to Aurochs]
Bobba: Thirty seconds left! The Aurochs are launching an all-out offensive!
A long pass from Letty!
It goes through!
He shoots!
Unbelievable! The Aurochs win the match 3-2!

[Wakka coughs and goes limp again]

Back on Dock Number 4…

[Watching tail end of broadcast]
Tidus: We won!
Yuna: We did it! We’re in the finals!
Lulu: Not the most…graceful win. If it was Chappu, he’d still be standing.
Tidus: Hey, aren’t you being just a little unfair?
Lulu: (Snarls) Excuse me?
Tidus: I know I could never take Chappu’s place. You’re the one who told Wakka that, right, Lulu? And I don’t think Wakka would ever try to take Chappu’s pl–
Lulu: You don’t want to finish that sentence.

Checking locals after Aurochs win first match…

Dock 5

[A bit of the barricade has been cleared]
Guard: I’ll have these crates moved in no time, sir!


[Most of the Al Bhed spectators in the bleachers are gone]

Blue-haired female Ronso: You have to admire the Aurochs’ fighting spirit. But the Ronso warriors deserve some credit, too.

Guy in green: Looks like the Aurochs are burnt out. They don’t stand a chance in the finals.

Guy in purple: I must be dreaming. The Aurochs are in the finals?

Guy in gray: Wakka’s pretty beat up. I don’t think he’ll play in the finals.

White-haired female Ronso: The Aurochs’ victory must be a blessing from Yevon.

Aurochs’ Locker Room

[Wakka groans, lying on his back on bench. Aurochs cluster around him.]
Datto: Sure you’re all right, Cap’n?
Letty: The game starts in a few minutes. You sure you okay?
Jassu: We’re playing the Goers, too.

[Wakka tries to rise, groans and drops ball. Door opens. Aurochs turn. Tidus catches ball with foot.]
Tidus: Miss me? (Tosses ball to Datto.)
Datto: Lady Yuna!
Letty: Are you okay?

Yuna: All this because of me. I’m sorry! I’m so sorry! (Deep Japanese bow)
Wakka: How can you let some Al Bhed kidnap you?
Tidus: Hey, let it go, all right?
Wakka: Don’t go near Al Bhed any more, okay? They’re trouble.
[Yuna speaks to T., then she and Kimahri leave

After rescuing Yuna…
Lulu: Please, don’t tell anyone about Yuna’s lineage.

Talking to team before final match…
Keepa: Yuna will be watchin’, ya? Gotta play hard!

Botta: So, who’s warmin’ the bench? Could it be me?

Jassu: I should’ve been the one injured, not Wakka…

Letty: Let’s get them Goers. Let’s do it for Chappu!

Datto: It may be last minute, but wanna go over the rules? [Sure. | No need. ]

Wakka: The game starts soon. No time for warm-ups. Ready?
Tidus: Lemme at ’em.
Wakka: All right! (stands) I got something to tell you boys. After this game… I’m retiring. I promised myself this would be my last tournament. Win or lose, I’m quitting blitzball. But you know… Since we’re here, we might as well win!
Aurochs: Yeah! (Fistpumps)
Botta: A-Am I on the bench?
Wakka: I’m warming the bench. He’s taking my place.
Wakka: All right, boys, let’s win this one! Let’s make the Goers goners!

Tidus: Let’s blitz!
Aurochs: Hooah! (Leave)

Inside Locker Room

Lulu: I saw you floating there, on the sphere.
Wakka: Hey, you weren’t supposed to see that.
[Wakka collapses, Lulu catches him]
Lulu: You really gave it your all, didn’t you?

Outside Locker Room

[Aurochs huddle]
Tidus: All right, boys, what’re we gonna do?
Aurochs: Win!
Botta: For Cap’n Wakka!

Inside Locker Room

[Wakka leans on Lulu, listening to broadcast and reading note on wall…]
My best memories are here. Wakka, Captain of the Besaid Aurochs

Bobba: This is it, folks! In just a few minutes, the championship game!

In Stadium

Bobba: But who could have imagined… a championship game between these two teams? Our legendary Luca Goers going against… the horrendously ill-fated Besaid Aurochs!
[view pans to Auron entering stands]
Jimma: This looks like history in the making, Bobba.

In Sphere Pool

[Goers and Aurochs face off]
Bobba: They’re already going at it, folks! The Goers are taunting the Aurochs!

If Goers score first…
Bobba: What a great play! The Goers score first!

Bobba: And it’s halftime!

If Goers are ahead at halftime…
The Goers are just playing great, Bobba. Really great.

In Aurochs locker room…

Wakka: Zone defense, boys! Stop those Goers!
Aurochs: Cap’n!
Tidus: What about me?
Wakka: Get the ball and just shoot like crazy!
Datto: Goers are goin’ down!
Aurochs: Yeah!

Tidus: Shoot like crazy!
Aurochs: Yeah!
Wakka: All right! Hustle!

Second half, back in Sphere Pool…

If Aurochs tie or take the lead…
Bobba: The crowd is cheering for the Aurochs! Isn’t this exciting?

If Aurochs tie after falling behind…
Bobba: Goal! Goal! Goal! Unbelievable! What a miraculous comeback!
Tidus: (Waves and revs up crowd)
Bobba: The crowd is going wild!
(In this case skips the “fans are getting impatient” line)

If Aurochs aren’t scoring…
The Aurochs’ spirits are fading quickly! Are they going down without a fight?

Bobba: At 3:00 The fans are getting impatient! They’re calling for some action!
[View of fans chanting in stands]
Bobba: Everyone seems to be calling for Wakka, folks!
Tidus: (Looks crestfallen, then closes eyes and floats back towards bottom)
Bobba: Say…Where is that player going? He’s leaving the sphere pool! He may be injured!

Hallway Outside Aurochs Locker Room

[Tidus waves to Wakka, entering airlock.]
Narration: To be honest, I did kind of feel left out, but… It really was the Aurochs’ and Wakka’s show, after all.

Back in sphere pool…

Bobba: I wonder what’s happening? The crowd is going wild!
Bobba: Ah! It’s Wakka! He’s back on the field and ready to go! The Aurochs seem glad to have him back.

[If Aurochs win, cheering fans in stands, plus you get a Strength Sphere]
Bobba: Unbelievable! The Aurochs win, folks! This is one for the record books!

[If Aurochs lose…]
Bobba: The Aurochs may have lost the game, but what a way to go!

[Tidus meets Wakka in sphere pool, then fiends attack]

Up in Stadium Stands…

[Kimahri and Lulu flank Yuna as chaos erupts]
Lulu: What’s happening?

FMV: The Legend Lives

[Auron kicks ass.]

Tidus: Auron!
Wakka: Sir Auron!
Tidus: So, you do know him.
Wakka: Yeah. Best guardian there ever was.
[More and more fiends surround them]
Tidus: Hey, gimme a break!

FMV: The Dark Aeon

[Seymour summons Anima to kick ass for him.]

[Fast forward to some time after the finals]

Luca Main Square

[Aurochs facing Wakka, who carries the cup if they won, blitzball if they lost]
Datto: You really leavin’, Cap’n?
Letty: Shouldn’t you heal up first?
Wakka: Yuna needs me with her now. I can’t be lying around in some bed.
Aurochs: (Droop)
Datto: Yeah, but…
Wakka: Come on, look sharp! The blitz season just started. Don’t make those faces, ya? (Hands trophy or ball to Datto) Well… See you, boys! You be good.
Aurochs: Cap’n…
Wakka: I can’t hear you!
Aurochs: CAP’N! (Fistpumps)

Balcony Overlooking Luca

Yuna: Are you sure?
Wakka: Never liked long goodbyes anyway. Sorry for making you wait, Yuna. I had some promises to keep, ya? From now on, I’m your full-time guardian.
Yuna: Then welcome back, Sir Wakka. (Deep Japanese bow) Good to have you with us.
Wakka: Heeey. (Holds up hand to stop her, then bows less deeply in return) It’s good to be back, ya?
Wakka: (To Lulu) So, any news on what happened?
Lulu: Not really. We don’t know where the fiends came from. Maester Mika is safe and sound, thanks to Maester Seymour. That’s about it.
Yuna: Maester Seymour’s aeon… It was so powerful…

Luca Dock Number 5

Tidus: Hey you! Don’t stand there! All of this is your fault! Gettin’ swallowed by Sin! Ending up here in Spira! Not being able to go back to Zanarkand–everything, everything! I’m telling you, it’s all your fault!
Auron: (Chuckle builds to full-blown guffaw)

[Fade to black. A little later…]

Tidus: Who are you, anyway?
Auron: (Silence)
Tidus: You knew my old man, didn’t you?
Auron: Yeah.
Tidus: And you also knew Yuna’s father?
Auron: That’s correct.
Tidus: Hey, man, there’s no way. That’s just impossible.
Auron: Nothing impossible about it. Jecht, Braska and I… Together we defeated Sin ten years ago. Then I went to Zanarkand… where I watched over you. So that one day I could bring you to Spira.
Tidus: Why did it have to be me?
Auron: Jecht asked me to.
Tidus: Is he alive?
Auron: It depends on what you mean by “alive.” He is no longer human. But then… I felt something of Jecht, there in that shell… couldn’t you? You must have felt him when you came in contact with Sin.
Tidus: (Stunned) It can’t be…
Auron: It is. Sin is Jecht.
Tidus: (Shouts) No! That’s ridiculous! No way! I don’t believe you!
Auron: But it is the truth. You’ll see for yourself. Come with me.
Tidus: If I say no?
Auron: Every story must have an ending.
Tidus: I don’t care about your stories!
Auron: (Unsympathetically) I see. Sorry you feel that way. Fine, then. Come or don’t come. It’s your decision.
Tidus: (More shouting) RRrrraaaaaaghhh! What am I supposed to say!? You tell me it’s my decision…But I don’t have a choice, do I? You’re the only one who can tell me what’s going on, anyways! I have to go with you! I have to!
Auron: Irritating, I know. Or are you afraid?
Tidus: (Droops)
Auron: (Sets a hand on his shoulder, speaks more gently) It’s all right.
Tidus: Auron?
Tidus: Will I ever go home? Back to Zanarkand?
Auron: That’s up to Jecht.
Auron: I’m going to offer my services to Yuna. Come.

One last gab with all the locals before leaving Luca (or click here to go straight to Yuna.)

Dock Number 1

Adult Ronso: Tournament over. Ronso return to mountain to protect Yevon holy land.
 ¬Maester Mika is safe. Maester Kelk Ronso is relieved.

Ronso girl: Biran and Yenke protect the people in stadium. They defeat more fiends than you can count with both hands.
 ¬Biran Ronso is Ronso’s bravest warrior. All young Ronso yearn to be like Biran Ronso.

Nedus: The Al Bhed had nothing to do with that fiend attack. That is the truth!

In Front of Stadium

Al Bhed in red vest: Sin is lurking in the waters nearby. Ferry service has been postponed indefinitely.

Female crusader in need of pants: I will be heading for the operation soon. I must bid adieu to the city of Luca.

Stadium receptionist: We’re still investigating how the fiends managed to get in. I’m sorry, but please wait for an official statement regarding this matter.

Booth merchant (left): Welcome to the Luca Equipment shop! (Shop)

Booth merchant (right): Hello! Welcome to the Luca Item Shop. (Shop)

Al Bhed in brown vest: Maester Mika returned to Bevelle soon after the tournament.

Crusader in purple and white: The Crusaders have planned a grand operation to smash the fiends.

Male crusader on bench: I hope the operation succeeds. I want to come back here next year…

Female crusader on bench: I am relieved the grand maester is safe. We owe it all to Maester Seymour.

Lefthand stadium guard (Biggs): We are currently assessing the damage from the fiends. No admittance.

Righthand stadium guard (Wedge): Did you forget something inside? Give it up. I doubt you’ll find it.

Luca guard on patrol: We were supposed to get some time off after the tournament, but with the sudden fiend incident and all, we’re busy with the investigation.

Luca guard on patrol: Please report any suspicious activity.

Man in white and blue: Ending the tournament with the fiend attack left a bad taste in my mouth.

Pom-pom lady: I’m afraid to imagine what would’ve happened if Maester Seymour hadn’t been here.

Al Bhed woman: Nice work out there. Now I know you’re not all talk.

Hallway Outside Goers Locker Room

If the Aurochs won….
Man in gold tunic: The Goers didn’t win, but a true fan will stand behind them through thick and thin.

Old lady: You guys just got lucky! The Goers will take the cup next year!

Little boy: I’m gonna practice blitz real hard and be just like Bickson!

If the Aurochs lost…
Man in orange tunic: The Goers’ victory parade was cancelled because of all the chaos with the fiends.

Old lady: You guys made the Goers look good by putting up a good fight.

Little boy: Guess what, guess what? I shook Bickson’s hand!

Little girl: I hope Sir Graav’s not hurt…

Aurochs Locker Room

If the Aurochs won…
Keepa: We won! That means we are the team to watch out for. Unbelievable.

Botta: I still have lots to learn from Wakka. I wish he’d come back.

Datto: Yes! Thank you! We beat the Goers all because of you, man.

Letty: It’s not the same without you, man. Come back anytime, ya?

Jassu: Still can’t believe we won, man… Have to keep pinching myself.
If the Aurochs lost…
Keepa: If only I had done better, we could have won. I’m sorry, man.

Botta: We did our best, so I have no regrets, man.

Datto: We didn’t win the cup, but we did win a game for the first time in twenty-three years. It’s all good, ya?

Letty: We didn’t do half bad, ya? Next time, the Goers are goners!

Jassu: Wakka said he retired, but maybe he’ll come back if we beg him?

On Bridge to Mainland…

Man in yellow and green: I hope those fiends aren’t a harbinger of Sin’s coming.

Man in blue vest: The Aurochs really improved this year, but their success was overshadowed by the fiend incident.

Mom looking for lost son earlier: I can’t believe fiends would attack right in front of the maester, of all people. Just goes to show you there is absolutely no safe haven in Spira.

Beaky guy in red: Fiend attack? So what! Big deal. Everyone’ll soon forget about it and occupy themselves with blitzball.
 ¬Can’t wait till next year’s tournament.

Woman and girl conversing on bench near reporter/cameraman:
-So, how did those fiends break into the stadium?
-The authorities have no idea. They can only assume they just popped out of nowhere.
 ¬Who knows what would have happened if Maester Seymour hadn’t been there…
-Maester Seymour is our saviour.

Nun: The Crusaders are devising a sacrilegious operation. I hear they may be collaborating with the Al Bhed.

Man in red shorts: This is the first time I’ve ever seen the Aurochs win!

Barechested man in white pants: The Kilika Beasts couldn’t play up to their potential this year. Can’t blame ’em, though. Their island was recently attacked by Sin, after all.

Guy in green and brown: My buddy’s in critical condition after being attacked by a fiend. Damn it!

Man in gold tunic on bench: The power of Maester Seymour’s aeon was just incredible. I can see why he was appointed a maester at such a young age.

Woman in blue: Up until last year, it was the Crusaders who were in charge of security. If they had been here this year, the fiends would never have appeared.

Monk: Glory be to Maester Seymour’s aeon, for keeping the destruction to a minimum. A blessing from Yevon, indeed. (Yevon bow)

Reporter: Do you know anything about the fiends inside the stadium? We have so few facts, we can’t write up a feature on it yet.
 ¬I’ve been interviewing eyewitnesses, but nobody seems to know a thing.

If the Aurochs won…

 ¬Reporter: Oh yes, congratulations! I have a lot more respect for the Aurochs now.

Cameraman: Hey, congratulations! I got everything on sphere. Never in my wildest dreams did I think the Besaid Aurochs would win the cup.

Woman and girl conversing on bench near reporter:
 ¬I was really surprised by the sudden fiend attack, but you know what shocked me the most?
-Oh, the Aurochs winning the tournament, right? Yeah, I still can’t believe it.

Man and woman talking at stadium end:
-The Aurochs won the tournament. It must be some kind of mistake.
-I agree! The authorities should drop the fiend investigation and look into this first!

If the Aurochs lost…
Man and woman talking at stadium end:
-I’m glad the Goers won, but I don’t feel like celebrating.
-Yeah, those fiends really ruined the whole blitz experience.

Cameraman: Sorry, but we’re broadcasting the news about the fiend attack.

Sphere Theater

Crusader in green and gold by data terminal: The operation will commence soon. I must hurry.

Luca Square

Woman in orange tunic: This guy in a red robe took down a fiend in one blow! Is that cool or what?

Merchant in pink: Welcome! I’ve got official blitzball merchandise as well as other rare items!

Vendor in purple: It’s all such a big mess, and I don’t know what’s going on anymore.

Guy in green and brown, righthand vendor: We’re going to be closed for awhile. The manager was badly bit by a fiend. Serves him right for leaving me here while he enjoys the game.
 ¬I would’ve gladly been attacked by fiends just to see the game live.

Guado teenaged girl: It’s Maester Seymour that protected Maester Mika, right? And now, it’s my brother that’s guarding Maester Seymour!
 ¬My brother said he’d do absolutely anything for Maester Seymour.

Little girl with balloon (not running around, for a change): Mommy and daddy aren’t very happy. Do you know why? Hmmm?

Daddy on bench (Jumal): I’m so worried. What if the fiends that appeared in the stadium find their way into the city?

Mother: I never believed that the fiends would attack this city. This is horrible.

Man in green and white: Is it true that Maester Seymour isn’t a normal Guado?

Chunky man in green outside cafe: When the fiends first appeared in the stadium, I thought it was the halftime show or something. So I just sat and watched–when suddenly they started rampaging, I was shocked!
 ¬I like a good riot once in a while, but I never want to do that again.

Lucan guard: If anything had happened to Maester Mika, the guards would’ve been toast.

Opportunistic woman in green: The Crusaders are buying up everything. Better stock up while you can.

Pom-pom lady: The fans always celebrate after the game, but with the fiend scare, I doubt it.

Barechested guy in white pants: The Kilika Beasts aren’t advancing? Well, there’s always next year…

Woman in green skirt: Seymour’s aeon may be able to destroy Sin.

Guy in blue vest: The Crusaders are all taking off. I hope they’ll come back safe.

Seated Lucan guard: Cleaning up after the fiends will be a nightmare. We’ll be up all night again repairing the stadium.

Luca Cafe

Lady behind bar: Hello! Blitzball players are welcome here anytime!
¬Doesn’t matter if you can’t play. After all, a player is a player! Good luck. I’m with you all the way!

Little beaky guy talking to Al Bhed in red vest:
-The fiends were the Al Bhed’s doing! They’re out to get the temples!
-What’re you saying? You know the Al Bhed use machina!
-Yeah, I guess you’re right.

¬The fiends were the Crusaders’ doing! They’re out to sabotoage the tournament!
-You’re making no sense at all. And you aren’t the least bit convincing either.
-Yeah, I agree.

¬Little beaky guy: So, basically, you don’t know anything, huh?

¬Blond guy in red vest: Spira is full of fiends. Who knows when or where they’ll strike?

Guy in khaki: I couldn’t get any tickets, so I was watching the game on that sphere. I was lucky to miss the fiends.
 ¬I was lucky. That’s all I can say. Praise be to Yevon!

[You’re not fooling anybody with that mask and blond hair, Mr. Al Bhed.]

Woman in blue: Seymour’s aeon was really something, wasn’t it? I’ve never seen anything like it!
 ¬I’d like to believe that a maester of such power could keep Spira peaceful.

Shuu: Hey, you’re an Aurochs player, aren’t you? You were great today!

 ¬(if Aurochs won) You ended a twenty-three-year losing streak. I never thought it would happen. What a miracle!
 ¬(if Aurochs lost) Even though you didn’t win, it was a good game. Keep up the good work.

Lucan guard: The tournament’s finally over. Gimme some peace, will you?
 ¬It’s terrible. The fiends attacked while His Holiness was here. The tournament committee wasn’t pleased when the captain of the guard lost his nerve and ran. 

Balcony Overlooking Luca

Wakka: Do you think he’s gonna stay here?
Lulu: Sir Auron knows him, apparently. You were right. He did meet someone he knew.
Yuna: Do you think he’ll find a way back to Zanarkand?
Wakka: In any case, I’ll miss having him around.
Yuna: He’s still in town, isn’t he? I think I’ll go see him… (Turns) Oh!
Wakka: Whoa.
Yuna: Sir Auron?
[Yuna, Wakka, Lulu do Yevon bow]
Auron: Yuna.
Yuna: Sir?
Auron: I wish to become your guardian. Do you accept?
Yuna: (gasp)
Wakka: You’re serious?
Auron: You refuse?
Yuna: No, no! We accept! Right, everyone?
Wakka: O-Of course! No problem at all!
Lulu: But…why?
Auron: I promised Braska.
Yuna: You promised my father?
Yuna: Thank you, Sir Auron! You’re welcome to join us! (Deep Japanese bow)
Auron: And…he comes too. (Yanks Tidus forward)
Tidus: Hi…guys. Eh…Howdy! (awkward bow)
Auron: This one I promised Jecht.
Yuna: Is Sir Jecht alive?
Auron: Can’t say. Haven’t seen him in ten years.
Yuna: I…see.
Auron: You’ll meet eventually.
Yuna: Yes, I’m looking forward to it!
Auron: (Scans them, zeroes in on Lulu) What’s our itinerary? Where are we headed?
[Fade to black]
Yuna: Hey! Come with me!

After Auron and Tidus join guardians…

Lulu: You’re a real guardian now, so no mistakes. Understood?

Wakka: Where’d you meet Sir Auron, anyway?

  • I’m not telling.
  • Ah, nevermind.
  • Zanarkand.
  • Sin’s toxin sure is taking its time wearing off.

Wakka: Anyway, I knew you’d find someone you knew here.
 ¬We’ll be taking the Mi’ihen Highroad north, towards Djose Temple.

Auron: Remember, you’re suffering from Sin’s toxin. Don’t say otherwise.

Kimahri: (Looks)

[Tidus joins Yuna at balcony railing]
Yuna: Hey, watch! (Whistle)
Tidus: Hey, you got pretty good.
Yuna: You sound sad.
Tidus: Yeah, maybe.
Yuna: Wanna scream?
Tidus: Nnnn…I really don’t think that’s going to help this time.
Yuna: You know what?
Tidus: Hm?
Yuna: It’s embarrassing to say this myself… But summoners and their guardians are kind of like Spira’s ray of light. A lot of people in Spira depend on us. I learned to practice smiling when I’m feeling sad, you know?
Yuna: I know it’s hard.

Tidus: Yeah… I understand. I think.
Yuna: Right, now let’s see what you can do!
Tidus: Huh?
Yuna: Come on!
Tidus: Uh… ah… (Strained smile)
Tidus: (Laughs) This is weird!
Yuna: Next, try laughing out loud!
Tidus: What?
Yuna: Come on, show me!
Tidus: (Hems and haws, deep breath) Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha. Aaaaah… ah ha ha. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
Yuna: You probably shouldn’t laugh anymore.
Tidus: Ah ha hahahaha!
Yuna: (giggle)
Tidus: Ahahahahahaha!
Both: Ah… ha ha ha ha ha ha HA! (real laughter)
Yuna: Too funny!
Tidus: It was your idea!
Yuna: Um…thank you.
Tidus: Hm?
Yuna: I want my journey to be full of laughter.
Tidus: Okay.
Yuna: If we should get separated, just whistle. I’ll come running. I promise.
Tidus: Mm. (Nods)
Yuna: (chuckle)
Tidus: Well, let’s go. (They turn and find everyone staring.) What’re you looking at?
Wakka: We were just worried you guys might’ve gone crazy!
Yuna: Sorry!
Yuna: Well then, alright.
Yuna: Now, we go to the temple at Djose. And guardians? Don’t forget to smile!