Chapter XI: The Calm Lands

The Calm Lands

South Side of Plains

[Party gathers on grassy ridge and looks out across plains.]
Lulu: The Calm Lands. Long ago, the high summoners fought Sin here. The road ends here. Beyond, there’re no towns, no villages. Only endless plains.
Auron: Many summoners stray from their path and lose their way here.
Yuna: (Lying down on grass) I’ve always known where to go.
Tidus: (Walks over and reaches down to help her up) I… I won’t let you die. I’ll find a way, somehow.
Yuna: Let’s go.
Narration: I told Yuna I would find a way. I guess I wanted to believe that words could make it come true.

[All scenes on the Calm Lands are optional/missible until you reach the far side]

Maechen: Perhaps you would like to know a bit about these plains?

  • Maybe next time.
  • Maechen: What a pity.
  • Do tell!
  • Maechen: Mm-hm. As you know, these plains were once a battlefield. A great battle between Bevelle and Zanarkand, a melee of machina! That war left this place a barren, lifeless land. Then, time passed. The summoners took note of this uninhabited land. Great battles could be fought here, with no harm to the common folk. Perfect for the final battle with Sin, as it were. Summoners wait here, ready to perform the Final Summoning. Ah, to know what they must feel! In any case, when Sin is defeated here, the Calm will visit Spira once more. That’s why this place is now known as the Calm Lands. Exactly who dubbed it so is unknown. And that, as they say, is that.
     ¬Oh dear, I almost forgot to tell you something. There’s a chasm, a great rend in the earth, in these parts. A scar from High Summoner Gandof’s bitter battle with Sin, four hundred years past.
     ¬Like to hear about this place once more? [ Maybe next time. | Do tell! ]

[An Al Bhed hover pulls up, scattering wild chocobos]
Hover driver: Rin’s Travelling Agency, at your service! We offer fine wares at reasonable prices. Please consider making a purchase before crossing these vast plains. [ Got any weapons? | Got any items? | Leave. ] Have a safe and pleasant crossing.

Travel Agency in the Calm Lands

[If the party stops here, a monk approaches.]
Lulu: Father Zuke!
Father Zuke: Long time no see.
Father Zuke: You are Yuna? Hmm… You certainly don’t look like Maester Kinoc’s murderer.

Wakka: What’d you say?
Yuna: Please, tell us what has happened!
Father Zuke: Maester Mika just issued a personal order, you know. It said that you and your guardians murdered Maester Kinoc and fled. We are to kill you on sight, or so it says.
Auron: What of Bevelle?
Father Zuke: Things are calm on the surface, but the depths are turbulent. After the death of Maester Kinoc, Kelk Ronso left Yevon.
Auron: Convenient. Getting around will be easier with Yevon in disarray.
Father Zuke: But be careful, my friends. You have been branded enemies of Yevon. You should avoid temples for the time being.
Yuna: Thank you, Father Zuke, for your warning. (Deep Japanese bow)
Lulu: Father, you came all the way here just to tell us this?
Father Zuke: To tell the truth, I was a little curious to see… this summoner you are guarding. I hope her pilgrimage goes well. For your sake, too.
Lulu: Thank you, Father.
Father Zuke: I must be off. (He and Lulu exchange Yevon bows) I shall pray for all of you. (Leaves)

Afterwards, Tidus can chat with folks…

Tidus: Who was that?
Lulu: Until half a year ago, he was a summoner. Wakka and I were his guardians.
Wakka: It was kind of a short pilgrimage.
Lulu: He gave up halfway. Here, on this plain. Now, he is a monk at the Bevelle temple.

¬Lulu: This is my third pilgrimage as a guardian. Father Zuke was my second. And my first, well… It ended here, too. I’ve never been to the lands beyond.
 ¬Mt. Gagazet towers to the north, and Zanarkand lies beyond that.

Yuna: So, we are officially traitors, then.
Tidus: Hey, let them say what they want.
Yuna: It’s okay, I’m not worried. (Sigh) Well, maybe just a little. It’s so hard not to be.
Tidus: Hey, it’s okay to worry. And if it gets too rough, just yell!
Yuna: Yell? Hmm… Okay, I might just do that.
Tidus: Yeah!

¬Yuna: I wonder if my father got lost here, too?
Tidus: Maybe, with my old man helping him!
Yuna: Maybe I’ll ask Sir Auron.
Tidus: Auron? That grouch never tells me anything.
Yuna: (Gruff voice) “That is none of your business!”
Tidus: (Laughs) Not that he keeps out of other people’s business, you know what I mean?

¬Yuna: Just a little farther to Zanarkand.

Auron: Messy.
Tidus: What is?
Auron: Yevon. Mika and Seymour are not of one mind. Remember what Seymour said last we met. I do not think Mika will concur.
 ¬If Yevon founders, so will Spira.

Wakka: When I was guarding Zuke… I already told you this, ya? ‘Bout when I was too into the game to be a good guardian? So when Father Zuke said he wanted out… Tell you the truth, I was kinda glad.
 ¬Zanarkand‘s right around the corner. So close already.

Kimahri: Gagazet is Ronso land. Kimahri home.
Tidus: Hey! We might meet your family.
Kimahri: Kimahri has no family.
Tidus: Oh, sorry.
Kimahri: But Kimahri not alone.
¬Kimahri: Sacred mountain Gagazet. Not change for one thousand years.

Rikku: She’s not stopping, is she?
Tidus: Yuna…she’s made her decision.
Rikku: But, I can’t just let her go.
Tidus: We won’t have to. We’ll save Yuna even if she calls the Final Aeon.
Rikku: But how?
Tidus: Mmm… I’ll think of a way.
Rikku: But what if you can’t?
Tidus: I’m tired of talking to you. It’s always “but” this, “but” that.
Rikku: But…
Tidus: Let’s think together!
Rikku: Okay.
Tidus: And, if we can’t think of something…we find another way!
Rikku: Okay!

¬Rikku: Ugh… This is a toughie.

NPCs in Calm Lands Travel Agency

Travel Agency Innkeeper (Naida): Welcome. What can I do for you? [ Got any weapons? | Got any items? | Leave. ]

Al Bhed beside Travel Agency: I have a message from Cid. He says: We’ve gone to repair the airship. We’ll come get you when we’re done! Until then, keep Yuna safe or you’ll be sorry, kid.
 ¬After dropping you off in Bevelle, the airship stopped here. They let all summoner off, and went for repairs.

Spire in Large Crater SW of Travel Agency

Belgemine: Oh, you again. You’re quite the notorious traitor these days.
Tidus: What’s it to you?
Belgemine: (Chuckles) Ah, you shouldn’t take what the maesters say too seriously. For summoners, destroying Sin is everything. We are no tools of Yevon, understand?
Yuna: Yes.
Belgemine: So, are you up to the task?
Yuna: I do not know, but I will do my best.
Belgemine: You’ve got spirit, but you’ll need more to beat Sin. An aeon duel! Show me what you’re made of.

  • Pass.
  • Belgemine: No time to fight? I understand. I was in your shoes once.
     ¬Hmm? Changed your mind?
  • Fight.
  • Belgemine: Excellent. But before we begin… (Sparkle) I’ve just healed your aeons for you. Let us begin! (Summons Shiva) Choose your aeon well, summoner.
    If Yuna wins…
    Belgemine: Stop. That is enough.
    Belgemine: Impressive. Remarkable talent. Traitor or no, you may have what it takes to beat Sin. Take this. You have earned it. ~Power Spheres, Aeon’s Soul
    Yuna: Thank you. (Japanese bow)
    Belgemine: I think you will do just fine. But, if you ever feel like you want more training, seek the hidden temple of Remiem. I will be waiting there. Farewell.
    If Yuna loses…
    Belgemine: You have a lot to learn.
    Belgemine: I hope you will do better against Sin, for your sake. You need more training. That much is clear, summoner. ~Speed Spheres, Aeon’s Soul

    Belgemine: The hidden temple, Remiem. I’ll be waiting. Come, and I will train you.
    Yuna: Th-Thank you!
    Belgemine: Focus, and grow strong, Yuna. Farewell.

Wandering the Plains

Chocobo Rider: Lost? Follow me if you want to go back to Bevelle.
 ¬Look, these plains go on forever. Take it easy or you’ll die out here!
 ¬Smart travellers like me ride chocobos to avoid fiends!

NW Corner of Calm Lands

Chocobo trainer: I hope you’re not planning to cross this place on foot.

  • Walking’s not that bad.
  • Trainer: I suppose you’re right. Fighting fiends lets you polish your skills.
  • I want to ride a chocobo!
  • Trainer: Well, these plains are home to lots of wild chocobos. First we must train them to be dependable mounts. I’m training some chocobos now, but they’re not quite tame yet. I’m sorry I can’t lend you any. Walking might be faster than waiting for one of my chocobos.
    • Let me train one!
    • Trainer: That’s easier said than done. It’s not that simple, you know. You’re sure you want to try?
      • Of course!
      • Trainer: All right. Come with me. [Chocobo Mini-game… see sidequests page for full script] /span>
      • Maybe not.
      • Trainer: Bye, now. Maybe next time I’ll have a chocobo ready for you.
    • Thanks anyway.
    • Trainer: Bye, now. Maybe next time I’ll have a chocobo ready for you.

Northern Rim of Calm Lands

Svanda: This gorge is called the Scar. They say that when the high summoner cornered Sin, Sin tore the earth here asunder with the last of its strength. The high summoner and Sin struck each other down at the gorge’s bottom. Lord Gandof’s sacrifice brought us the Calm.
 ¬In the Calm Lands, we bury our dead in this gorge. We cannot send them because few summoners ever make it this far.
 ¬I’ve heard that the dead that don’t receive a proper sending roam the bottom of the gorge as fiends.

[There’s a clue on the rock spire next to Svanda…]
With the vale at your back go forty-nine, then seven to the right in the truest line.

On the northwest rim there’s a ledge leading down into the Scar, blocked by…
Man in brown coat: Hey, hey! You can’t go down there!
 ¬Even if I don’t know what I’m watching for, duty’s duty. I’m not moving. Well, unless something really unique happens, that is.

If you beat the Chocobo Catcher in a race, he moves to the racecourse:
Hey, I saw it! I saw the race! You were amazing! I can’t believe you won! But you were lucky. I mean, sometimes she’s hot, sometimes she’s not.
 What? Who’s watching the gorge? Uh, no one. Shouldn’t hurt, right?

Monster Arena (East side of Calm Lands)

Monster Arena Guy: This is a training arena that Lord Mi’ihen constructed for the Crusaders. You can hone your battle skills here by fighting fiends gathered from all over Spira! But…the fiends all got away because I, uh, screwed up. I’m too old to gather fiends now, so I’m in quite a fix… So, that’s where you come in, sonny! Can I ask you to round up all the fiends for me? Of course, I’m not asking you to do it for free. There’ll be nice, fat rewards! On top of that, you can hone your fighting skills anytime against the fiends you bring back here! In addition, any items you win during training are yours to keep for free! But, there will be a small fee for each training session, so bear that in mind. How about it? Not a bad deal, eh? You won’t regret it!

  • Sorry, no time for that.
  • Old man: Hmm… And I was thinking to reward you with a variety of rare items I’ve collected. Are you sure?
    ¬How about it? Will you catch some fiends for me?
    [Sorry, no time for that. | All right, I’ll do it! | Would you explain that again?]
  • All right, I’ll do it!
  • Old man: That’s the spirit, sonny! Now, go catch all them fiends! But I’ve one more warning before I can let you go. To catch a fiend, you have to defeat it with a special kind of weapon! But not to worry! I’ll sell them to you for a special low price! Also, this arena can only hold ten of each kind of fiend. There won’t be any bonuses for capturing more, so keep an eye on your totals! I need you to start by collecting each species in the Calm Lands. I can’t reopen the arena without having some fiends, you know. By the way, there’s a total of nine species in the Calm Lands. I’ll give you a bonus when you get all of them. Oh! Before I forget, you have to use a special kind of weapon to catch them! I’ll sell some to you at a special price! No, no! No need to thank me! [Let’s see your weapons. | I’d like some items. | Show me the fiends captured so far. | That’s all.]
  • Would you explain that again?

Note: For the complete script of all the Monster Arena Guy’s comments while you’re hunting fiends and fighting his creations, see the Monster Arena section of the Sidequests page.


Calm Lands North: The Gorge

[A voice hails them after they cross the first bridge, and two Guado appear.]
Guado: Halt!
Second Guado: Summons from Lord Seymour. Come with us!

Yuna: We have nothing to discuss with Maester Seymour!
Tidus: Yeah, so out of our way!
Guado: Lord Seymour’s commands must be obeyed. You will come!
Second Guado: I warn you, the maester doesn’t need you alive.

[Large machina stomps out of gorge. Boss fight.]

If Tidus tries to head down into the gorge…
Tidus: This isn’t the way in?
Lulu: That way leads down into the valley.
Wakka: Wow, you know your way around, ya?
Lulu: (Drifts away)
Wakka: Huh?

Gorge Bottom

[The party gathers outside a cave.]
Rikku: Where are we?
Lulu: The fayth is inside. As are the fiends.
Wakka: (Gasp) Hey. This where…?
Lulu: Mm. (Nods)
Tidus: Where what?
Lulu: The summoner I guarded on my first pilgrimage…died here. (Long silence) Yuna, let’s go. The fayth awaits. (Hangs back a moment and takes a deep breath after the others have entered)

Cavern of the Stolen Fayth

[Partway through…]
Rikku: What’s a fayth doing in a place like this?
Tidus: Don’t ask me!
Lulu: They say it was stolen from a temple long ago.
Tidus: Huh?
Auron: With no fayth, summoners cannot train. Without training, they cannot call the Final Aeon. Without the Final Aeon, they cannot defeat Sin. That is why.
Rikku: ‘Cause then the summoner won’t die!
Wakka: That must be what the thief was thinking.
[Rikku and Tidus look at Yuna]
Tidus: I kinda agree with him.
Rikku: Mm-hm!

[Far end of cave…]
Wakka: Peh! Another Guado fiend?
Kimahri: No. An unsent.
[The figure of a woman coalesces out of pyreflies]
Lulu: It is…It’s you, is it not, Lady Ginnem? Forgive me. I was too young.
[Auron glances at Yuna, who steps forward to perform the sending. Lady Ginnem snaps her arm and disrupts ritual with some kind of shock wave.]
Lulu: There is no human left in you now, is there?
[Ginnem lashes out again.]
Lulu: Very well, then. Allow me to perform my last duty to you. My last as your guardian.

[Boss fight with Ginnem and Yojimbo]
Lulu: Strange. I thought it would be sadder, somehow. Maybe I’ve gotten used to farewells.
Wakka: You’re stronger now.
Lulu: Wakka, I hope you’re right.
Lulu: Yuna, the fayth is inside. Go do what you came to do.

Chamber of the Fayth: Yojimbo

[Tidus accompanies Yuna into the Chamber of the Fayth. Yojimbo’s spirit appears above his statue.]
Yojimbo’s fayth: I am the blade of vengeance. They dare only whisper my name: Yojimbo. Summoner, I ask you. What do you want of me?

  • To train as a summoner.
  • To gather the power to destroy fiends.
  • To defeat the most powerful of enemies.

Note: All three answers work, but “Defeat most powerful of enemies” garners a lower starting price.

Yojimbo: If you desire my strength, you must pay my price. Make your offer.

If you offer a low amount…
Yojimbo: You expect a phoenix, yet you offer chicken feed! No deal.
If you offer half of his offer + 1, he’ll lower his price and ask…
Yojimbo: Do we have a deal?
If you don’t meet his third offer…
No deal. Maybe next time.
If you meet his price…
Yojimbo: Adequate… You are my client henceforth. My sword shall guard you on your journey, summoner.

If you offer three times his price…
Yojimbo: You alone realize my true value. You are a master worth serving. ~ Teleportation Sphere x 2 My sword shall guard you on your journey, summoner.

The Scar / Crusaders’ Training Camp

Crusader in green: This land, where Lady Yocun trained, is sacred to the Crusaders. Lady Yocun was a member of the Crusaders before becoming a summoner.
 ¬We aren’t getting enough new recruits to rebuild the Crusaders.

Crusader practicing sword moves: High Summoner Yocun once trained in this land. We Crusaders also intend to train here, to challenge Sin once again.
 ¬Yet, our numbers have greatly diminished. Is there nothing we can do now?

Last Bridge Out of the Calm Lands

[Yuna hangs back as the party reaches the foot of Gagazet. She winks at Tidus.]

Narration: Sometimes Yuna would just stare off into the distance. I finally understood why. She was saying goodbye to the places she’d never see again.