Chapter II: Besaid Island

Besaid Island

Unknown Sea

[Tidus wakes up spluttering]
Tidus: Rikku!
[smacked by flying object]
Tidus: Blitzball!
[Wakka and Aurochs wave from beach]
Wakka: Hey! You okay?
Tidus: Heeey! (Waves back and shows off “Sphere Shot”)

FMV: Blitzball!

[Tidus’ shot flies off over the jungle.]
Wakka: Whoa-ho!

Besaid — Beach

[Tidus swims ashore. Gatta and Luzzu run off. Aurochs surround him.]
Tidus: Yo! Hiya!
Wakka: You wanna try that move one more time?
Narration: (fistpump) Finally, things were starting to look up. (demonstrates)
Wakka: You’re no amateur. Who you play for?
Tidus: The Zanarkand Abes!
Aurochs: (muttering)
Wakka: What team you say again?
Tidus: Uh, I meant…Forget that. I got too, uh…close to Sin and my head’s all foggy-like. So I don’t know where this place is. Or even where I came from.
Wakka: Sin’s toxin got to you. But, you’re still alive. Praise be to Yevon! (Yevon bow)
Wakka: (To Aurochs) All right, back to practice!
Wakka: (To Tidus) I’m Wakka, coach and captain of the Besaid Aurochs, brudda. (shakes hands)

Tidus: (whimper)
Wakka: What? You hungry? Okay! Back to the village. I’ll get you somethin’!

If Tidus talks to Aurochs on the beach…

Keepa: Hey, I’ll admit it, we’re not the best blitzers in Spira.
 ¬”To do our best!” That’s our motto. Guess it’s not enough, though. Here, take this. And do your best, ya? ~Gil
 ¬We’re always top dogs for the first few minutes of the game, ya? Then we start to run out of breath. That’s when they get us. But Cap’n Wakka, man, he don’t stop! No halftime breath for him, ya? He just keeps going!

Jassu: That shot was spectacular, brudda! Wish I could shoot like that.
 ¬Cap’n Wakka’s waiting for you. You better get going, ya? There’s fiends on the road, ya? Use this if you get into trouble. ~Potion

Datto: I gotta stop closing my eyes when the ball comes down.
 ¬You being a blitzball player’s probably what saved you out there. The best players–they can hold their breath, like, forever! I wish I could do that.
 ¬We had an underwater race once, ya? To see how long we could go. Two laps and we were out, but Cap’n Wakka went five, no sweat!
 ¬That toxin’s nasty stuff, ya? You should go rest up. What am I saying? Take this, it might help! ~Hi-Potion

Letty: I can head the ball pretty good. Today’s just a bad day, ya?
 ¬This is really weird, ya? I could do five in a row yesterday!
 ¬I’m nowhere near Cap’n Wakka, but I can hold my own underwater, ya? It’s just that… I’m not so good with the ball.
 ¬It true that the best players can even sleep underwater? Man, that’s like…superhuman, you know?

Botta: I really want to make Cap’n Wakka proud at this year’s tournament.
 ¬Come practice with us once the toxin wears off, okay? Hope you get better soon, brudda. ~Potion

Narration: I felt like I could trust this Wakka, so I just had to ask.
Tidus: It’s true Zanarkand was destroyed, right? A thousand years ago? So it’s just a big pile of rubble now, isn’t it?
Wakka: Long time ago, there were a whole lot of cities in Spira. Big cities with machina–machines–to run ’em. People played all day and let the machina do the work. And then, well, take a look.
[view switches briefly to beach, ruins poking up through rainforest]
Wakka: Sin came, and destroyed the machina cities. And Zanarkand along with ’em. Yeah, that was about a thousand years ago, just like you said. If you ask me, Sin’s our punishment for letting things get out of hand. What gets me, though… is we gotta suffer, ’cause of what some goofballs did way back when! ‘Course, we must always repent for our sins! That’s important! It’s just that, it’s hard to keep at it sometimes, you know?
Narration: It was just as Rikku said. Wakka and Rikku couldn’t both be lying. Why would they?
Wakka: (Guffaws) But you from the Zanarkand Abes–that was a good one! Hey, I’m not saying the team never existed, ya? But you gotta figure a team livin’ in luxury like that’d be pretty soft, eh?

Narration: I appreciated the fact that Wakka was trying to cheer me up. But at that time, all I could think about was… everything that happened to me–all this–started with Sin. Maybe if I could find Sin one more time, I could go home! For now, I’d just live life until that time came. No more worrying about where, or when, I was. Sure, it was hard not to think of home. But I started to feel better already. A little better…maybe.

Path into Jungle

Wakka: Hey! It’s this way!
[Wakka leads Tidus to cliff overlooking river]
Tidus: Huh?
Wakka: (Slaps his butt)
Tidus: Whoa! (falls, Wakka dives after)

Jungle River

Tidus: What’s the big idea?
[They swim downriver a while]
Wakka: (laughs, sneaks up behind T. and grabs in headlock)
Tidus: Lemme go!
Wakka: Got a favor to ask ya.
Tidus: You want me on your team, right?
Wakka: (Lets go) A major blitz tournament’s coming up. All the teams in Spira’ll be there! It’s so huge, I’m sure someone there will recognize you! Then you can go back to your old team, right? It’ll be fun! What do you say, huh? Come on, come on!
Tidus: (Flatly) Sure thing.
Wakka: Dude! Our team is gonna rock, eh?
Narration: I thought then that blitzball and Sin were the only two things that Spira and Zanarkand had in common. I wasn’t too far off, either.

Besaid — Promontory

[Wakka points at Besaid village spread out below them]
Wakka: This is where I was born. I started blitz when I was five. I joined the Aurochs at thirteen…ten years ago.Ten years…and we never won a game. Well, after last year’s tournament, I quit. Time seemed right.
Tidus: (Stomach rumbles)
Wakka: So, after quitting, I got this new job, ya? But every time my mind wandered, I thought about the game.
Tidus: Ten years without a single win’ll do that.
Wakka: (Grunts) My first match last year was my big chance. But something else was on my mind. I couldn’t focus.
Tidus: Nice excuse.
Wakka: Hey, hey!
Tidus: So you want to win the next tournament–go out with a bang.
Wakka: (Nods)
Tidus: So, what’s our goal?
Wakka: I don’t care how we do. Long as we play our best. If we give it our all, I can walk away happy.
Tidus: No, no, no, no, no. If I say, “What’s our goal?” you say, “Victory!” When you play in a blitzball tournament, you play to win!
Wakka: Victory? You serious?
Tidus: (Nods)

If Tidus tries the path back to the river before entering the village, his stomach grumbles and he changes his mind.

If Tidus checks out statue on Promontory…
Wakka: it’s an ancient custom. People leaving the island pray here for a safe trip. They say it works pretty good.

Besaid — Village Slope

Luzzu: Ah, the one from the sea!
Gatta: Be on guard. There’re fiends on the road today!
Luzzu: After surviving your run-in with Sin, ‘twould be a shame if something happened now.

[Luzzu and Gatta head towards village]
Tidus: Who were they?
Wakka: Luzzu and Gatta–Crusaders.
Tidus: Eh? Crews of what?
Wakka: What, you forgot that too?
Tidus: (Sags)
Wakka: Hey, sorry. Don’t worry about it. I’ll help you out.
Tidus: Cool.
Tidus: In return, come tournament time, I’ll make sure we take the cup!

Wakka: Cool! About the Crusaders, you can ask them yourself. They’ve got a lodge in the village.

Entering village for first time…

Wakka: Besaid Village.
Tidus: They got any food there?
Wakka: We’ll get you something over there later. Take a look around first. Let’s see… The Crusaders Lodge is over yonder. Luzzu and Gatta are usually there. (Points) Hm.
Wakka: Oh, right. (Beckons) Over here!

Tidus: Huh? What’s up?
Wakka: You do remember the prayer, right?

  • I don’t remember.
  • Narration: I didn’t know it in the first place, to tell the truth.
    Wakka: Man, that’s like the basics of the basics. Alright. I’ll show you.
  • I don’t know any prayers.
  • Narration: Of course I’d never prayed before in my life. Not that he would know that…
    Wakka: You…must have forgot or something. Here, I’ll show you.

Wakka: (Yevon bow in slow-motion) Go ahead, you try.
Tidus: Hm. Imitates a bit clumsily)
Wakka: Hey, not bad. (slaps shoulder) Okay, now go present yourself to the temple summoner. (Leaves)

Narration: Any blitzball player would know that prayer. It was the blitzball sign for victory.

Crusaders Lodge (last hut on left)

[Tidus finds Gatta and Luzzu at a table poring over chart]
Gatta: Hey, you! You were attacked by Sin…right? Recently was it?
Tidus: I think so.
Gatta: So, Sin can’t be far, right? You’re not hiding anything, are you?
Tidus: Why would I?
Luzzu: If Sin’s nearby, it’ll attack the island for sure. But it hasn’t. I wonder why?
Tidus: I’m sorry. I really don’t know anything. To tell the truth, I don’t even know what the Crusaders are.
Gatta: You’re kidding, right?
Luzzu: Sin! The toxin! Gatta, tell him who we are!
Gatta: Yes, sir! (stands, salutes) The Crusaders are sworn to battle Sin! We have chapters throughout Spira, accepting all who wish to join our struggle! The hero Mi’ihen formed the Crusaders eight hundred years ago as the Crimson Blades. Later, our ranks grew and we called ourselves the Crusaders. We’ve been fighting Sin ever since!

Tidus: What, you’ve been fighting eight hundred years and you still haven’t beat it?
Gatta: (Stammers)
Luzzu: Well, we’ve steered Sin away from towns many times! And that’s all we can do. Nobody’s ever been able to defeat it. Our mission as Crusaders is to protect the temples, towns, villages, and people of Spira.

Tidus: So then whose job is it to defeat Sin?
Gatta: Is Sin’s toxin really this bad, sir?
Luzzu: It does seem rather bad…
Luzzu: We could just tell you, but I think it better for you to try and remember. Go pray at the temple. Perhaps Yevon will help you regain your memory.

¬Gatta: But soon, we may be able to finally defeat Sin. We’ve got a plan–one that’ll go down in Crusader history!

¬Luzzu: We’ve been excommunicated from Yevon. We must go, now. Everything is riding on our next…our last battle!

Wandering Village Square

Note: In Besaid Village, there’s one of each NPC model, and you can follow them around if you’re really patient. They say different things in different parts of the village. My nicknames are based on comments they drop at different times.

Gramps: I heard the Sin toxin got to you. Took your memory, eh?
I’d be happy to teach you anything you’ve forgotten, sonny.

  • What’s Sin?
  • How could you forget Sin? I can’t say I don’t envy you, though. There’s many who would give anything to forget the pain Sin has brought. Sin appeared a thousand years ago, a raging demon intent on reducing Spira to rubble. Everyone in Spira lives under Sin’s shadow. But to forget Sin…well, I’d consider yourself lucky, eh?
     ¬Something else you’d like to know, eh?
  • What’s toxin?
  • The foul vapors that boil from Sin’s hide are evil indeed…One breath, and it will taint the very core of your body. People who get too close to Sin forget even the most important things. Just like you, eh?
     ¬Something else you’d like to know, eh?
  • What’s Yevon?
  • How wretched you must be, to have forgotten the teachings of Yevon! The teachings are the only salvation for those who suffer becasuse of Sin. I’m sure you followed the teachings, before the toxin got to you, of course. Go pray at the temple, and all will return in time.
     ¬Something else you’d like to know, eh?
  • What’s Zanarkand?
  • Zanarkand was once a great city in the far north of this land. Now it lies in a ruin, destroyed by Sin a thousand years ago. Such was its punishment for relying too much on machina.
     ¬Something else you’d like to know, eh?
  • No, thanks, I’ll pass. [after receiving at least one answer, becomes…] No thanks, gramps.

¬Gramps: Maybe if I remind you of some things, you’ll remember who you are! (Menu opens again)

Old woman: Me favorite’s Lord Ohalland, ya? Spitting image of me old hubby.

Yuna’s friend (little girl, possibly orphaned grandchild): Who are you, mister? Where you from?

Handyman (in woods by broken hut): Sin’s struck Besaid Village so many times I lost count. After this house got hit I guess the owner just let it be.
 ¬Sin will just come back and destroy it again. Sometimes I wonder why I bother.

Priestess: Besaid’s devotion to the teachings of Yevon is commendable. Still, there is much for a priestess such a I to teach them.

Sailor: Is it true that Sin showed up near here? Oh boy! And the S.S. Liki’s scheduled to leave any day now.

Portly Crusader: You should try praying. It worked for me–it’ll work for you, too.

Vilucha’s son: I can’t figure out whether I’m gonna join the Aurochs or the Crusaders!
 ¬I’m pretty good at blitz, ya? I can hold my breath and everything!

Girl with doggie (shopkeeper’s sister): You’re the talk of the town, you know? Word travels fast in a village this size.

Weaver: On a hot day like today, it’s best to be in the shade, ya?

Refugee: I travelled Spira looking for a land where nobody had heard of Sin. I…I gave up looking. I think it’s for the best.

Journeyman weaver: Sin’s toxin? Nah, you don’t look sick. You must not have breathed in much of the stuff, ya? Guess being a blitz player means you can hold your breath pretty good.
 ¬I wanted to be a blitzer way back when. I just couldn’t hold my breath.

Fabric merchant in purple shirt: The Besaid fabrics they make here are famous all over Spira! If I buy cheap and sell high, I’ll be rolling in Gil in no time!

Pious woman (probably a temple-raised orphan; she never leaves it except during Yuna’s summoning): Yevon’s teachings are our staff and our guide in life. Without the teachings, we’d just live every day in fear of Sin.
 ¬It…It’s like we were born to live in fear.

If Tidus tries to leave village…
Crusader (Gatekeeper): Fiends are around even during the day. Take care not to travel alone, ya?
 ¬You know it’s too dangerous. Sorry, but you can’t pass.

Vilucha’s House (first hut on right)

Vilucha (blitzball free agent): Odd clothes you got. What land you from? This your first time to Besaid?
 ¬We don’t get many strangers here. I remember every visitor we get.

Vilucha’s son: Daddy doesn’t play with me at all.

Daddy the fisherman: You’re the guy from the sea, right? I heard about you from Sir Luzzu.

Wakka’s Hut (second on right)

Wakka: Go present yourself to the temple summoner before we eat, ya?
 ¬A little praying might do your memory some good!

Weavers’ Hut (third on right)

Journeyman weaver (I’m just guessing because he’s young): Mainlanders love the fabrics we weave here in Spira.
 ¬I suppose you can’t run a business on tradition alone, ya?

“Old Coot” weaver at loom: Long as I’m around, Besaid’s weaving will be known as nothing but the best!

Weaver: I wove so much last month. All lost when Sin destroyed my boat.

Refugee: The village where I was born is no longer there, thanks to Sin.

In Merchant’s Hut (first on left)

Shopkeeper: Welcome! [Buy items. | Leave.] Thank you! Come again!

Girl with doggie (merchant’s sister): I hope the Aurochs don’t lose their first match again. I’d like to see them at least tie a game one of these years.

Daddy the fisherman: I’m getting ready to go out fishing. There’s fiends out in the sea, ya?

Crusaders Lodge

Crusader behind podium: The Crusaders Lodge is open to guests. Take a rest? [ I’d like a nap. | Maybe later. ]

Handyman (and Beatles fan): I’m fixing a hole where the rain gets in.
 ¬Rent’s free, but I’ve been working like a dog just fixing the place.

Priestess: I appreciate the Crusaders’ zeal, but they must heed the teachings.

Sailor: Seafaring is hard work. Gotta kick back sometimes. Get some R & R, ya?

Portly Crusader: I had a run-in with Sin’s toxin before too, you know? I’m a lot better now, but things were pretty bad for a while. Couldn’t remember who I was or where I came from! Scary, ya? Man, I nearly cried, and that’s the truth!
 ¬I got better, but only after praying at the temple a lot.

Vilucha’s son: They say I gotta train in order to join the Crusaders…
 ¬Me and Sir Luzzu and Gatta will beat Sin, just the three of us!

Weaver: You the one they say came from the sea? Toxin’s still got you, ya? You go ahead and rest up.

Besaid Temple — Great Hall

[Tidus enters temple, stares at statues of summoners, Lady Yunalesca, Lord Zaon]
Narration: It was then, standing in that place, I began to realize how different this world was from my own.
[Tidus approaches steps of Cloister.]
Priest: Ten years have passed since Lord Braska became high summoner. And finally we receive a statue for our temple.
Tidus: What’s a high summoner?
(Worshippers gasp)
Tidus: I…I got too close to Sin’s, uh, toxin.
Narration: It was funny hearing myself make the same excuse over and over. Funny, and a little sad.
Priest: The summoners are practitioners of a sacred art, sworn to protect the people of Yevon. Only a chosen few become summoners, who call forth entities of great power: the aeons. The aeons hear our prayers and come down to us. They are the blessing of Yevon. (Yevon bow)
Narration: So what he meant…was that we should respect some kinda great men or something like that… I figured.

(As Mintywolf points out, the priest guarding the Cloister entrance must be the temple summoner Tidus was supposed to present himself to, although it’s never made explicit.)

If Tidus talks to people in temple…
Priest: Pray hard, and the toxin will surely release its grip on you.
 ¬The high summoners, in order from the right: Lord Braska, Lady Yocun… Lord Ohalland, and Lord Gandof. Do you remember them now?

If Tidus tries to climb stairs…
Priest: Only sworn guardians may approach the Cloister of Trials.

Gramps: (Answers all the earlier questions, plus one more…)

  • What’s a high summoner?
  • One of the four summoners that fought Sin in the past. Lord Ohalland, Lord Gandof, Lord Yocun and Lord Braska, it was. Spira would have fallen to Sin long ago if the high summoners weren’t around!
  • Handyman: Don’t bother people when they’re praying! It’s against the teachings!

    Journeyman weaver: The village was attacked by Sin when I was just a little kid, ya? The village was burnt to ashes. I still have nightmares of that day.

    Woman weaver: I am sure that Lord Braska is watching over our apprentice summoner.

    Pious woman: May the apprentice summoner return to us safely.

    Daddy the fisherman: High Summoner Gandof, give us your blessing, and watch over my family.

    Ten-year-old boy: Please let the Aurochs score at least one goal.

    Priestess: With the statues’ guidance, I’m sure our apprentice is doing fine.

    Portly Crusader: I hope I get over the toxin quick. The big operation’s coming up!

    Sailor: I sure hope we don’t run into Sin on our next voyage.

    Kindly old priest in Monks’ Chamber (righthand side): Even searching the Scriptures of Yevon, I have found no cure for Sin’s toxin. May the blessing of Yevon guide you to health, friend.
     ¬I, too, will pray for the blessing of Yevon to shine on you.

    Priestess in Nuns’ Chamber: Pray at the temple, and you may just overcome Sin’s toxin.

    In Wakka’s Hut…

    Wakka: Sorry, man. No time for lunch yet. Take a nap! You look bushed. [Thanks. | No, I’m fine.]
    When Tidus takes a nap…
    Priest (entering): You could at least go see how they are doing.
    Wakka: We can’t interfere. It’s a rule.
    Priest: But, its been nearly…
    [Priest and Wakka leave hut, Tidus dozes off.]

    Dream Sequence: Flashback to Jecht’s Disappearance

    [Several people clustered around dock of Tidus’ houseboat in Zanarkand]
    Summoner’s voice: But, it’s been nearly…
    Man in uniform: It’s been nearly a day already.
    Tidus’ Mom: Perhaps you could go look for us.
    Man: People are searching for him now.
    Tidus’ Mom: Thank you. (covers face after man leaves)
    [Slight fast forward: Tidus as child facing Mom]
    Tidus: Who cares whether he comes back or not?
    Tidus’ Mom: But he might die!
    Tidus: Fine, let him!
    Tidus’ Mom: Do you…Do you hate him so?
    Tidus: (Nods)
    Tidus’ Mom: If he dies, you’ll never be able to tell him how much you hate him.

    [Tidus wakes in Wakka’s hut]
    Tidus: Wakka?
    [Tidus exits hut, finds village almost deserted.]

    If Tidus talks to villagers after nap…

    Village Square

    Gatekeeper: I hope that the apprentice is well.
     ¬Instead of just loafing around you should be praying, too.

    Vilucha’s Hut (first on right)

    Weaver: Gone for a night and day now. I’m too worried to speak!
     ¬Though I’m sure nothing bad is happening. Not to that summoner.

    Vilucha: Everyone’s gone to the temple, but I’m more comfortable praying at home.
     ¬And what if something happened? I’d be afraid to go see.

    In Weavers’ Hut (third on right)

    “Old Coot” weaver at loom: Don’t you worry. The summoner will return, I know it.
     ¬Worrying over a few hours delay is nothing but a lack of faith!

    Merchant’s Hut

    Merchant: Welcome! [Buy items. | Leave.] Why isn’t the apprentice summoner back yet?

    Crusaders Lodge

    Sailor: I saw the apprentice summoner and two guardians enter the temple yesterday. Everything looked alright then. But now I’m starting to worry.
     ¬I do hope they come back safely.

    Portly Crusader: You looking for Wakka? The priest called him to the temple a while back.

    Crusader behind podium: I want to go to the temple, but there’s an operation to prepare for.
     ¬The Crusaders Lodge is open to guests. Take a rest? [ I’d like a nap. | Maybe later. ]

    Praying in the Temple…

    Pious woman: May the protection of Yevon be with our apprentice.

    Journeyman weaver: I got a bad feeling, ya?
    Girl with doggie (usually): I’m sure everything’s fine. (Doggie’s in merchant’s hut)
    Weaver: Well, the last summoner almost…
    Girl: Don’t say that again. Please.
    Weaver: Ah, my apologies.

    ¬Journeyman weaver: Without breaking the precepts,all we can do is pray, ya?

    ¬Girl with doggie: The apprentice hasn’t returned.

    • Huh? Apprentice?
    • The apprentice is the apprentice! The apprentice summoner, ya?
    • Hasn’t returned from where?
    • The Cloister of Trials! It’s been a day already.

    ¬Girl with doggie: Yevon be with us…

    Vilucha’s son: Dad, come on! Let’s go help!
    Dad: What are you saying? You would break the precepts, fool child?
    Little boy: Yeah, but…
    Daddy the fisherman: Pray with daddy for the summoner, okay?
    Little boy: Yeah!

    ¬Little boy: Let’s go help the summoner! I promise I’ll be a good boy!

    ¬Daddy: You should pray for the apprentice summoner’s safety, too.

    Ten-year-old boy: Wakka’s a guardian. He should go help.

    Refugee: The villagers have a lot on their minds. You should stay quiet for a while. Intoxication is no excuse for bothering people with questions.

    Handyman: He looks pretty weak. Maybe he just can’t take it.

    Gramps: Sorry I can’t do more to help. You understand, eh, sonny? The whole village’s all wound up, with the apprentice not back from the trials.
     ¬All this worrying’s no good for an old man like myself.

    Yuna’s friend: The apprentice entered the trials, and hasn’t come back…

    Old woman (comforting little girl): With Lord Braska looking over her, I’m sure she’ll be returning, ya?

    Priestess (Nuns’ Chamber): I don’t mean to be rude, but some privacy would be appreciated. I must pray for our apprentice summoner, you understand.
     ¬The people of the village could use your help. You should pray, too.

    Old priest (Monks’ Chamber): My heart is heavy when I think of the worst that could happen. Should the Trials remain unconquered, our apprentice has no future.
     ¬Great strength is only obtained through great suffering.

    Besaid Temple — Great Hall

    [Tidus approaches Wakka and Priest]
    Tidus: Is something wrong?
    Wakka: The summoner hasn’t returned from the trial.
    Tidus: Eh?
    Wakka: Well, apprentice summoner, really…
    Tidus: Ah?
    Wakka: There’s a room in there called the Cloister of Trials. Beyond is where the apprentice summoner prays. If the prayer is heard, the apprentice becomes a fully-fledged summoner, remember?
    Tidus: So someone is in there somewhere and they haven’t come back out. Right, I got it.
    Wakka: A day’s already gone by.
    Tidus: Is it particularly dangerous in there?
    Wakka: Sometimes, yes.
    Tidus: Why don’t you go in and help?
    Wakka: There’s already guardians in there. Besides, it’s forbidden.
    Tidus: (Runs halfway up stairs) Hey, but what if somethin’ happens? What if the summoner dies!?
    Priest: The precepts must be obeyed!
    Tidus: Like I care!
    (Worshippers gasp)
    [Tidus dashes up steps and enters…]

    Cloister of Trials

    Narration: Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea after all.
    [Tidus solves Cloister of Trials. Wakka shows up.]
    Wakka: Hey! What’s gotten into you?
    Wakka: Hey, it’s okay.
    Wakka: Only summoners, apprentice summoners, and their guardians can enter here. It’s a tradition. Very important.

    Tidus: So what about you?
    Wakka: Me? I’m a guardian.
    Tidus: A guardian?
    Wakka: (Spreads hands and shrugs)
    [Floor drops.]
    Tidus: Whoa…ack!
    Wakka: Summoners go on a pilgrimage to pray at every temple in Spira. Guardians protect them. The guardians in there now…One of them’s got a short fuse, and who knows what the other’s thinking.
    Wakka: Well, now that we’ve come this far…might as well go all the way!

    Waiting Room Outside Chamber of Fayth

    [Wakka slaps forehead. Lulu on steps, Kimahri standing.]
    Lulu: What are you doing here? Didn’t think we’d be able to handle it?
    Wakka: No, it’s uh…it’s just…
    Lulu: (Gets up and stalks over)
    Wakka: (Nudges Tidus) See, I told you she gets mad easily.
    Tidus: (Peers at Kimahri)
    Kimahri: (Looks over, looks away)
    Tidus: Is the summoner all right?
    Lulu: (Doubletake) Who are you?

    FMV: A Summoner Is Born

    [Yuna staggers from Chamber of the Fayth, falls, caught by Kimahri. She stands and says…]
    Yuna: I’ve done it. I have become a summoner!

    Besaid Temple, Great Hall

    [Tidus follows Yuna and guardians out of Cloister.]
    Narration: Man, was I surprised. And here I was thinking summoners were all old geezers.
    [Villagers escort Yuna and guardians outside]

    If Tidus approaches the priest…
    Priest: Putting your transgression aside for now, let us celebrate the birth of a summoner!
     ¬Quickly, to the village square! Share in our joy!

    Village Square

    Wakka: Hey, over here!
    [Wakka headlocks Tidus and drags him into edge of crowd]
    Tidus: What? Ow!
    Wakka: Wait till you see this!
    Tidus: I can’t see anything!
    Wakka: (Lets go, waves to Yuna) Ready!
    Yuna: Okay.
    [Yuna summons Valefor.]
    Narration: I had never seen anything like it in my life. Sure, it was a little scary, but still…I could feel a strange kind of gentleness coming from it.
    Narration: I remember… That night, we talked for the first time. I didn’t know it then, but after that night, everything changed. For everyone…For me…

    Nighttime in Besaid Village

    [Wakka, Tidus, and Aurochs near campfire.]
    Wakka: Let me introduce you to the team.
    Wakka: This guy here wants into the tournament so bad, I let him on the team. His memory’s a little fuzzy, so don’t mind him if he says anything odd! Come on, say hi. (Pushes him forward)

    Tidus: Uh… hi, guys.
    Aurochs: (muttered) Hi, there.
    Tidus: So, what’s our goal?
    Aurochs: (lunge and fistpump) To do our best!
    Wakka: Nope, we got a new goal now! Our new goal…is victory! To win every match, defeat every opposing team! To bring the Crystal Cup back to our island! That’s all we need to do to win! Easy, ya?
    Aurochs: (uncertainly) Victory… (cheering) Victory! Victory! Victory! Yay!

    If Tidus talks to Aurochs that night…
    Letty: There’s going to be six teams from all over Spira at the tournament.
     ¬It’s a rough setup. One loss and you’re through, ya?

    Datto: Hey, I was hoping you’d join the team all along, ya?

    Botta: Victory, huh?

    Jassu: Everyone’s acting like we already won! Not that I can blame them, ya?

    Keepa: Hit the other team hard and make it easy on the goalkeeper, ya?

    Wakka: We sure got the boys worked up, huh?

    [Tidus approaches Yuna]
    Gramps: You heathen!
    Old woman: Stay away from the summoner!
    Yuna’s friend: You’re a bad man!
    Yuna: (Stands)
    Old man: Lady Yuna! Be careful!
    Yuna: But it was really my fault to begin with.
    [Yuna stands and walks over to Tidus, to Gramps’ dismay]
    Yuna: I’m Yuna. Thank you so much for your help earlier.
    Tidus: Huh? Ah… I’m sorry about that.
    Tidus: Wasn’t that… Wasn’t I not supposed to… Guess I…kind of overreacted.

    Yuna: Oh, no. I was…overconfident.
    Tidus: Um, I saw that aeon thing. That’s amazing!
    Yuna: Really? Do you think I can become high summoner?
    Tidus: (Nods)
    Yuna: (Clasps hands over heart and beams)
    Little girl: Lady Yuna, come play with me some more!
    Yuna: (Stoops, nods and smiles)
    Yuna: (Turns back to Tidus) So, tomorrow, then.

    Tidus: Tomorrow?
    Yuna: We’re going on the same boat, aren’t we?
    Tidus: Oh, really?
    Yuna: We can talk more. You can tell me all about Zanarkand!
    Wakka: (Nudges T. after she’s gone) She’s cute, ya?

    • Tidus: Yeah!
    • Wakka: Don’t get no ideas.
      Tidus: No promises there, big guy.
    • She’s not my type.
    • Wakka: Then we’re cool.

    Tidus: Hey, but what if she, like, comes on to me?
    Wakka: That’s not going to happen.
     ¬If you get tired, let me know. I had a bed made for you.

    If Tidus talks to Aurochs again…

    Keepa: We head out on the same boat tomorrow!

    Jassu: You should get to sleep early, brudda. Get some rest.

    Botta: Hey, I’ll just try to stay out of your way.

    Letty: The toughest team out there is the Goers, and the stadium’s on their home turf!

    Datto: Now that you’re with us, we got nothing to fear!

    Wakka: Hm? Ready for bed?

    • Not quite yet.
    • Wakka: Don’t overdo it. We leave early tomorrow.
    • Yeah.
    • Wakka: Good. Sleep tight.

    [Tidus tosses and turns in Crusader’s lodge]

    Dream Sequence: I hate you…

    [Tidus finds Yuna on Besaid dock]
    Tidus: Where’s that boat?
    Yuna: Everyone will find us if it doesn’t come soon.
    Tidus: You really sure this is okay?
    Yuna: Would you take me to Zanarkand?
    Rikku: (Running up) Hey!
    Tidus: (Jogs briskly in place)
    Rikku: You said you’d go with me!
    Tidus: Oh, hey… I, uh…
    Rikku: I thought Wakka told you not to get any ideas?
    Yuna: He did?
    Tidus: Gyaaaah….
    Rikku: Yeah, so you’re coming with me!
    Jecht: (Interrupts offscreen) Hey! Stop dreaming! You, with a woman? You can’t even catch a ball!
    Tidus: (Now a child, holding his head and rocking)
    Jecht: Oh, what’s the matter? (Yuna and Rikku appear beside him) Gonna cry again? Cry, cry. That’s the only thing you’re good for!
    Tidus: (Whispers) I hate you.
    Jecht: Huh? What’d you say?
    Yuna: You have to speak loudly.
    Tidus: (Louder) I hate you!
    Jecht: Eh?
    Rikku: That’s the spirit!
    Yuna: You can do it!

    Back in Besaid…

    [Tidus wakes up yelling.]
    Tidus: I hate you!
    Lulu: (Offscreen) He’s dead, okay? Dead!
    [Tidus moves to tent-flap to eavesdrop on Lulu and Wakka outside]

    FMV: Lulu’s Contempt

    Lulu: He does look a lot like Chappu. I was surprised, too, the first time I saw him. But no matter what he looks like, he isn’t Chappu. You shouldn’t have brought him here in the first place!
    Wakka: Yeah, but…he needed our help!
    Lulu: Excuses again?
    Wakka: Yeah, but…
    Lulu: That’s it. No more. Enough, Wakka! (Storms off)

    [Wakka enters Lodge]
    Tidus: Sca-ary! So, who’s Chappu?
    Wakka: My little brother, Chappu. He looked like you.
    Tidus: He’s dead?
    Wakka: He was with the Crusaders when they fought Sin last year. He didn’t make it. I first heard on the day of the tournament.
    Tidus: Oh, so that’s why.
    Wakka: I became a guardian to fight Sin, ya?
    Tidus: Revenge, then?
    Wakka: That was the idea. But…I’m more worried about a stupid game now than avenging my brother. Well, after the next tournament, I’ll be a guardian full-time.
    Wakka: I know it kinda looks like I’m using you, but I’m not.
    Tidus: Don’t worry. I mean, I owe you a lot. You really helped me out, you know? What I mean is… thanks, Wakka. (stands and holds out hand)
    Wakka: (starts to shake hands then waves T. away) Heh. Stop, you’re embarrassing me!

    Next Morning in Besaid

    If Tidus talks to Crusader after waking up…
    Crusader behind podium: Wakka and the others are waiting outside!

    [Tidus exits lodge and approaches Lulu and Wakka in village square]
    Wakka: Hey! Sleepyhead! Something I want to give you. (hands him sword)
    Tidus: Whoa! You’re giving this…to me?
    Wakka: Yeah, use it well!
    Lulu: That’s the sword you gave Chappu.
    Wakka: Well, he never used it.
    Wakka: Where’s Yuna?
    Tidus: We’re taking the same boat as Yuna, right? Why do we gotta wait here?
    Wakka: Yuna came to this village ten years ago, when the last Calm started.
    Tidus: The Calm?
    Wakka: Since then, she’s been like a little sister to me and Lulu. But she had the talent…She became an apprentice. Now, today, she leaves as a summoner.
    Lulu: This is our journey…We should leave together.
    [Yuna comes out of temple dragging suitcase.]
    Lulu: (calls) You really don’t need all that luggage.
    Yuna: Ah… They’re not really my things. They’re gifts for the temples we’re to visit.
    Wakka: This isn’t a vacation, Yuna.
    Yuna: I guess…I guess you’re right. (Leaves suitcase)
    Wakka: Okay! Off we go!
    Yuna: (Hangs back to give Yevon bow to temple)
    [Yuna’s party exits the village]

    Backtracking before boarding the ferry…

    Besaid Village

    Old woman: What do you want, heathen?
     ¬I’ve nothing to say to a breaker of the precepts!

    Gramps: I’m sure you’d like to know more before you head out, eh? [Answers same questions]

    Priestess: I suppose we’ll have to call our apprentice Lady Yuna now.

    Daddy the fisherman: You know why the temple faces away from the sea? So it does not have to look upon the sea from which Sin comes.

    Sailor: If you muck around here, the ship will leave without you! And the next boat won’t be here for a while. Better hurry, ya?

    Refugee: Most of the villagers went down to say farewell at the dock. Our summoner’s leaving. Aw, I’ve never liked goodbyes.

    Pious woman: When I think about Lady Yuna’s journey, I wonder if praying is enough.
     ¬I’m sure she’ll be fine. Lulu’s with her and all.

    Vilucha’s Hut

    Vilucha: At last, Lady Yuna has become a true summoner like her father! She was so small when she first came to Besaid.
     ¬I’m sure Lady Yuna will become a high summoner. Everyone in Besaid thinks so.

    Priestess: And you, heathen. Know that the teachings are the only true guide!

    Daddy the fisherman: You might think about not having that toxin cured. I know there’s lots of things I’d like to forget. Lots.

    Weavers Hut

    Fabric merchant: That old coot dropped what he was doing to go see the summoner off. Now I gotta do all his work, too! It’s just not fair.
     ¬Sorry, no time to talk. Rover starts barking when I slack off. (dog is in here today)
    After talking to Rover’s owner in Merchant’s Hut…
    Doggie: He’s got something in his mouth.
    Obtained something mangled and slobbery!
    ~New Overdrive for Valefor

    Merchant’s Hut

    Girl with doggie (usually): I’m watching the store while my sis is off praying. [Buy items | Leave.] Come back soon! You know a funny thing happened. My dog dug something up yesterday. I wonder what it was.
     ¬Buy more! Support the local economy!

    Crusaders Lodge

    Crusader behind podium: Like to take a rest? Got to keep sharp, ya? [I’d like a nap. | Maybe later.]

    Sailor: I’m gonna kick back in town till the next ship gets here. There’s no time to rest out there. Never know when Sin will show up.

    Portly Crusader: I haven’t fully healed from Sin’s toxin so I’m on guard detail. Don’t get me wrong. I’d rather be with my buddies. But I’m a little relieved. This operation’s gonna be dangerous, you know?

    Besaid Temple — Great Hall

    Priest: Perhaps your transgression shall be pardoned on account of the toxin. But just this once. Follow the teachings, my son.
     ¬The Crusaders are planning an operation that defies the teachings of Yevon. It is a pity. The loss of Chappu should be lesson enough to follow the teachings.

    Priestess: The summoner embarks on a perilous pilgrimage to save the people. We must pray from the very bottom of our hearts for her success.
    Priestess in Nuns’ Chamber: Fear not! The toxin will heal.

    Daddy the fisherman: I’m heading out fishing, so I’m praying for a Sinless ocean.

    Refugee: Careful not to break any more precepts, or you’ll end up like the Crusaders!

    Pious woman: Please, guide Lady Yuna’s travels well.

    Older boy: I’m gonna pray for Lady Yuna every day!
     ¬When I was born, Lord Braska and two guardians came to our village.

    Shopkeeper: You’re going with Lady Yuna? Does that mean you’re a guardian?

    • No way.
    • Shopkeeper: You’re saving it for the tournament then! The Aurochs have got to win this year!
    • Maybe so.
    • If there’s anything you need to know about guardians, ask Lulu. Lulu knows everything. She’ll be a bigger help than Wakka for sure.

    ¬Shopkeeper: I hope your toxin wears off soon. I’ll sneak in a prayer for you when I pray for Lady Yuna.

    Portly Crusader: I’m praying for Sir Luzzu’s and the others’ safety. Yevon knows they’ll need it.
     ¬Of course, with the Crusaders excommunicated, I’m not supposed to be in the temple. But the priest let me in special. Guess he’s not all precepts after all.

    Sailor: I really, really hope we don’t run into Sin on this voyage.

    Path Outside Besaid Village

    [Battle with Dingo]
    Wakka: Here comes one now…Hey, why don’t ya try out that sword I gave you?
    Tidus: (Thwack) No problem!
    Wakka: Not too shabby! You kept up with him pretty well. Might make a good guardian someday.
    [Condor appears]
    Wakka: A flyer! My kind of customer! (Thwack)
    [Further on, battle with Flan]
    Wakka: That…looks like trouble.
    Tidus: Heh! Watch this! (Sword goes thud)
    Wakka: Told you. Only magic can beat that thing. If you can’t beat ’em down, you gotta use magic of an element they don’t like.
    Tidus: Magic? Element?
    Wakka: Let’s have our black mage show you what I mean. Lu! You’re up!
    Lulu: Clueless, aren’t you? Good thing I’m here.
    Lulu: Spells of ice work well against fire fiends… And ice fiends are weak against fire magic. You follow?

    Tidus: I get fire and ice, but what about lightning and water?
    Lulu: Lightning and water are opposed, just like fire and ice. This one here is a water fiend, which means…
    Depending on which spell you pick…

    • Water
    • Wakka: Whoa! Hey! What are you healing that thing for?
      Lulu: This is the sort of thing that can happen if you pick the wrong element.
    • Fire or Blizzard
    • Lulu: Uh, that was a bad example. This one’s a water fiend, so fire and ice aren’t very effective.
      Wakka: Enough with the lesson, Lu. Let’s get this over with, ya?
    • Lightning
    • [Lulu zorches Flan into pretty lights]


    [Yuna joins Lulu at village overlook]
    Lulu: Take your time.
    Tidus: Let’s get going, man!
    Wakka: (Folds arms) We’re gonna wait.
    Tidus: Huh?
    [Yuna walks over to Wakka.]
    Wakka: Are you ready?
    Yuna: Mm. (nods, leaves)
    [Lulu follows, pauses and exchanges nods with Wakka, then they leave]
    Tidus: What’s going on?

    If Tidus tries the path back to the river on the way to the ferry…
    Tidus: This isn’t the way to the pier.

    [Wakka, Lulu and Yuna kneeling before statue, praying]

    Wakka: It’s an ancient custom. People leaving the island pray here for a safe trip.
    Wakka: Chappu didn’t pray that day. Said he’d miss his boat.

    [Two options, no obvious result either way: [Pray. | Just watch.]

    Wakka: That should do it! (Gets up)

    [If you check statue afterwards, Tidus does Yevon bow.]

    Ruins Near Village

    If Tidus examines blue plaque on ruins…
    Something is written here.
    Kilika and Bikanel
    join as one.

    Path to Beach

    Just past blue plaque…

    FMV: Kimahri’s Challenge

    [Kimahri bounces down ruins and roars.]

    [Tidus and Kimahri fight]
    Wakka: That’s enough!
    Kimahri: (Shakes head and walks away)
    Tidus: What’s with that guy?
    Lulu: Kimahri Ronso, of the Ronso tribe. He’s learned the fiends’ way of fighting.
    Tidus: That’s not what I meant!
    Wakka: He’s another of Yuna’s guardians.
    Tidus: Huh?
    Yuna: (Laughter) Sometimes we don’t understand him either. Kimahri doesn’t talk much anyway. But he has protected me since I was a child!
    Tidus: Ah.
    [Continuing along path, Garuda attacks]
    Tidus: A flyer…that’s your department, right?
    Wakka: True, true. But, uh…Why don’t we let our summoner show us what she’s made of!
    [Yuna swaps with Tidus]
    Wakka: Your first real battle! Let’s see some style!
    Lulu: Show us what your training has taught you, Yuna!
    Yuna: Okay! (Summons Valefor to whump it)
    [Another Garuda attack]
    Wakka: Another one of those? No problem. Leave this one to me, ya? Say goodnight, birdie!

    Besaid Beach and Dock

    [Yuna’s party heads for boat, islanders gather to see her off]

    If Tidus talks to villagers around dock…
    Woman weaver: I knew this time would come someday. I knew.
     ¬Please watch over Lady Yuna. Here, have this. You may find use for it. ~Phoenix Down

    Handyman: Oh! There are so many things I want to tell her. But seeing her there, smiling… I just can’t say them.
    Hey, you! The sea’s crawling with fiends, so give this to Yuna, okay? ~Ether

    Kindly old priest: May Yevon’s blessings be with our summoner on her pilgrimage. Here, a gift from the temple to sanctify her departure. ~Seeker’s Ring
     ¬The journey will be long. Believe the teachings, and you will not go astray.

    “Old Coot” weaver who (almost) never leaves loom: I won’t cry…I won’t, ya?

    Journeyman weaver: They’re really leaving. Here, a farewell gift from all the village. ~Gil
     ¬I understand why some people didn’t come down here. It’s hard to say goodbye.

    Vilucha’s son: Lady Yuna! Don’t forget me, okay?
     ¬I’ll be good while you’re gone! I promise, ya? Here, take this. Daddy says it’s an offering. ~Remedy

    Yuna’s friend: We’ll miss Lady Yuna! Come back soon, ya?
     ¬Where are you going on that big boat?

    Ferry to Kilika

    [Boat pulls away from dock, Yuna gives Yevon bow in farewell.]
    Yuna: Goodbye.