Pmog’s FFX Ultimania Translations

In 2005, GameFAQs user pmog translated excerpts of the Japan-only Final Fantasy X Omega Ultimania Guide (OUG) and Scenario Ultimania Guide (SUG) into English. Since many FFX fans refer to these translations, which were lost when GameFAQ reorganized its forums, I’m archiving them here. pmog, I apologize for reposting your work, but I don’t know how to reach you. Know that countless die-hard FFX fans THANK YOU for this valuable resource!

Everyone: Keep in mind that the Ultimania Guides are not canon. They were cash cows farmed out to a third party, Studio Bentstuff, and published by DigiCube, not Square. Obviously, the Ultimania team must’ve worked with FFX game developers to produce them, and their attention to detail is excellent. So I take them as well-informed midrash or apocrypha, while the game script is canon.

Except for editor’s notes, all text on the following pages was copied straight from pmog’s posts into a text file which I saved years ago in case that thread ever disappeared. Links to individual posts within that GameFAQ thread are broken, but I’ve left them in as a record of their original source.


Sadly, pmog burned out before translating Rikku’s story and Yuna’s story. But we can all salute this hard work which has been helpful to so many of us.