Chapter III: Kilika & Ferries

Aboard S.S. Liki

[Tidus comes up on deck, steals binoculars from a sailor, ogles women, eventually stops horsing around. There’s lots more people to harass before advancing the plot…]


[Man with pack approaches Tidus when he enters hold.]
O’aka: Oooh, them’s fascinatin’ clothes you’re wearing! (Walks over and inspects) Yewh! Filthy, filthy! These won’t sell or me name’s not O’aka! Don’t look like you got much money either. I’ve no business with ye. Outta me way!
Tidus: Who do you think you are?
O’aka: O’aka XXIII, merchant extraordinaire!
Tidus: O’aka the who?
O’aka: Don’t know me? Well, not many do, not yet.
¬O’aka: But someday, the name O’aka will be spoken all over Spira!
¬Say, lad, you wouldn’t have a bit o’ Gil to lend?

  • Yes. [Give him some Gil.]
  • O’aka: You’re really gonna give me X Gil?
    • Yes.
    • O’aka: I guess it pays to ask! Thank ye kindly, lad! Fine seed money for the O’aka merchant empire!
      ¬Much obliged, lad! I’ll be sure to pay ye back!
    • No. (Or cancel, or give him 0 Gil)
    • O’aka: (Disgusted noise) Should’ve expected as much.
  • No.
  • O’aka: Eh, it figures.

¬O’aka: Have you got some to lend?

[Luzzu and Gatta guard aft door]

Luzzu: I’m not at liberty to talk about our plan.
¬If people think you’re with us, you’ll be excommunicated, too! Some things you’re better off not knowing. Take it from me.

Gatta: Restricted area! Our operation depends on this cargo!
¬Why don’t you go topside? The fresh sea breeze might help restore your memory!

Passenger Cabin

Botta: Ugh…I-I’ve gotten seasick…I think I’m gonna hurl.

Keepa: He seems real sick, ya? I’m hiding over here, ’cause I’m gonna get sick too if I keep watching him.
¬If you see one guy throw up, you sorta get sick too, you know?

(Kick the suitcase for potions if you have less than 20 in your inventory.)

Power Room

[Chocobos running in wheels connected to engine]
Tidus: Wh-What the heck is that!?
Engineer: (amused) Wh-What the heck is what?
Tidus: What is this place?
Engineer: The power room, like it says on the door!
Tidus: Yeah, but why the big birds?
Engineer: What’s so strange about chocobo power?
Tidus: Chocobos? Those are chocobos?
Engineer: What? You’ve never seen a chocobo? What kind of backwater island did you come from, anyway?
Tidus: Ummm…
Narration: Miracles and oddities were starting to become daily routine on this trip.

¬Engineer: La, lalalalala…
¬Chocobo: Kweh!


Sailor: Huh? You want to use the binoculars?

  • Yes.
  • No way. Remember what you did last time?
  • Not really.
  • I see.

Captain: We’ll arrive in Kilika before nightfall. Go on, take a nap or something.
¬The S.S. Liki is funded by Yevon.

Helmsman: Oh, what a great day! The breeze must feel wonderful.

¬Wanna man the helm? Yeah, right. Just kidding.

Kimahri: (Folds arms across chest. Bugging him multiple times results in brief tiff between him and Tidus.)

Lulu: I don’t know who you are, or where you came from.
¬If you interfere with Yuna’s pilgrimage, we won’t take it lightly.

If Tidus approaches Wakka before mingling with crowd around Yuna…
Wakka: Come to think of it, I haven’t told you where we’re going! First to Kilika Island, then we change boats and head for Luca. ‘Fore that, though, Yuna’s gotta pray at the temple. I’ll be guarding. We’ll be praying for the Aurochs’ victory, too, so you come along, ya?
Lulu: (Exasperated sigh) Great plan.
Wakka: Hey, it is a great plan!
Tidus: Don’t look at me!

If Tidus approaches crowd around Yuna…
2nd harpooner: Word is that summoner’s got noble blood!
1st harpooner: I heard she’s Lord Braska’s daughter!
Harpooner #2: Ya don’t say?

Tidus: Lord Braska’s…daughter?
Harpooner #1: Hrrumph.
If Tidus sticks around to eavesdrop…
Datto: Someday we’ll earn some respect, just like Yuna.
-If anyone can defeat Sin the daughter of Lord Braska can!
-Please take good care of yourself. Just remember that your well-being means a lot to us.
-A summoner’s confident smile is always a great encouragement to us.
-For both father and daughter to become summoners–it must have been Yevon’s will.
Letty: Man, I wish we were half as popular as Yuna.
Jassu: Hey, don’t let it get to you. It’s the same as always, ya?

Tidus: (to Wakka) So, is Yuna’s father famous or something?
Wakka: She’s the daughter of High Summoner Braska! You saw his statue at the temple. Lord Braska defeated Sin ten years ago. Yuna’s the heir to a great legacy!
Tidus: It’s tough when your father’s famous.
Wakka: Eh?
Lulu: Wakka’s…a bit lacking in the imagination department.
Wakka: Huh?
Tidus: (Laughter) Thanks, Lulu. I’ll keep that in mind.

Wakka: Oh yeah, you talk to Yuna yet? She had some questions for you.

If Tidus talks to passengers after crowd scatters…
2nd Harpooner: Lord Braska’s daughter? She just might have a chance!
1st harpooner: We’ll get her to Kilika, we will!
Tidus: She does have a name, you know… Yuna.
Harpooner #2: Hm? Lady Yuna?
Harpooner #1: Well then, we pray for Lady Yuna’s safe passage!
Both: (Yevon bow)

Disgruntled passenger on top deck: Hey, can you believe this?!

  • No, bye.
  • You could at least pretend to listen!
  • What?
  • I just saw this merchant guy inside the ship, and guess what he said to me? He walked up to me and said, “You’re no good!” Just like that! Isn’t that awful? I’ve still got style! I’ll show him! Don’t you think so too?
    • Yeah.
    • That’s right. I knew I was right. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about!
    • Well…
    • You men are all alike! Get away from me!

¬It makes me so mad. I’m not going inside anymore!

Jassu: I’m so tired of practicing passes. I wanna do some shooting, too!on top deck: Hey, can you believe this?!

Datto: Victory will be ours! Victory! Victory! We’re taking home that cup, no matter what it takes, ya?
¬(trying to bounce ball on head) Yaah! Haah! Arrrgh!

Letty: Should I practice kick passes too?

  • Yeah.
  • Letty: Okay, I’ll pretend I’m kicking with my hands!
  • No, you’re fine.
  • Letty: Right on!

¬Letty: I’m gonna sharpen my hand skills!

In the wheelhouse…
Captain: Ocean weather can be fickle, but I doubt we’ll see any storms today. Of course, there is one thing worse than any storm, and its coming cannot be foretold…
¬The cargo that the Crusaders loaded on board worries me. It better not be anything sacrilegious.
Helmsman: So, you’re with Lady Yuna? That means you’re a guardian. Hmm… I guess I shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.
¬Maybe I’ll go have chat [sic] with Lady Yuna, too.

[Tidus joins Yuna with feigned nonchalance. Both move to railing. Awkward silence.]
Yuna: The wind…it’s nice.
Tidus: Mm.
[Finally both start laughing. Flash forward; evidently they talked a bit.]
Yuna: You’re a blitzball player, aren’t you? From Zanarkand, right?
Tidus: Uh… You hear that from Wakka?
Yuna: Mm-hm.
Tidus: Ah…Wakka. Wakka doesn’t believe me at all.
Yuna: But I believe you!
Tidus: Huh?
Yuna: I’ve heard, in Zanarkand… there is a great stadium, all lit up even at night!
Tidus: (Surprised noise)
Yuna: Great blitzball tournaments are held there, and the stands are always full!
Tidus: How do you know that?
Yuna: A man named Jecht told me. He was my father’s guardian.
Tidus: (Mutters and turns away.) J… Jecht.
Tidus: My father…his name is Jecht!
Yuna: Amazing! (Yevon bow)
Yuna: You know, our meeting like this must be the blessing of Yevon!
Tidus: (Dubious) Sounds like him, but it can’t be him.
Yuna: Why not?
Tidus: My old man, he died. Ten years ago, off the coast of Zanarkand.
Yuna: I’m sorry.
Tidus: He went out to sea for training one day…and never came back. And no one’s seen him since then.
Yuna: Why, that’s the day that Jecht came to Spira.
Tidus: But–
Yuna: It’s true! I first met Jecht ten years and three months ago! I remember, that was the day my father left. The date fits, doesn’t it?
Tidus: Ehh…ha, ha… Yeah, but how would he get here?
Yuna: You’re here, are you not? (smiles, then nods eagerly as he smiles back)
[Sudden rumble, Yuna thrown to deck. Tidus can’t hold her but Kimahri catches her.]

FMV: Fear on the Sea, Sin Arises, Sin’s Threat

[Several short FMVs showing Sin’s assault on the ship.

Harpooner 1: Sin! (Staggers towards harpoon, takes aim)
Wakka: What do you think you’re doing? Stick a harpoon in it and we’ll all get dragged under!
Harpooner 2: Sin is going for Kilika! We gotta distract it!
Harpooner 1: Our families are on Kilika! Forgive us, Lady Summoner!

Yuna: (nods)
[The sailors fire harpoons towards Sin…]
Wakka: Wait! Oh, boy…

FMV: Futile Resistance

[Harpoons snag Sin; ship is dragged.]

[Boss Battle with Sinscales and Fin]
Battle dialog, depending on who’s in party…
Tidus: How many of these things are there!?
Wakka: This place is crawling!
Yuna: When’s this going to end?
Lulu: The fin! That’s where they’re coming from.
Wakka: The fin! Attack the fin!
Tidus: What? We hit the fin first?
[Finish off fin]

FMV: Failure

[Harpoon line snaps, Sin escapes.]

[Tidus swept overboard. Rescued by Wakka.]

FMV: Kilika Dusk

[Fishing village shredded by Sin.]

Back on the S.S. Liki…

[Yuna kneels over Tidus who lies on deck. Sky is sunset colors now.]
Narration: When Sin attacked Zanarkand that day, I woke up in Spira. I kept hoping it would work in reverse, too.
Yuna: I will defeat Sin… I must defeat Sin.
Narration: I was just fooling myself. Maybe it was that day… on the sea, under the burning sun, I started to give up hope. I was in a foreign world. I wasn’t going home. This was my new reality, and I was stuck in it for good.

Kilika Island

Docks of Kilika

[Yuna rushes out of ship. Middle-aged couple meet her on the dock.]
Yuna: Greetings! I am the summoner Yuna. I have come from the temple in Besaid.
Innkeeper: M’lady Summoner!
Yuna: If there is no other summoner here, please allow me to perform the sending.
Middle-aged man: Thanks be to ye!
Woman: Our loved ones… We feared they would become fiends!

Yuna: Please, take me to them.
[The couple leads Yuna, Lulu and Kimahri away. Tidus and Wakka disembark.]
Wakka: We’ll go see what we can do to help in town. (Leads Aurochs away)

Wandering village before Sending ceremony…
Handyman blocks gangway, hammering: We won’t be able to return to Besaid unless it’s fixed.

Isken’s friend(?) minding store: Hey, you’re alive! Wait! What do you want? We’re not open!

A not-so-handyman: The pub’s closed. I don’t think I can get through this without a drink.

Letty: (Working on righthand path) Tidus, watch your step! It’s not safe this way.

Quay of Kilika

[Tidus finds crowd on lefthand path, approaches Lulu.]
Tidus: Uh, what’s a “sending”? Are we going somewhere?
Lulu: (huff!) You truly are clueless. Are you sure it’s just your memory that’s the problem?
Lulu: The dead need guidance. Filled with grief over their own death, they refuse to face their fate. They yearn to live on, and resent those still alive. You see, they envy the living. And in time, that envy turns to anger, even hate. Should these souls remain in Spira, they become fiends that prey on the living. Sad, isn’t it?
Lulu: The sending takes them to the Farplane, where they may rest in peace.

Tidus: Summoners do this?
Lulu: Mm. (Nods)

FMV: The Dance

[Yuna sends the souls of the dead.]

[Yuna returns to dock; villagers surround her.]
Tidus: It must be tough, being a summoner.
Lulu: Yuna chose her own path. She knew from the beginning what it meant. All we can do is protect her along the way. Until the end.
Tidus: Until the…end?
Lulu: (Silence)
Tidus: What’s the end?
Yuna: (Looks up to Lulu)
Lulu: (Nods slightly to Yuna, then throws hands in the air with a huff and leaves Tidus) Until she defeats Sin.
Tidus: Oh.
Lulu: (Embraces Yuna)
Yuna: I hope…I hope I did okay.
Lulu: You did very well! They’ve reached the Farplane by now. But… (Strokes hair) no tears next time, hm?
Narration: I wished there would never be a next time. No more people being killed by Sin. No more sendings for Yuna. Everyone stood there watching her. It was strange, and somehow…horrifying. I never wanted to see it again.
[Fade to black. Tidus wakes up next morning in inn.]

Kilika — Inn

Blitzball Kid: I’m gonna be a blitzball when I grow up!

Old man: This is my home, and no matter how bad it gets, I ain’t movin’.

Innkeeper: Did you rest well? The others left some time ago.

[Tidus comes outside]
Datto: runs by: Hey! You awake? Cap’n Wakka’s waitin’ for you!

Around the Village

Shirtless man lying outside inn: Everything is in shambles. I don’t know where to start.

Second old man on dock near inn: Our loved ones made it to the Farplane with Lady Yuna’s help. We are truly grateful for Yevon’s blessing.
¬I’m sure my grandchildren made it to the Farplane in peace.

Grieving woman looking out to sea (possibly the one in the FMV): I wanted to believe it was just a bad dream. That this was all a dream and when I opened my eyes, everything would be back to normal. But, when morning came, nothing had changed.

Another handyman hammering by Isken’s hut: Yeah, I’m repairing this now, but it’ll all be destroyed when Sin comes again. He destroys it, I fix it. I fix it and he destroys it. It’s a neverending cycle, I tell you.
¬It’s not just Kilika. All of Spira has been ravaged by Sin.

If Tidus approaches small ruined hut opposite Isken’s:
Tidus: Huh?
Little girl: (Weeping)
Tidus: Whoa! (Leaps, yanks her to safety as hut collapses)
Little girl: (Gives Yevon bow and runs off)

Keepa with saw barring path to mainland: Hey! Wakka’s waitin’ for you!

Isken’s Hut (by path to mainland)

Isken’s friend (or sister?): Please excuse him. He’s been affected by the toxin. So if he says anything offensive, don’t take it too seriously.

Isken (Kilika Beasts): What are you lookin’ at? I ain’t on display here! Go away, man.

Kulukan’s Pub

Not-so-handy man slumped in front of bar: I don’t care if there isn’t any food, I just want to stay here. I’m scared to even look out at the sea. I can feel it out there, can’t you?

Before Tidus rescues child
Kulukan (Kilika Beasts): I opened the store, but we can’t serve anything because we don’t have anything.
¬All the food and drinks are at the bottom of the ocean. Sin took them all.

After Tidus rescues child
Kulukan: You’re the one who saved my sister, right? That treasure box contains a token of my appreciation. Please accept my thanks.

Girl hopping behind treasure chest: Thanks for saving me. Our house fell down… but my big sister’s here, so I’m real happy!
¬Hey, are you a blitzer? Good luck! I’m rooting for you!

Main Dock (Ferry Mooring)

Larbeight (blitzer hammering on dock): Everyone was so pumped up for the tournament, but now because of Sin, well…We players don’t even feel up to practicing anymore.
¬We may be short on practice, but we’ll prove we ‘ve got what it takes. We’ll cheer up the whole island by bringing home the victory cup this year!

Vuroja (Team captain, swimming laps): If the Kilika Beasts win, it’ll give the whole island something to celebrate. Thinking about that makes me want to practice harder.

Man (Tatts) sitting on crates: I don’t know if it’s the toxin, but I can’t remember a thing. Like my name, my house… I thought someone might notice me and help me out if I sat here. But no one’s paying any attention. I guess everyone has their own problems to worry about.
¬Hey, I may not even be from around here. Maybe I come from someplace far away…Who knows?

Old woman in open hut: Hey, you! Hands off the merchandise! Oh, you’re a customer, are you? (Shop)

[Tidus finds Wakka supervising repairs]
Wakka: Ah, there you are!
Wakka: Besaid Aurochs! Huddle!

Aurochs: (Climb down to join him)
Wakka: On to the temple, where we pray for victory!
Aurochs: (cheer and run off)
Wakka: High Summoner Ohalland used to live in the Kilika temple here. Yep, Lord Ohalland was once a great blitzer, you know?
Tidus: Wakka…
Wakka: Hm?
Tidus: Praying for victory’s all good…but is this right?
Wakka: Something wrong with enjoying blitzball?
Tidus: Is this really the time?
Wakka: This is the only time! The players fight with all their strength; the fans cheer for their favorite team. They forget pain, suffering… Only the game matters! That’s why blitz has been around for so long. Least that’s what I think.
Tidus: Whatever you say.
Wakka: Let’s play…and win! Right?
Tidus: (Fistpump) Right!
Wakka: (Turns and points) Temple’s beyond the jungle there. Let’s go!

Kilika Jungle

[Tidus and Wakka find the others waiting. Wakka heads to Lulu.]
Wakka: What’s up?
Lulu: (To Tidus) Yuna’s saying she wants you with us.
Tidus: Huh?
Yuna: (Smiling) I want to ask you to be my guardian.
Wakka: Yuna! What? This is no times for jokes, ya?
Wakka: He may be a blitzball whiz kid, but up against fiends, he’s a newbie.

Yuna: (Stops smiling) Not a guardian, then…I just want him nearby.
Wakka: Wha?! (screws up face)
Tidus: What? What do you mean?
Yuna: It’s just that, well…
Lulu: We’re all going to the temple anyway. Can’t this wait till later?
Yuna: (Smiles and nods, turns back to T.) I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have…
Tidus: There’s nothing to be sorry about. I’m just not really sure what’s going on.
Yuna: My apologies. (Bows)
Tidus: …
[Battle with nasty plant]
Lulu: Kimahri, why don’t you use “Lancet” on it?
Tidus: What’s a “Lancet”?
Lulu: Normally, it’s a skill that weakens enemies and heals the user. But when a Ronso uses it, that Ronso can sometimes learn fiends’ abilities.
Tidus: Hey, sounds cool!

Jungle Paths

Officer in need of pants, W of Ochu: We Crusaders are training for the upcoming operation. Call on us if you see any sinspawn.
¬Are you heading for Kilika Temple? Then just follow this trail. There arre poisonous fiends in the forest. Be on your guard! ~Remedy
¬I’d steer clear of Ochu, Lord of the Wood. It’s a powerful fiend even we Crusaders avoid.
(If you beat the artichoke in a tutu)
¬I can’t believe you defeated Ochu! Say, how would you like to join the Crusaders? Here’s a little something for your victory.~Nullblaze Shield

Another Captain Nopants north of Ochu: Good day, guardians! Many fiends have been sighted in areas attacked by Sin. Please be careful on your journey. ~Hi-potion
¬Every Crusader must pray for the fiends’ souls. We all want the dead to find peace on the Farplane, right?
¬Fiends are everywhere. Never let your guard down.

Pair of Crusaders talking to Captain Nopants: Yes, Sir! On our way, Sir! (Run off)
Blue plaque by path:
t e p s w r s

If Tidus approaches Ochu…
Gatta: Company, halt!
Luzzu: The fiend before us is Ochu, Lord of the Wood! We’ve had trouble with this one before. Remember, discretion is the better part of valor.

[If Tidus goes past them, Luzzu and Gatta flee leaving party to face monster]
Talking to Luzza and Gatta again…
Luzzu: The Ochu is no garden-variety fiend. We could throw a hundred Crusaders at it and still lose.
¬Ochu poison is a surefire way to get to the Farplane, and fast. ~Antidote
Gatta: Standing guard, sir! (Salutes)

If you “Flee” midway through the battle…
Gatta: Told you it’d be rough going in there.
Luzzu: Only the Lord of the Wood could fall asleep after a battle like that. Let it go. Save your strength for the next battle.

After Ochu boss fight…
Gatta: Whoa.
Luzzu: A summoner and her guardians. Very impressive!
Gatta: Sir, we should fight, too!
Luzzu: We’ll get our chance soon enough.
Gatta: (Salutes and jogs off with Luzzu, singing) Young Crusaders, gather round! We’ll beat Sin into the ground!

If Tidus talks to them in woods after that…
Luzzu: Do your best, kid. Wakka’s counting on you. ~Elixir
Gatta: Hey, after the tournament, you should join the Crusaders!

Steps of Kilika Temple

Wakka: O-ho! These stone steps have a history, you know? Yep, Lord Ohalland trained here at his peak.
Letty, Datto: (chuckling)
Tidus: A race, huh?
Wakka: Mm.
Aurochs: Mm.
Tidus: Think you can beat me?
[The guys line up]
Aurochs: (Louder chuckling)
Wakka: Yuna, if you would.
Yuna: (Raises arm) Ready? (Drops arm, runs ahead giggling)
Wakka: Hey! Hey!
Tidus: Ah! Huh? Hey!

After Yuna cheats in the “race”…
Kimahri: (shakes head)
Lulu: Kids…

[Tidus runs up the steps…]
Aurochs: (Fleeing back down)
Datto: L-Look out!
Wakka: Everyone, quick! Sinspawn!

Possible dialog during battle with boss: Geneaux…
Tidus: It’s hard as rock! My sword’s no good!
Wakka: My ball can’t hurt it either! How ’bout magic!?
Lulu: Its tentacles absorb any spell cast at its body!

[They kill the overgrown escargot]
Tidus: (Sags, gasping for breath) Yeesh!
Wakka: Sorry about that! Hoped to break you in a little slower.
Tidus: Being a guardian’s tiring!
Wakka: You handled yourself pretty well. You got talent.
Tidus: Nah.
Tidus: So, what are these “sinspawn” anyway?
Lulu: Fiends. They fall from Sin’s body, and are left behind in its wake.
Wakka: Leave ’em alone, and Sin comes back for ’em. You gotta be quick!
Narration: That moment when Wakka told me I had talent in battle… I think that was when I started seriously considering becoming a guardian.
[Party resumes climbing stairs]
Wakka: So, uh…they got fiends in Zanarkand, too?
Tidus: Just a few. It’s a big deal when one shows up, though.
Tidus: Hey! Since when have you believed me about Zanarkand, anyway?
Wakka: I been thinking. Maybe people Sin gets to don’t die. Maybe Sin carries ’em through time. Like a thousand years through time. And then one day, maybe they just pop back, see?
Lulu: (Shakes head) Amazing. Simply amazing.
Wakka: Hm?
Lulu: You make up one theory after another, refusing to face the simple truth. Sin didn’t take Chappu anywhere. Sin crushed him and left him on the Djose shore! Your brother won’t just pop back.
Lulu: Oh, and one more thing. No matter how much you want it, no one can take Chappu’s place. No one can replace Sir Jecht, for that matter. And there’s no replacement for Lord Braksa, either. It’s pointless to think about it, and sad. (Storms off; Yuna follows)

Wakka: (Sits) I…I could never be what Chappu was. (Slams down fist)
Wakka: Well, stuff happens. Best not to worry.
Narration: Wakka, Lulu, and Wakka’s brother Chappu. Something had happened between them a long time ago, I was sure of it. Well, whatever it was, it was none of my business, that’s for sure. Best not to go there.

Kilika Temple Forecourt

Datto: You sure are talented, man. Playing blitzball and fighting like that!
¬I came here last year to fight for victory, but we lost in the first round. I guess I didn’t pray hard enough, ya?

Letty: So this is the place remembered in honor of High Summoner Ohalland… Makes you kind of nervous, ya?
¬All these flames around the temple… They’ve always burned strong, ever since High Summoner Ohalland’s time.

Man who greeted us at the ferry: I’m going to pray real hard so that Sin doesn’t come back here.

Old man: Climbing those stone steps every day has kept me in shape. Haven’t caught a cold in years.

Tourist: I heard famous people come here. Where could they be?

Handyman: I hear the Crusaders are going to fight Sin without the aid of a summoner. Heh, they’ve got another thing coming. Haven’t they ever heard of divine retribution?

Woman leaving: I’ve had enough of Kilika. Too many tearful memories here. We came to visit the temple one last time before we leave for good.
Young man leaving: We’ve decided to leave Kilika, and look for a place without Sin. Who knows if we’ll ever find it.

[As Tidus approaches main door, three blitzball players exit]
Wakka: You here to pray for victory, too?
Bickson: Us? Pray? Who needs to pray? The Luca Goers always win!
Wakka: Oh, yeah? Then why are you here?
Graav: We’ve been praying for some competition this year!
Bickson: So what’s your goal this time? You gonna “do your best” again? Ha! It’s too bad your best isn’t good enough! Why even bother showing up?
Tidus: This time, we play to win!
Aurochs: (lunge and fistpump)
Bickson: Oooh! Play away! Just remember even kids can play, boys.
[Goers saunter off]
Wakka: See you in the finals!
[After Kimahri, Wakka and Lulu enter temple…]
Tidus: We’ll beat them. We have to!
Yuna: You know that team?
Tidus: Putting people down…They’re as bad as my old man!
Yuna: But, Sir Jecht was a kind and gentle man!
Tidus: Well, not my Jecht.
Yuna: (sighs)
Narration: Even ten years after he left… just thinking about my old man got me angry. But maybe that was just my way of keeping him… Nah.

After Goers leave…
Datto: My poor knees were shakin’ when the Goers confronted me.

Letty: That was Bickson. He’s a jerk, but a first-rate blitzer.

Man who met us at the ferry: The Goers and the Aurochs are going down! I guarantee you, the Beasts are gonna take home the cup this year!

Handyman: Seeing blitzball players here is a sure sign that the tournament is approaching.

Old man: I used to be a blitzer back in my day. Always vying with the other teams.

Tourist: Wait a minute. Could they have been the celebrities?

Woman leaving Kilika: I just saw a summoner and her gurardian enter the Cloister of Trials.

Man leaving Kilika: The Goers look like a pretty good team, but they’re so stuck up, aren’t they?

Kilika Temple Great Hall

Nizarut (raising arms): Yeah! Once we win the tournament, this will be my victory pose!

Deim: I envy your happy-go-lucky atttitude.

[Wakka kneels before statue of Lord Ohalland]
Lulu: I think Wakka needs to do a little more praying.

Yuna: Please, let Wakka’s prayers be heard.

Kimahri: (shakes head)
If Tidus tries to enter Cloister…
Kimahri: (Shakes head and beckons him back)

Nuns’ Quarters (Right side)

Little nun: Guess what? I really like studying the scriptures! The monks give us lots of sweets if we study hard!

Second li’l nun: I’m supposed to study real hard and become a nun. But I just wanna run around and play at the beach.

Monks’ Quarters Left side)

Priest (Mep): Kilika Temple is the temple of fire. Even the Cloister of Trials is engulfed in flames. Those who disobey the precepts and enter unsanctioned may forfeit their lives.

Priest with spiffy hat: May the Kilika Beasts win this year’s tournament… and serve as a sign of encouragement and hope for the people of Kilika.

Kilika Temple Great Hall

Wakka: Lord Ohalland, guide our feet.

  • Pray.
  • Tidus: (Kneels and prays)
  • Stand and watch.
  • Tidus: (Crosses arms)

[Dona and Barthello emerge from Cloister]
Dona: A summoner, are you?
Yuna: My name is Yuna– from the Isle of Besaid.
Dona: Dona.
Dona: So, you’re High Summoner Braska’s daughter. That’s quite a name to live up to.
Dona: My, my, my…And all these people are your guardians? My, what a rabble! As I recall, Lord Braska had only two guardians. Quality over quantity, my dear. Whatever were you thinking? I have need of only one guardian. Right, Barthello?
Barthello: (nods)

Kimahri: (Faces off with Barthello)
Yuna: I only have as many guardians as there are people I can trust. I trust them all with my life! To have so many guardians is a joy, and an honor! Even more so than being my father’s daughter. Of course, I would never think of questioning your ways, either. So, Lady Dona, I ask of you: please leave us in peace.
Dona: You do what you want. Barthello, we’re leaving.
Yuna: (sags)
Narration: A guardian is someone a summoner can rely on. Someone she can trust with her life. I wondered, did Yuna feel that way about me?
Yuna: (Clasps hands shyly and smiles at T.)
Narration: What’s she smiling about?

Blizters’ comments after Dona leaves…
Nizarut: Yeah! Teamwork and trust are key elements for both guardians and blitzers!

Deim: Are you a blitzer? Or a guardian? Don’t tell me you’re both!

Cloister of Trials

Wakka: The fayth is below. Let’s do it!
Tidus: The “fayth”?
Lulu: But first, the Cloister of Trials. Kimahri? Wakka? Ready?
[They nod]
Yuna: Strength, everyone! (Yevon bow)
[All step onto elevator. Kimahri shoves Tidus off.]
Tidus: Wha? Hey, what gives?
Lulu: You’re not a guardian yet.
Yuna: Um… We’ll be back as soon as we can, okay?
[Platform descends and returns.]
Tidus: Oh, sure! Soon like “tomorrow” soon, I bet!
[Enter Dona and Barthello.]
Dona: Where’s Yuna?
Tidus: (Waves towards lift)
Dona: Then why are you here?
Tidus: Hey, I’m not a guardian, so I’m not supposed to go in, right?
Dona: Hmmm. Not a guardian, you say?
Barthello: (Picks up T. and tosses him onto elevator platform)

Tidus: Hey! Wait! Ah! Lemme go! Ow! Hey! What’s the big idea?
Dona: Just a little game.
Tidus: Huh?
[Elevator descends]
Tidus: This is bad, really bad.

If Tidus tries to get back on Cloister lift…
Tidus: Come on, go up! Go up!

[When Tidus decides to go through doors into Cloister…]
Tidus: Only guardians allowed, and I’m sure no guardian. Well, I guess it’s too late now.
[Solves Cloister of Trials]

Waiting Room Outside Chamber of Fayth

Wakka: Whoa, whoa, whoa! (Facepalm)
Tidus: It was Dona and that big musclehead man!
Lulu: Yuna will be the one to suffer the consequences!
Tidus: Uh… What consequences?
Wakka: She could be excommunicated!

Wakka: Just wait.
Tidus: So what’s in there anyway?
Wakka: The fayth, remember?
Tidus: Oh yeah, that thing. Right.
Lulu: The fayth are people who gave their lives to battle Sin. Yevon took their souls, willingly given from their still-living bodies.
Tidus: Huh?
Lulu: Now they live forever, trapped in statues. But when a summoner beckons, the souls of the fayth emerge once again. That’s what we call an aeon.
Tidus: All that in this room? S-So what’s Yuna doing in there?
Wakka: She prays with all her heart for a way to defeat Sin.

Lulu: The chamber beyond is a sacred place. Only summoners may enter.
Tidus: What, even guardians can’t go?
Wakka: It’s taboo!
Tidus: Oh.
¬Wakka: Just wait.
¬Lulu: (hand on forehead, shakes head)
¬Kimahri: (Shoves Tidus away from inner door)

[Tidus tries to leave. Inner door opens. Yuna staggers out, tended by Lulu]
Narration: There was something I didn’t tell anyone else that day. That song we heard there, in the temple…I knew it from my childhood. It was proof that Spira and Zanarkand were connected somehow. At least to me it was.
Narration: Maybe that’s why, suddenly, I felt like…I just wanted to go home. I tried to say something, to tell them. But the words wouldn’t come.

[Tidus emerges from temple]

Temple Forecourt

[Yuna and guardians emerge from temple. Locals (Plus Wantz the paparazzi) gather and gawk. Flashback to Tidus entering stadium with crowd of admirers.]

Narration: I thought I had put my feelings for Zanarkand behind me. But they were there, and they grew inside me, bigger and bigger, till I was just about ready to burst.
[Leaving temple area, Tidus hangs back]
Yuna: Are…are you okay?
Tidus: I…I don’t know.
Yuna: What do you want to do?
Tidus: To scream real loud.
Yuna: (nervous chuckle)
[Wakka and Kimahri whirl, Lulu ignores.]

Backtrack before leaving Kilika (Most responses the same, a few new ones…)

Temple Nuns’ Chambers

Little nun: My mommy and daddy are at a place called the far plain. I wonder when they’re coming home?

Other little nun: I ignored the precepts and went into the cloister once. Boy, did I get in trouble!

Around the Village

Guy hammering near Isken’s hut: A summoner named Dona passed through here a little while ago. She’ll probably be taking the ferry.
¬That Dona’s quite an attractive lady, but she’s a bit on the cold side, if you know what I mean.

Grieving woman near Isken’s hut: The sea sure looks beautiful from here, but Sin’s lurking out there, somewhere. It gives me the creeps just thinking about it.

Shirtless man lounging in front of inn: There’s not a smile in all of Kilika, thanks to Sin. But if we win the next tournament, that should cheer everyone up.

Innkeeper: We’re still cleaning up here. Uh… Shouldn’t you be on your way?

Old man outside Inn: Sin is a divine punishment upon the people. There is nothing we can do about it. We can only rely on Yevon’s teachings and the summoners to help us through this.

Larbeight hammering on dock: We’re off to Luca as soon as I finish this off.
¬Just wait and see. We’ll win for sure.

[Tidus approaches Yuna’s party on dock]
Wakka: Off to Luca at last! The matches start soon as we get there, so rest up on the way, ya?

Aboard the S.S. Winno

[Everyone embarks. Crowd gathers near Yuna on deck, including Wantz. Lulu summons Wakka to top deck. Tidus starts in passengers’ cabin with Aurochs and some Goers.]

Passenger Cabin

Datto: Tournament’s coming up real soon. I wish we had more time to practice, ya?

Jassu: I just want to sneak up behind them and beat the… I mean, I wanna get in their faces and show ’em what we’re made of!

Letty: Why do we have to be on the same ship as those Lucans anyway?

Botta: Those herbs I bought in Kilika for seasickness are working great, ya?

Keepa: Urgh… Why do I feel like I’m being watched?

Abus: Looks like our gals are brewing up something back there. I’d be afraid if I were you.

Doram: Hey, that boy in the Aurochs is a cutie.

Balgerda: My, you’re kinda cute, too. Wanna have some fun?

Power Room

Note: If you skipped going belowdecks on the S.S. Liki, the cutscene with Tidus discovering chocobos will trigger here instead…
Engineer: La, lalalalala…
Chocobo: Kweh!

Main Cabin

Dona: (Necking with Barthello) Some people can be so rude.

[Luzzu and Gatta are guarding back door again… well, Luzzu is.]
Luzzu: It might not mean much, but good luck in the tournament.
Gatta: (snnnnoooore) Luzzu: Best to let him sleep.

Note: If you skipped going belowdecks on the S.S. Liki, the cutscene with O’aka insulting Tidus’ clothes will be triggered now. Otherwise he doesn’t speak unless you hit “X”…
O’aka: They ask a fortune for rags in Besaid. And Kilika, well… Me business is in shambles! What’s an O’aka to do, I ask ye!
O’aka: Mind spotting me some Gil again, lad?

  • No.
  • O’aka: Right. Figures.
  • Yes. [but then cancel]
  • O’aka: (Disgusted noise) Should’ve expected as much.
  • Yes. [give Gil]
  • O’aka: I’ll make it up to ye, that I will.
     ¬Spare some change, lad? (Menu re-opens)
  • O’aka: ¬Oh, yes, before I forget. Call me if you need something, lad.

    • Lend Gil to O’aka.
    • No, thanks.
    • What do you have?
    • Thank ye! (A few items for sale)
       ¬Ye be needin’ something, lad? (Menu re-opens)


Captain: We’re doing double duty on the watch to avoid ending up like the S.S. Liki. Report to us immediately if you see any sign of Sin.
 ¬This ship is just a ferry. We’re doomed if we run into Sin.

Helmsman: No offense, but I’m a diehard Luca Goers fan. Good luck, pal. You’re gonna need it.
 ¬Maybe you’re better off asking the Goers to coach you.

[Kimahri and Yuina are on aft deck]

Aft Deck

If Tidus heads aft before eavesdropping on Wakka and Lulu…
Tidus: What are you all talking about?
Bickson: Who are you supposed to be?
Graav: Ah, I remember him. Guy from Kilika.
Bickson: Hmm?
Graav: You know, one of the Besaid Aurochs. Said somethin’ about winning the cup.
Bickson: Oh, right. You’re that idiot.
Yuna: Don’t call him that!
Bickson: But he is an idiot. They don’t got what it takes to win the cup.
Tidus: Well, they do now that I’m here!
Yuna: Yes, they will win! He used to be the star player of the Zanarkand Abes!
Goers: (snickering)

Graav: Yeah, as if anyone lived in those ruins.

Yuna: It’s not ruins, there’s a big city there! There is!
Tidus: I-I got too close to Sin and–
Yuna: There is a city, really!
(Graav exchanges glance with Bickson)
Bickson: Right. Whatever your Ladyship says.

[Goers go below, Aurochs come on deck.]

Tidus: What’s wrong? You seemed kinda mad back there.
Yuna: They were being rude and… I do believe your Zanarkand exists. I really do, you know!
Tidus: How come?
Yuna: Sir Jecht used to always tell me stories. It’d be great to see your home someday. I’d love to go there.
Tidus: (wryly) Yeah.
Narration: So, Yuna, wanna come over to my place?
Narration: Right, sure… As if I had a place to show her.

Lulu: Well? Say something. You’ll take responsibility?
Wakka: Relax! He’s bound to know someone in Luca.
Lulu: And if not?
Wakka: He could always join a blitz team. Anyhow, it’s better than just leaving him in Besaid!
Lulu: What? Just leaving him in Luca?
Wakka: What do you want me to do?
Lulu: Yuna wants to make him a guardian.
Wakka: Oh, yeah, geez…There’s that too, eh?
Lulu: And whose fault is that?
Wakka: Not mine!
Lulu: (glares)
Wakka: (slumps) It is mine, huh?

Continuing to eavesdrop…
Wakka: Why do you think she wants to make him a guardian, anyway?
Lulu: Because he’s Sir Jecht’s son.
Wakka: Oh, right.
Wakka: Wait, you sure ’bout that? He’s really Sir Jecht’s son?

Lulu: It’s hard to say, but Yuna seems to believe so.
Wakka: Okay.
Lulu: “Okay?” “Okay?” That’s all you have to say?
Wakka: Well, yeah, I mean…He’s gotta decide for himself, ya? Well, him and Yuna, I guess.
Lulu: You’re right, for once.
Wakka: Ahem!
Lulu: I wonder which is best…

Lulu: Why don’t you tell him he should?
Wakka: Should what?
Lulu: Become Yuna’s guardian.
Wakka: Why me?
Lulu: Because Yuna can’t.
Wakka: Why not?
Lulu: He hates his father– what he was, what he did. Do you really think she can possibly say to him… “I want you to be my guardian, like your father was to mine?”
Wakka: Aren’t you being over-sensitive?
Lulu: (Huff!)
Wakka: All right, all right. I’ll try talking to him after the tournament.
Lulu: Be discreet.
Wakka: I know. It’s his decision.

Wakka: He doesn’t like his father?
Lulu: Apparently. He told Yuna as much.
Wakka: Hating your own father, huh? Sounds like a luxury to me. I don’t even remember my parents. Can’t say how I feel about ’em.
Lulu: I…I was five then, so I remember mine a little.
Wakka: Dammit! (slams fist on deck)
Lulu: Hm?
Wakka: Sin just takes everything away from us.


Yuna: I do believe your Zanarkand exists. I really do, you know!

Kimahri: (With repeated poking, he’ll uncross his arms, shake his head, and eventually shove Tidus, causing Yuna to giggle and Tidus to backflip).

Lulu: I’m sorry. I need some time to think.

Wakka: Go to bed, bud. Tournament starts tomorrow morning.
[As Tidus starts downstairs…] Someone’s bound to recognize you when they see your moves out there.

Wantz: (runs away from Tidus, snaps more pictures)

After Bickson & friends head downstairs…

Jassu: We can finally relax now that the Goers are down in the cabin.
 ¬Don’t mind Kimahri for not answering you. He’s the silent type, you know?

Datto: Looks like the toxin’s still getting to you. Take it easy and go to bed early, ya?
 ¬We wanted to have our final practice in Kilika, but that’s impossible after what happened to the place.

Letty: Wakka is busy right now. Maybe you shouldn’t bother him.
 ¬Let’s pray we don’t have to go against the Goers until the finals!

Sailor in blue: The Aurochs are the team to watch this year. They say they got a blitzer from Zanarkand on their team!
Kiyuri: Oh, come on! You actually believe that rumor?
Sailor in blue: Ha! No way. I only meant it’ll be fun to watch.

Sailor in blue: You’re a blitzer from Zanarkand, right? At least put up a good fight, you hear me?
 ¬That guy poking around back there is taking sphere shots of Lady Yuna.

Kiyuri: Zanarkand, eh…? If you’re going to bluff at all, say something a little more believable.
 ¬You’ve got nerve to say you’re from Zanarkand. Go home and relearn Yevon’s teachings.

Captain: We have two summoners and the Goers onboard. It is my responsibility to carry them safely to their destination.
 ¬What, the Besaid Aurochs? They’re more like cargo.

Helmsman: You’re from Zanarkand? Everyone on the ship’s been talking about you.
 ¬You’ve got the biggest mouth of any blitzer I’ve ever seen!

Belowdecks in Passenger Cabin

Botta: I-It’s terrible! Those Lucans dragged off Keepa! I…I hope I’m next.

Abus: They say you come from the ruins. Hehehe… The Aurochs gotta be desperate to depend on some wacko.

Graav: Let’s see them moves you’ve learned in those ruins then!

Bickson: Yo, mister star player from Zanarkand! Take it easy on us today.

Doram: Now, what should we play next?

Balgerda: What? You want to hang out with us? Hmm… Maybe later.

Keepa: H-Help!

[Tidus finds abandoned blitzball on deck]

Flashback: Jecht Shot

Jecht catches young Tidus practicing. Creepy Little Kid in background.]
Jecht: Well, well, trying to follow in my footsteps, are you?
Jecht: I usually charge for lessons, you know…
Jecht: That shot is done… like this! (Demonstrates)
Jecht: You can’t do it, kid. But don’t worry, my boy. You’re not the only one. No one else can do it. I’m the best!

[Minigame: Tidus tries to learn Jecht Shot]
Jecht: No one else can do it.
Jecht: I’m the best!
Jecht: You’re out of your league!
Jecht: You can’t do it, kid.

[Two alternate scenes, depending on outcome of minigame]

Option A) Success!
Tidus: (Amazed laughter) The best? Yeah, right.
Aurochs: (Gather around him)
Wakka: Whoah! What’s that called?
Tidus: Doesn’t have a name. Anyone can do it if they try.
Wakka: Show us one more time, ya?
Yuna: (Waves)
Tidus: (Kick!)

Wakka: I knew it! I knew you were somethin’ special!

Datto: I feel a little nervous with Lady Yuna watching us, ya?
 ¬Yeow…I-I hurt my back.

Jassu: I’m gonna tell Botta and Keepa all about that shot you just did. They’ll be so mad when they find out what they missed!
 ¬I’m glad the Goers weren’t here to see it. Let’s keep it secret until the finals!

Letty: Is Datto alright? It’s right before the big game and all.
 ¬That was one amazing shot you just did! They don’t call you an ace for nothin’.

Kiyuri: You should go rest. You’re gonna drown during the match if you’re sleep-deprived.

Sailor in blue: The Aurochs are getting too hyped up before the match.

Option B) Humiliation!
Tidus: (Flies up in the air, spins and falls.)
Jecht: (Voice) Told you you couldn’t do it!
Tidus: (Kicks ball off deck in frustration)
Yuna: (shows up and waves)
Tidus: Oh. (Mutters, does a backflip to show off.)
Yuna: (Giggle)

Tidus: (Approaches Yuna)
Yuna: (Success) That was the Jecht shot, wasn’t it? (Failure) You tried to do a Jecht Shot, didn’t you?
Tidus: How do you know that?
Yuna: Sir Jecht showed it to me when I was a child. He called it the “Sublimely Magnificent Jecht Shot Mark III.”
Tidus: Stupid name, huh? You know what? There is no Mark I or Mark II, you know? My old man said the name Mark III was just something to hook the crowd. He said they’d come back every night expecting to see Mark I and Mark II. And, they really did come back. I used to get so mad.
Yuna: (chuckle)
[Long silence]
Tidus: Is he alive, you think?
Yuna: I don’t know. But, Sir Jecht was my father’s guardian.
Tidus: So he’s famous here, too?
Yuna: Yes. So if anything happened to him, I should think word would get around fast.
Tidus: Uh-huh.
Yuna: What would you do, if you found him?
Tidus: Who knows? I thought he died ten years ago. Well…I’d probably just smack him one. After everything he put Mom and me through. And because he was famous, I was always…
Tidus: Well, you should know, Yuna.
Yuna: Hm?
Tidus: Your father’s famous, too. Everyone in Spira knows him, right?
Yuna: Mm.
Tidus: Ain’t it tough?
Yuna: It is hard to follow in his footsteps, as a summoner.
Tidus: Sure.
Yuna: But the honor of having a father like him surpasses all that, I think.
Tidus: Well, there wasn’t much to honor about my old man, that’s for sure.
Yuna: You shouldn’t say that about your father!
Tidus: I got the right!
Yuna: Hm. I guess you do.
Tidus: (Smacked by blitzball) Ow!

[If Jecht Shot failed]
Wakka: Hey! It’s past your bedtime, kiddos!

[If Jecht Shot succeeded]
Show me that move again!
Tidus: Yo!

Narration: I didn’t think my old man would come to Luca. He never did like watching other people play. But I couldn’t help feeling something bad was gonna happen. And these feelings of mine are usually right. Sure, I had told Wakka I’d help him win the tournament. But I wasn’t sure I had it in me to play at all anymore.