Chapter XV: Showdown With Sin

Cid’s Airship


After you talk to Cid and pick “Sin” as destination…
Cid: Well, this is it, eh?
Tidus: Yu Yevon’s hiding somewhere inside Sin, and we’re gonna find him.
Cid: Well, that sounds pretty simple.
Tidus: Hey! Simple is the way you like it, right?
Cid: You got that right.
Rikku: Pops! I’m countin’ on you!
Cid: Right, got you covered! Yeah. (Starts broadcasting Hymn of the Fayth from ship’s speakers) How’s that?
Rikku: Oh, right on!
[Everyone listens]
Lulu: A singing ship in the sky.
Wakka: I hope everyone got the message.
Brother: (stands up suddenly and looks ahead) Sin!

FMV: The Approach

[Sin’s nose in crosshairs]

Tidus: All right, we’re going in!
Wakka: How we gonna get inside?
Tidus: The easy way! How else?
Rikku: Figures.
Lulu: Well? Let’s go!
[Yuna and friends dash off; Cid calls after Tidus…]
Cid: Hey, how you plan on getting inside?
Tidus: If we can’t get through the mouth, we’ll rip open a new one! You with me?
Cid: (Cackles) Now that’s what I call a plan!
Brother: Father! I know what to use!
Cid: Aha! Of course!
Tidus: Of course!
Cid: All right! We’ll give that thing a new blowhole. All you gotta do is jump!
Tidus: Roger!
Cid: I won’t tell ya to be careful. Do your worst, kiddo!
Tidus: Roger!
Brother: Wait! (Clears throat, speaks haltingly) Rikku, you…guard.
Tidus: (Grins) Will do!

Airship Corridor, Level 3

Rin: Any last minute supplies before the showdown? [Got any weapons? | Got any items? | Leave.]
Tidus: You’re selling stuff? Now?
Rin: But of course. Once Sin is gone, we’ll need to be rebuilding Home, you see.
Tidus: Man, your dedication is…really astounding.

Talking to airship crew before going outside to fight Sin…

Ramp Down to Airship Level Four

Jogging blitzer (Lakkam): I do not run around in panic! Hope for the best, prepare for the worst!

Airship Level Four — Blitzers’ Quarters

Kneeling blitzer (Judda): Pardon me. So scared was I that I began to tremble all over!

Running blitzer (Blappa): Soon is the final battle with Sin! How very excited I am!

Standing blitzer (Eigaar): If every mouth in Spira sings, we may win this battle.

Blitzer against wall (Berrik): I have faith you will do this thing. I will sing, too, for I believe.

Blitzer exercising (Nimrook): Elder Cid has great courage! I must learn to be like him.

Cabin on Airship Level Two

Woman in bikini: Do you have all that you need? Talk to Mister Rin!

Woman in leggings: I will sing too! Good luck!

Al Bhed doing squats: Leave the ship to my hands! You go now to the deck!

Gas mask guy: The gravity, it bends! And with Sin at the center!

Observation Deck, Airship Level One

Gas mask guy on right: Make sure to check your equipment before going out on deck!

Blond guy on left: You will fight Sin close, no? Beware its toxin!

[NOTE: Before going outside to fight Sin, you can double back, talk to Cid, and tour Spira to get final NPC comments. However, some refer to Sin crashing into Bevelle, so I’m going to save “Backtrack: Final Tour of Spira” until then.]

[Party takes lift to the outer hull…]

Outer Hull of Airship

Rikku: I can hear the song!
Lulu: Yes, I can hear the Hymn, too.
Rikku: They listened to us!
Tidus: We won’t let them down!
(Walks to edge, then turns back.) Yuna?

Yuna: Hm?
Tidus: You don’t need this anymore, right? (Holds up sphere she dropped on Gagazet)
Yuna: Oh! (Checks sleeves, flustered)
Tidus: Right? (Tosses it overboard)
Yuna: (Nods and smiles)
[ Shipshake! ]
Wakka: Hey, guys? Guys? That’s not good, ya?

FMV: Terra Graviton

[Sin lets out shockwave.]

[Everyone falls down]

FMV: Gravity Sucks

[Sin creates sphere of energy, sucking things in… even the moon from space! Then huge tunnels punch outward through ocean and land.]

[Silence reigns. They get up, look around. Rikku’s the first to notice…]

FMV: Heaven’s Fall

Rikku: Huh? Hmm? …. WHOA!
[All that power suddenly explodes outward; Tidus and Yuna nearly caught in explosion.]

[Back on deck, Tidus picks himself up and finds Sin nose to nose with ship again]
Tidus: Damn you, old man…
Cid: (Over ship intercom) Hey, I saw somethin’ shine on the base of Sin’s arm! I reckon its a weak spot!
Brother: (Also over intercom)Shoot!
Cid: What, what?
Brother: We are pulled by Sin!
Rikku: Sin’s pulling us in!
Cid: Everyone, back inside!
Brother: Too late! It comes!
[Fight with right armpit of Sin]

Battle commands during aerial fight with Sin…

Tidus: Closer! Go closer! or Go back! Farther away!
Cid: Just a minute!

Rikku: Go near more! or Father! Go far!
Cid: Wait a moment!

When ship moves…
Cid: Yeehaw! We’re going in!
Hold on!

Cid: Here goes! Everyone, hold on to something! Here we go!

FMV: Vena!

[Airship shoots off left arm of Sin]

Tidus: Got it!
Cid: Couldn’t have done it without you! All right! Everyone look sharp! Time to hit the other side!
Rikku: Easy for you to say!

[Fight Sin’s left armpit]
Cid: Ready? Fire!

FMV: Machina Redux

[Shoots off righ arm]

Airship Bridge

Cid: Yeehaw! Where next?
Brother: It is over.
Cid: What? We have only begun!
Brother: But the main gun, it is broken!
Cid: Th-That cannot be!

Outer Hull

Rikku: The main gun’s busted!
Cid: Dang it! All right, back inside! Time for another plan!
Tidus: No! We’re going in! Every blitzer knows: when you got the ball, you gotta score!

[Depending on whom you’ve talked to/healed the most, one member of the party talks to Tidus and then runs to the front of the ship and jumps off]

Lulu: A day with you is never dull!
Yuna: Let’s go!
Auron: Foolhardy… But a fun plan.
Rikku: See you there!
Wakka: Go, go, go!
Kimahri: On my honor as Ronso!

Tidus: Hey! Star players first!
[Boss fight with Sin’s buttplug.]

FMV: Sinfall

[Sunset. Sin plows into the outskirts of Bevelle]

Airship Bridge

Brother: Father! I cannot believe what I see!
Cid: Believe it, son! They’ve done it! It is happening!

[Yuna and friends enter]
Brother: Rikku, excellent!
Yuna: It’s going to come back, isn’t it?
Tidus: I know.
Cid: What? You’re kidding me!
Tidus: No! We have to beat the guy inside Sin.
Wakka: The Crusaders would be out of a job if it was this easy, ya?
Lulu: But it has weakened. I’m sure of it.
Rikku: Yeah! We’re winning!
Cid: All right, I’ll do what I can with the main gun! (Leaves to work on repairs)
Yuna: (Looks down, slips out)

Talking to party after Sin plows into Bevelle…

Rikku: Pop’s machina always seem to break down when you need them most.

Lulu: I think it’s a little early to start celebrating.

Wakka: Man, we must have hit that thing enough by now!

Auron: This isn’t over. Not yet.

Kimahri: Sin still lives. Kimahri knows.

Brother: Will Sin truly return again?

Ramp Down to Airship Level Four

Jogging blitzer (Lakkam): I know it will not do to panic, but I do not know how to be calm!

Airship Level Four — Blitzers’ Quarters

Kneeling blitzer (Judda): I wish the battles would be over…

Running blitzer (Blappa): Make this battle the last! We are counting on you!

Standing blitzer (Eigaar): You will attack Sin head on? Truly a great warrior are you!

Blitzer against wall (Berrik): When the battle is over, we will play blitz once more!

Blitzer exercising (Nimrook): When the time comes, I will fight, Sin! Here is my best shot!

Cabin on Airship Level Two

Woman in bikini: It will be a battle most violent! Check that you have all you need!

Woman in leggings: Do not be lazy! Sin is right before us!

Bearded engineer: Our ship is in top shape! Now, go and fell the great Sin!

Gas mask guy: You attack from the front? It is a crazy, but delightful plan!

Observation Deck, Airship Level One

Blond guy on right (yeah, they swapped sides): The main gun is finished. It I cannot repair.

Gas mask guy on left: We will charge into Sin, no? Let us do great battle!

Airship Bridge

Cid: We’re countin’ on you, kid. (Map Opens) Yee-ha! Here we go!


(Click here to skip backtrack)

(Nothing new on either ferry, in Luca, in Djose and Macalania Temples, or on the Thunder Plains, but much of Spira is talking about the singing ship and Sin’s fall…)

Besaid Island

Docks and Beach

Crusader in gold and green: Sin is still out there. This is a job for the Crusaders!

Portly sailor in gold vest: Just once in my life, I’d like to ride on a flying ship.

Woman in purple: That flying ship–now that’s what I call a blessing of Yevon.

Little girl (Yuna’s friend): I sung and everything, so now Lady Yuna’s Calm will come, ya?

Little boy w/green headband: I wonder if all this singing’s really gonna help beat Sin.

Second little boy: I wonder if the fiends will go away once Sin’s gone…

Promontory, Besaid Village Overlook

If Luzzu’s still alive…

Luzzu: They say a flying ship gave Sin a good chase. Never let your guard down! Sin is the most evil of foes.
 ¬All we can do is praty that this ship of the skies can defeat Sin.

Village Square

Old woman: When the Calm comes, we’ll be putting up a statue of a new high summoner.

Old man: I think I’ll stick around long enough to see Sin get what’s coming to it! Heh!

Fabric seller in purple shirt: I’ll admit it, I didn’t believe that story about the flying ship! Who would? When it came flying over down, whoowee! I nearly up and died.

Girl with doggie: What happened to the flying ship? I hope it made it through the fight.

Woman in white: I pray that the next Calm will last a long time.

Yuna’s little friend: When the Calm comes, Lady Yuna has to come back so we can celebrate!

Young weaver in shorts: There’s a reward being offered for news of the traitors. No one here’d think of saying nothing, but watch out on the road.
 ¬I wonder how things are on the mainland. We don’t get much news down here.

Priestess: I’ve followed the teachings of Yevon ever since I was a child. Even should the temple fall, I will keep praying. I will.

Little boy w/green headband: We got letters from the Aurochs! They’re doing great in Luca, ya?

Sailor w/blue cap: No matter what happens in the temples, it’s life as usual here.

If Gatta survived…
Guy in green and white by wrecked hut: Sir Gatta was gloomy as ever after he returned from the operation. Thankfully, his new post as leader of the Besaid Crusaders seems to have lifted his spirits.

If Luzzu survived…
Guy in green and white by wrecked hut: Sir Luzzu won’t admit it, but he’s really down. I think he feels guilty about Gatta dying, you know?

Portly Crusader: The battle with Sin ain’t over yet…I wish there was something we could do.

Woman in green skirt: I doubt some old song is going to help anyone beat Sin.

Woman in purple: I wonder who was riding on that ship in the sky?

Vilucha’s Hut (first on right)

Little boy w/green headband: I wonder if Sin is really going to go away?

Vilucha: I’ve no desire to go against the teachings, but something’s not right with the temple these days.

Daddy the fisherman: I’ll be out to sea soon. Perhaps I’ll be greeting the Calm from deck.
 ¬I was pulling in my catch when Sin and the flying ship went by. What a sight! I think I forgot to sing.

Weavers Hut (third on right)

Fabric seller in purple shirt: When that ship came, the old man, he kept working while he sang!

Old weaver: Wait for the Calm to come before rejoicing. Wouldn’t want any…false hope.

Woman in purple: Everyone in the village is all excited about that flying ship. Heck, I bet all of Spira’s worked up!

Younger weaver: It’s hard to work with the Calm right around the corner!

Merchant’s Hut

Girl with doggie: Just between me and you, I hear that there’s no maesters left anymore!

Sailor w/blue cap: That flying ship was spectacular! Those Al Bhed might have something there.

Little girl (Yuna’s friend): If that flying ship comes back I’m gonna sing real loud!

Crusaders Lodge

If Gatta’s still alive…
Gatta: I hear Sin really made a mess of Bevelle, eh? The Farplane’s ringing with Luzzu’s laughter, I bet.
 ¬Just a little more, and Sin is finished!

Man in green and white: I’m no fiend-fighter, so I fix things and help the Crusaders that way.

Temple of Besaid

Priest: This ship of the air, could it be an Al Bhed machina? I’m not sure whether to cheer or condemn it.

Short priest [Monks’ quarters]: Even the teachings of a thousand years are due for an update once in a while.
 ¬Why, if Sin is defeated, we may no longer need Yevon’s guidance.

Daddy the fisherman: I’m praying for the blessings of Yevon to guide that flying ship.

[No other new quotes… other worshippers repeat what they said earlier, or in other parts of the village.]



[Most of the responses are the same as last visit, but there’s some new ones….]

Crusader in red, white, blue: Even if Sin is destroyed, there will always be fiends around.
 ¬The Crusaders’ mission to protect the people will never end.

Larbeight: I sang along with everyone else while Sin and the flying ship were battling it out–but man, was I scared. I mean, what if Sin came crashing down on top of us!

Old woman: Feel free to buy loads of merchandise, but I ain’t giving you a discount.

Old man near inn: My grandchildren are on the Farplane. How I wish they could have heard the Hymn.

Guy in white pants exercising near in: The Calm’s still not here yet, is it… What are those people on that flying ship doing, anyway?

Woman in white gazing out to sea: I’m sure that our song reached the people on the Farplane.

Kilika Pub

Slumped Crusader: Once Sin is destroyed, it’s celebration time! What? Am I getting ahead of myself?

Kilika Inn

Old man: I just want to live in Kilika in peace. That’s all I ask for.

Little boy running around: When I grow up, I’m gonna ride the flying ship!

Kilika Temple, Forecourt

Nervous monk in hat: is that flying ship one of Yevon’s machina? Yes, let us assume so.

Man in yellow and blue: So, uh… I sang the Hymn of the Fayth, but what’s supposed to happen?

Kilika Temple, Monks’ Quarters (left)

Older priest: The restoration of the ancient airship must be a blessing from Yevon.

Younger priest: (Same as last visit)

Kilika Temple, Nuns’ Quarters

Little nun: We all sang together, so why isn’t Sin dead yet?

Other little nun: We saw the flying ship so we all sang our hearts out. I think I sang the best!

Kilika Temple, Main Hall

Priest: I hear Bevelle was devastated by Sin. How ironic that they suffer the same retribution as other men.
 ¬If the temples cannot provide the people with hope, then what purpose do they serve?

Blitzer with arms in air (Nizarut): Yeah! When the Calm comes, this is how I’m going to celebrate!

Female blitzer (Deim): I wonder what the summoners fighting Sin are like?

Mi’ihen Highroad

Mi’ihen Highroad, South End

Crusader in purple: Lord Mi’ihen once passed along this road.With the Crusaders in disarray, I hope to find his guidance here.
 ¬The Crusaders shouldn’t focus just on fighting Sin. We should strive to establish peace more than anything.
 ¬Time to buck up and get to work.

Man in gold tunic: A lot of people are leaving Bevelle. I hear the temple’s really clamping down on things there.
 ¬I hear the priests worry more about themselves than the people. If Maester Mika were still alive, this never would’ve happened.
 ¬Maybe Sin fell on Bevelle to punish the temple and what it’s become.

Man in blue vest: We all had a swell time singing when the ship flew over us. But we can’t truly rejoice until the Calm comes.
 ¬I wonder what’s gonna happen to Spira. I’m getting all discombobulated thinking about it too much.
 ¬I guess whatever happens happens.

Young woman in yellow and blue talking to him: From what I hear, Sin’s crash into Bevelle has wreaked utter havoc on the city.
 ¬I hope my warrior-monk cousin in Bevelle is all right.
 ¬I wish somebody would hurry up and destroy Sin.

Mi’ihen Highroad — South

Little Crusader: I’ll protect Spira from now on. Sin beat us last time, but I’m okay.
 ¬Do you know Sin’s weakness? Tell me, and I’ll kill it for you.
 ¬If you get attacked by fiends, you can come to us for help.

Girl: My brother and I were playing. Then a fiend came out, and he ran away without me.
 ¬He ran so fast. My brother is the best!
 ¬I’m gonna practice running. I’m gonna beat my brother someday.

Old woman: My grandpa and I…We used to take a stroll through here almost every day.
 ¬Yevon’s blessing has granted me sound health, but grandpa… He’s been blessed with too much energy. He marched on down to go see Sin.
 ¬Grandpa said he’d go fetch me a sinscale. When he’s gonna act his own age, I can’t say.

Mi’ihen Highroad, Central

Woman in tan and orange: That flying ship will bring about the Calm.
 ¬Even for a moment, a fleeting Calm, I want to feel peace from my heart.
 ¬I’m going to live to see the day the Calm dawns on us.

Man in blue vest: Everyone looks calm, but they are still afraid of Sin. They will always be afraid.
 ¬I sang aloud to release all of my anxiety. I was so desperate at the time.
 ¬I’m gonna sing whenever I see the flying ship; I can’t help but sing.

Hypello: I wush walking and ended up here. Where am I? What plashe ish thish?
 ¬There ish a shtatue ober there. Shtatue of shumone big? Shtatue like it I’ve sheen shomewhere elshe. Have you sheen it? Or have you not?

Crusader in gold and green: I took a bad hit fighting Sin. I couldn’t walk for a while. I’m all good now, and back to guarding the Highroad.
 ¬We couldn’t defeat Sin. But at least we can protect the people from fiends.
 ¬We should focus on what we can do and not dwell on what we couldn’t do.

Woman in purple near billboard: Fiends often appear here, but people pass through here, regardless.
 ¬Sin’s terrible attacks continue, and the fiends’ threats persist… Yet people continue to move on.
 ¬Still, fiends are frightening as always.

Ocean Overlook by Travel Agency

Al Bhed in bikini (scary mom): I will be angry if those Yevon monks hurt the children. I do not think they will, but I cannot trust them.
 ¬When I hear the word Yevon, I think of the fiend attack on our Home.

Al Bhed child (rust pants): I am taking care of the chocobos. Take good care of them when you ride them, okay?
 ¬The sunlight is gentle here compared to Bikanel.

Al Bhed child (blue pants): I wanted to ride on the ship, too. It was a great battle, right?
 ¬Huh? The battle is not over? Then maybe we should sing again.

Monk: I guess all children are innocent, whether they are ours or Al Bhed.
 ¬As a Yevon monk, I have denounced the Al Bhed for defying the teachings. By doing so, I have only stirred senseless conflicts throughout Spira. I deeply regret my folly.
 ¬Henceforth, I will work to engender harmony between the Al Bhed and our people.

Mi’ihen Highroad Travel Agency

Crusader in gold and rust: We’ve mustered a lot of men. They just keep coming. Soon we’ll be able to restore the Crusaders!
 ¬Once we have enough men, we’re gonna head north, taking care of the fiends along the way. And when we reach Bevelle, we’re gonna challenge Sin again.

Bearded Al Bhed: I never thought I would teach Al Bhed to the people of Yevon. These are strange times.

Crusader in purple: I thought I’d quit the Crusaders for good, but singing the Hymn changed my mind. I can’t just sit around while those guys on the flying ship are risking their lives fighting Sin!
 ¬I will fight as a Crusader even if my family objects.

Mi’ihen New Road

Crusader in blue and gold: I heard Sin isn’t dead yet. Won’t it ever give up? If we still had the cannons from the operation, we could’ve shelled it good.
 ¬I’m gonna go to Bevelle and see if I can give them a hand.

Al Bhed child (blue pants): My dad is riding on an airship.
 ¬I sang out loud so that Dad can hear me.

Man in green and purple near child: That ship is an Al Bhed machina, right? I can’t believe the clergy’s relying on it.
 ¬If the temples were to disappear, who would we pray to?

Woman in blue near Mushroom Rock Gate: When we saw the machina airship, we sang. That Al Bhed kid did, too. It’s strange how we can all sing the same song even though we don’t speak the same language.
 ¬Maybe there is a way for the people of Yevon and the Al Bhed to get along.

Djose Area

Djose Highroad, Fork to Moonflow

Crusader in red, white, blue: Unbelievable! A flying ship that sings! My jaw dropped when I saw it. A huge crowd gathered along the Highroad, and they all sang along, arm in arm.
 ¬So if we defeat Sin, our crimes will be forgiven, right? Right!? That time I stole that kid’s… And the other time when I… All will be forgiven?


South Wharf of Moonflow

Man in green and white outside pavillion: They say Sin landed in Bevelle. It’s better to stay away from the north.
 ¬Seems the Guado won’t come out of Guadosalam.

Woman in purple by loading platform: I tried singing the Hymn although I didn’t know what significance it had. There was nothing else to do. In times of need, people will try anything.
 ¬The high priests and the summoners will take care of us.

Crusader: The fight against Sin continues. Be careful when heading north.
 ¬With Yevon in chaos, the Crusaders must remain vigilant.

Old Man: I thought that flying airship was Yevon’s secret weapon…but now they’re sayin’ that Al Bhed are at the helm! You tellin’ me that the temple and the Al Bhed have joined forces? Rubbish!
 ¬Can’t believe anything anymore! Just pray that Sin will go away.

Hypello under tail: Shing the Hymn? A very, very myshterious shong indeed.
 ¬Shoopuf happy now shince ebullibody shing shong.

North Wharf of Moonflow

Old Woman outside pavillion: I feel at ease now, thanks to the Hymn. Now I can go to the Farplane without worry.
 ¬The Guado all looked so gloomy. I wonder what happened?

Man in purple coat inside pavillion: Who is using ancient machina to battle Sin? Could it be that Lady Yunalesca has risen again after a thousand years?
 ¬We beat Sin down with machina and the Hymn! A summoner just needs to finish it off!

Woman in gold and tan by loading platform: An Al Bhed ship is battling Sin, right? I’m certain it’s a ploy to win favor with the temple!
 ¬Even if the Al Bhed do something nice, I can’t bring myself to trust them.

Husband in white and blue by loading platform: If I could ride the flying ship, I’m sure I could get back in a jiffy.
 ¬I’ve expended all my energy coming here and I can’t run any farther.

Wife in green skirt by loading platform: We were lucky we left Bevelle in a hurry. If we’d waited much longer to get out, we would’ve been killed by Sin.
 ¬This area may also become a battlefield… Perhaps it’s better to run farther away?

Crusader on bench (Miyu): Seems like all the Guado want to go to the Farplane.
 ¬What will become of the Crusaders once Sin’s gone?


Nothing new here, except for another cutscene with Tromell…

Farplane Viewing Area

[Lord Jyscal’s image floats before Tromell. No Seymour, despite his words.]

Tromell: Benevolent Lord Jyscal, and most wise Lord Seymour. The days spent in your service were the best in this old man’s life. Those of us left behind will soon be destroyed by Sin and join you in the Farplane. I will serve you there as I have served you in this world, always.
 ¬Even should Sin disappear, the Guado are doomed without a leader.


Road Leading to Bevelle From Campsite

[Now unguarded, it’s a shortcut to Highbridge, but Maroda and Pacce don’t say anything new if you’ve already visited them.]

Macalania Travel Agency

Al Bhed Child by hot stove: When I sang the song outside, my breath — it became most white!

Al Bhed Child running around: Our new Home we should build here! Then we can have snow fun every day!

Al Bhed woman in leggings: They say that Sin has fallen on Bevelle. All the Yevon folk are in a panic!

Seated woman: I had hoped to help Master Rin with his shop. But because I cannot speak Al Bhed, he would not hire me. I now learn your language from the kindly shopkeeper.

The Calm Lands

Note: I think this is the family from the Celestial Mirror Quest

Husband in gold tunic: I don’t care whether they’re machina-using Al Bhed or not. As long as they wipe out Sin, I’m all for them!
 ¬I sang the Hymn! Put all my heart into it! I hope that flying ship wins.

Woman in tan and orange: Our son won’t stay away from that Al Bhed.
 ¬He’d better not be teaching him anything sacrilegious.

Spike-haired Al Bhed: When Sin fell on Bevelle, I could hear and feel the tremors from here!
 ¬This kid seems to like me for some reason.

Boy in dark red: Aw, I want a mask like his, too! But he said only Al Bhed wear them! I wanna be an Al Bhed when I grow up!
 ¬That nice Al Bhed man sang the Hymn with me!
 ¬Do you think they’ll let me ride the flying ship if I became Al Bhed?

Gorge/Crusaders Camp

[The gorge is deserted. Uh oh! They said they were going to go help against Sin in Bevelle as soon as they were strong enough. Better head ’em off!]
Elsewhere, dialog is unchanged from last visit. It’s time to get back to Sin!

Top Deck of the Airship

Yuna: I wonder if Sir Jecht is in pain.
Tidus: Let’s just end this…quickly. The fayth said they would help us, right?
Yuna: It bothers me, the way they said that.
Tidus: Huh?
Yuna: I mean, they’ve been fighting alongside us this whole time, but now they say they’ll help?
Tidus: I guess so…
Yuna: Wait! Sin is reborn when Yu Yevon merges with an aeon, isn’t that right? If I summon an aeon, Yu Yevon will join with it. But at first, it’ll be small, won’t it?
Tidus: Yeah… Then, we might be able to beat it without the Final Summoning.
Yuna: I don’t know. What if Yu Yevon jumps again?
Tidus: Then we’ll take it down again! We’ll fight him until there’s no place left to run!
Yuna: I never thought it would come down to this.
Tidus: Yeah, I know. Hey, the fayth, they’re tired of this whole thing, too. Let’s let them rest.
Yuna: The fayth said it’s pointless to keep dreaming. The dream will disappear, he said. What did he mean? And what is it that Yu Yevon is summoning from within Sin?
Tidus: The dream of the fayth.
Yuna: You won’t…go away, will you?
Rikku: (Interrupting over the intercom) Yunie! Guys! Come look! Something’s happening to Sin!

FMV: Evenfall

[Sin rises, sprouts wings, props himself on the tower in Bevelle. Tidus and Yuna watch.]

Airship Bridge

Auron: Jecht… He’s waiting for you.
Cid: Well, son, the main gun is still busted! We can’t give you any cover fire!
Tidus: Hey, just take us in. We’ll do the rest.
[He looks towards fellow guardians. Lulu and Rikku nod, Wakka raises half a high-five.]
Cid: All right. Take us up, flush to the mouth! No mistakes, or I’m gonna tear out that mop you call hair!
Brother: Eh…Trust…me. Me…take you there. No problem…ya?

Tidus: Let’s get ready to blitz!

[Again, the character who speaks here varies depending on whom you’ve interacted with most: ]

Lulu: Let’s go. Just you and me.
Yuna: Our fathers’ wishes… Let’s make them come true!
Auron: My story must end as well.
Rikku: Don’t worry. I’ll cover you!
Kimahri: You are Kimahri’s friend.
Wakka: Time to show them what we’re made of, ya?

FMV: Faceoff

[Sin pushes off. The airship gets nose to nose with Sin over Bevelle.]

Cid: Here we go!
Tidus: Yeah! I’m coming for you, Dad!
[Boss battle with Sin’s Nose]

FMV: Breaking Through

[Ship dives into Sin’s open mouth. Guardians on deck witness surreal voyage into something vaguely Farplane-like, which includes glimpse of cackling Seymour.]

Sin — Sea of Sorrow

Tidus: Dad! Where are you?
Auron: We must go to him.
Tidus: Then we will! Let me take front!
Yuna: Good luck.
Tidus: Follow me!

Sin — Garden of Pain

[Seymour waits at the top of the stairs, cackling]
Seymour: (Cackle)
Tidus: Don’t you ever give up?
Seymour: (Whispering) Sin has chosen me. I am part of Sin. I am one with Sin, forever. Immortal!
Tidus: Sin just absorbed you.
Seymour: I will learn to control it, from within. I have all the time in the world. Since you were gracious enough to dispose of Yunalesca…the only means of destroying Sin is forever gone. Now nothing can stop us!
Tidus: Well, we can!
Seymour: By all means, try! You should thank me.Your death means your father’s life!
[Battle: Die, Seymour, die die DIE.]

If Seymour casts dispel…
Seymour: But there is no salvation for the damned!
Seymour: Rest in peace, in eternal darkness!
If Seymour casts Ultima…
Seymour: Let darkness take you!
If you summon Anima…
Seymour: You would oppose me as well? So be it!

Seymour: (Stumbles backwards, falls to his knees…) No!
Wakka: Now! Yuna, send him!
Yuna: Right! (Begins sending)
Seymour: So it is you, after all, who will send me. But even after I am gone, Spira’s sorrow will prevail. (Dissolves into pyreflies…about time!)
Tidus: Sin will be right behind you.

If you drop by the ship after defeating Seymour…

Airship Bridge

Yuna: No matter what happens, I’ll see this through to the end. I promise.
 ¬We’re almost done.
 ¬How are you doing?

  • Never better!
  • Yuna: You know, I am too.
  • Okay.
  • Yuna: Really? I’m great…thanks to you.
  • Not so good.
  • Yuna: I see. You don’t have to smile, if it’s too tough.

Lulu: You’ve proven yourself as a guardian. Maybe even as the best.
 ¬You know, your meeting Yuna was really quite…
 ¬Can’t say “Praise be to Yevon” anymore, can we?

Rikku: Sometimes, when I got a lot on my mind, it just helps to go “Aaaaa!”
 ¬Once the Calm starts, we’ll take the airship to your Zanarkand!
 ¬Just a feeling, but I think my dad kinda likes you.

Wakka: We been through a lot, ya? And hey, we’re not finished yet!
 ¬All Spira’s rooting for us! Let’s not let them down, ya?
 ¬And to think, if you hadn’t come floating out of the sea that day.

Auron: I’d like to meet Jecht before he fades away.
 ¬When this is over, I will leave. I have played at life too long.
 ¬Ten years ago…I honored Jecht’s last words, and travelled to Zanarkand. I planned to stay there, watching over you. But when Sin attacked Zanarkand that day, I changed my mind. Outside the dream world, life can be harsh—even cruel. But it is life. He wanted you to have a shot at life. I saw it in Sin’s eyes. That’s why I brought you here, to Spira.

Kimahri: The Ronso were singing, too. Kimahri’s ears never wrong.
 ¬Kimahri felt friendship from somewhere inside Sin.
 ¬There is no need for fear. Kimahri will go with you.

If you exit Sin to wander Spira…
Cid: We’re counting on you, kid. (Map opens) Yee-haw, here we go!

Brother: You go into Sin once more, eh? Leave it to me!
 ¬We will fly anywhere you want to go!

[Checking on crew after airship enters Sin…]

Airship, Ramp Down to Level Four

Lakkam: Rikku and Yuna are in your hands.

Airship, Level Four (Blitzers Quarters)

Blitzer on floor (Judda): Going inside Sin… I sang in fright and would not stop!

Running blitzer (Blappa): When the Calm comes, we will play each day! Now we must train, train!

Standing blitzer (Eigaar): Never have I thought of flying into Sin! Not even in dreams!

Berrik: (Tells story of Baaj Temple)

Exercising blitzer: How was it inside Sin? Many fiend there, I think.

Airship, Level Two Cabin

Bikini woman: All that is here is at your disposal! Be prepared!

Standing (gas mask): Let us destroy Sin once and for all!

Engineer: The ship is fine, even inside Sin, I think.

Woman in leggings: Once the Calm comes, Home must be rebuilt.

Airship Level One, Observation Deck

Blond guy on right: If only the main gun worked, we could shoot Sin down!

Gas mask on left: Sin sits still. It moves not. It seems to wait for us.

Sin — City of Dying Dreams

Glyph Sealed Door on right, just inside front gate…
Ten fiends still seek eternal repose.
(After killing ten) The fiends, now freed, release the seal of Yevon!

[Slog through City of Dying Dreams and Sin — The Nucleus — i.e. the Glade of Annoying Spikes. Finally land in…]

Sin — Dream’s End

Jecht: You’re late, Auron.
Auron: I know.
Jecht: (Turns and waves to Tidus) Hey.
Tidus: Hi.
Jecht: Hah! You got tall, but you’re all bones! You eating right, boy?
Jecht: You’ve really grown.
Tidus: Yeah, but you’re still bigger.
Jecht: Well, I am Sin, you know.
Tidus: That’s not funny.
Jecht: Well, then… I mean…you know. Let’s end this.
Tidus: Dad?
Jecht: Yeah?
Tidus: I hate you.
Jecht: (Chuckles) I know, I know. You know what you have to do.
Tidus: Yeah.
Jecht: I can’t hear the Hymn so well anymore. Pretty soon, I’m gonna be Sin. Completely. I’m glad you’re here now. One thing, though… When it starts, I won’t be myself anymore. I won’t be able to hold myself back. I’m sorry.
Tidus: That’s enough. Let’s finish this, okay?
Jecht: You’re right. Well, then… Let’s go!
Tidus: Nooo!
[Tidus has second thoughts and lunges to grab him — the party gasps — but he fails to catch Jecht. Jecht falls, transforming into Braska’s Final Aeon.]
Tidus: I promise this’ll be quick! Hit me with all you got, Dad!

“Talk” during battle with Jecht…
Tidus: I won’t lose! (Tidus’ voice seems to affect Jecht. Jecht’s power decreases.)
Tidus: You won’t beat me this time!
(Jecht seems torn. Jecht’s power decreases.)

[Finally Yu Yevon flees Jecht as a black fluttery blob, the Final Aeon disappears, and the real Jecht lies there. Tidus kneels by him.]
Jecht: You’ll cry. You’re gonna cry. You always cry. See? You’re cryin’.

FMV: I Hate You

[Tidus weeps…]
Tidus: I hate you, Dad.

Jecht: Save it for later.
Tidus: Right… We’ve got a job to do, don’t we?
Jecht: Good. That’s right. You are my son, after all.
Tidus: You know…for the first time, I’m glad…to have you as my father.
Jecht: Heh.
Yuna: Sir Jecht… I should…
Jecht: No, Yuna, there’s no time!
[Yu Yevon buzzes them]
Tidus: You stay away!
Jecht: Yuna, you know what to do. The aeons…
Creepy Kid: (Appears behind them) We Aeons
Jecht: Call them!
Creepy Kid: (Appears in front of Jecht) Call us!
Jecht: (Dissolves into pyreflies)
Yuna: Yes. (Nods)
Lulu: Here it comes!
[The world goes wonky. When (a) reality reasserts itself, they’re standing on a giant chained sword floating over an abyss.]

Funky Final Battle Scene

Tidus: Yuna!
[Yuna summons, reluctantly. They knock down each aeon in turn.]
Tidus: Everyone! This is the last time we fight together, okay?
Wakka: Huh?
Tidus: What I’m trying to say is…after we beat Yu Yevon, I’ll disappear!
Lulu: What are you talking about?
Yuna: (Desperate look)
Tidus: I’m saying goodbye!
Rikku: Not now!
Tidus: I know it’s selfish…but this is my story!

[After defeating Yu Yevon in dramatic fashion, view flashes to several locations. On Besaid, Aurochs and villagers applaud, Luzzu/Gatta salute, and Crusaders join in. Inside temples, Fayth statues turn to dead stone.]

Sin — Dream’s End

[Back in Jecht’s Zanarkand, Yuna’s sending, but freezes when she sees pyreflies rising from Auron.]
Auron: Don’t stop.
Yuna: But I…
Auron: It’s all right.
Auron: (Strides through them, thumping Kimahri’s chest and meeting their eyes…) It’s been long enough.
Auron: This is your world now. (Dissolves into pyreflies)

FMV: Grand Finale

Final two scenes are FMV…

Back on the hull of the airship…

[Yuna’s still dancing. The airship floats on a golden sea of cloud, Aeons and Sin dissolving.]
Yuna: (Shakes head) No…
Tidus: Yuna, I have to go. I’m sorry I couldn’t show you Zanarkand. (Starts walking away) Goodbye!
Wakka: Hey!
Rikku: We’re gonna see you again…?
Yuna: (Runs after him, goes through him and hits the deck)
Kimahri: Yuna!
Yuna: (Gets to her feet) I love you.
Tidus: (Embraces her, then walks through her and takes a running leap into the beyond…)

[Note: In the original, Yuna’s last line to Tidus is, “Arigato,” meaning “Thank you.” She never tells him, “I love you.”]>/span>


Outside the stadium, Yuna’s whistling to the waves. Lulu comes up behind her.
Lulu: Yuna, it’s time.

Inside the stadium, Yuna with friends behind her addresses the crowd.]
Yuna: Everyone…everyone has lost something precious. Everyone here has lost homes, dreams, and friends. Everybody… Now, Sin is finally dead. Now, Spira is ours again. Working together… Now we can make new homes for ourselves, and new dreams. Although I know the journey will be hard, we have lots of time. Together, we will rebuild Spira. The road is ahead of us, so let’s start out today. Just, one more thing… The people and the friends that we have lost, or the dreams that have faded…

[Significant moments in Yuna’s past flash by, lingering on the scene at the spring in Macalania. A pyrefly drifts past Yuna’s cheek and the screen goes dark on her final words…]
Yuna: Never forget them.