Pmog Answers Questions Pt. 3: Tidus, Yu Yevon and Final Aeon, Lulu’s Dolls

[Ed. Note: by this time pmog was understandably burned out and had stopped posting translations, but came by to answer a few questions that had piled up.]

Summary of Tidus’ Story

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Tidus’ Story from the SUG basically talks about how much the Abes-Duggles match meant to Tidus. Though Tidus has mad blitz skills and just came off a spectacular rookie year, he still ends up living in the Jecht’s shadow. Tidus especially chaffs over this because he didn’t like his old man in the first place. So the match that night was supposed to be where Tidus showed all of Zanarkand that he was much more than just “Jecht Jr”. Of course, things don’t go to plan and Tidus ends up being dumped into an unknown world of Spira. But as he journeys with Yuna, he eventually learns that he has to surpass his father in other ways.

There aren’t really any “new” insights into Tidus’ character per se, but the story is well-written and worth reading. When I say that I have translation troubles, I usually mean that I’m having trouble phrasing things into coherent English. I can read and understand the meaning of the Japanese well enough, but making passages read like I haven’t simply run them through Babelfish is slightly harder work for me. So, please feel free to ask questions about anything; I can paraphrase pertinent information pretty quickly. It’s only when I do direct translations that I obsess over grammar and vocabulary.

More on Yu Yevon and the Final Aeon, Plus Lulu’s Dolls

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1. Yes. When the FA blows away Sin, YY takes the pyreflies of which the FA is composed and uses it to form the next Sin. As that occurs, it is explained that the fayth statue (where the FA fayth’s soul has previously been housed) ceases to exist. Thus, the FA fayth’s soul is trapped within Sin – or more accurately, the pyreflies that contain the FA fayth’s soul have physically become Sin’s core. Eventually, the FA fayth will lose its human consciousness and be totally absorbed into Sin (like Jecht is about to be at the end of FFX). But from my understanding of particular phrases in the Ultimanias, it seems that the fayth will continue to live on in some some form until Sin is defeated by the FA (thereby completing the cycle). The previous Sin’s pyreflies would then be dispersed into the surrounding atmosphere, free to do (or be done to) whatever pyreflies normally do. Thus, the pyreflies of the FA fayth’s soul would naturally go on to the Farplane (*only* if it was so willing, of course).

2. Lulu’s dolls can move on their own through use of a secret power known only to Lulu. Incidentally, it is explained that dolls aren’t standard equipment for black mages, but a personal hobby of Lulu’s. Other black mages would probably use staves and the like.