Dona: “But they’ll call on us in the end. Just wait and see.”

Dona: “Try standing on your own two legs for once. Your guardians won’t be able to protect you when the time comes.”

The interesting thing about Dona is that she’s portrayed as a bitch, but she’s actually quite shrewd, as is made more obvious in X-2. She’s a summoner who’s willing to die for Spira, but she’s going to do it on her terms. She refuses to put on an act, raising people’s morale with phony smiles.

She mistakenly assumes Yuna’s getting a free ride and extra help because she’s nobility and the church is exploiting her as a symbol. But in fact, Yuna is stripped of her guardians, Seymour’s patronage, and the coddling of the church and the people of Spira along the way… and that actually helps toughen her.