FFX Ultimania Bio: Yunalesca

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Yunalesca’s Real Story

The following is my translation of “Yunalesca’s Real Story” from the FFX UOG. Some of the grammar and vocab were a bog to muddle through, so a gigantic “Phew!” is all I’m capable of saying about it right now…

As The Foundation Of Yevon’s Teachings

Yunalesca’s act of defeating Sin with the Final Summoning consequently gave rise to Yevon’s teachings.

The doctrine of Yevon’s teachings, which encourages stagnation and places hope in the Final Summoning, is virtually identical to what she advocates. Also, through receiving visits from those seeking the Final Summoning and seeing them speak of the teachings and hope, she comes to clearly learn of the teachings’ contents and moreover, wishes for the people to follow them. In fact, without the teachings Yunalesca’s ideals wouldn’t have become widespread.

When Zanarkand became unable to escape its destruction, its ruler – Summoner Yevon – wanted to leave behind the city’s memory. As a result, Sin was born and there was a need for hope – and today, the ideals of Yunalesca, daughter of Yevon, continue to live on through the Temples and psychologically control Bevelle, and indeed all of Spira.

Continuing The Cycle For Who’s Sake?

Judging from her words and actions, Yunalesca genuinely cares for Spira and it’s natural to think that she remained behind in order to carry on the best possible means of sustaining it. However, the following interpretations are also feasible.

Yunalesca and her husband had escaped Zanarkand at Sin’s birth. And Yevon’s teachings claim that Summoner Yevon gave his daughter the teachings with which to defeat Sin. In addition, there is room to suspect a conspiracy between Yunalesca and Yevon.

Destroying Spira with Sin wouldn’t have been Summoner Yevon’s original intention per se. The destruction of the world that housed the dream itself would include the likelihood of endangering the dream’s continuation as well. It can be thought that Yevon entrusted the Final Summoning to his daughter for that reason. That he left behind a handful of hope by imparting the secret technique to his daughter, in order to prevent the people from completely going to ruin in their despair, while not interfering with Yu Yevon’s continued existence at the same time. There is a possibility that Yunalesca remained in this world, accepting those instructions as well.

Alternatively, perhaps it was that Yunalesca herself, from deep in her heart, wanted to keep her father alive. She herself was also a citizen of Zanarkand, and Yevon’s daughter. It could be that she has continued to grant the Final Summoning in order to keep her city’s memory and her father alive, while also doing the same for Spira as well. Of course, all of these theories amount to nothing more than speculation.

A Contrast With Yuna – Over Their Fathers

Yunalesca continued to remain on Spira for more than 1000 years in order to bequeath the Final Summoning. No one knows the truth about whether she did that because she thought to grant hope to the people of Spira, or if it was done in order to keep both her father and hometown alive. Whatever the case may be, she didn’t try to break free from her father’s constraints (wasn’t able to). It can also be said that this is the crucial difference between her and Yuna – who, in addition to inheriting her father’s will, also tried to surpass him. Coming into conflict over ideals with this girl who was named after her, Yunalesca ends up failing in every possible way.