FFX Ultimania Bio: Jecht

[Ed. Note: originally published on GameFAQs’ now-defunct FFX forums by pmog here (broken link): http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/2000008-final-fantasy-x-storyline/21477330?page=6]

Jecht’s Story

The following is my translation of “Jecht’s Real Story” from the FFX UOG. The character stories from the UOG differ from the SUG’s in that they: cover a few more characters other than the main party; neatly summarise each character’s issues before *and* throughout the game; are shorter in length and written in a more straightforward, less “lyrical” style than those of the SUG. However, this makes them no less interesting or informative, so without further ado…

The Real Image Of The Foul-Mouthed, Bashful Genius

Overconfident and arrogant, highly self-conceited about his talent, and hated to make an effort in anything. That’s the image of Jecht which comes to mind from Tidus’ recollections, but what sort of person was he really like?

He had been criticised as hating to practice. However, looking at the actual fact that he repeatedly went out to train at sea, it may be that he thought it was bad form to reveal that he was working hard and was covering up the truth. It can also be thought that those self-confident words of “I’m the best” arose from having personality wherein he couldn’t maintain his confidence unless he bragged.

Aside from the aforementioned inferences, the very fact that he was still spoken of even 10 years after he disappeared is perhaps proof that Jecht had possessed a charm which more than made up for his faults.

A Rough Love For His Son

Contrary to his rough words and actions, Jecht loved his son Tidus with all his heart. It can be thought his mocking words, beginning with “You’re gonna cry”, arose from a desire to make a weak son stronger. To him, it was a love much like how a lion pushes its cub down into the ravine, so to speak. However, his words and actions were only taken by his son at face value, and it is clear than they consequently formed a gulf between father and son.

The figure of Tidus within Jecht, naturally, has remained the same as it was when they were separated. Though that figure glares at his father with antipathy, he will soon start to cry without giving voice to it – Jecht continues to cherish that image of a son who is weak and has to be protected, and dreams of him growing up. Fragments of Jecht’s feelings can be seen from the illusions which occur whenever Tidus comes into contact with Sin’s toxin.

Throughout The Pilgrimage

The truth is that Jecht didn’t die at sea 10 years ago, but had touched Sin and been transported to Spira. Suddenly thrust into an unknown world, his state of mind and situation were no doubt somewhat similar to Tidus’. Unable to bear the anxiety and loneliness and wanting to quickly return home to Zanarkand, wanting to regain his previous life with his wife and son… Even the reason he accepted Braska’s helping hand was for the sake of returning to his former world. And for a long while, he didn’t abandon that hope.

However, throughout the journey he came to learn of the state of affairs in Spira and began to talk about his own fate. Because he formed a friendship with Braska and Auron along the way which later became inseparable, he discovered his own role in Spira. In the end, entrusting Auron with his greatest desire of bringing up and watching over his son, Jecht sacrificed his life for Braska.