Real Spiran Timeline

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PMOG: As promised, this is the official Spiran timeline taken from the FFX OUG published by DigiCube/Square-Enix. Translation is entirely my own effort. To Japanese-enabled people, please feel free to help me improve by correcting any errors/pointing out any nuances I missed.



Events taking place in Dream Zanarkand are marked with a ‘*’.

Approximately 3000 years ago

– The development of the magic civilisation.
– The invention of machina.
– The use of machina spreads throughout Spira.
– The appearance of machina which surpasses magic.
The machina civilisation attains its prosperity.  The machina civilisations reach their peak.

Approximately 1000 years ago

– Zanarkand, mainly using summoning as a method of combat, fights with the machina-armed Bevelle. (Outbreak of the Machina War.)
(Both countries are machina civilisations, but Bevelle, which mainly uses machina weapons, are dominant from the beginning. Zanarkand inevitably falls.)
– Summoner Yevon, ruler of Zanarkand, turns the surviving citizens of Zanarkand into fayth. (The fayth statues are created at Mt Gagazet.)
– Using the power of these fayth, Yevon summons Dream Zanarkand – the memory of Zanarkand. He himself becomes Yu Yevon, and creates the first Sin. (The birth of Sin.)
(The first Sin is the only one that doesn’t use an aeon as its core.)
* The birth of Dream Zanarkand.
– Starting with the abandoned city of Zanarkand and Bevelle, Sin destroys the machina civilisations.
(The citizens of Bevelle at that time think that what Yevon had summoned from the Zanarkand fayth was Sin, and that Sin going around destroying everything is a sign of Yevon’s violent anger.) (The citizens of Bevelle at that time think that what Yevon has summoned from the Zanarkand fayth is Sin, and that Sin going around destroying everything is a sign of Yevon’s violent anger.)
– Yunalesca, a summoner from Zanarkand, turns her husband Zaon into a fayth and destroys Sin with the Final Summoning. She remains on Spira as an Unsent.
(Yunalesca and Zaon are the only ones to escape during the fall of Zanarkand. She uses the Final Summoning with the knowledge that it will not fundamentally solve anything.)
– The survivors start work on the reconstruction of Spira, focusing on Bevelle.
– The second Sin appears publicly with Yunalesca’s Final Aeon (Zaon) as its core. It destroys the remaining machina civilisations.
(Because Sin attacks machina civilisations, there is a widening trend of people abandoning machina.)
– The Yevon Temple is established in Bevelle. By propagating teachings – paying homage to Yevon and Yunalesca and preaching of machina prohibition – which are absorbed throughout the world, and seizing public sentiment, the Temples take complete psychological control of Spira.
– The Yevon Temple adds the concept that Sin is a punishment for people’s sins into its doctrine. At the same time, it spreads the story that the Calm will arrive with the use of the Final Summoning.
(People who express discontent that Sin will not disappear even if they believe in the teachings are dealt with harshly by the Temples. The Temples shift the root of why Sin will not disappear onto the people of Spira, and moreover, try to bring about stability to the public by leaving them with the hope that once they atone for their sins, Sin will also go away. The Temples also spread stories of the Final Summoning and the Calm in order to sustain the people’s hope.

Approximately 800 years ago

Mi’ihen founds the Crimson Blades (later known as the Crusaders) and heads to Bevelle to push for entry into the Yevon Temple.  CORRECTED VERSION [] “Mi’ihen founds the Crimson Blades (later known as the Crusaders). He heads to Bevelle in order to defend the true intentions for its establishment to the Yevon Temples.”
– Mi’ihen founds the Crusaders’ Monster Arena in the Calm Lands.

Approximately 700 years ago

– The Yevon priest Omega is executed by the Temples for the sin of treason.

Approximately 500 years ago

– Mi’ihen Highroad (the old road) is destroyed by Sin and a new road is built.

Approximately 400 years ago

– Summoner Gandof defeats Sin with his Final Summoning and becomes the first high summoner in history.
(This gives credence to Yevon’s teachings, and doubts about the Temples subside.)
– The third Sin appears publicly, with Gandof’s Final Aeon as its core.

Approximately 230 years ago

– Summoner Ohalland, a former blitzball player, defeats Sin with his Final Summoning and becomes a high summoner.
– The fourth Sin appears publicly, with Ohalland’s Final Aeon as its core.

Approximately 100 years ago

– Summoner Yocun, a former Crusader, defeats Sin with her Final Summoning and becomes a high summoner.
– The fifth Sin appears publicly, with Yocun’s Final Aeon as its core.

50 years ago

– Yo Mika become Grand Maester of Yevon.

35 years ago

– Auron is born.

28 years ago

– Seymour Guado is born to Jyscal Guado and a human woman.

Approximately 25 years ago

– Jyscal becomes leader of the Guado and spreads Yevon’s teachings to the tribe.

– Kimahri Ronso is born.

23 years ago

– Wakka is born.
– The Besaid Aurochs lose in the first round of the blitzball tournament at Luca. This starts a 23 year losing streak.

22 years ago

– Lulu is born.

Approximately 20 years ago

– Internal discord intensifies within the Guado tribe. Jyscal prevents disunity in the Guado by banishing his wife and child to Baaj.

18 years ago

– Wakka begins playing blitzball.
– Aware of her impending death, Seymour’s mother travels to the Zanarkand Ruins along with her son and becomes the fayth for Seymour’s Final Aeon, Anima. Seymour refuses to accept his mother’s power and returns to Baaj.
(Seymour’s mother knows of the mechanics of the Final Summoning through Jyscal. It is thought that the Guado possess their own records, which tell of the sealed histories in fragments. Furthermore, it appears that Jyscal is aware of Seymour and his mother going to the Zanarkand Ruins, and privately supports it.)
– A priest from Bevelle named Braska elopes with the younger sister of Cid of the Al Bhed tribe.
(Braska becomes close to Cid’s sister while visiting the Al Bhed Home to make contact with the Al Bhed. After their marriage, Braska’s career prospects are completely derailed for wedding a Yevon opposer. Likewise, Cid severs all ties with his sister.)

17 years ago

* Tidus is born to Jecht and his wife.
– Yuna is born to Braska and Cid’s sister.

13 years ago

– While heading to the Al Bhed Home by ship, Yuna’s mother is killed by Sin. Braska makes a firm decision to become a summoner.

10 years ago

– Wakka joins the Besaid Aurochs.
* While out training for blitzball at sea, Jecht touches the fifth Sin, and is transported to Spira.
– The warrior monk Auron becomes the guardian of Summoner Braska. Braska also makes Jecht, who is imprisoned in Bevelle, his newest guardian, and the three leave on a pilgrimage to obtain the Final Summoning.
– Summoner Braska defeats Sin using Jecht as the fayth for his Final Summoning, and becomes a high summoner.
– Auron challenges Yunalesca by himself, and is mortally wounded.
– Kimahri’s horn is broken by Biran and he leaves Gagazet, unable to bear the shame.
– A dying Auron entrusts Yuna to Kimahri on the outskirts of Bevelle and then passes away. He becomes an Unsent.
– With the arrival of the Calm, the Guado’s internal discord subsides. Following that trend, Seymour’s exile is revoked. He returns to Guadosalam and assists his father as a priest.
– Kimahri brings Yuna to Besaid Village.
– Auron rides Jecht’s Sin to Dream Zanarkand and begins to watch over Tidus.

9 years ago

– Jyscal, leader of the Guado, and Kelk, leader of the Ronso, become maesters of Yevon.
(As part of Mika’s Sub-Races Appeasement Policy.)
* Tidus’ mother dies from a broken heart over Jecht’s death.
– The sixth Sin appears publicly, with Braska’s Final Aeon (Jecht) as its core.

3 years ago

– Wen Kinoc becomes a maester of Yevon.
– Seymour assumes the post of high priest of Macalania Temple at Mika’s nomination. He secretly travels to the Zanarkand Ruins to acquire Anima. He then transports its statue to Baaj and seals it up.
(Seymour revisits Baaj many times. It is around this time that he makes a firm decision to carry out his ‘plans’.)

2 years ago

– Yuna begins training as an apprentice summoner.
– Lulu serves as a guardian to Summoner Ginnem, who dies on her pilgrimage. Lulu returns to Besaid.

1 year ago

– Lulu becomes a guardian for Summoner Zuke. Wakka also promises to become Zuke’s guardian after the blitzball tournament.
The Crusaders carry out a daring defense operation of the Djose Shore. Chappu is killed taking part in the battle as a Crusader. The Crusaders press ahead with the Djose Shore Defense Operation. Chappu is killed taking part in the battle as a Crusader.
– Lulu and Wakka leave on a pilgrimage as Zuke’s guardians.
– (6 months ago) Zuke quits his pilgrimage in the Calm Lands. Lulu and Wakka return to Besaid.
– (Right before game begins) Jyscal dies. His son Seymour assumes leadership of the Guado as well as the position of maester of Yevon.



Information contained in the characters’ respective profiles iin the FFX UOG, yet not included in the official timeline (excluding events taking place during the game).

17 years ago

– Lulu’s parents are killed by Sin.

15 years ago

– Rikku is born to Cid and his wife.

Unspecified time

– Rikku’s mother is killed by a rampaging machina.

10 years ago

– (Before becoming Braska’s guardian) Auron refuses marriage proposal offered by a senior official, and is denied a path to a successful
– (After rescuing Jecht with Braska, and before leaving on the pilgrimage) Auron says his farewells to Kinoc.
– (During the pilgrimage) Auron promises Braska to bring Yuna to Besaid.
– (Right before Jecht becomes the fayth for Braska’s Final Summoning) Auron promises Jecht to look after Tidus.
– (After challenging Yunalesca and before arriving at Bevelle) Auron is taken care of by Rin at the Calm Lands Travel Agency, but disappears before daybreak.

1-2 years ago

– Kimahri becomes Yuna’s guardian.

1 year ago

* Tidus debuts as a player for the Zanarkand Abes
– (6 months ago or less) Lulu and Wakka become Yuna’s guardians.