Spiran History According to Yevon

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My next 2 posts contain a timeline from the FFX SUG and a brief outline of Spira’s history. BE AWARE: this is meant to be history as told by the Yevon Temples/what ordinary Spirans believe. Thus, though most of the information is true, much of it has been left out and there are a few points that are, at the very least, slightly inaccurate – can you spot them?


Approximately 3000 years ago

– The development of the magic civilisations.
– The invention of machina.
– The use of machina spreads throughout Spira.
– The machina civilisations reach their peak.

Approximately 1000 years ago

– The two countries of Zanarkand and Bevelle begin a war using machina weapons. (Outbreak of the Machina War.)
– The appearance of Sin. Sin destroys the machina civilisations of the time, including the two warring countries.
– A summoner from Zanarkand named Yunalesca defeats Sin with the help of her husband Zaon.
– Sin is reborn.
– The Yevon Temple is established.

Approximately 800 years ago

– Mi’ihen founds the Crimson Blades (later known as the Crusaders).

Approximately 700 years ago

– The Yevon priest Omega is executed by the Temples for treason.

Approximately 500 years ago

– Mi’ihen Highroad (the Old Road) is destroyed by Sin and a new road is built.

Approximately 400 years ago

– Summoner Gandof defeats Sin becomes a high summoner.
– Sin is reborn.

Approximately 230 years ago

– Summoner Ohalland defeats Sin becomes a high summoner.
– Sin is reborn.

Approximately 100 years ago

– Summoner Yocun, defeats Sin and becomes a high summoner.
– Sin is reborn.

Approximately 50 years ago

– Yo Mika become a grand maester of Yevon.

Approximately 25 years ago

– Jyscal becomes leader of the Guado and spreads Yevon’s teachings to the tribe.

Approximately 10 years ago

– Summoner Braska defeats Sin and becomes a high summoner.

Approximately 9 years ago

– Jyscal, leader of the Guado, and Kelk, leader of the Ronso, become maesters of Yevon.
(As part of Mika’s Sub-Races Appeasement Policy.)
– Sin is reborn.

Approximately 3 years ago

– Wen Kinoc becomes a maester of Yevon.

Approximately 1 year ago

– The Crusaders carry out a daring Djose Shore Defense Operation. They drive Sin away from the Djose shore.
– Jyscal dies. His son Seymour takes over leadership of the Guado as well as the position of maester of Yevon.



Approximately 3000~1000 Years Ago – From Magic Civilisations To Machina Civilisations

The first development that occurred in Spira was brought about by the power of magic. However, the use of magic was dependent on individual factors. Those who could use magic naturally had an advantage, while those who couldn’t were discriminated against – the age of the magic civilisations was an age of inequality.

Machina was invented soon after, and it was something revolutionary that did away with those inequalities. Anyone was able to use them, as they weren’t dependent on the user’s abilities. The convenience of machina was acknowledged, and it wasn’t long before they spread all throughout Spira. Machina developed very quickly, and things that were once thought impossible in the past rapidly became possible. Vehicles that moved people around in an instant, and mountains of heavy-duty buildings that piled together, one atop another. The endless supply of electricity made “cities that never slept” – cities with neither night nor day – a reality.

Machina was supposed to be an alternative for those who couldn’t use magic, but when it surpassed the power of magic, new problems came into being. The advent of nations possessing outstanding machina technology and nations that didn’t – it was the dawn of a new age of inequality. Countries that had power craved further power. It was foregone conclusion that countries began wars with one another, using machina.

Approximately 1000 Years Ago – The Machina War And The Appearance Of Sin

A war between the two city states of Zanarkand and Bevelle broke out during the height of the machina civilisations. The precise time period or catalyst for the war is unknown, but the only thing certain is that it was a large-scale affair, which primarily involved the usage of machina weapons. In the midst of the “Machina War”, Sin appeared out of nowhere and, starting with both nations, went around indiscriminately destroying all the cities and weapons of the machina civilisations that had enjoyed the prosperity of those times. As if condemning and punishing the sins of the machina civilisations, Sin went on a rampage and showed no sign of settling down.

Then, a summoner named Yunalesca rose up to the occasion. With the help of her husband Zaon, she defeated Sin with the Final Summoning. Thanks to her, Spira was spared from destruction, and those who narrowly survived set about working on its reconstruction, with the central focus on Bevelle.

Approximately 1000 Years Ago~The Present – The Terror Of Sin And A New Salvation

Although it was defeated once, Sin was soon reborn and destroyed the sparsely remaining machina facilities. The people attempting to start their lives afresh were driven to the depths of despair. Therein, teachings to counter the threat of Sin and bring salvation to the people – “Yevon’s teachings” – came about. Yevon’s teachings upheld an anti-machina stance, and atoning for the sins of the past was something that people in the present had to do. And the teachings preached that if summoners brought about the Calm with the Final Summoning, Sin would go away for a while and peace – though only brief in length – would arrive. These teachings gave the people hope, and instantly spread all throughout Spira.

A priceless peace – although temporary – which the summoners bring, and a lasting peace, which would arrive once the people atoned for their sins. Dreaming of those calmer times, the people today offer their prayers to Yevon and live with the terror of Sin.